Is 123 reg web hosting a good hosting?

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My question is Is 123 reg web hosting a good hosting? Hoping for any comment. Another question... WOw,392,500 EUR now!~.

Now 397,500 EUR~.

400,000 EUR now~..

Comments (12)

Yup, however you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm this as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you call the 123 reg guys because they can answer your 123 reg question better...

Comment #1

438,889 EUR and only 8 minutes left.. This is so exciting to watch!!..

Comment #2

443,889 EUR as of now! This can go on and on and on..

Comment #3

Love it!! New bidder right at the death, lol!!.

452,500 EUR.

- Correction - 472,500.......

Comment #4

Holy schmoley 502,500 EUR... think of all the shoes I could buy with that money!!..

Comment #5

507,500 EUR.

A whole LOT Helen.

You can create your own shoe line..

Comment #6

Current highest bid: 615,000... this is making my eyes water!!..

Comment #7

What a great surprise for the seller, was'nt the reserve set around 200,000 euros ish ? .

Wow - now at 705,000 EUR.


Comment #8

742,777 EUR as of now!.

Anyone thinking this will result into a 7 figure sale?..

Comment #9

Yup big jump! My best guess is it ending up around the 950k mark....

Comment #10

Isnt it just, although it's down to five mins now without another bid...

Going.... going..................

LMAO oh the drama!! The final minute, 805,001 EUR..

Comment #11

Heard the final bid was 810 000 Euro. That is well over a million USD. Nice name, nicer price; for the seller of course...

Comment #12

Auction ended ...

Winning Bid:.

810,001 EUR.

Great sale..

Comment #13

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