Is fruit points free on the Medifast Diet?

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First question I have is Is fruit points free on the Medifast Diet? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Second question.. Are you starting Medifast in October?.

Did you start Medifast in October?.

Do you just like the month of October?.

Do you just want a GREAT group for support? venting? questions?.

Join us!.

Tell us a lil about yourself!.

Let's all go through this together, one packet at a time!.




Here is the link to last weeks thread if you would like to catch up....

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Yep, although you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm it as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can answer your Medifast question better...

Comment #1

Hey Kat, where are you moving to? Or thinking of moving to, lol...

Comment #2

Hi Kat...I lost 20.4 lbs in October for your neat-o tally..

Comment #3

Okay, apparently you can't edit your posts if they are older than 5 minutes...Anyway:.

KAT!! Over 34 pounds for the month of October??? YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!!! Pure Awesomeness.

Look, I made up a word *just* for you..

Comment #4

Hey there everyone.....

Kat wow your loss for October is awesome!!.

Julie, your loss is awesome as well.....

As for me, I am starting again....Kinda fell off the wagon......

Comment #5

LoL seems like we all have some Awesomeness in us...Check out that #...Way to go Oct OP'ers!.

So far for the month of October looks like we've lost 155.4 lbs.

These are the totals I have....

Conrad 31.4.

Kat 35.4.

Sandy 13.4.

Elaine 17.

Halobabe 11.

Tabitha 6.4.

Becky 10.4.

Jilly 10.

Julie 20.4.


I'm loving your new word.

Congrats on your monthly loss!.


I'm stayin in TX but wondering if I should move to a different city closer to family, friends, and work. It's only 20 mins or so away from where I live now but I'm sick of my apt. Moving is just such a hassle..

Comment #6


Glad to see ya back girl!! You were missed! C'mon there is always room on the wagon..

Comment #7

Heh, I feel like the red-headed stepchild here, LOL! You guys have lost a TON of weight! Way to go! I'll try to catch up on all the posts tomorrow - going to watch a movie with my son right now. Have a great evening, ya'll!..

Comment #8

Hi everyone!!! Thanks for the new thread Kat and WTG on your wt. loss!! WTG all of us on our wt. loss!!! Hey Kat, where would you be moving to???.

Welcome back Toni!! You were missed and I for one am happy to see you back again!!!.

My wt. loss for oct. was 18.9 ... I love this program!!!.

Thanks Sandy, for opening up your blog!!! I will check it out in the morning!! And thanks for the link to newbeautifulme, another great recipe site!!!.

Jilly, what do you eat with those cooked radishes???..

Comment #9

Sandy - Radishes are delicious! I've loved them ever since I was a kid. They have a tart taste to them kind of like rhubarb, but more spicy I guess. Also, better safe than sorry, blood clots are very serious and you should probably get them checked out..

Julie - I know exactly how you feel, some of my cloths are getting to the point where they want to slip off if I don't secure them properly, hah. I've also noticed I have a lot of extra room in my jacket lately(since it's been raining the last few days), which is very nice..

Kat - Hope you find a place you like more than the one you're in now..

Toni - Happy to see you back! YAY!.

Tabitha - The speed at which we lose isn't important, the important thing will be when we reach goal and then maintain!.

Jilly - Love the blog recipes!.

Willow - Great loss for Oct!.

Elaine - Congrats on meeting your first goal!.

Halobabe - I'll pm you directions on putting up your ticker..

Myself - Not much to report, still truckin along, hoping to hit -40 lbs this week we'll see!..

Comment #10

Good morning, everyone! Happy Tuesday! I'm feeling quite chipper this morning and I have no idea why, LOL!.

I've got a question for you all. Does anyone else feel like they are losing more inches in one spot of their body more than others? I haven't actually measured again, but I swear, the thighs of my jeans are getting sooo baggy, but the waistline seems only a little bit looser. If not for the waist, I could fit into another pair of jeans I have (same size as the ones I wear now, but the waist is quite a bit tighter.) Hehe... At this rate, I'm going to have chicken legs with a big ole belly, LOL! I just wondered if any of you are experiencing the same thing..

I hope everyone has a wonderful, OP day!..

Comment #11


Hey Tabitha, I tend to lose inches in certain areas more than others. I think it is normal for the body to favor certain spots, lol. I would like my belly to slim first, but nope, that never happens. I read once that belly fat is the most stubborn of the all, and of course most dangerous. Typical. Evil belly fat!.

My daughter walked yesterday and we got it on video! I'm so excited! Checkout my page to see it if you want!.

Today I'm feeling trim in a top I never got to wear because of how it looked. Now it looks really good and my DH said, 'Looking good, Buggie!' YAY me!.

And the other day when I was walking down into the basement with baby E, my jeans DID fall off! So I dug into my clothes bins and found a few smaller pairs. Now the only pair I have to dig out are a pair of 16s, I've never worn, but DH got me for Christmas a few years ago. But I fell off the wagon.

Now I am so looking forward to wearing them! Maybe this Christmas, or close to it? New Years? We'll see!! It'd be great to wear them by DD birthday!.

Willow, I ate my radishes with salmon cakes and it was delicious! If you did them crispy in the oven, you could pair them with things you would eat french fries with, like turkey patties, or fish, really anything you want!..

Comment #12

Morning everyone,.

I totally didnt make it all the way through last night, dang it....Back on the wagon is so hard, NEVER get off in the first place!!.

