Is Ceasar Salad okay on the Medifast Diet?

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My first question is Is Ceasar Salad okay on the Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another quick question... Did you start Medifast in October?.

Do you just like the month of October?.

Do you just want a GREAT group for support? venting? questions?.

Join us!.

Tell us a lil about yourself!.

Let's all go through this together, one packet at a time!.




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Comments (73)

You betcha! although you might want to make sure and wait for another person to confirm it as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can give you an answer better...

Comment #1

Congrats, Kat! That's awesome.

It's nice to see you back posting again!.

Thanks to the Crunch challenge, I can now do 50 crunches in a row without stopping! When it first started I could only do about 15 at a time without stopping. Now I'm up to 100 a day so I'll for sure be able to complete the challenge by thanksgiving! Yay!..

Comment #2

Hey kat, great wt. loss!!!.

Jilly unbelievable crunch number!! I think I can do 5 now... LOL.

Elaine, your recipe sounds delicious!!! I have asked for a sandwich maker for my birthday this month. I, of course, will go buy one if I don't get one. So, I will be trying that recipe soon!!!.

Sandy, I am sure you are having a wonderful time with your DH!!!! Enjoy!!.

Conrad, how was your weekend and for that matter, tabitha, Sharean, halo, julie, becky, robin, toni et al????? Keep posting people!!! We need you!!!.

OK, all, make it an incredible OP day!!!!..

Comment #3

'Morning all!.

Jilly, that's awesome about the crunches!!! I was going to the gym regularly about 2 weeks before I started MF. My bro-in-law was diagnosed with colon cancer (his prognosis is great), and we were gym buddies. So I really haven't gone since then. Then I started MF, and was encouraged not to exercise in the first weeks. You don't have to give this girl an excuse to not go to the gym!!.

) I should get back on the wagon though, 'cause everything's getting pretty saggy (and I'm not just talking about my clothes!)..

Willow, I'm headed to Bed, Bath, and Beyond this morning to pick up a sandwich maker! I don't have one either! Unfortunately, I also don't have any cream-of-anything soups to make yummy sandwiches either, but when I do, I'll be ready!.

I worked all weekend (as usual), and I'm also working Monday and Tuesday (my usual weekend). What a busy week! I'll be on vacation (insert happy dance!) starting December 6th for 2 weeks, though, so it's totally worth it!.

Have a great week everybody!! I'll be swamped, but I'll check in when I can. See you all soon!..

Comment #4

Sorry guys, still catching up from last week. Had a great weekend OP. We had family pictures on my hubby's side this weekend. That was interesting trying to get us all together. But they came out good and should be nice to hang on the wall!!.

Willow - my hubby and I made those chips. You have to get it rolled out thin, but those are pretty good. We have made the tomato soup into the pizza crust too and have a nice veggie pizza on it. That is one of my favorites..

Tabitha - I hope on Thursday you have a great big loss!!!.

Julie - DH and I do the "pancake" recipe and add some Morningstar Farms veggie sausage for some weekend breakfast. They are good. You have to use part of your lean, but it is worth it. And congrats on the *less* than 50 lbs to lose!! That is awesome..

Conrad - congrats on the 40+ pounds!!!!.

Kat - thanks for the new thread and a great weight loss this week..

Happy OP week to everyone that I forgot!.

AFM - recovered nicely from the debacle that was last weds and down another 1.5 pounds. So that was 2.5 for the week. I'll take it. I have been having problems lately, that when I get busy and delay my meals at all, my blood sugar is dropping badly. I guess I will have to talk to the doctor about that. I don't know if I will quite hit the challenge goal for Thanksgiving but I am definitely working on it.

I am kind of excited that I picked up a couple photography gigs in the next few weeks! Families, senior pics and an art show. This should be fun and a real tell-tale sign of my work. I am pretty excited...

Comment #5

Happy Monday Everyone!! I'm so glad to be back at my normal worksite after 4 long weeks! Yay! I'm feeling great this morning, despite having a slight cough/throat thing going on...People...I can see Onederland from here!! It is SO pretty.

I can't help but wonder if this week is the week...It would be really nice if it were. Then I could have a bit of a "cushion" going into turkey day...How sad is that I've dropped out of my own crunch challenge? Sorry ladies.

Kat! You are doing so wonderful with your weight loss! Way to go!.

Jilly: Good for you for continuing the crunch challenge! You go girl!!.

Willow! Thanks for keeping the thread warm...I was checking back last night and no one had posted. We have such a small, but awesome!, group..

Sherean - I know just how you feel about the gym. My body is definitely shrinking, but is very jiggly. I love working out and used to do it regularly. I need to figure out when the best time for me to start back will be. I don't really want exercise to effect my weight loss right now....

This is my last full week of work and then I work Monday & Tuesday of next week and am off for five days! YAY!!.

I hope you all have a fantastic OP day!..

Comment #6

Hey guys! Just popping in to say hello and I'm still alive, LOL! I'll have to catch up with everyone later, but I wanted to tell you all that I went to Game Stop today and bought the Walk it Out game for my Wii. I'm hoping to begin doing some exercising in the next few days, if I can ever get rid of this nagging headache I've had for a couple of days now. I've been drinking plenty of water so I know that's not the problem. I've not been sleeping very well, so maybe that's it..

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well and I'll try to catch up tomorrow!..

Comment #7

Hi All!!! Welcome back Julie. I bet you could use 5 days off by now!!!! Onederland!!! Woohoo!!!! You go girl !!! Yea Sharean!!! It sure sounds like you need a good vacation too!!! I actually have a free membership to our local Y (there are a few benefits to being a senior, it's called Silver Sneakers, LOL) but I just can't seem to get motivated. BUT, I do have a bunch of Leslie Sansone's Walk at Home DVDs and today I actually did one!!! It wasn't painless but it sure didn't kill me either!!!.

