Is a good iPage web hosting site?

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Quick question... Is a good iPage web hosting site? Thanks for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Recently I'm redesigning a webpage for my employer. He has made the page in such a way that it includes all the information in one page, which makes it pretty lengthy. There are also drop menus to replace a few sub items inside..

Now he wants me to redesign the page..


1. Must put all information in one page.

2. Must not be too lengthy as it makes the outlook ugly..

3. Must make it so that it can be edited by novice using Dreamweaver..

The above restriction arise because my employers' subordinates are to do the updating, and they are not much familiar with source codes..

Now I have a problem. This is a real headache as I cannot use movable layers (dhtml) nor can I use multiple pages. Does anyone has a better suggestion?..

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You betcha! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm this as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the iPage guys because they can answer your iPage question better...

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Actually I also thought about reducing the size. But there I come to realise that the font size is already as small as 1! Reducing the number of words can't possibly be done cause I'm only allowed to change the layout...


Sorry but flash won't work. They don't even have Flash software there, and they don't even know how to produce flash animation. Just consider they can't even read source codes......

If I suggest flash they will say they can't maintain.....

I need other suggestions......

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Too much info crammed into 1 page. Not good. Anyone could edit multiple pages in DW. Besides... convincing him to let you create a better layout will keep you on the payroll longer..

I hate frames, but maybe you could created a framed page.... with nav on left/top.

And content in the other area. The 'subordinates' could edit the frame info pages, but never touch the actual main/nav page. It'd be a win/ win situation for all...

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I knew that using frame is a good way of doing, but they are already using frames. @_@.

And worse still, they wanna "move away from frames"..

Well for this restriction I really hack care..

But the main problem still remains: Gotta put all info in one page..

They say they've got too many pages to maintain, and don't intend to get a bigger number out of it..


Any better ones?..

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Well, give them what they ask for. A long list of info crammed onto 1 page with the smallest font size possible..

When they complain about that, let them know what else you can do for them..

BTW, their iPage website is going to grow..... they should know this...

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The visitors will need glasses.

Or use popup windows..

Short info on the page, more in the pop ups..

I use 3 popups on this page:.


Where is written: Wat korte Info..

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Don't you agree that pop-ups is gonna add a few more files to the statistics?.

If I'm allowed to add pop-ups then I might as well separate the page into pages..

Well maybe the visitors need binoculars when they read..


If anyone else has better idea please let me know..

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My idea is slap your boss. Really. That person needs to wake up..

WHat if this info needed to be published in print? Would your boss just say 'cram it all into 1 brochure!" ??.

Your boss is trying to go for the quick, cheap fix. And you know the saying.....

'You get what you pay for.'..

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It has now. It seems Doc had a problem replying to this thread and merged his reply, but it never contained a subject. No problem caused and easily fixed.

At least he got his reply in. good effort Doc...

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A slap is gonna cost my job pal..

Yeah but that's quite true, I can't possibly think of another way too. Maybe I'll just tell him that there's no way that it can be done..

Thanks for replying man..

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Oops, sorry about deleting the subject! ha!.

And ok, don't slap your boss..... but with the options he has give you, your too limited...

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