Is 123 a good website host?

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First question I got is Is 123 a good website host? Thanks in advance for any comment. Second question.. Hi all!.

After weeks of deliberating on which HostGator name to use for our new site, we have finally decided on this ....


We just managed to go live barely an hour ago and we are very excited to announce this at NamePros!. is "hopefully" the first of it's kind. A Digg-style type of news portal for the HostGator industry. Remember, this is a 100% domainer-powered news content site and we really need your help to make it grow..

We hope you will enjoy your stay at and pls feel free to submit your honest feedback here at this thread..

Cheers to all and happy domaining!.

Warmest Regards,.


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Yes sir! but you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm this as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the 123 reg guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

Looks nice, I'd add a little splash of orange or something to compliment the design. A little too blueish imo. Good luck!..

Comment #2

In the words of Borat "very nice!" Think it looks a lot like digg, which is a good thing not an insult. I will sign up soon. Can you vote with a tool on your comp. like or will the site need an icon like digg???..

Comment #3

Are you using Pligg? Site looks nice..I want that template...

Comment #4

Looks good Al.....

After all the searching, why did you pick DNour.... I mean ? .

I will check it out and submit some stories...

Comment #5

Hi all!.

Thanks for all the feedback! A little bluish huh? Will definitely ask my designer to look into that..

"Great tools for domainers of all kinds! DNHour is a gay idea and this site should be deleted.".

This is the first post submitted, and it's quite interesting...seems like someone is not liking the idea..

Luckily admin can delete this..phew but it's quite a laugh to wake up to this..


Hi Yofie....

Thanks for the support! DNHour got better clickthrus when I bought ads by Google Adwords. There were 3 URLs that I alternated, and The stats made the decision for me I can say..

As for the typo MINE too ..heee!.

Hi Labrocca...its custom made(template) and it's definitely not easy. Glad you like it....will be adding lots more features to it soon..

Dont really understand this part..anyone can vote for the news or bury the news by clicking on the links "vote" or "bury"...if I manage to get your question rite..

Hei all....

Do post your domains for sale or appraisals in the appropriate categories. If it's good, then you will have good exposures for your domains, and members will vote for it. If it's not, then members will just bury it. So dont be shy, post away ...!.

Cheers, Al...

Comment #6

Looks like a nicely designed site! Wish you all the best with it..

Comment #7

Checked it out. Liked it. Joined & posted..

Good luck with it...

Comment #8

Be sure to keep the site active with news and votes, I've seen many digg clones simply died down due to lack of interest. Good luck man...

Comment #9

Ok...thanks for the advice, sure will work hard on it!.

Htmlindex & Cera ......thanks!.

Hi everyone.....

Got some new faces there at for joining and welcome aboard!.

Would surely need some votes there though. Remember, you will have to VOTE for your news so that it is always tops. If you like the news, just click on "Vote" or just "Bury" it if it doesnt do it for you..


Cheers, mates!.


Comment #10

To help you out, I have submitted a couple. Will monitor the traffic to see if any..

Comment #11

Thanks, Cache!.

Not much traffic I suppose, the only domainers who know about for now are members from help tell others in other forums if possible. Would surely need some help promoting it..

Hi all...

Do check out some new stuffs submitted today.. hope they are good for you. Anyway, hoping all the news submitted can benefit everyone, and if they really do, pls vote for them! (pssst....find out what are the top generic domains.

Dropping soon.


Planning to start a contest for.

Top DNHour User. check back for the latest on this. (any suggestions on this will be most appreciated)...Budget is.



Thanks and cheers to all!.


Comment #12

Hi Al.,.

Excellent site and idea. I shall put a post on my blog which may or may not bring in an extra few visitors..

Where is the 'friends' section? I have a had a look and see that 'friends' exist but can't see where you click on..

How about offering 'shares' to posters so that when you float on the stockmarket you can share your millions !?.


Comment #13

Looks nice, but you should keep pligg's copyright..

You removed it, but you didn't remove everything..

Comment #14

Site looks awesome! Now, let see if I can retrieve this site from my treo so I can catch important news on the go.......

View source.

<meta name="description" content="Pligg Content Management System" />.

<meta name="keywords" content="Pligg Content Management System" />..

Comment #15

Thanks for the help Advaita, and also others for the encouragements... REALLY appreciate it!.

As for "friends" .. I am not sure what you mean but if you mean recommend a friend, there is a link at the bottom of the posting where you can "tell a friend" about the news..

"Shares" huh? interesting toughts....dunno if it can go that far but it will definitely be a dream come true if it does. Of course with all the help from fellow domainers, remember, its.

100% domainer-powered.


BTW, need feedback..... any toughts if DNHour is a.


Site will bring more participants?.

Regards, Al...

Comment #16

Al, re. 'friends' - at digg if you click on the name of a person who has submitted an article there is a place under their picture where you can click to 'add them' as a friend. This means you built up a network of 'friends' who then take more of an interest in any articles you may submit, i'ts an important way for people on digg to build credibility and get their posts noticed...

Comment #17

Hi Advaita...

Ok..there is such a feature at DNHour too. Just click on the username of the person who post the article. Then, "Add to My friends" by clicking on the link. Hope you will be adding lots of friends to your account!.


PS: Hei! Saw your blog posting..Thannks! Everyone..checkout Advaita's blog at.



Comment #18

Hi all....

Check out the latest domains sold at SEDO and ALL their complete bidding history at.


Enjoy your stay and pls vote or put in some comments....thanks!.


Comment #19

Hi all!.

This is an announcement! Today, is officially a ".


" website. So, to members who join, pls remember to put in your.

Google Adsense.

Codes in the profile area to enjoy ad exposures from your account..


Post & comment.

Away and you can have your share of Adsense click-throughs at, starting today!.

Do enjoy your stay at.



Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.