iPage web hosting Service, got a coupon for Host Gator. Sounds good, any experience?

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Quick question: iPage web hosting Service, got a coupon for Host Gator. Sounds good, any experience? Thanks for any response. Second question.. I cannot get a table to fill the entire IE window! I took off the margins and the scrollbars, and made a table 100% width. This works fine in netscape, but in IE it always falls short on the right side UNTIL I refresh the page. Then it's fine!! How can I get it to view correctly the first time??.

Here's a little example....


Try opening a new browser window and pasting that address in..

It's kinda important because all my pages I'm making need to have everything in the exact same place. If the user hits refresh, everything shifts..

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Worked fine for me using IE6 but not using Mozilla 1.1, where it didn't go all the way to the right-hand edge (even after refreshing). Sure Scoutt will work this one out (he likes the browser incompatibility issues).

Also, what platform are you running on, Windows, MacOS?..

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Did exactly what you said it would in my browser.but the odd thing is I saved the source as an html page and when I open it from my computer it dosent happen...

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If you want other browsers to not have a margin then you need the "rightmargin=0 marginheight=0 marginwidth=0 leftmargin=0" in the body tag...

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I found the exact same thing when designing a template page. The page would have a three or four pixel white space on the right edge of the page and would only hug the scroll bar if you refresh the page..

Haven't been able to figure out what's doing it...

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Well, I fixed the problem... and I have no idea how. I just kept designing my original page despite the little missing area on the right in IE, and it just stopped doing it. I'm a little perplexed, but happy..

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You are refreshing the page the first time after you save it right. it doesnt change until you refresh bro...

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No, that was not the issue. I'm was talking about saving it, THEN opening it in the browser, then refreshing it...

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I came here hoping to find the answer to this problem. It always happens when I use tables..

Krono, do you have any idea what may have fixed it? I am using dreamweaver, and have set all the margins to 0..

Thanks for any help..

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You have to set the body to scroll="no" if you want the tables to fill the screen (all the way to the right). For some reason, IE reserves this space, and unless you disallow scrollbars... your stuck with it...

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