Woohoo Becky, on getting those jobs!!! And that you lost wt of course!!! I have a simple recipe that I found on the boards, using hot cocoa... mix it with 3 TBSP of water and form little drops on wax paper and freeze for about an hour!!! They are pretty good!!!.

WTG tabitha on making the effort to exercise!!! I don't own a Wii or I would love to get some of those exercise programs. Really, I would love a Biggest Loser one!!!.

OK, gotta run. C'yall tomorrow!!!..

Comment #8

Willow - those are good snacks for at night after the boys are asleep and I am working on editing stuff. I make them pretty small so that they just pop in the mouth. Yummy...

Comment #9

Hey luvs! Hope everyone is having a terrific OP Tuesday.


You are doing amazing with the crunches WTG! Have you measured to see if you are losing inches? I really need to start doing them because my belly is my problem zone.


My fingers are crossed for you to hit onederland this week! I'm excited for you!.


Let me know how that wii game is. I'm thinking about going and buying wii active. It's suppose to be a good workout. Hope you feel better soon..


I love photography! How long have you been doing it? I picked up a cheap lil watch at walmart that has a timer on it. I set it for every 2.5 hrs that way I don't forget. I'm also loving the bars for super busy days cuz it's like 5 bites and it's gone.

Don't even have to stop what I'm doing. I always have them on me..


OMG! I always feel like I'm cheating with those hot cocoa drops. I love em! Then I discovered the ultimate OP goody there is a recipe where you make it with PB2. Instant OP "reeses cup". Those were lil bites of heaven! Especially when I was craving something sweet..


Enjoy your vacation time!.


You and your hubby make a picture perfect couple.

Hope you're enjoying his R&R..

Where oh where is everybody else?..

Comment #10

No time to chat - I've been reading as I go along just wanted to say that I'm still OP and will catch up when I can maybe Thursday..

Have a great day!..

Comment #11

Hi Everyone.

I hope you all are doing well. I am fighting some sort of throat/cough thing. I've nearly lost my voice (have my "sexy" voice on, lol) and have a slight sore throat. I'm trying to power through it though! I've received several comments/compliments at work about my weight loss. Sometimes it makes me uncomfortable and I don't know what to say (especially since I have about 48 more pounds to lose!). Does anyone have troubles with compliments or comments? Don't have much else to report...I hope you all have a great OP day..

Comment #12

Kat - Not very long. I have always had an interest and love taking pictures but as far as really doing it, not long at all. Right now, just mainly working on close friends and family stuff. Not really doing as much editing as I should be. Too tired!.

Julie - just smile and say thank you..

Hope everyone is having a good Tuesday!!!..

Comment #13

Hi! I started on October 1st but have just lurked on the boards until recently. Do you all have room for one more?..

Comment #14

Good Morning McFee one more is always welcome I tend to lurk more than post but I check up on everybody daily.....

Your weightloss so far is great!.

Julie - I am often uncomfortable, too. I hope that goes away with time I think we've all been overweight for a while and have gotten used to blending into the woodwork - and if a comment was made, we were prepared for the worst. Might be that's why we're singularly unprepared to deal with good comments about our weight - don't know, just a thought..

I'm off to MOPS meeting - running the daycare for them today and am hoping for a light turnout I have three working rooms to keep in control!!.

Take care...

Comment #15

Hi McFee! Welcome aboard! It's nice to meet you.

Tomorrow is my weigh in day and I am very excited! I can't wait to see what's happened!.

KatYes, I am losing inches! I will post the loss on Thanksgiving as that's when the challenge ends, though I think I am the only one doing it...LOL. I'm a challenge of ONE!.

I suspected cheese (my most favorite food group EVER) was a trigger for me for keeping me hungry. So I've gone two days with NO CHEESE (The first time EVER) and it confirmed it! I am doing so much better without cheese, but I am in deep MOURNING..

Maybe I'll let myself have a little once a week? Month? I'll have to figure it out. Luckily cottage cheese and ricotta aren't triggers, just that shredded, melted delectable stuff...SIGH..

On the positive side, you sure do get to eat alot of chicken when you're not cutting it in half to make room for cheese!..

Comment #16

Sorry I"ve been neglecting the boardbeen really busy. Got a new dining room suite over the weekend off Craigs listLove it! Got a great deal! Seats 10, so with a family of 7 I can now sit some extended family! TGiving is at my house this year and it's so great to have a nice dining room set!.

This is the last furniture I'll probably buy in my lifetime...except for a couch or two probably...but that's okay...I really like everything I have and it can be handed down. Merry christmas to me! I weigh tomorrow...I did well over the weekendonly a "little" cheat yesterdayDH made browniesand I snuck one BITE! Ummmm so good! I was going to make a Medifast brownie but that one bite did me! Well wish me luck and loss on my scale tomorrow! Keeping my fingers crossed! I am still wearing mostly my elastic wastie pants b/c most of my real pants are 14's and still hurt, but I'm getting closer and closer to wearing them all! One lb/one inch at a time! I'm really looking forward to cheating.

On Tgivingam I terrible? I'm craving a sugar cookie! I have to have at least one cheat a month in order to not feel deprived. I the only one?..

Comment #17

The only time anyone has said anything was when I was sick with a hiatial hernia and couldn't eat anything and lost a lot of weightwas wearing size 10's...but when they asked how I did it I told them I'd been sick and believe methey didn't want to lose weight THAT way! No one has said anything since thembut when they doI'll just smile and say "Thank You for Noticing!I'm doing the Medifast dietthe #1 diet recommended by doctors!"..

Comment #18

Hi everyone!.

Just wanted to drop in and report my weight loss for the week. I actually weighed in this morning because I forgot to weigh in yesterday and the scale said I lost 2.6 lbs for the week. Not bad considering I gained a pound at the beginning of the week. Goes to show you that your weight will flucuate. I have been eating out the past few days and it hasn't really been too hard. I almost thought I couldn't eat anything at one restaurant but finally decided on 1/2 lb of boiled carribean shrimp which was an appetizer and half a salad with oil and vinegar dressing which was another appetizer.