I am trying again today......

Comment #13

Good Morning all you beauties!! Feeling really good today myself...I am in day 3 of my self-imposed no soda challenge...only 4 more days! Yesterday I had posted that my size 14 calvin kleins were falling off...soooo I went closet shopping and pulled out a couple pairs of size 12s and THEY FIT!! YAY!! I'm rockin' size 12 Gap Jeans and a size L Gap sweater today...I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it feels! I also been shopping the clearance section at Old Navy and have purchased several sweaters in size MEDIUM!!! Now I really think they run big, but still...a MEDIUM!! I was 256.4 just 10 short months ago and in size xxl and 20 jeans. Okay...enough about me.

Toni - You can do it!! Give yourself a week to stay OP and come and visit us often for support! We're here for you!!.

Jilly - Yay for walking babies! Such a wonderful milestone.

Will you post how you cook the radishes? I'm very interesting in trying them! Thankfully, the weight falls off of my belly first...I had accumulated A LOT of it!! Great job on getting into your shirt! I love it when I can closet shop! I just need to remember not to purchase a whole bunch of clothes in my current size because I won't be fitting into them long!!.

Tabitha - Yay for saggy baggy jeans!! You are doing a great job!!.

Conrad - I can't believe you're almost to the 40 lb mark!! You are AWESOME!! Like the weather we're having????.

Willow!! 18.9 lbs???? That is fabulous!! You are rockin' this program!! I love Medifast too!!.

Kat - Thanks for keeping that tally for us!!.

I love that this board is so active right now! I hope it stays that way.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!..

Comment #14

Just keep trying to jump back on Toni! I know how hard it is after a slip. You only fail if you STOP TRYING! I went through this last week and now I am doing great! You can do it too!.

Hi Julie! I love to read the posts even if I don't always have time to post. It helps keep me in the game!.

Has anyone ever done all or mostly shakes? Today I've only had shakes and I'm so much more full than when I usually mix in other things. Has anyone ever just left the bars, puffs, etc for the occasional treat or after dinner snack? I don't want to get bored, but right now the shakes are the stuff!.

For the radishes, what I did was slice them as thin as possible and then toss with a small amount of olive oil. Like less than 1/2 t and mix with 1/4 t garlic powder. Then cooked in heated frying pan, stirring often. They are done when they are translucent and the edges are browning. If you want them crispy, after tossing spread on baking sheet and stick in the oven. I'd say 375 and flip them after just a few minutes..

Today I am having my Buffalo Chicken Pasta Toss. I am bringing it to my mom's tonight and it looks sooo gooood!!.

Sorry for a very girly topic, Token Dude, but has anyone needed to get a new bra yet? Mine is getting roomy and I'm not sure if I should get something on clearance now or wait awhile yet...

Comment #15

Okay - sorry I don't have time to go back and read again but whoever was talking about the newbeautifulme recipes yay!!!.

I just made the broccoli soup/quiche in my sandwich maker (which I found!!) used cauliflower b/c it's what I had handy (instead of chopped broccoli) and some black pepper.....then I really when way out and used 1 wedge of LC garlic and herb light cheese spread over the 4 meal - bar none - I've had since starting MF......

I'm actually changing my next order to include broccoli and tomato soups just so I can make these recipes!!! YUM..

Comment #16

Toni Welcome back! It is so great to see you again. Im glad you are trying to get back on track!.

Kat Wow! Totally awesomeness 155.4 lbs lost by the group of us! Hee hee Im gonna use Julies new word too..

Willow I hope you find some recipes you like. I know I found a lot on newbeautifulme..

Conrad I just remember radished from fraggle rock lol. I used to watch that all the time growing up. Not sure if you heard of the show lol. Anyways, I have always been nervous to try them but it seems like everyone has been giving them the thumbs up so I gotta give them a try,.

Tabitha you are too funny about the chicken legs with a big ole belly. I havent noticed too much on losing weight more in a specific spot. I guess for me it is only just a little everywhere. I wish my belly would just shrink so I can stop being such an apple..

Jilly awww your daughter is so adorable. That is great you caught it on video! Is that the first time she has ever walked? Congrats on fitting in your top that you didnt fit in before. I love going through things in the closet and finding something I havent worn in ages. You should be in the size 16s soon at the rate you are going! Do the shakes make you more full vs. bars and puffs? I havent really been drinking the shakes as much except the cappuccino ones. I am afraid with the shaked and water I would live in the bathroom!.

Julie congrats on wearing those size 12 jeans! I hope to be fitting in some 12s sometime soon. You are on a roll! You are the incredible shrinking woman!.

Elaine I really like her blog too. Cody has so many creative recipes. I tried the grilled cheese sandwich made with the tomato soup. I havent tried the broccoli soup one yet but now your making me want to try!.

As for me, I am 2 hours from home at my parents again dealing with car insurance stuff so I have been busy with the family. Hubby is already on the plane and will be here Thursday or Friday. Yay! Today is weigh in day for me and I lost 3.4 lbs for my fifth week. This brings me to almost 17 lbs for 5 weeks! I am just waiting for my body to shrink more, especially my waist and my chest. There is a dress I wanted to wear on the cruise but Im not sure if I can fit into it yet. Its a size 16.

The cruise isnt until next Thursday so who knows I hope everyone has a great day!!!! Ill check back a little later...

Comment #17

Welcome Ladies and Gentleman, I tried the Cream of Broccoli Soupthought I was gonna gag.

