Is GoDaddy a good website to give me a website and e-mail?
First question I got is Is GoDaddy a good website to give me a website and e-mail? Looking forward for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. As many of us have regged names that are absolutely useless, there are also many times we could have registered a free name, but we didn't for one reason or another, and then we looked back at that name with huge regret. On March 2nd of this year, I was looking at domains, when was available, but I didn't register it because I promised myself to hold off with buying domains until the next week. Well I came to realize that it was a good keyword dot com and that it might be worth atleast mid xxx, I'll never know because it was registered about an hour after me. What domains did you pass up, but then regret not regging?..

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Yep, although you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you call the Godaddy guys because they can give you help better...

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Let me kindly re-direct you to a certain joke about a certain type of person...

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Well..on Google the first "cleavage" HostGator is at 16 and it's about wine, not titties...

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I just missed no biggie, but I saw it first darnit...

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And about 20 more that I had listed on a spreadsheet. Oh well, maybe next time...

Comment #5, although who knows how many times I would have been hacked...

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It's my last name, dammit, just a stage name to her!!..

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All those .info's other people Regged for Free and I didn't..

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Can I second that? I guess I started this a few months too late, darn it...

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Vista domains! Due to the time difference between US and here, I believe I had the time advantage when MS announced the new name. Almost all vista domains listed here were available to me but I only registered 3!..

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I'd be too embarass to post it here - hey, it was only my 2nd week of domaining.

But I have big plans for.

(my 2nd website after, formerly - don't ask). I have been developing the GoDaddy site and promoting it for the last 1.5 weeks. This is how I'm currently ranked when someone types "vista wallpaper" in the search engines:.

Aesop - 1.

All the Web - 27.

AOL - 38.

Google - 38.

Hotbot - 2.

Lycos - 2.

Mamma - 21.

Teoma - 2.

Web Crawler - 7.

Yahoo -21.

I hope to do better in the next Google update...

Comment #11 I could have sold this to RJ for big bucks...

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Just missed out on for the SECOND time. Sheeesh...

Comment #13 (it expired recently, and I meant to backorder it but was to lazy, so someone else got it before me). (I looked at this one when I was thinking of starting a law site, but then it got taken a few months ago)..

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I've been running alot of searches lately, so I've run across several Mar-May, and even some Jun/Jul new regs that I had previously considered, (and several others that I hadn't, and was simply a day late and a dollar short on). I have currently been looking for catchy, wordblends, branding names and the like, so despite the fact that I am running across some names that have gotten regg'd that I had held back on, and go- "Ah, sh~cks", I haven't seen, (and have my fingers crossed that I won't be seeing), anything that has really knocked the breath out of me, yet.

Yesterday, I had almost the reverse happen. I needed to find a name that contained "points" in the body, I knew which one I wanted to pull up, and sure enough, it wasn't there. I hurriedly looked it up, realized it it hadn't made it off my "reg these" list w/ some others. So I dashed to the 'strar, pulled it in, and was lucky, this time...

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I thought nipples and titties .COM were already registered?..

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Well - Considering my age , and the Time I got into the HostGator thing .... I'd have to say -.

ALL of Them !!!..

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It's a man thing, you know... not for you to read actually.....

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I agree, mole. Those are relevant points that you have addressed..

Oh, didn't see you up there, slaughterbeck. You have made a couple of relevant points, yourself, I believe...

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Thank you, la. I hope you found it titillating...

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Two more relevant points for you, mole..

The points were not lacking in relevance, at all...

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Ya, la is just being his perky ol' self...

Comment #22 It's a suburb close to where I live..

I also think that I should have take some free .infos..

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Any 3 letter combo's in .us , info, biz that I passed on..



Comment #24, I had the opportunity a long time ago but I thought it would be priceless. Now I can see I made a mistake. I sort of regret not reggin any three characters .com's..

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Back in 94 when I first started out on the web - I wish I woudl've regged everything I could've gotten my hands on..who knew back then though..

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Regretted not regging last month. it was registered by someone else about 10 days ago...

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Now there's one for George W..

Be gentleman-like, please..........Every board needs it's or else I'm stuck in here with the Beverly Hillbillies...

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I remember when there were many dot com/net/org 3 letter domains. wish I would have registered them...

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You guys are great..

You register a name with the intention of selling it asap for $200...that's what I call HostGator name trade. I, for one, am a total bore in that I only register names of which I think they'll be worth a lot in 10 years, and win back their reg-fee with Adsense...

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I saw this great HostGator on a deleting list and I thought it would be good but I never regged and I am over it now because I forgot what the HostGator was lol...

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Today there are many great names available that will be big in 2016 (adding another 11 years)...

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You lose some and you win some. it's not possible to have good judgement all the time...

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