I guess I am a scardy cat when it comes to eating out because I don't have my scale and you can never be too sure of what they put in the food..

It has been an amazing time so far. We leave for our cruise tommorrow afternoon but it is only 5 days. We had to take a shorter cruise due to the fact hubby has a lot of family coming into town just to see him. I can't wait to go! I think I am going to so the 4-2 plan (4 Medifast meals and 2 lean and greens on the cruise... as long as I maintain I will be happy)..

Just out of curiousity... how do you order your food... through medifast, cragslist, ebay, or through a health coach? I am just trying to find cheaper ways. I was ordering through ebates which gave 10% cashback but now it is only 5% cashback..

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!..

Comment #19

Julie I hope you feel better soon and enjoy yor 5 days off!.

Jilly good luck tommorrow on your weigh in! We can't wait to hear how you did!.

Halobabe you are making me hungry thinking of ugar cookies!.

Mcfee welcome aboard!.

Congrats on all the losses everyone! If I missed you I will write more later! Have a great day!..

Comment #20

Hi Everyone!!!! Welcome Mcfee!!! All are welcome here but who could resist a photo like that??? ADORABLE!!! Tell us a little about yourself and if you want you can check back on our previous threads to read about us!!! Good luck on your journey, which I see is similar to mine... great!!!.

Sandy, I am so impressed with how well you are doing in the face of "adversity." Enjoy your cruise, however long it is. I think 4/2 is a great idea if you feel safe eating 2 L&G. Whatever happens you know we are here to hear all about it!!! My poor son and his family, who were booked on the Splendor for their 10th anniversary and first cruise in Dec. has nothing now. They will get their money back and a 25% discount if they book again, but now nothing to celebrate 10 years.... he will think of something!!!.

Julie, No matter what your scale says I know you'll be proud but I have said a prayer for you to reach onederland..

Elaine, I like the idea of a timer to help you remember your meals. I say that as I realize I may have missed one yesterday (I find that hard to believe but for the life of me, I cannot remember all that I ate). I usually write each meal down, but slacked off yesterday and I did feel hungry all afternoon, so maybe I did. I think I will set a timer now to make sure I remember. If I did forget a meal, it would be the FIRST time in my life. I have always heard my skinny friends say, "Oh I forgot to eat." And I never, never, never understood how that could happen...

Tabitha, have you tried your workout game yet???.

Conrad, hey Conrad, where are you???? We miss our token dude!!!.

Julie, I am really thrilled for the weight I have lost and am so proud to share how, that I easily say thanks and then explain how..

I am not sure who asked about how we order our food. I order through.

It is a Medifast sub group (or something) and I use the Be Slim program where shipping is free for an order over 250 and I get, at first a 5% discount but then that discount increases as I order. I have a life coach, Donna Davey, who is the woman who introduced me to Medifast. We were at a workshop together and she was actually talking to my girlfriend about MF, and we both ended up trying it and being successful on it. Gee, have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE this program???? NEVER, have I stayed on a plan for this long successfully, and I am so thrilled. I just took myself off my insulin and started taking Metformin ER 500 mg in the morning and 500 mg at dinner. So far, my blood sugars have been okay and it takes a while for the Metformin to build in my system, so another thing I owe to MF!!!! NO MORE SHOTS!!! Not an easy feat but Medifast did it because I did Medifast!!!.

Have a great day everyone!!!..

Comment #21

Thank you for the warm welcome, ladies! I am reading through the old posts now and trying to get you all sorted out in my head.

It may take me awhile!.

A little background on me? Let's see- I am happily married and a stay at home Mom, homeschooling our 15, 13 and 11 year old sons. We have a full, busy life with church, karate, co-ops etc so Medifast really works great for me-I did WW for awhile and there was so much planning/measuring, it was impossible! (besides, no weight loss) My Uncle lost 40 lbs in 2 months with Medifast and that is how I learned about it-I had done some research before but it was his experience that pushed me to order! I have no complaints...well, except for the oatmeal, haha!.

Elaine, I love MOPS. Went there 10 years ago (they grow up too fast!). Bless your heart for helping, that sounds exhausting!.

Jillybug-no cheese? I grieve with you! But good for you, learning what works and what doesn't for your body. Have you tried Laughing Cow Light wedges? They are very low calorie and creamy. Since ricotta and other softer cheeses don't affect you, you might do okay with them? One wedge melted on a chicken breast is YUM..

Sandy-congrats on the 2.6 loss! We went on a cruise in April, to celebrate our 20th anniversary and it was SO wonderful. I miss it, everyday!.

We are saving $$ now to go again someday. What line are you sailing with? Have fun!.

Willow-look at that, we ARE very close in stats! Thank you for the welcome! The profile pic cracks me up, too. That is my youngest son, the goofball in our family.

I will update it as soon as I get a pic taken of me...maybe I will have a boy do that today?.

I just added exercise in, this week...anyone else? I am up a lb this morning but am so stiff and sore that I know it is just my poor muscles retaining water. Like a fool, I walked a day or two and then went straight into running miles! ugh. I am hurtin', today...

Comment #22

Oh, and Sandy I forgot to say how I order. I use ebates (and I miss that 10%, too!) and the latest coupon code and order online. It takes almost 2 weeks to ship so I try to plan ahead. I have tried ebay but never won (guess I bid too low?!).

I feel guilty spending this much on "Me" (even though my husband is super supportive!) So I tried DietDirect and their Wonderslim line, as some online reviews said it was as good or better than MF, and cheaper (only $8-10 a box) but I didn't re-order. The food was higher carb, had aspartame in it and most importantly, it wasn't as filling as MF. I was ravenous, where as with Medifast I am mostly content and rarely starving...

Comment #23

Good Wednesday Morning Everyone.

