Is 123 down? Can anyone else access the site?

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First question I have is Is 123 down? Can anyone else access the site? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Hi there folks, this be my other thread..

I ran into some problems with 123 reg after ordering their appraisal for 15 dollars..

The HostGator is =.

I find it very catchy and great for huge businesses, I think there is a lot of potential in that HostGator so I ordered the appraisial to get prooved. Waiting now for 3 days and still nothing has happened ? .

Thx for reading...

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Yes sir! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm my answer as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the 123 reg guys because they can give you an answer better...

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Just telling you right now.. Unless deved with huge amount of traffic, or nice earnings.. You will not get XXXX for that HostGator alone...

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Its a great company domain, I'm sure some company will be interested in buying it..

1000 dollars.

26 000 dollars.

750 dollars.

I mean none of them had a 123 reg website either, and I would rate my HostGator much higher them all of them together, no matter if it's a domain...

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You can listen to the Domainers on this forum, many of them are experienced, or you can go with your gut as a novice domainer..

Truth be told - your living in a dream world if you think your HostGator is more vauable than an

Your HostGator name is really lacking the characteristics that make domains valueable, and I think we will see this HostGator dropping in the future..


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Your HostGator name is really lacking the characteristics that make domains valueable, and I think we will see this HostGator dropping in the future..

What characteristics do you mean, name a few?.

And I could see it infront of me smartdevtech logo being print on whatever hardware. Its a very catchy HostGator and I will reniew it for as many years as needed..

Btw... I must ask you since you know this HostGator market much better then I, would you pay XXXX amount or XX XXX amount for this HostGator ;.


Thanks for reading...

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Im glad you asked..

What makes the HostGator - less than likely to be sold to an end-user in the market range of x,xxx - xx,xxx..

Well, first and foremost SmartDevTech is comprised of 3 Keywords. You'll notice if you go to a HostGator history site, that most HostGator names that sell in the range your thinking, are typically 1 word or even 2 keyword HostGator names. On the off chance that a HostGator does sell using 3 keywords in this range, it's due to either it being a common phrase, or a potentially due to the traffic it has coming to it..

Secondly, 2 of your keywords are actually Abbreviated words..

Dev = Development.

Tech = Technology.

Now, if your HostGator had been / / you would have certainly had a chance at selling the HostGator name for a profit..

Now, although I do shun away from using Automated appraisal services, Lets see how your HostGator holds up against there matrix (just for fun..).

Estibot = "Reg Fee".

Leapfish = $20.00.

DomainScore = Score of 41.

Additionally, a common check of HostGator value is based on the keywords google results. In this case, we would type: "Smart Dev Tech" in google and hit search. This will reveal how many indexed pages have this term on them.....

Surprise Surprise... Not a single indexed page..

So, after further review. I believe this HostGator name isnt worth what you paid to register it for..

Now... I'm not a professional... Oh wait, Unless by professional I mean that I do this as a full-time job.... so I guess... Yah. I am a professional.

I may have only a few years experience in this industry, Im sure your gut trumps that..


Justin Allen..

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Hi Spade,.

Sorry if I might sounded a bit ignorant and ye you got a point. I do understand that this HostGator might be worthless to many although I had some thoughts of developing a 123 reg website for it and I forgot to say this since I thought the HostGator itself already had a value that was far greater then what I bought it for hehe...

Now I have 2 more questions for you if you dont mind ofcourse!.

JPSLUTS.ORG I bought some days ago, and that one sure is catchy and a 2 word domain, JP = japanese sluts = heh ye speaks for itself.


Although it's not a .com adress I think it might hold up pretty good. Would you estimate the value of this HostGator above 1000 dollars?.

And last question, is it possible to domaintrade fulltime, whats necissary in order to "succeed".

Any tips are appriciated!.

Once again thanks for taking your time, and sorry for being ignorant..

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Adriano,. in all honestly, has very little resale value as well. There are several adult forums where you can sell domains, one of them is GFY (not safe for work). It is an adult webmaster forum. I do some sales there, but this HostGator would not sell on the forum. So the answer to your question , is it worth more than 1k? No..

I recommend going to the site in my signature ( and taking a look around. This is a catalog of more than 25,000 HostGator sales. Research what domains are selling for what prices..

Now, can you become a full time domainer? Absolutely. But it takes time, patience, the willingness to learn everyday, and a reasonable amount of money to make investments. There are quite a few members on this forum who make a living doing this and I recommend checking out the appraisals section and the newbie section to get you started. There are many resources to help you along the way..