Until I added a piece of American cheese to it...still yukky but better! I REALLY wish you could get a sample of Everything that Medifast makes so you could try it out first! Ugh! Now I'm stuck with yukky soup! I've liked everything else so far, so one thing isn't so bad, but dang, it's so expensive, guess I'll grin and bear it like I did today. Any ideas how to dress it up a bit & make it more tasty? Now I"m afraid to try the Cream of Tomato soup thinking it may be yukky too! Oh well...guess we'll see! I don't feel like I am losing anything but haven't weighed since last we'll see...hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised! Is it possible to get to a plateau in a month? I am hypothyroid, so my metabolism is sluggish, but I try and walk 2 miles at least 4 or 5 times a week!.

We'll see! Staying on plan!..

Comment #18

Wrong info on my ticker...hey, a half pound is a half a pound!!! LOL..

Comment #19

Hey ya'll!.


How's your foot doing?.


Congrats on your loss for the month! I'm still going to be in TX just switching cities and apts. I'm still not positive on if I want to do it or not might just wait till a better time..


I am the same way! I see the weight leaving from everywhere except my belly.

And that is so my problem zone due to PCOS.


You are just the amazing shrinking woman! Keep it up girl! You'll be rockin a size 10 soon! I'm loving going "shopping" in my closet right now..


YAY lil E is walking! She's not even a year yet!? Total Awesomeness.

WTG on your NSV with your shirt! I love the shakes and I save the puffs and bars for when I'm craving salty and sweet. Especially the PB bar is like candy to me so I love it for TOM. LoL I even leave my brownies till last. I find in the beginning of the month I use alot of the stuff that's ok but not favorites so towards the end of the month all I have is the yummy stuff till my next order. I've already went from the last clasps on my bra to the first and I have to tighten the straps everyday. I think undergarments are going to be the only thing I'm going to shop for till I get to goal because I have alot of other clothes in smaller sizes that I need to shrink into..


You can do this girl! I slipped towards the end of Oct and it's horrible to get back on. I don't know what it was something just kept saying "you already messed up whats one more day". Truth is though "one more day" is another day not closer to goal, not closer to being healthy. Girl pull out your skinny jeans and keep em close to get you focused on the "prize". You CAN and WILL be OP!.


Woo hoo! WTG on your WI! Your hubby is going to get to see how you are losing weight with choc chip pancakes LoL Hope the insurance issues aren't to much of a headache I know getting everything settled with mine was hell. I finally just ended up going to an attorney..


I love Cody's recipes too! I gave my sandwich maker away because I didn't use it. Looks like now I'm going to have to get another one..


Loving your ticker! If you really don't like the soup you can exchange them as long as you still have 6 packs and your invoice #. I also find if I don't like something and leave it alone for a week or two. When I decide to try it again it taste so much better!.

Can I get a drum roll, please.


So far for the month of October looks like we've lost 174.3 lbs!.

That is what someone.


Should weigh to be in the normal BMI range!.


Conrad 31.4.

Kat 35.4.

Sandy 13.4.

Elaine 17.

Halobabe 11.

Tabitha 6.4.

Becky 10.4.

Jilly 10.

Julie 20.4.

Willow 18.9..

Comment #20

Good morning, everyone! I have GOT to try to catch up and reply to every one of you when I have more time..

I measured myself yesterday and I figured out why my jeans are getting baggy even though I've only lost 6.4 pounds..

Thigh - -1.5 in..

Waist - - 1 in..

Hips - - 1.5 in..

Chest - - 1 in..

Arm - - 1.5 in..

Unbelievable. It's only been a month, and it's only been 3 weeks since I measured myself the first time. I am skipping my weigh in tomorrow and I'll weigh again next week. I don't want to bring myself down from my high, LOL!.

Have a great day, all of you!..

Comment #21

WTG Tabitha!!! You are doing an awesome job!!.

Julie, I think I understand what happened with my mush muffin. I used too much water... LOL... next time I will try 2 TBSP. Thanks!!!.

What an extraordinary month we have had!! WTG OCT. OP'ERS!!!!.

Sandy, did you hear about the Carnival ship Splendor??? My son and his family are supposed to be taking a cruise on that very ship Dec. 4th. LOL... not sure what's going to happen now. Hopefully, you are cruising on another ship!!! Also, I am going to try your "granola" today. Have you adjusted it anymore??? I totally appreciate people like you and Cody and Jilly, who are experimenting with food to create awesome meals for those of us on Medifast!!! I really am very impressed!!!.

Jilly, thanks for the ideas for the radishes AND that baby of yours is totally adorable!!! What a sweet video!!.

Conrad, here's to 40 pounds down next weigh in. I am hoping to be under 150 for the first time in years!!!.

Halobabe, I agree, a 1/2 pound is a 1/2 pound, and I too would correct my ticker... LOL... have you checked out Codyjo's blog, newbeautifulme??? Sandy has a link to it on a previous post. She has some incredible recipes and some use the broccoli soup..

Toni, please just keep checking in. We are here to support you!!! Speaking of support, Jennifer, where are you????.

Elaine, I tried Codyjo's eggbeater dish that bakes in a pie pan and I got to eat the whole thing!!! It was delicious and I didn't even use the black olives..

Ok, gotta go to work (right here at my computer... LOL) so, have a great OP day and hopefully, I will check back in later!!!..