I am still feeling a bit under the weather, but I will live..

McFee - Welcome to our little group! We are happy to have you here.

Elaine - Thanks for your thoughts on compliments...What you say is so true. I'm not shy by any means but I have been overweight for quite awhile now and was "comfortable" blending in, if that makes sense. I'm working on it!.

Jilly - Good luck on your weigh in tomorrow! I know exactly how you feel about cheese. Thankfully, I'm able to not have it trigger me..

Halo - Congrats on your new dining room set! I love getting good deals on CL!.

Sandy - It sounds like you're having a great time with your DH! Good for you for making excellent choices while eating out! It can be overwhelming for me. Great job on your weigh in too! I try to get a bit of food off of CL. This month I did order directly from Medifast and got the ebates for it. I'm thinking of trying the website next month so I can get that extra week of free food!.

Willow - You've got to be the sweetest lady I've ever "met"!! Thank you for the prayers! I think that you're right about the scale. I really want to see 199.x but it's only a number and I have much more to lose after that...I feel so great already. I can't imagine how I will feel at 155!.


On the awesome achievement of being off of insulin!! What a fantastic reward for your hard work! So sorry about your son and the Splendor...At least they weren't on *that* cruise, right???.

Have a great OP day everyone!!..

Comment #24

I use ebates too!.

Willow, great about the insulin! Wow! That's amazing. Crazy what can happen in a few short months when you're focused, huh?.

I do have Laughing Cow cheese, but I try to limit it to a few times a week. Usually I have it with my cauliflower...

Comment #25


Welcome to the group.

Your son is adorable! I was looking at wonderslim for some of their shakes because they are so much cheaper so thanks for the heads up!.


You are so strong! I don't know if I could go without cheese. It is my fav! Good luck with your WI.


I have a bit of a craigslist obsession LoL I found a really good deal on Medifast food there to!.


Woo Hoo! WTG on the loss! Glad you and the hubby are enjoying yourselves. I haven't gone out to eat yet since I started Medifast kudos to you for going out and staying OP. Before I waited because I didn't feel secure enough in the plan and now I just have no time. LoL I have a health coach so I order through TSFL it gives you a discount that gets bigger as you order I think it starts at 5% and goes to 15%, free shipping on orders over $250(I think I usually order a month at a time and it's always free shipping) you also get points for every $ you spend and they got some pretty nice rewards..


Yay!! No more shots for you! Isn't it amazing how quick Medifast works wonders for our health.

Well hope everyone had a great Wednesday and starts off with an even better Thursday!..

Comment #26

Well,I am down 3 lbs this week! Just 3 lbs away from 20lbs lost! And six pounds away from my first mini-goal! Unbelievable. I am so close now to my wedding day weight! YAY me!.

Hope everybody has a good day. I'm going out for lunch with DH and baby today so we'll be doing L&G for lunch. We're going to unos, so it shouldn't be too hard! Hope everyone has a great OP day...

Comment #27

Hi, everyone! I've finally got a bit of time to catch up here..

First of all, I weighed in this morning and I'm down 4.6 pounds! Keep in mind that this is for 2 weeks, but I am still thrilled with the larger number, LOL! I think I'm gonna keep weighing every other week for the mental boost it gives me. I hit my first mini goal - I lost my first 10 pounds (finally, haha)! I try not to think about the fact that most people lose that in their first week..

Jilly - congratulations on your 3 lbs!.

Willow - WOW! No more shots! Your success on this program in relation to your diabetes is so encouraging to me. I hope I can get to the place where I am totally off all of my diabetes meds. Oh, and I did try the Walk it Out game. It is FUN! I'm so out of shape that I can only play for about 10 minutes at a time, but I'm working on it. So much more fun than just walking on a treadmill!.

Julie - I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. I've not had anyone notice my weight loss yet, but I really don't want anyone to say anything. I too am uncomfortable with the attention. I'll have to learn to deal with that when it happens..

Sandy - congrats on your loss! Have a great time on your cruise!.

Halo - new furniture! How exciting!.

Hope everyone has a great day!..

Comment #28

Hi everyone!!! Great weight losses Jilly (you really are an inspiration to me) and Tabitha (great idea to weigh every other week cuz you had an awesome number there!!!) I am so glad you are enjoying your "exercise game". 10 minutes 3 times a day is 30 minutes of exercise. Can't beat that. I am so bad about exercise. I just HAVE to make myself do it and often I don't seem to be able to....

I lost 2.6 pounds this week, so I am now at 146.2 FOR THE LAST TIME EVER!!!! Bet I would lose more if I would just exercise... LOL....

Everyone have an awesome ON PROGRAM day!!!!.

I read this in an email from Alana Black, one heck of a medifaster. Perhaps we all should post this on our refrigerator or somewhere..

"Thanksgiving is just one meal. Celebrate the people in your life, not the food.".

Great motto for this holiday season!!! I think it will be my mantra. Oh, by the way, she went on to say she lost 20 pounds between Thanksgiving and Jan. 1. Do we need a challenge like that to get us through this difficult time of year???? I would love it, if someone wants to join me????..

Comment #29

So, this is what I came up with, my personal goal is 15 pounds by the 1st of the year! Definitely do-able just not super easy!! I would love if anyone, everyone wanted to join me!! Sorry Mcfee, I seemed to have missed your post (a senior moment). You know I love that little guy!!! Every family has a clown I think!!.

OK really gotta run!!! Have a great op day everyone!!!..

Comment #30

I'll join you, Willow. I'm only going to set my goal at 12 lbs. though. Just want to give myself a fighting chance..

I'm really hoping to be at a 20 lb. total loss before going to Florida for Christmas to visit family, but I'm not going to be discouraged if I don't get there. I'll take what I can get!..

