Is 123 reg.Com a reputable company?

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My first question is Is 123 reg.Com a reputable company? Hoping for any comment. Another question on my mind: Are there such things as TDNAM sniping scripts?..

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You betcha! although you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the 123 reg guys because they can help better...

Comment #1

Not neccessarily. Often times people wait to watch what auctions get bid on in the last few seconds. (I do!) and will see something they missed. So, something that may have gone to BIN and gotten for cheap, maybe then have a bidding war......

Comment #2

Such a script would have to be very complicated piece of coding because 123 reg uses CAPTCHA even if the script manages to proceed a few steps..

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I don't know of any 123 reg bid sniping script although I've wanted to use a HostGator bid sniping service. Who's going to make one?.

The smartest strategy I've found is to wait until the last three minutes. Then, fire in your highest proxy bid. If you win, you win, otherwise you don't..

The reason being, you don't want anyone to outbid you. If they outbid you, then they know that they might be close to your max (that gives people hope and I think hope makes people spend more money). If every bid they enter is automatically outbid by the proxy bidding mechanism, then they will give in easier (since they have no clue as to whether or not they are close to your max). You want to create an environment of hopelessness to persuade them to give up..

It's also nice to just log in, enter a proxy, and sign out without wasting time monitoring the auction and entering higher bids repeatedly...

Comment #4

Hi Bill,.

Nice to see you have moved on, Florida huh?.


I am amazed that not more names are sellnig in 123 reg as the prices sometimes are cheap...

Comment #5

Bill. I used exactly your strategy on a HostGator the other day. I then watched the end (which is hard for me because tdnam auction close between 1 and 5 in the morning for me). I bid several days up front for a very nice domain. It stayed at $10 right until the last minute. Then I watched it go up in $10 increments over the next 10 minutes, before the sniper gave up.

I've lost (not won) many domains to snipers because of my timeframe...

Comment #6

I was using that tactic too, until recently. And yet it can save you more than $5. If you watch a HostGator in the last two minutes, you have two choices..

1. Bid at auction - if there's another watcher, they could join in and bid it up royally. I participated in an auction a a couple months ago that in the last two minutes and with numerous extensions, it went from $10 to about $700..

2. Wait until the timer ticks down and it goes to the $5 auction. If in the last seconds, a bid is made by someone else, you then have two minutes to start bidding as in #1 above. Some TLD's are available as BIN quicker than others. I've noticed .com seem to take the longest, but some TLD's are available on closeout within minutes. Only one person can get it, but they get it for $5 plus reg fee. lately, there have been several others doing this...

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