Is a job at Nutrisystem a good idea for a nutrition major in college?

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First off, Is a job at Nutrisystem a good idea for a nutrition major in college? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Hello everyone,.

First day on this program and looking forward to results. I have a few questions if someone can answer them for me, or at least point me in the right direction..

So, today for my first attempt at staying on course, I had my dinner meal at lunch and my lunch meal at dinner. Is this a bad thing? I know that it is marked where any fool can read "lunch" and "dinner." But I guess I just didn't look at it. Did this ruin my first day?.

My second question is I am also trying to stop smoking at the same time and lose weight. Is hard candy aloud? Not like I'm going to have one right after another, but at least a few a day when I get a craving..

My last question, is about coffee. I know I can have unlimited amounts of coffee, but what is unlimited? Is it really unlimited, like if I wanted to drink 45 cups of joe, I could and still be doing something right? (just a number, I really only drink maybe 6 cups a day) What about creamers, flavors, etc that I can put into coffee?.

I guess my last question for now is, if I am not hungry, do I have to eat? Today I didn't have breakfast and I didn't have the afternoon snack. I did have lunch and dinner and plan on the night snack. Or do I have to eat all the meals, all the snacks/desert and eat all the fats, carbs, that go with each meal. Does this make sense?.

Any help would be great..

Thank you.


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Ye, but... you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm it as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer your Nutrisystem question better...

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Actually sugar free hard candy is on the plan. I use.

Sugar free.

Jolly Ranchers and.

Sugar Free.

Life Savers all the time. I don't have the planner in front of me but I believe it allows up to 5 a day. Sugar free gum is also an excellent alternative..

Welcome Chris and good luck. Sounds like you're doing well so far...

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I was going to recommend the sugar free candies, but I did not think coffee was unlimited if it is caffinated. I was thinking only DE Caf was unlimited!..

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WELCOME! Post often and be dedicated and hard core...especially at the beggining. It will help get you into the groove and prevent falling off plan..

You can switch foods around as convenient, in any way. Although, they recommend protein with fruit to minimze sugar rush. Yes, you have to eat it ALL. Don't be one of these people (they are legion) who posts about not wanting to eat veggies/salad, being stuffed...blabla...and then cheats later..

Stopping smoking is HUGE. Major attaboy to you..

Coffee is FINE. Drink as much as you want. Actually recommend keeping a healthy caffeine intake for the first couple weeks as pain relief as you get used to higher fiber and lower calories (which can give light gastro and head aches). Watch the creamers, sweeteners, etc. (I was a blond and sweet guy, but switched to black and bitter just for simplicity.)..

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Welcome Christopher, The advice above is all good. I too would echo: Don't skip meals or snacks. One of the keys to Nutrisystem is to eat on time so you never get hungry and you are not tempted to cheat. Best of luck. Reach out if you need help...

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Welcome Christopher. As for the coffee, black coffee is unlimited. I would follow Gordon on the creamer and sweetners. The thing to remember is that cafinated coffee and other drinks (ie Diet Coke or Pepsi) does not count as your water intake. You have to get your water intake to be successful on this plan. So go ahead and drink your six cups of coffee a day (I do) but get all of you water intake and then some in addition to the coffee..

Stay close. There is a lot of good information on these boards. Whatever you are going through on this program, chances are one of us has already done it...

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Damn, dude. The CPA is almost done melting. You are so close to wonderland also, now!..

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Just a couple of thoughts (just a couple because I can't spare any more)..

1. Not eating all meals might cause you to lose weight too fast. Fast weight loss tends to return. When fat cells are consumed, fat-soluble toxins that are held within the fat cells are released, so faster weight loss means you could have very high levels of toxins in the blood stream..

2. Contracting skin works better with slower weight loss. For lots of people that lose lots of weight, there is left over droopy skin that refuses to shrink. According to some, slower weight loss does a better job of shrinking skin that fast weight loss..

Oh, and welcome to NS...

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Oh, also, I got to see Alaska - very nice state. But it's a long trip up there. Does it cost extra for shipping to AK? My daughter lives on Kodiak (I live in Texas)...

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