Comment #31

Hi everyone! Don't have much time...Just wanted to pop in and say hi. Willow, I've joined the New Rears Resolution Challenge, which runs from now until 1/3/11 (see ticker below). I'm hoping to also lose 15 lbs between now and then. I'm in for any challenge for our group!.

Hope you all are having a fab OP day!!..

Comment #32

I will join the crew on 15 lbs down til January 1st! (my daughter's birthday is the 3rd!) Does the timer start on Thanksgiving day?.

Thanks Willow and congratulations to you on your loss this week! Thats great considering you are only 20 lbs or so from goal! Wowie! I don't think my weight loss has ever inspired anyone, so thank you!.

I went and bought a new bra at Kohls today. I went from a 44DDDD(yes, that's four D's...UGH) to 40DDD! I wish I could drop down to a DD, but maybe one day. Baby steps, right? And that is a 4 inch difference, so I should be happy. The 38 actually clasps, but I can't breathe in it, lol. I did buy a 38, since they were buy 1 get 1, so maybe in a month, who knows!.

A 38, would be the smallest I've been since I was 20, when I got married! So it's a goal! I hope the cup size will go down once I am finally down breastfeeding. Mostly she's weaned, but we will BF before bed and in the middle of the night if she wakes up. Last night she didn't though!..

Comment #33

Julie - New "Rears" challenge? Where's the rolling-on-the-floor-laughing emoticon when I need it? LOL!..

Comment #34

Hey ya'll!.

Hope everyone is having a great OP day..

Jilly, Tabitha, Willow.

Awesome WIs Woo Hoo!.


Great idea on a New Years challenge keep us motivated for the holidays. I'm in for the 15lbs.


You are just losing inches everywhere! Great NSV! You inspired me to get some crunches in before bed but def not challenge worthy. LoL I need to go bra shopping so bad I'm procrastinating on it. I just keep tightening the straps but that isn't working so well anymore LoL..

Comment #35

Morning all, I am so happy that we all can keep each other company on this challenge to keep ourselves OP through the holidays!! I will have to check out the New Rears challenge! Great name!!.

Jilly, of course you are an inspiration!! And now, woohoo!!! How could you not be, what a change!!! I hope that happens to me when I go shopping!!!.

OK, gotta go log in my food, check the challenge site and have another OP day... one packet after another. Oh, I made some tomato egg bagels last night and the dough tasted awesome. Can't wait to try the actual creation this morning!!! Will let you all know how they are!!! Have a good one everyone!!!..

Comment #36

Tomato soup bagel? Oh that sounds good! Where is the recipe for that? I just ordered my next order and included some tomato soup so I can try out some sandwich maker recipes! Now I just need the sandwich

Kat, any crunch is a good crunch I say! (especially if it's followed by the word bar...YUM).

And, I am so excited for my next order! I got chocolate chip pancakes to try, and a few new bar flavors! Yummy! I love waiting for the order to arrive, it's like mini Christmas! Baby E can even play with the protective paper they always shove in the box. Plus, now I have lots of boxes for shipping Christmas packages to My inlaws live in Saskatchewan and British Columbia..

I had a yummy lunch yesterday at Unos that clocked in at 460 calories. Not bad, I thought, for restaurant food! It was soooo good. O M G! My body isn't used to sodium though so I feel a little bloated, or puffy today. So I'm ramping up the water intake to flush it out!..

Comment #37

Hey all - sorry I've been absentee lately. It's been a crazy week and I'm heading to my parent's place for Thanksgiving this weekend will be gone the whole week and they are in a very rural area with dial-up and one computer (between three kids and the spouses and 4 grandkids that are old enough to go online solo).....hopefully I'll be able to check in at least once - but we'll see. I weighed in today - 227.2 - which is down 5.2 this week my best week in a while!! I'm hoping to see 225 or less on Friday after Thanksgiving - -.

And, yes I'm taking my scale Aren't I sad!!!.

Everyone have a lovely holiday stay strong see you soon...

Comment #38

Oh - Willow - I'm on board for the 15 pound New year's challenge as well!! so that's a 212 goal by Jan. 1 (I have to write it down or I'll lose track of where I was when I started!!)..

Comment #39

Hi Everyone~!!!! Thanks for all the company for this challenge. Kat, could you, by any chance, make us a challenge tracker? Or give me instructions and hopefully, I can do it??.

Jilly, here is a link for that tomato bread/bagel.


I have to say it was okay but I sure loved it in dough form!! Maybe you can come up with some other way to use it... lol... I am thinking of messing with the recipe enough to get a sauce out of it to put over shirataki noodles or spaghetti squash. Can't wait to hear how you like it..

OK, I am getting worried about Conrad... Anyone have his email address??? If so it might be time for a little support!!!.

Oh and Jilly I prepared the radishes tonight but am not eating them until tomorrow but a taste was sure good and a great change from broccoli, spinach, and cauliflower...

Night all!!!..

Comment #40

I'm fine and OP. Lost 3.4 lbs this week. Probably won't be around the forums much at all, good luck all...

Comment #41

Morning, everyone! Just checking in. I'm feeling a bit down today after an attempt at buying some new pants yesterday. I guess it's just too early for me to try that. I have to wear black slacks for something at church tomorrow and the ones I have already have always been too long and didn't fit right through the crotch area (because I'm so short). When I bought them, I was just happy to find something that I could zip up. I was hoping that now that I've lost a little over 10 pounds I could find something that fit a little bit better, even if they were in the same size that I wear now.

My waistline just isn't shrinking as fast as my thighs are, so although some of the pants I tried on fit well in the legs, they were too tight in the stomach area. I am so, so sick of not being able to find clothes that fit me correctly. I'm now worried that my stomach fat just isn't going to budge and I'll never be able to wear anything in a smaller size. It just makes me want to cry. Being short (and fat) is such a pain in the a** sometimes.

I'm sorry to post something so depressing, but I needed somewhere to vent. I need to get over this and move on..

