Is 123 a good choice for a web domain and or hosting?

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My 1st question is: Is 123 a good choice for a web domain and or hosting? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Second question..... what will you tell me after looking on my portfolio site.


What are your thoughts ? What do you think about my domains?.

I dont need an appraisal on that domains, i'm just curious am I on "right way" ? .



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Yes sir! although you might want to make sure and wait for another member here to confirm this as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you email the 123 reg guys because they can help better...

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You're welcome. I wish I was creative like that. Nice one...

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Better than I have done..

If you list fixed prices or even a sale section with fixed prices for 5-10 names, then this often increases the probability of a sale as not everyone likes to negotiate. However, there are advantages of keeping a uniform offer section..

I like thike!.

I saw is pointing to Namecheap. It is probably a good idea to park your domains somewhere or even forward them to your site. I've had good sales from forwarding in the past but at the moment I'm going for PPC income..

I have a friend with low traffic names who get a new customer every few months forwarding them to a one page HostGator selling site. High traffic names puts money in your pocket straight away from PPC..

Good luck with it...

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I've been domaining for only 2.5 months..

My portfolio was very very bad initially...brandable names, names with numbers..

I was hell bent on proving to everyone that you can build up a good portfolio by just hand regs..

I was wrong of course..

About 2 weeks back, I started using Snapnames..

I didn't go after the big fish, but the LLLL.coms (the decent, pronounceable ones). I figured that there are just too many LLLL.coms dropping everyday and the bigger, richer domainers cant get all of them..

So I would backorder all the decent LLLL.coms and most of the times, I would get lucky and get a name for cheap (below 100 bucks)..

Ever since, my portfolio has been looking much stronger and I feel so much more confident about my domaining..

The biggest lesson I've learned as a newbie is to stop hand regging and get the dropping names and names from the aftermarket..

Your portfolio isn't that bad. You have some nice LLLL.coms which you can flip in a few months for a good profit..

Keep going'll be worthwhile...

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Thank you all for taking time to look over my portfolio,.

And for your feedback..

Its more positive than I have expected..

Yes I started in March with "domaining". But i'm longer firm with internet..

Yeah, currently not everything sorted, but i'm working on that..

Most of them are parked, some that I bought from others are still on old settings (that seller set)..

I think thats what I need to try, because these arent traffic domains..

Thank you for Tip !..

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I pretty much agree with godolphin. a good portion of your portfolio is highly speculative with typos, odd letter LLLL and made up names. Some people do well with those, but I find generics almost sel themselves if you're patient. I do almost all my real sales on generics/keywords, and I don't see many on your site. Sometimes they don't bring as much, but they do move more quickly to keep cash flow going. Register names related to your hobby, your job, or where you live since you know those things best and who might be your prospective customer.

In general, you can look at what's selling on afternic, sedo, and other auctions to see what type names move the most..

Starting out, you should try to find names you can flip pretty easy into sales, even if they don't make you rich. It will build your knowledge, and reputation, and help what sells quickly and what are long term buys..

Nice looking site. Well done...

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Friendly bump.

Nice site. I`m glad that you make it. I told you what I think about your HostGator names.



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Unless your .com is a premium name, you should not worry about regging .net version...

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