Comment #22

Morning Everyone! I'm feeling a little like I'm getting a cold today, have a headache and low energy. I refuse to let it derail me this time...I will stay on track!! It also didn't help that my daughter woke up at 4:45 this morning...stupid daylight savings time...It was 4:30 yesterday so hopefully wake up will be around 5 am tomorrow.

We are all awesome for our weight loss contributions this past month!! Let's keep it up.

Willow - Use 4 tbsp (2 oz) of liquid for your pancake, not 2 tbsp. Be sure you only shake it 6 times. That should do the trick! Let me know how it turns out..

Tabitha - Good for you, losing all those inches! It's a good way to measure your progress when you're not seeing what you want on the scale!.

Toni - Hoping to see you post today!! I'm pulling for you girl!.

I will check back later...Have a good Wednesday..

Comment #23

Julie - I love the weather right now I enjoy the rain! Hope you start feeling better and that you stay strong on the OP track. I'm rooting for you!.

Jilly - I took all of my meals, emtied them into a big box, mixed it around and then picked 5 randomly without looking and put them into sandwich bags and they are the 5 meals I eat on that specific day. Some days are better than others (todays packet had 3 scrambled eggs, 1 pancake and 1 oatmeal and I felt like I was over the stove all day, hah), but overall I like that it switches up daily. Before I did that (only my 5th day like this) I had a few days where I ate only oatmeal, only soups, or only bars and I never really noticed a difference..

Sandy - Ya, I remember Fraggle Rock it was on when I was a kid..

Toni - One day at a time, you can do it!.

Halobabe - I love broccoli, however I didn't like the cream of broccoli soup at all. I love the Cream of Tomato soup though. Glad to see you got your ticker working!.

Kat - My foot is doing better, but this week I jammed the index finger on my right hand at basketball, haha. Ohh well. 174 lbs is amazing between 10 people!.

Tabitha - Impressive losses on the measurements front!..

Comment #24

Good morning!.

Well as of today I am down 3 lbs since last Friday! YIPPEE! I'm at 216! I hope I can lose 4 more pounds before Thanksgiving to be down 20 lbs! YAY!.

Yesterday I was sick and just didn't have the energy to post, but I did read. It's glad to see everyone doing so well and I looove Fraggle Rock! Anything by Jim Henson is actually like gold to me!.

Here's a yummy coffee tip!....Pour in like 1/4 of a Dutch Chocolate Shake, add 1/4 t of raspberry extract and stiiiir it up! It's so awesome! Don't need any additional cream or sugar! It tastes like coffee house coffee. Then after my coffee I have the rest of the shake as a shake, or Hot, if I'm in the mood..

Next I am going to buy peppermint extract for a nice holiday treat!..

Comment #25

I am working too on modifying a recipe I made yesterday, cottage cheese pancakes with lemon extract! OMG so good! I am going to try to get them to use less Lean though. Then I'll post it for mass consumpton! They were fluffy and refreshing. The cottage cheese goes in the blender/food processor, so you have no idea that they are actually in there if you didn't know!..

Comment #26

I am officially in the 180's!!! Weighed in this morning at 189!!! Yea!!! I know I am a slow loser, b/c of my hypothyroidism,.

But I can live with 1.5 lbs a weekI think I'll vamp up my exercise to try and boost it a bit. I finally am back into REAL pants this week! I am still wearing my elastic waisties,.

But am back into a couple of size 16's! I am an "Apple" shape, and have a problem with the waistbands hurting! I have loads of regular pants in 14's and 12's so I really have something to look forward to! Keeping my fingers crossed for wearing some of them for Christmas! Speaking of which, I've officially started my Christmas Shopping for the family, so money is running short. I'm trying to supplement some meals with replacements, any ideas? I love the light & lively diabetic yogurt, it's only 50 cals and like 3 carbs or something. Take care ya'll!..

Comment #27

I can't do math! That should be I need to lose SIX pounds before thanksgiving. Not sure if I can do that, but I'll try. If only I hadn't lost 5 lbs the week before I started medifast, I'd be there already! LOL.

Hey Halo, congrats on the weight loss! And for breaking out of the 190s! I have seen Medifast suggest yogurt and I think fruit? I am not sure, maybe search the forum or ask them? I believe they suggest stretching the meals out if you can (like 4&2, vs 5&1)..

Comment #28

WTG Jilly and halobabe on your wt. losses!!! Jilly, I am a big coffee drinker and used to be with sweet n low and lots of milk. Now I drink decaf coffee and use cappucino for both my milk and sweetener. I mix it in the blender with ice cubes and just add it to my coffee. So, my "breakfast" is spread out a little over my 2 to 3 cups of coffee each morning. I love it!!!.

Halobabe, I do not know about adding or replacing with other foods because this is such a strictly restricted plan. If you asked the dieticians, they could tell you how much of each, protein, fat, carbohydrates, you are to have for the day to stay in ketosis, then you could add foods in by adding those values (I would think). Ask and let us know..

I noticed something strange. I created a new ticker today to reflect my wt. loss for this week, and the ticker on the message I posted yesterday has the new ticker on it...?????.

I think that's strange. Anyone know why that would happen??.

Anyway, I lost 4 pounds, Yippie!!! I am officially under 150, at 148.8 It is a little surreal to me buy I am loving it. Yesterday I walked 1-1/2 miles on a treadmill. It is so easy when my daughter is on the treadmill next to me and we just talk. Then she showed me how to do core strengthening and crunches on one of those big balls. I did feel like Tim Conway (if there is anyone here who might even know about Laugh-In) when he fell off his tricycle. I fell off the ball twice...LOL just kind of splat off the side of the ball.

