Is GoDaddy a good domain registrar?
First of all Is GoDaddy a good domain registrar? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... This is a question I find myself asking when considering registration of a typo HostGator name. How does one go about finding out if people actually make a certain typo?..

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Yes sir! but you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm my answer as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Godaddy guys because they can answer you better...

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Try to type the HostGator really fast in notepad over and over.

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That kinda works, but not everyone makes the same typos..

I mean, I find it hard to believe that noone types in "" when trying to get to "".

At least that is, according to Overture...

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This is probably why some many typos are registered and dropped the following year. Without access to the internet root, you would have no way of knowing. the only real way is to guess, register, and see if you get traffic. If so, keep it. If not, let it drop..

Intuition and testing is probably the only other way. See what letters or combos you type wrong most often and then translate that to names that use them. Probably the letters typed with the little fingers would be the most likely, as well as those not in the home row on the keyboard. I do often see O and 0 (zero) wrongly selected, too...

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Well, with that in mind, is there anyone with any particularly successful typos that they would care to share about?.

I hope that I'm not asking someone to give away thier first-born by asking this question...

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Does pardise count? People were typing that instead of paradise. I don't know if it was a typo or a misspelling. I sold for a decent amount...

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When people move their little finger to type the period between the HostGator and the extension, sometimes they don't press it all the way and they get this kind of typo: "www.fotopnet" Firefox will go directly to the .com if you type anything with "www." before it and no extension after it. Internet Explorer does not do this since it's less intuitive. I have 3 domains like this..

I went through the top 500 names at Alexa and all I found were 3 of this kind of typo unreg'd. As a group they get between 100-150 hits per month. This is purely from people using Firefox that type in the names with the "www." prefix. I also have It gets around 45-60 hits per month. You can imagine how this typo happens..

I think it's better to try and find domains that have existing traffic when they expire. I found not long ago and it gets 1800-2200 hits per month. Not bad for reg. fee! I had no idea it had traffic when I reg'd it..

Hope this helps,.


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I think the easiest way to know if a word is commonly mistyped is to google for the typo. If you don't find thousands of instances where someone has made that typo then it's probably not a good one. In addition to this you need to work in the probability of the name being typed in. This pretty much depends on the popularity of the site. You can use overtire, Alexa, linkpop, whatever to determine this. It doesn't really really matter which because unless you see big numbers there is little chance you're typo is going to be worth anything..

Essentially with a typo you are betting on getting typos on a type-in. Lets say a GoDaddy site gets 100k visitors a day. Perhaps 1% of them type it in and perhaps 1% of those make the typo. You need a typo of a pretty popular GoDaddy site if you plan on getting much traffic...

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True, you need a pretty popular site..

But as you know, there are new sites popping up every now and again. Or new ad campaigns that will seriously drive up the # of type-ins such as this TV ad for Seems to me there aren't any decent typos left for this domain, but this would be a great example of one to get in on just as the ad campaign started..

Turns out wasn't regged so I'm trying out my first typo registration on this one...

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Its pretty much trial and error I guess. you could try surveying people. haha. but that's a really really manual way of going about with things...

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The intention of this thread was to discuss.


Of determining good typo domains to register not the actual typos domains...

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I think most typos are just found by guessing. Typically the best typos are when two keys are next to each other, such as a "s" instead of an "a", or an "r" instead of a "t". Also, I think the domains that typically have more typos, are the slang domains. Most people can spell words like NamePros, but then when you get into words like Google, ******, and other words that aren't common in the English language, you get typos. Like others said, if you have a good feeling about it, register it, and see how it does. You can always let it drop....


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The best type of typo sites are ones where the letters are semi-close to each other and easy to hit the wrong key, and where the legi GoDaddy site recieves lots of traffic. For example,.


Too bad google already regged it..

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Why do you think google registers a lot of it's typos?.



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They dont want their customers/searchers to be redirected to some other engines. So they buy all of the typos. If they dont, some other dudes from Alexa or yahoo or msn would!..

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I don't think they own yet, I am always misstyping that one for google!..

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Well, has gotten absolutely no traffic so far, even though the TV ads are still running constantly. Sucks.