I hope everyone has a great day. My son and I are going to see Harry Potter today, so maybe that will cheer me up some...

Comment #42

Good morning all,.

Conrad, I will really miss your insight and inspiration if you don't come visit us once in a while. I am so glad that you are okay and OP!!! WTG on your wt. loss and please, at least check in to keep us posted on your journey!!!.

Tabitha, I don't mind your venting at all and I certainly understand the frustration but I am here to assure you that if you just keep OP that belly will go down. I HATED my belly and it is finally starting to decrease and honestly, last night, for the first time in years, when I laid flat on my back, I didn't have a belly hump (kinda like a whale). I still have a belly but it has gone down immensely!!! My goal is for it to not impact my pants size. I have the same problem you have. To get pants to fit I have to buy by waist and then my legs are lost in the pants legs... so just keep on keeping on!!!.

Have a great day OP everyone!!! What's everyone's strategy for Thanksgiving? I am going to make the 2 traditional dishes I usually bring. One I will make...the green bean casserole and the second, I will teach my grandkids to make, so I won't have to make it anymore... LOL... watergate salad. My daughter got a Kinnect and I plan on playing a lot on Thanksgiving, maybe enough to increase my amount of turkey but the rest can wait until next year!!! I will bring my own veggies, caulipotatoes and there will be a salad there. I would love to hear how y'all have prepared.....

Comment #43

Happy Sunday everyone! I have been busy the last couple of days (and again today) so I haven't had the time to post. I've caught up with the posts that I missed...It looks like everyone is doing well...It's too bad that Conrad is jumping ship, but I understand. Sometimes guys don't need the support that we girls do. Good luck to him! I weighed in today and am teetering on seeing Onederland, but didn't quite make it today.

I lost 2.6 lbs last week and am at 200.6. Hoping to release those last .8 lbs by Turkey day! Not too sure I will do it as I usually weigh daily and drop weight near the end of the week. Oh well...I'll get there eventually, right? It is cold here today. They are actually forecasting possible snow tomorrow...We'll see.

I have lots to do today...Preparing for Turkey day and the impending holidays. I love the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

Have a wonderful OP day girls!..

Comment #44

Willow, I just saw your question about strategy for Thanksgiving day. As controversial as it may be, I am choosing to go off-plan that day and Christmas Day. I feel strong enough that I can take a day off and get right back OP Friday. I am also prepared for the scale consequences of my actions. I do not plan on going crazy. We all need to do what is right for us on this journey and I will support anyone's decision to stay OP or go off plan.

Just my .02 for whatever it's worth...

Comment #45

Thanks for the kind words, Willow! I feel better today. I think I just jumped the gun on looking for new pants - need to wait a little bit longer before I do that..

As for my strategy for Thanksgiving, we are going to a friend's house for dinner. I'm bringing salad (for my greens) and I'll eat turkey breast. I'm also bringing a chocolate pie for myself, made with a 1/2 a packet of brownie for the crust and topped with a 1/2 packet of chocolate pudding. I may buy a can of the Reddi Whip and have a tablespoon on top - yum! It's not pumpkin pie, but hey, it's dessert that I can eat while everyone else is eating their dessert..

I think, as a diabetic, I'd already been used to having to control myself around carbohydrates so I don't think it's going to be as hard for me to deal with as it may be for others. I mean, normally if I was going to have mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving, it would only be a spoonful anyway. I think I'm going to miss the pumpkin pie the most. I always make my pumpkin pie with Splenda and Egg beaters so I can have a small slice. But hey, next year I can have it again, so I'm not going to fret over it..

Hope everyone is doing well and having a great weekend!..

Comment #46

Hey ya'll just checking in real quick before I run out the door. This week or let just say holiday months are going to be super crazy for me. I'll check in as much as possible. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. I'm planning on reading how everyone survived OP or if they slip they got right back on the wagon.


As for our 15 lbs by New Years Challenge plz check in with your WI here or in a msg to me so I can make some type of chart or tracker.

I will update every Sunday so make sure I have your WI..

Happy Losing Ya'll!!..

Comment #47

Hi Evveryone! I didn't see another thread started for this week...I'm wondering if maybe we should do a monthly thread instead of weekly since our group is so small and doesn't post much anyway...Wellllll, I made it to ONEDERLAND!! I'm at 199 on the nose today.

I'm soooo excited! And two days before Turkey Day!! Anyway, I hope everyone has a nice holiday week. I will check back at least once a day when I'm around a computer...As for the 15 lb challenge, I'm down 4.2 pounds already Kat! Happy Thanksgiving all!..

Comment #48

Way to go, Julie! Welcome to the 100's!.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!..

Comment #49

WOOHOO!!!! WAY TO GO JULIE!!! How exciting!!! I have not been around much either but we are sure dwindling here this holiday season!!.

I decided to recheck my measurements today and I have lost 4-1/2 inches around my chest, 7-1/2 inches around my waist, and 5 inches around my hips!!!! I am thrilled. Sometimes, I just don't see the loss when I look in the mirror. Then, I start trying on old, smaller clothes and I can wear them. This program is so incredible!!!!.

I hope everyone is well and happily moving along OP!!!.

However, you all choose to spend it, have a blessed Thanksgiving!!! I am sure I am thankful for Medifast!!!..

Comment #50

Hi all. I'm following along as I'm able. But from blackberry and I'm located very remote. OP so far and planning to stay that way. Congrats julie. Back on the weekend sometime. Happy Thanksgiving all..

Comment #51

Just want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!.


Comment #52

Just stopping in to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving! Let's all have a great day and try our best to resist all the "goodies". I'm planning a totally on-plan day, having turkey and salad for dinner and making myself a brownie crust chocolate pudding pie for dessert. I'm gonna splurge and put a bit of fat free Reddi Whip on top, LOL! The hardest thing for me is going to be turning down the pumpkin pie, but I'm determined..

