Is 123 a good domain provider?

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First question I got is Is 123 a good domain provider? Thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... They auto get my $30 from my Paypal as a month membership of Gold Memeber without my agreement!..

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Yep, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm this as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you call the 123 reg guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

When you signed up I presume you filled out a form providing paypal details as well as other things? You were probably also directed to a paypal page although it may have been adapted to look like a HostGator tools page. I have never signed up for a trial there but I should imagine the agreement made was that if you did not cancel by the end of the 10th day you would be billed automatically. Probably just a case of mis reading the signup page..

As champ_rock says you can cancel such agreements on the paypal page and following the following instructions:-.

1) Click on "My Account".

2) Click on "Profile".

3) Click on "Recurring Payments" in the Financial Information section.

In this page you should see the recurring payments. As I have not got any at the moment I cannot direct you on how to cancel it..

If it is not in that section then go back into the profile page and then.

1) Click on "Billing Agreements" in the Financial Information section.

2) You should see a list (or 1 agreement). Locate the agreement for this payment and click on "View Agreement Details".

3) Click on "Cancel Agreement".

From this point I am not sure of instructions as I have never canceled an agreement and do not want to cancel the 1 I currently have...

Comment #2

Thank you very much,peter@flexiwebhost.Already cancelled the agreement,and I worte to domaintools,ask them give my money return.I am so.

Angry that they did that,at least they should tell me they will get my money,the free try ended.And I could cancelled after they told me.What they did is unreasonable..

Comment #3

Why does DT suck when you sign up for and agree to a subscription agreement? Your ignorance is not their fault..

DT is one of THE best services free and membership in the HostGator arena...

Comment #4

No,they are really sucks!They even did not tell me before they get money and before free try ended!And they refused to return my money!..

Comment #5

You must be kidding. Read the terms before you give out paypal or cc details.

Be happy it was not some phishing site..

Comment #6

No,it is really domaintools,I am sure.Not phishing site.They are really sucks!..

Comment #7

HELLO! Anybody in there??????????.

You really should read what your agreeing to... Direct from the DT sign-up pages;..

Comment #8

But why they did not wrote Free so large!why they wrote these so small!They are Misleading us.And even free try wiil ended.Nobody telling me!I'll considering to court!..

Comment #9

You would not get anywhere taking this to court..

They did as shown tell you that you would be billed at the end of the 10 days. The only argument you could possibly have is that where they told you was not eligible or too small..

Also it would cost you a lot more than $30 to take this to court so really would not be worth it and I doubt any judge would be too happy of having such a case in front of him...

Comment #10

That's not happy!$30 is still money and important that is not it's amount!And I'll say what they did was short-sighted...

Comment #11

Your best bet of getting the money back is to contact HostGator tools and try to amicably sort the matter..

Do not go in heavy handed and make accusations as they will be less likely to carry out a refund...

Comment #12

I tried,and say normal.Not go in heavy handed and make accusations.But they refused.So I am angry and so that I'll consider others.That's not my mistake...

Comment #13

Well it is your mistake. I can understand that you are angry but it is your responsibility to check the terms of service as well as any AUP. You also need to ensure you are aware of what is involved in any agreement you make..

They did quite clearly state (whatever the size of font) that after 10 days you would be billed. And true to their word they billed you on the 11th day. HostGator tools are not at fault that you did not read this and were not aware of it..

Whenever you agree to a trial period always assume that the service will take the payment on or a day after the expiry date and if you do not want them to do so cancel the agreement BEFORE it ends. Most trial periods work like this...

Comment #14

This guy clearly doesn't speak english well, which is not domaintools fault. Just take the 30 some odd dollars as a loss. Its not a big deal. Its clear as day that the free trial will automatically turn into a pay subscription any time you have to give your credit card/paypal details. Think about it.....

Comment #15

I signed up with DomainTools few months ago I don't remember them asking for my Payment info. since I only want to try for 10 days. I still use DT with no problem and they haven't charge me anything since they put me in complimentary account after 10 days. Of course I can always upgrade but I only use it's basic features...

Comment #16

Now I have to think whether I have to worry about my account. I don't remember the.

10 days trial though. I use their monitor service...

Comment #17

You means they'll not auto get customers' money after 10 days?I need to know about that...

Comment #18

Yea they used to be good then they became all profit-hungry. They used to offer free reverse lookups to see what other sites were hosted on that same server now it costs money, or 'points'....

Such bs in my opinion... :-(..

Comment #19

I think whatever to say what they did was not clever,IMO they'll lose more..

Comment #20

NOT for the 10 days trial period. That's why they call it 10 days trial. Are you sure you didn't signed up for Gold Membership?..

Comment #21

Yes,I am sure.So that's why I am angry!.

I just signed up the 10 days trial...

Comment #22

Ummm... the above appears directly below the words "10-Day Free Gold Trial" in the Upgrade Your Membership section of my account..

Since it looks like you want to sue DomainTools, I would not say anything else about the case in a public forum...

Comment #23

You were told on day ONE that you would be charged on day ELEVEN....

You had a full TEN days to cancel so you wouldn't be charged..

It's simple... clear... and you are the one at fault....

Move On....

~DomainBELL (Patricia)..

Comment #24

It's your fault and you're mad because you screwed up. Stop placing the blame on others..

I too have signed up for the HostGator Tools trial and it SPECIFICALLY states that you will be charged after the 10 day trial is over AUTOMATICALLY. Hell, YOU had to put in your payment information for the free trial! Why do you think they wanted that before you signed up for the free trial?.

I canceled mine on the 10th day. VERY happy with the service and will pay for it once I get the chance. But, I canceled mine on the 10th day without ANY problems and I wasn't charged. You didn't...

Comment #25

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