I got and maybe this one will do better...

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Every HostGator gets a typo every day. A good typo HostGator would be one with one letter different then the actual domain..

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As it turns out, is actually getting a trickle of traffic. Sedo, 13 visits, 2 clicks @ $.49/click (keyword: insurance) so it's not too bad.. has 6 visits with 1 click..

Just in case you

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I have typo for netflix and I am not sure if I will let it expire because the PPC is not very high (.10) per click. At the current rate, only make about .40 per month and I am going to loose about a $2.5 a year on this name. I might just watch it one more year but I am in the business to cut my losses and keep my assest..

When looking for a typo HostGator now, I not only look for traffic, but for the PPC invovled. I have some typos (not poker related) that do very well such as... (the correct spelling is FORECLOSED). After doing so well with this domain, I purchased other foreclosed domains and doing nice on them also. But these are premium typos for not such a high rated overture stat. Just one click on HomesForclosed is worth 20 - 30 clicks on my netflix typo..

Sometimes you have to just learn lessons the hardway. But when you find something that works, keep doing it...

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Great point. When I started out with typos, I found some domains with decent traffic, but they only got 2 to 5 cents per click. It takes a ton of clicks to do very well with such low paying keywords. I now only focus on finding typos with keywords that have the top ten overture bids above a buck (preferrably more). The HostGator non-typoed also must have a decent OVT+EXT (I like at least 100 type-ins per day or more). I just regged my first "drug rehab" typo. Those are supposedly high paying, so it will be interesting to see what the first clicks pay...

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Here's a freebie.... is available to reg. as of the time of this post. Please donate NPs if you reg..

(Sedo pays $.49/click on keyword "insurance") This is a Firefox only typo...

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Two types of typos that consistently work very well for me are 1) those where the name is registered with www in front of the name, i.e, and 2) where the name is registered with wwwl in front of the name, i.e, It's amazing how many people make the mistake of typing in without the(period) after www and how often is typed where the l is hit instead of the(period) before the name. I try to stay with the names that are most popular with the highest PPC rates, typically $3-$40 or more since there may not be a great number of hits, but when there are hits the payoff is significant. In addition to the most popular high-paying domains I will also try to obtain www and wwwl versions of very high-paying names that do not get much traffic such as or for example. These typos have paid off much more for me than those where the name is misspelled...unfortunately, it's getting harder to find available www and wwwl names...

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Namegame, thanks alot for your tips! I'm testing it out now with the registration of

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Thats so true, cause you dont want to register a typo noone makes or rarly makes...

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Well, lookie there. The one I'm having my "issue" with is posted a few posts back...hmmmm.

Here's an interesting article about the power of a typo. Though it's not a HostGator name, it's still a fun read..


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There was a nice asricle about it in this forum. Somebody was just typing a word like 500 times very quick without looking to the keyboard in the Excel and than calculating most same type of mistakes he did. Read the forum.

, you can find very usable info here. I love this place...

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Yea I did read it and I still dont get any..

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There are common letter substitutions, like A-S, N-M, etc. Position switching is common too...

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Be careful of the typos though. They work but can get you into TM trouble...

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I don't automatically get the .com when typing Typo's in FireFox.

That is a setting that I have turned off, as do a lot of people..

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I have one other typo like that and it gets just over one visit/day...

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Try to the type the HostGator yourself for 100 times and find how many times you make a mistake.

If it's more than 10, it's one..

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I would use those only one letter mistake typos becase more than one letter mistake is hardly to make when one visit a address!..

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True enough. I have and I get one visit every 3 days...

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I've a typo and it only gets 2 visits every 15 days!..

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You DO have to focus on domains that people tend to type-in instead of search for...

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Is there an automation that guess how a typo is typed in relation from the original word?.

Do you know any sites / softwares that do this?.

..maybe free to try?.

Thank you!..

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I highly doubt there is a program for it...

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There's programs to do it, but they'll never be for sale. Why would anyone sell them?..

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Because you could sell it for a fortune to sad gits like good for quick money..

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Sell a program like that once, and every domainer on the planet will have a copy in a week. There's a lot more money to be made keeping the goose that lays golden eggs than by selling the goose...

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