Have a great day, ya'll, whether you "indulge" a bit or stay OP - we're all going to get to our goals. I just KNOW it!..

Comment #53

Hi! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Sorry I have been MIA, I've really missed everybody, but here I am!.

I am here to report my measurements on the crunch challenge:.

Previous #s:.

Waist 42.

Hips 49.

My #s now are:.

Waist 41.

Hips 46.

So I lost a total of 4 inches so I am totally happy and stoked with that!.

Today is my first day back on Medifast in about 3 days. Since last Thursday I've been going through alot of emotional and mental stuff, mostly fighting myself, but I am ready to climb back on board. I know I won't be 100% til tomorrow and I'm okay with that. I am going to be having 4 medifast meals before 2, when the festivities start at my sisters. I'll be sticking with Lean and Green until dessert and then allowing myself a few bites of something I want. Probably the pumpkin cheesecake..

I haven't gained any weight, so I'm happy about that. I probably will to stay away from weighing myself and reporting my weight loss, except for milestones, for awhile. When I don't see the scale move, I just get so depressed, and then it derails me completely, which is stupid, but there you go. I'll let everyone know when I've come out of the 200s, or met a new goal of mine, but for now it is better for my mental health to just do things this way..

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone celebrates it the way they want to, whether it be 100% OP or not..

Comment #54

I feel like shouting! I made it through Thanksgiving totally on plan! I won't lie and say it was easy, though. Our host had made those little Bisquick/cheese/sausage balls things for an appetizer and I LOVE those things! However, I knew that I could not eat just one so I fought the urge to have one. The yeast rolls and wine were also really difficult to turn down but I did it. Had my turkey, salad, and brownie/pudding pie with a tbsp. of fat free Reddi Whip. I did hear the what I am sure is going to be repeated at Christmas, "Can't you just take ONE DAY off?" from my hostess.

This came after I had told her previously what I would be eating. sigh... Oh well, we had a good time and I didn't have to cook, so it's all good..

I hope you all had a great day too. Now on to conquer Christmas, hee hee!..

Comment #55

WTG Tabitha!!! I too remained OP yesterday. It felt so darn good. I spent NO time thinking about what everyone else was eating... LOL... I simply said, hey I can't wait until next year when I can eat everything and I watched everyone PIG out, realizing I ate that much and more in the past. I thank God I no longer have to eat that way and I know I couldn't do it without Medifast!!! I ate Turkey and some wonderful veggies that I cooked at home and brought to my daughter's house. Now, I am on to an OP Christmas!!!..

Comment #56

Hello all have returned from my week away my weight (according to my mother's scale - which could be way off) - was down 3.8 pounds for this week I did not stay 100% OP but I was close..

On two days I had 1/2 serving extra of protein couldn't pass the deviled eggs one of those days, I traded off two of my Medifast meals for the deviled egg.... today - I was on the road for 8 hours with 4 kids, a trailer and a a flat tire under two cords of wood I ate all five Medifast meals, my LG and my extra 1/2 protein....

I was also WAY low on water intake this week lots of diet soda (which I don't keep at home) so tomorrow, I have to clean it up and see if my mom's scale was close to the mark - or way off......

I hope you all had a good time Tabitha - great job staying OP I would have a tough time resisting the sausage balls also they are my favorite!!!.

So tired and ready for bed see you all soon!..

Comment #57

Way to go, Elaine! Mmmm... deviled eggs. I might just have to make one of those today (minus the sweet pickle relish, though)..

Glad to hear you stayed on plan too, Willow!..

Comment #58

Tabitha our deviled eggs have home canned dill pickles diced into them no sweet pickles for this Texas girl!!!..

Comment #59

I'd rather have no relish/pickles in my eggs than dill, LOL! It just doesn't taste right to me...

Comment #60

Hi Everyone! I'm baaaaack.

Well, my Thanksgiving plan of doing one day of eating off-plan didn't really pan out...I won't go into the gory details but I am back on plan today and rethinking my strategy for Christmas. You gals that stayed OP ROCK!! I will need your support to do so during Christmas. I've realized that I can't do this to myself. I need to stay the course and finish what I've begun. So here I am, up to 203.6 again. Such a bummer after reaching Onederland last week.

I think I can get back down to where I was this week. I will update the ticker next Sunday. I know that most of that weight is water, so I am dousing myself with a ton of water now. I am not going to beat myself up though. Just hopping back on the Medifast train today.

I am *so* determined to reach my goal now. I know I can do it. Once I'm back down in the 100s I will be posting some "in-progress" pics of me. My halfway pics, if you will. I will be checking in regularly throughout these next four weeks. Our group is small, but we're awesome! Okay, enough rambling.

I am so excited it's the Christmas Holidays!!..

Comment #61

Julie, good for you for jumping right back on plan. The fear of being sicker than a dog by going too far off plan has kept me on the straight and narrow. If there's anything I hate, it's feeling like I need to puke (or actually doing it), LOL! (I don't know if that happened to you or not - I'm just saying that that is what I'm afraid I'd do). Hope you can get back into the groove quickly and start losing again. I KNOW you can do it - heck, I know we *all* can! You've definitely got my support! My hardest challenge to date is coming up at Christmas. We will be going to visit family who do not yet know what I am doing.

Soooo much of my weight is wrapped up in family baggage and it will be difficult not to do what I always do and eat in order to avoid just confronting these people and telling them how I feel about what they are saying/doing. I won't have internet access there either, so I won't be able to log on here for support. Hmmm... I have a smartphone, though. I wonder if I can log on using the 3G? I'll definitely try - I'm going to need all the support I can get!.

I hope everyone else here is doing well and continuing to drop those pounds! We can do this!!..

Comment #62

Hey y'all.

Hope we all made it OP or back OP thru Thanksgiving! I stayed on plan and never felt more in control around food complete NSV. I actually couldn't believe how easy it was for me. I'm loving how I'm more determined than ever to lose this weight and get healthy once and for all..