I had a great time. Now, though, my daughter will be out of town for most of the time from Sunday until the day before Thanksgiving... waaaaa. Will have to drag my granddaughter to the gym with me..

Conrad, sorry to hear about you jamming your finger! I love how you do your meals, but I think I won't be giving it a try anytime soon... LOL Hey Conrad do you know why my ticker changed on a previously posted message??? Strange thing isn't it?.

Julie, thanks for the correction on the pancake muffin. Luckily, I had not tried it yet but maybe today. If you all have not checked out.

You should. I have tried some of the recipes and love them!.

Have a great day everyone!!!..

Comment #29

Morning! I am definitely feeling a bit better today, so that's good! And my daughter woke up at 5:15! A vast improvement from 4:30 two days ago...I have the day off today for Veteran's Day. I'm taking my daughter to the dentist for the first time...should be very interesting.

Jilly - You can totally lose 6 lbs before Thanksgiving! Use the power of positive thinking and lots & lots of water!! I have 6.2 lbs to reach my Thanksgiving goal...Let's do it together!!! The scale definitely is not moving very fast this week, but I still have three days until my official weigh in, so I'm hopeful.

Your pancakes sound good, let us know the final recipe....

Halobabe - 1.5 per week is a good loss! Good for you! Have you tried looking on craigslist for meals in your area? I've had success in buying cheaper meals myself on cl...(I hope I don't get in trouble for posting that, lol)..

I will check back later...Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #30

Willow! You snuck in there while I was posting! 4 pounds is sooo awesome!! Great job! And under 150?? You go girl! When you update your ticker, it updates ALL your posts to reflect your new ticker...Have a great day!..

Comment #31

You're right, Julie! I should try to think more positive. I guess I don't want to set myself up for disappointment. I am not sure if I can drink more water, I'm getting close to 200 ounces a day as it is! LOL but I will try!.

The lemon pancake recipe (or lemon cheesecake, if you cooked it in the oven, though the texture would be way off, lol) is good enough to drink as a shake! YUMMO!..

Comment #32

HI everyone! I know that I have been slacking in posting. Just super busy at work and at home. I have taken up doing photography on the side and have been busy editing once the boys go to bed..

I was down another 1.5 pounds until I fell of the wagon for one day. But it just solidified why I am doing this. I felt sick to my stomach physically. That kind of made up for the taste of it all. Hope everyone has a good week...

Comment #33

Hi Again, Julie I am glad you are feeling better and that your daughter slept in a little later. Thank you also for the information on the ticker. I had no idea! Good luck at the dentist....

I would love to join the 6 pounds by Thanksgiving mini-challenge!! Go Jilly, Julie, me and anyone else who wants to join us!! LOL... I believe we all can do it..

Halobabe, Julie had a great suggestion, to try locally on Craigslist. I have bought off of ebay as well and got a pretty good deal on the items I ordered. Good luck with your search!!!.

Becky, just jump back on the wagon and join the fun!!! You could join our challenge. That might encourage you to stay OP..

OMG, we haven't heard from Sandy, I wonder if her hubbie made it home. How exciting if he did!!!.

Ok, there is no work right now, so I think I will head to the gym!!! Have a great rest of your day everyone!!!..

Comment #34

Hi Guys!.

I've been out of touch, but have been reading up on everyone's posts. Just haven't had much to say!!.

I, too, purchased some meals on ebay, but I have to say.....I bought a bunch of dutch chocolate shakes (that's what I eat almost exclusively...). They were great, I got a fair deal, and they tasted great, etc. BUT, when I finished those and got back to the ones from Medifast, I have to say the medifast ones tasted different. I actually felt like I did at the beginningthe Medifast shake (that I ordered from MF) tasted a little strange (reminiscent of the first one I had...) and was "fizzy" a little (the others weren't). It made me worry that I had actually ordered counterfeit MF!! Ridiculous sounding, I know, but I was NOT happy at the prospect. I'd likely buy again from someone selling off random unused food, or from CL, but the person I bought from had 8 boxes of Dutch Chocolate shakes and nothing else.

Just my experience.... Happy MFing!!..

Comment #35

Willow I did hear about Carnival Splendor. I a so glad I didnt schedule a cruise on that ship. I a going on Royal Carribean. Congrats on your 4lb loss! Thats wonderful!.

Jilly congrats on 3lbs down! Thanks for the coffee tip! Chocolate and Raspberry sound awesome together! You always come up with great recipes. Cant wait for the posting of the cottage cheese pancakes..

Halobabe congrats on being in the 180s!.

As for me, I am tired and it is only 9 pm. Busy busy day. Hubby came home today. He actually called yesterday and said he was going to be delayed by 6 hours which would be 10 pm tonight. Turns out he called me two hours before he was going to arrive at 3:30 in the afternoon. I wasnt expected him until later so I had to hurry and finish cleaning and getting ready to pick him up.

I guess because of the time change. It is night time in Afghan when it is day time here. It is so nice to have him home. Not sure what we are doing tommorrow but it doesnt matter only that we are together. I just realized he came on Veterans Day.

Also, I am finally in the 150s, 159 .2 lbs, as of today. A great surprise for hubby. He definitely could notice that Medifast was working. Here is a photo of us at the airport. This is one of the few photos I had but other family members took more..


