Is 123 reg's Traffic Blazer worth it?

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Quick question: Is 123 reg's Traffic Blazer worth it? Thanks in advance for any response. Second question.. First off, I'm fairly new to all of this so forgive my ignorance. I have a about a half dozen sites parked with sedo. in a month I have around 70-80 uniques with 3-4 click-thrus. My Earnings = less than a can of pop! How is it that I can drive consumers to other sites where they can potentially make $XX,XXX's off my "referral" and I get .12! I work part-time in real estate and I get 25% for a referral.

is it possible to redirect traffic directly to a site and somehow "track" that referral? if I send a "click - referral" to Miami Car Dealer and he makes 5k, shouldnt I get more than .25 cents? id rather have $250.

(which would be fine with me.) I KNOW there are people a lot smarter than I am in here and I'm sure you guys know what is and isnt possible. it just seems like theres too much of a disconnect between parked pages and the clients that ultimately end up benefitting. just my thought. sam..

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Ye, although you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the 123 reg guys because they can help better...

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If your main goal is to sell and your not as concerned with high ppc revenue than sedo is good as their parked pages translate into many languages and show public traffic stats which can help offers coming in, If your looking for the highest income per click and not in a hurry to sell than you need to test your whole portfolio at sedo, namedrive, parked, fabulous, HostGator sponsor, etc... for at least 10-30 days each depending on how much traffic they receive, compare stats at the end of testing them all and split them up to where each performs the best, alternatively if you have a real solid keyword HostGator with good traffic coming into it then developing it into a site with pay per sale affiliate links from,,,, etc... along with some pay per click ads from adsense etc... could produce higher returns, you have to experiment with different parking companies and development ideas on the strong names to figure out which method brings in the highest return, sometimes you can find a quick solution and other times it takes a while to find the magic formula to success, good luck...

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I dont think many make good money with "parked" sites. I cant imagine many do. If your sites are good maybe you should think of developing them into real web sites of value. There is no easy way. Money doesnt usually roll in doing nothing...

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You do not have to pay anything to join most affiliate programs, it is free. In fact, some merchants give you bonusses and such for your first sale, etc..

If you name a niche, I can give you names to some pretty good affiliate programs in that niche, I've made money on everything from dinosaur books to RV toilets...

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Its not true that some parked pages don't make their owners money generally. I know some domainers who make over $10,000 a month with their domains. I have one name in my portfolio that is a real performer, yesterday it made $16.34. Yes not huge money, but for just parking it I am happy..

But I will say you have to be patient..

The name sat in parking making peanuts for about a year, then all of a sudden the money started pouring in. Thas why if I believe I have a good name I don't abandon it. Stick with your baby until it grows up..

I think the reason low clicks came thru at first is Google's new policy is to penalize new parked names for about that long, then the serps start visiting it...

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That's a great return for just parking a domain. Day in, day out, clink, clink, clink goes the money. I wish I had something that steady! My domains take more work in order to generate decent income, and parking is just a way to help raise a few dimes while the domains await development...

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Yeah, parking payouts are pretty crap for the most part, I think a mini-site with affiliates is the best route to go (unless you HostGator recieves thousands of visitor per month)..

You don't happen to know any really good ones for selling cell phones and related services do you ??.



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Hi there goodkarmaco. Can you share with us what type of HostGator you have that (Sex, Casino, Games, Travel, etc) generated $16.34 in one day. In addition where is it parked at and is it a developed website. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Smiler...

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How many visitors did it take to get that ? .


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I too would like this info if you don't mind giving it out. TIA..

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