Also, Welcome to NamePros..


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Just wondered why you didint see as any good, is it because that it aint a .com adress? *not questioning you, just as I said curious , I want to learn.


And thanks for the advices i'll be sure to check those websites at once. Its funny how I took a look at what I wrote in the beginning, and damn I must say I sounded like a 15 year old kid.


When you say investment, do you think I'm being umm... what should I say unrealistic if I'm trying to find unregistered HostGator names which can make a huge profit?.

Is all the domains pretty much taken, those "xxxx - xx xxx" ones that it's just waste of time trying to find them and instead you should focus on buying and reselling?.

Once again thanks, I feel welcomed..

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There are several reasons why that HostGator is "lacking" first and foremost is the fact that .com is taken and parked and secondly - .net is unregistered and available. Adult sites are better build on .com and .net. However you will find most adult webmasters prefer to buy .com HostGator names..

Now, secondly - consider that JP = Japan. Had your HostGator name been - even that would make it better. As those keywords are searched for. There are 62,000 indexed pages on google for that term. Try to get HostGator names that arent abbreviated, unless there super super short..

In regards to buying HostGator names? There are available fresh regs that will be valueable. Are they hard to get? You better believe it. It requires daily research and patience, and a little gamble. Future technology domains have the best return in that sense. If you can think of something and reg it before it exists - youve done well for yourself..

However, I do recommend buying in the drops market. Which is basically domains that are expiring. Everyday there are tens of thousands of domains that expire. You may want to try to buy domains at (Godaddys auction house) as well as (a large backordering service with ties to almost all other registrars)..

There is a lot to learn - I make it a habbit to learn something new everyday..


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Yeh I'm starting to see a pattern now, I never count that people never tend to search after words like jp over japanese as in this case..

Im reading right now about the LLL domains found on your 123 reg website and I must say I find it very interesting. I spent over 30 hours this week alone searching for domains and just working with it, although I must focus on the reading part more from now on I realise. Since I'm not working now I do have lot of time and I am strongly motivated. Only problem would be money as I can see, though I have around 10 HostGator names which I hope to get sold for a good price, some for less some for more, we'll see. All I can say is that I might have invested wrong in some domains after hearing what you got say about it..

Once again, big thx m8..

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Wow, this thread is quite informative. Spade I must say here that you mastered the art of domaining...

Comment #12

Well it is very informative, but I wouldn't say that this kind of info proves someone a HostGator master....

Most of it is common knowledge if you really poke around this forum and/or have been domaining for a while. Spade, I commend you for taking the time to help out HostGator newcomers and Adriano, gl with your new hobby/venture/career??? and take some of this advice.. keep reading!..

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Wow, reps to Spade for taking time to analyze the names...

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I don't think the name is really bad but this name has value in your eyes only..

You likely registered the name with a development idea in mind, so go ahead. Develop and it can be successful..

Justin made a couple valid points, I will just add that the name has 3 keywords, 2 of which being abbreviations. Even if you are lucky enough to deal with a motivated end user who is willing to pay above fair market value (it happens sometimes), it must not be hard for him to find a similar HostGator available at reg fee. The HostGator is not 'unique' enough to justify a big ticket price..

At the very least he will find another preowned HostGator available for sale at a reasonable price..

Back to topic: I don't think an appraisal from gd is worth anything. They are out of line most the time, and their findings are not justified by facts..

I will be blunt: their appraisals are rubbish and useless. They prey on the newbies so that they will register even more crappy domains with them..

Same goes for automated appraisals as a rule (assuming gd appraisals are not automated, which I doubt)..

A lot of newbies register useless names that they think are 'cool', some are 'cool' indeed but that alone does not make them valuable..

Welcome to Namepros..

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If you really want to know what it is worth, put it up for auction. Having someone put a number on it is merely a guess based on some previous experience. It is worth exactly what someone will actually pay for it. If the highest bid is $10, it's worth $10. If you think it is worth more, you would have to develop it to realize that value and if you are wrong, you could be out a lot of time...

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I dont agree especially if you refering to the auctions that happen in forums....

Here you r selling to resellers; if you find an end-user you wont have this value of "$10" or even a value of $50 or $100 for your name -> it will worth more than that.

U have to find out the right buyer to your name or the right time to sell it..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.