I know it is going to be really hard being on Medifast while he is here. His parents brought us some food but I had to decline. It just wasnt on plan. Looks like everyone wants to take us out to dinner. I have never tried eating out yet and I am kinda nervous. What do you usually get? Salad and chicken? Not to mention the cruise coming up.

Well, today I stayed OP. Llets hope I will tommorrow! Have a reat night everyone! I will check in occassionally when I can...

Comment #36

Halobabe - Congrats on the 180s! If you're running low on money and food and also want to start exercising more switching to 4&2 might be a good idea..

Jilly - 6 pounds in two weeks? I think you can do it!.

Willow - Ya I switched to doing it this way because I started to just grab bars and eat bars all day since they were easier, so I figured this way at least I'll be mixing it up and I've had pretty steady loss every week reguardless of what type of meals I'm having..

Julie - Ya, I've noticed a lot of nice deals on CL in our area havn't bought anything from anyone local yet but I have picked up a couple things from ebay..

Becky - Sorry you were sick to your stomach, but now you have something to think about before you fall off the wagon again, a shock collar for your stomach, heh..

Sharean - It could have just been a batch difference, or expired meals? I've noticed in the short time I've been on Medifast that the honey mustard pretzels have been different between 3 different batches (two from MF, one from e-bay purchase) and none were the "new and improved" ones..

Sandy - Nice that he could notice a difference! When I eat out I usually pick a salad without cheese/croutons/dressing. If I must get dressing most places have a light balsamic (just make sure to ask for light, and never order a solid color dressing like ranch or 1000 island, it's just full of bad stuff). Also a lot of places have eggbeaters/egg substitute for omelettes just get one with no onions and you'll keep your carbs down. Even at Buffalo Wild Wings (notoriously bad) I was able to order a nice OP meal and enjoy lunch with a friend and meeting some of his other friends (which I mentioned another was on nutrisystem, so I didn't feel alienated ordering a chicken salad, hah)..

Myself - Well, weigh in is tomorrow morning and I can't wait to see my progress, headed out now to hang out with some buddies hope you all have a nice op night (well, it's 9:30pm my time most of you are prolly already sleeping...)..

Comment #37

Hello all I think I'll join the 6 pound by Thanksgiving mini-challenge..

I'm making progress - but feeling slightly less motivated the last few days. Still OP - but kind of out of sorts.....maybe a little mini-challenge will bring out the competitor in me and boost the water intake?!!!!.

Anyway - today's weigh in was down 3 for 232.4......So I'll see you guys at the scale next week and see how were doing toward our 6 pounds ..

Have a great OP day...

Comment #38

Conrad I didn't even realize that alot of restaurants have egg beaters. Is it usually on the menu or is it something you have to ask about? What did you order at Buffalo Wild Wings? Thanks all for the tips!.

Elaine 3 lbs down is fantastic! I didn't even realize there was a mini Thanksgiving Challenge. I wanna do it too! Is there one for Xmas as well?.

Well, hubby and I decided to go to the theme park here in Tampa called Busch Gardens. We will be leaving soon. We got free tickets from a friend so mnd as well use them since they expire Dec 15th. I am going to have to pack some of my meals. I should've bought more puffs, pretzels and bars for these occasions. Hopefully, I have enough tag along food. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!!..

Comment #39

Willow- I think that I will do the little mini challenge. I have been back on and feeling better the last couple of days. Just hungry. oohhhh, and I tried the chai latte's. Yummy!!..

Comment #40

Good afternoon/morning everyone!!! Congrats on all the weight losses!!! Your are doing beautifully Sandy and are planning so well. Enjoy the day at Busch Gardens..

Great Becky!! This should be fun!! I might have to exercise a bit more to make it but it would be worth it!!!.

Good luck Conrad on your weigh in!! Can't wait to hear!!.

Gee Sharean I never thought about counterfeit Medifast. I bought a bunch of cappucino from ebay. I sure hope it is the same as the others I've had..

OK, have to go find Julie's pancake muffin recipe to try!!! Cyall later!..

Comment #41

I doubt they are counterfeit. They may be past their expiration date or old, though...

Comment #42

Sandy - Generally if you look at the menu they have a "healthy tips" section that suggests what you can do to make them healthier, one of those being to replace eggs with egg substitute. I havn't been to a place so far that hasn't had eggbeaters/egg whites so far and I usually eat out once, sometimes twice a week. At Buffalo Wild Wings I had a Grilled Chicken Salad with no cheese, no croutons, and light balsamic dressing (came in a pouch, not on the salad). The lean in it is only 3 oz so I just ate the rest of my lean later that day. Hope you enjoy Busch Gardens!.

Becky - Nice to hear that you're feeling better..

Myself - Well, end of week 6 I'm down 5 pounds bringing me to 274.4 lbs and a total loss so far of 41.6 pounds. I'm simply amazed and feel amazing! I did go slightly offplan and had a shot of vodka when I ran into a friend I hadn't seen for 4 years and thankfully it didn't upset anything with my diet, hah...

Comment #43

Yeah, I hope they weren't counterfeit too. I was talking to someone about using her as a healthcoach, and she said something about how TSFL came straight from Medifast so I didn't have to worry about counterfeit meals. I think that planted the seed in my mind that counterfeits were possible. I guess if you had the right equipment to print the envelopes, it wouldn't be too difficult to put together fake chocolate shakes, and you'd make a TON of money. None-the-less, I'm ordering only from the source nowcause I'm chicken..