How are we all doing with our 15lbs by 2011 challenge ladies? I need WIs from last week....

Hope everyone had a great weekend!..

Comment #63

Hi everyone!!! Glad you made it back on plan Julie!!! Sometimes the fall can teach us great lessons. Good for you for having it increase your determination. I too believe you will quickly be back in the 100's..

Kat, WTG on your OP T-day!!! Also, my wt. loss last week was 2.4 pounds..

Yesterday was my birthday and I actually went out to eat twice in 1 day. Here's how I did it. I went for lunch with my girlfriend Carole who is also on MF, and I had my greens in the form of a salad with light dressing (had grilled chicken on the side but just took that home). That wasn't too hard, but then my family took me (and 2 other birthday girls) out to this fantasmagorical Chinese buffet restaurant, the largest and best tasting ever... LOL, I made it through by not looking around much at all. I just headed for the crab legs and ate a lot of them and no butter.

It feels just wonderful to have that kind of discipline because honestly, I have never had it before in my life!!! I do feel like something is going on though because today I am very hungry... more than I have been since starting and sort of restless. I refuse to eat in response but I did add a snack (ranch soy crisps) which I don't often do. I wonder if I start writing about how I'm feeling, maybe something will be uncovered. Anyone else go through this???.

Have a wonderful OP day everyone!!!!..

Comment #64

Willow - the good side for me is that when I have a couple of what I call "hungry days" ones that remind me a bit of the first few days of MF....I usually see a scale drop shortly after...not sure why or if it's related - but I've had that happen twice so far once for two days and currently (today) I'm just pushing on through and trying to drink more to keep me full...hopefully I'll be rewarded with a big drop for next weigh in!.

Good luck Kat - last week's loss was 5.8 pounds.... so 9.2 to go for xmas!!..

Comment #65

Good Morning All! I want to thank you for the well wishes and the support! It means so much to me. I have to say that I'm so impressed with the weight loss numbers over Thanksgiving week! Great job ladies! Willow - Happy Happy Birthday to you!!.

I made it all day OP yesterday...The first day is the most difficult for me, so I should be back in ketosis on Wednesday. I already feel so much better...And I shed another pound or so. I'm looking to be back in the 100's by Sunday!! I'm looking on my calendar radar and the next big event I will be attending is a holiday party on the 11th. I am planning to stay OP!! I will need to stay strong and be determined. I really love the holidays, but it will be nice when it's boring January with no big events in sight. Head down and focused on MF!!.

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!..

Comment #66

Hi, Glad you are OP again Julie, and determined!!! Thanks also for the birthday wishes!!!.

Thanks for the feedback Elaine. You are right, of course, just push on through it. I think maybe my head is playing very subtle games on me. Like somewhere back there amongst the cobwebs I am thinking this wt. is fine. I am now into decent size clothes, etc.

Garbage that is going on in my head but not overtly. It continues and I just stay OP and like you said I drink lots and lots of water. Also, I hardly every eat snacks, so I have been reaching for those too. It helps. I know once I go clothes shopping (next weekend I hope) I will be really encouraged to keep going!!!.

I am missing all those who used to post here. I know the holidays are a hard time but that's when y'all need us and we need you!!! If you are reading this, we all want to hear from you!!!..

Comment #67


Happy Belated! Sounds like you had a wonderful OP birthday..


I sooo agree with you! Weight issues and family baggage are linked for me too. I never realized how much till now the battle gets hard sometimes to not want to feed my emotions but it is COMPLETELY worth the fight..


Ketosis should be right around the corner waiting for you with onederland.

Woot woot all aboard the big loser train LoL.

This is what I have so far for our 15lbs by 2011.....If I don't have your last weeks WI get it to me.

I'm about to start using some of the "if I go missing" contact info....I'm sure missing some of our Oct-OPers....

Well hope everyone is having a Terrific OP Tuesday!..

Comment #68

Kat, I'm only weighing every other week, so I can give you my two-week total on Thursday...

Comment #69

Hi All! Jeez! What happened to our group? Are there really only four of us left? Where is everyone? Anyhoo, Kat, the chart looks fabulous! I didn't give you last week's weight, so can I just wait until this Sunday? It looks like I've already made it back to Onederland today (199.6!) WooHoo! Hopefully my 15 lbs by New Years is doable! I'm hoping some of our other regulars jump back on. Has anyone tried messaging Jilly or Sandy? Who else is MIA? I know this is a difficult time of year.....

Comment #70

Morning dolls.

Just wanted to pop on real quick and wish everyone a Wonderful OP Wednesday!.


No prob! I wish I could do that me and my scale have a love/hate relationship going on that I can not break LoL.


Woo Hoo!! Back in ONEDERLAND WTG!!.

I txt Jilly and emailed Sandy no reply yet.

I'm missing the rest of our group.

Hope the others come back and check in soon.....

Comment #71

Happy December Ladies! Not much to report today, still holding at 199.2...I'm fine with that after my over-indulgences this past weekend. I'm really hoping to hear from some of our MIA buddies.

Kat, will you start a December thread for us? You make it so pretty.

I'll check back later...Have a great OP day!..

Comment #72

Hey - been stuck bouncing between 221.4 and 222.2 for about 5 days now...OP except for using the LC cheese as my healthly fat .... going to cut that out for a few days and see what happens. I knew I had to hit a slow week soon but I am still sooooo hoping to hit the teens this Friday weigh in..

Trying my first Chai Latte today (bought a mixed lot off eBay and rec'd a few minutes ago) better than the Cappuccino by far - but still not one I'll reorder. A bit like liquid pumpkin pie filling??? Not awful - just not me!..

Comment #73

New December Thread.

I have a sort of mini challenge for us in December.....

NSVs (non scale victories).

Other than lbs melting off of us let's report daily(or as often as possible) the little life lessons Medifast is teaching us..

Comment #74

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.