Congrats everyone on their weigh loss! I had a great week too. I just placed another order so I wouldn't have to worry about not having enough food over the holidays (and it takes so long to get the items shipped to the western US). I know it's still a ways away, but I came pretty close to running out recently. I forgot how long it takes to ship!..

Comment #44

Hi Conrad, Great wt. loss!!! And great total loss!!! You are definitely my hero!!!.

Sharean, If you placed your order through TSFL, your food should come out of Texas. Hopefully, that will get it to you sooner. I order through TSFL, the Be Slim plan, and I got my food in 3 to 4 days and I'm in Missouri. Good luck with that..

Where is everyone???? Julie, I hope you come on tonight because, I can't find that muffin recipe now... sorry bout that but would love to have it again!!!.

OK, I am having fun playing on the recipes board!! There are some great recipes on there. I found a recipe for "chips" using chicken noodle soup and wow, they are great!!!.

I also found recipes for Thanksgiving sides and am going to give those a try (before Thanksgiving so I know ahead if I should bother... LOL) I also found some Medifast success stories on You-Tube. That was fun also!!!.

Cyall tomorrorw!!!..

Comment #45

Whew - I don't check in for a day or so and now I've got some catching up to do!.

Halo - congratulations on making it to the 180's and REAL pants! (I've done the elastic waist thing before too for the same reason you listed. They always made me feel like an old lady, LOL!).

Willow - Under 150 - YAY! I can't wait to get there myself! Oh, and falling off the exercise ball sounds like something I would do. I had a gym membership for about 6 months last year and took a class that used one of those balls. I did almost fall off one day. That would have been mortifying to do it in front of everyone, LOL!.

Becky - congratulations for hopping right back on plan. WTG, girl!.

Sandy - I'm glad your husband is home and congratulations on hitting the 150's! Hope you have fun at Busch Gardens - we went there a few times when we lived in Florida. However, I like the one in Williamsburg better. We lived in Portsmouth, VA, for about 2 years and used to go several times a year because it was so close. LOVED it!.

Elaine - 3 lbs is great!.

Conrad - if I lost weight like you do I'd be done with this program in 2 months, LOL! WTG!.

As for me, I skipped weighing this past Thursday. I will weigh again next week. I just thought I needed a mental boost by seeing a larger number on the scale (even if it is for 2 weeks). I'm kind of under the weather right now (TOM), but I'm staying on plan and haven't really had any cravings, which is a good thing. I don't think I'll be participating in the 6 lb challenge, as I am SUCH a slow loser. You guys are going to make it, though - I just know it! Good luck!.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!..

Comment #46

Morning everyone! Hope everyone is ready for a great weekend! Today is going to be warmer than it's been, gonna hit 60! I am excited. Hubby and I are going to take Baby E out and have some fun later this afternoon. We just finished breakfast up and now she's going down for a nap..

Nothing really to report diet wise, just chugging along and drinking so much water that by the end of the day I feel like I am floating! Should be posting my cottage cheese pancake recipe this morning on my blog today too! It's kind of a treat type thing because it does use up a bit of Lean, but it's really good, especially if you are craving something sweet!..

Comment #47

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday.

It looks like we have a bunch of people in the 6 lb by Thanksgiving mini challenge! My first weigh in is tomorrow...I'm hoping for 2 lbs at this point! After tomorrow, we have exactly 10 days until Thanksgiving!! I'm going to have to be super diligent if I'm going to see 199.8 by then..

Willow - My pancake "recipe" is to mix the pancake powder and 1 tbsp of sf syrup (any kind you like) plus 3 more tbsp of water in a shaker jar (shake only 6 times!) and microwave in a mug for about 1.5 minutes, depending on your microwave. You will then have a muffin, which I cut in half and spread "cream cheese frosting" (1 tbsp cream cheese + a dash of splenda) on it. Voila! Super Yum!.

I will post a bit later..

Comment #48

Thanks so much Julie!!! I am going to make one as soon as I finish this post!!.

I did not realize that T-day was so close. Maybe 6 pounds in 2 weeks is a bit ambitious!! Well, as long as we make the effort by staying OP, we should be happy!!!.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!..

Comment #49

I agree that 6 pounds by turkey day might be a bit ambitious Willow but it's a goal anyway. I'm weighing on Fridays now and I think it's going to be good b/c it will help me stay on track Thursday since I know I have to post a number the next day!!.

Julie - thanks for reposting the pancake muffin recipe....I'd been searching the thread for it as well - I tried to go by memory - but too much liquid===tasted okay, but totally wrong texture and I had to cook it forever!!! This should work much better!.

Conrad - you continue to rock along - wow! I'm hoping to see a 40 pound total loss by New Years.

Sandy - yay on the hubby being home and the vacation. Have fun!.

Jilly - I'm off to look up the lemon pancake thing sounds good and I'm looking forward to it I'm a lemon lover.

We're off to a bday party with the kids this evening I'm going to get the rest of my L&G in before then I think it'll be easier to have a bar while everyone eats pizza and cake than it will be to try to carry a meal..

Way off on my water intake the last couple of days have to work on it.....hate that floaty feeling that Jilly was talking about..

Best to all!..

Comment #50

Willow, I have no doubt that the rest of you can make 6 lbs by Thanksgiving. It's just me and my slow self that I have serious doubts about. We KNOW Conrad can do it! *is jealous.


Comment #51

Hi everyone, I just stopped by to say mmmmmmm good!!!!! That's for those pancake muffins. I used your recipe Julie but added 1/8 tsp of vanilla extract and 1/8 tsp of baking powder. I sliced it in half and added fat free cream cheese without even using Splenda. It may not have looked pretty but it sure did taste GREAT!!! Thanks so much Julie!!!.

If y'all have pancakes you don't like, just try these muffins!!!!..

Comment #52

Conrad thanks again for all the tips and suggestions. I will definitely use them. Congrats on your 5 lb loss! Glad the shot of vodka didnt affect your weight loss..

Willow I tried the chips using the chicken noodle soup. They were pretty good but I noticed they werent good a day ahead. They werent crispy on the second day. Not sure why. I get so many ideas from the recipe board. I am so thankful it is there..

Tabitha you have some will power there because I have to weigh in almost everyday! I just cant help it!.

Jilly cottage cheese pancakes sound so good right about now. I am goiong to check your blog and maybe make it tommorrow morning. Sounds great as a Sunday breakfast..

As for me, I had a great day at the beach. Hubby and I actually went to the beach we got married at called Ft. Desoto Beach. Very pretty and it wasnt crowded at all. Perfect weather for the beach 80 degrees! Right now it is guys night out and he is with a bunch of his guy friends at the Casino so I am at home relxing and catching up on things. I dont mind not one bit.

I am going to have to do some planning with that one. Not sure what else we have planned tommorrow but I am having a blast..

I dont know why but I have gained one pound so I am back at 160 lbs. I have been following the plan except for the exception of not having enough water. I wonder if not enough water slows the weight loss? So no more celebration of being in the 150s. Oh well. Tuesday will probably not be much of a loss at all. I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I know I am.

I dont feel so alone in this big old house. Well, except for our doggie who is snoring so loud right now lol...

Comment #53

Wow I just realized I made it to my first goal! Here comes my manicure/pediure! Now on to goal #2!..

Comment #54

Good Sunday Morning Everyone! I hope you are all doing well. My weigh in was today and I'm down 2.8 pounds...I'll take it!! Only 3.4 more until Onderland!! I'm sooo excited to be back there after 4 years.

For my breakfast this morning I had chocolate stuffed french toast...I made a shake cake with the chocolate cake and put it in my sandwich maker. I then used the cream cheese frosting in the middle...It is SO GOOD!.

Sandy - It sounds like you and your DH are having lots of fun! I'm so glad for you.

Yes, lack of water will slow the weight loss process. Make sure you're getting at least 64 oz per day! Congrats on your first goal!! Yay for manis and pedis!!.

Willow - Yum! I'm happy you enjoyed the pan-muffin! The reason I like them is that I don't have to add anything to the pancake mix like I do a shake cake. Unfortunately I realized how good the pan-muffin was after I placed my order this month so I only got one box of the pancakes.

I'm looking on craigslist to see if I can find any around here on the cheap!.

Conrad! You are awesome! Over 40 lbs??? That's incredible.

Tabitha - I admire your attitude! Keep it up and good things will happen!.

Elaine - Did the pan-muffin work out better with less liquid? We *can* lose 6 lbs by Thanksgiving!!.

Jilly - I hope you and your family had fun in the warm(er) weather yesterday! It is cold and rainy here....

Have a fantastic OP Sunday everyone!!..

Comment #55

Ooooh, I just noticed that I have *less* than 50 lbs to lose!! So exciting after knowing that I had over 100 lbs to lose last January!! Just had to share..

Comment #56

Hi Everybody!.

Julie congrats on the weight loss and being so close to onederland! You are doing great! I might join you in that challenge, the percentage posse, it ends on my daughter's first birthday!!.

Sandy, you could be retaining water, especially if you have recently cutback on what you are drinking. Maybe the food you were eating had hidden sodium in it? I'd try upping the water intake for awhile and see what happens!.

Conrad, congrats! 40 lbs, holy jeepers! In such a short span too. That must make you feel so great!.

Nothing too report here. Just got back from church and baby is napping. My DH let the ladies at church know I was on medifast. I'm not sure why he did because I told him I wanted to keep it to myself! I can always tell when he's blabbed because lady after lady will come up and say the same thing to me. It's like, who did he tell, and what did he say! LOL..

Comment #57

Hey luvs!.

I've been a busy lil bee lately! I don't have much time now to catch up but I will get around to it. My 6th WI is coming up wish me luck! I need 5 more lbs till my 2nd mini goal. I'm hoping to get at least 3 this week. I finally kicked my daily weigher habit. It was driving me nuts but now the suspense is killing me! LoL I never have any middle ground..

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful OP weekend!..

Comment #58

Julie - made the pan-muffins this morning with a bit of fat free strawberry cream cheese they were good much easier than trying to make pancakes..

Also - I am leaning all kinds of tricks with the sandwich maker didn't have cream of broc soup - but I wanted another "fritatta" so I used chicken noodle, crushed a bit, added enough water to make a paste, 1/4 cup egg beaters and some diced cauliflower and black pepper....into the sandwich maker and then slathered with a wedge of Laughing Cow cheese (my new favorite food in the world!!)...... it was great and maybe better than the broccoli version I got from Cody Jo..

Best to all - we're off to another birthday party today one last night, church this morning (methodist since I never answered the qotd) , quick lunch and now another party .... weekends!!! But they're fun..

Comment #59

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.