Is Godaddy compatible with Flash?
Quick question: Is Godaddy compatible with Flash? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question... Just started html, I'm using notepad, and I'm working on a two sites which will be based on the same basic template. One GoDaddy site is a personal hobby, the other I'm getting paid for by a friend..

Basically the sites will be one page, with a horizontal menu frame at the bottom, and above, a horizontal long page which you scroll from one side to another..

Im setting the long page out as a long table, with one "just short of screen long" row and the columns as indivdual page wide sections. The small menu at the bottom is a navigational frame which is supposed to take you to the individual columns via anchors..

However I cant seem to size the columns to be page wide each: so that you dont have to scroll down, only across, and so each column is the size of a single page..


I cant get the anchors to take you horizontally across the page they all only take me back to the first column..

I could really use some help please.

My draft;

And the code:..

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Ye, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm my answer as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Godaddy guys because they can give you help better...

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You still have issues with the code. now I see these.

<td valign=top TD COLSPAN=1 TD WIDTH=50%>.

Well without seeing what you want it is hard to determine if that is what it is doing. you have the table going 100% of the screen, then the table cell going half of that. if you are talking about the top frame then you have it set to WIDTH=1200. that will make it scroll..

The table will shape itself around the content to a certain extent. if you have a table at 100% and a couple of words in there then of course the table can't shape itself around the content, it wouldn't matter. if your content has spaces in it then the content will follow the size of the table at what ever you have it set at. if you set a table to 200px and you added a very long word in it then the table has no choice but to stretch..

Does that make sense? so that code you have there is fine, it is 100% of my screen, what part stretches over to another page?..

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There are spaces in the text, the larger frame with the black back backround works fine on it's own, but goes off screen with the other frame?.

Ill try setting the table to the percentage the frame has, however I defined the frame size like this:.


<frameset cols="200,*">.

<frame src="backtypes.html" name="backmenu">.

<frame src="backa.html" name=backmain>.



So I dont know how I will translate that to percentages of screen?..

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Your problem is simple, your conflicting with what you want, with the code you've written..

You want the table to dynamicly change sizes based on the size of the window (That's why we use percentages) but then you also tell a nested table (that's a table that's inside of another) to make itself 1200 pixels. What this does, is it makes the table 'At least' 1200 pixels, "All" the time. If the browser window is larger then 1200 pixels, your 100% table takes over and stretches everything again..

So you have two options, To do strictly what your wanting to do, change your WIDTH=1200 to WIDTH=100%. That will make the table resize based on the browser window..

Your other option (A better one from a 'design' point of view in my opinion) is to change the 1200 to a smaller number. Say, make your page so it can be easilly viewed from a 800 x 600 resolution moniter. So, change it to something like 600, so that you effectivly say no matter what, I want this table to be 600 pixels. Then if it's larger then 600, it expands itself to fill the screen. I'm a fan of this idea, because it makes sure your page isn't seen all scrunched up and jammed together, pushing your title, and your image down..

So bassicly this line.


Causes the stretching of the table to at least 1200 in width. Also COL is not needed, remove it. Change the width to something smaller, or 100%, and you'll see how it reacts. Just remember in the future, Nested tables will ALL effect eachother. A nested table with a width too large, will stretch all the tables around it to fit itself in..

As far as anything else goes, your code is pretty messy, you should try to learn right the first time. When I started HTML, I started with horribly messy, and incorrect code, and I paid in the end, by having to relearn alot of things I "thought" I knew. For instance, first get a doctype, decide 'how' your coding, then as you learn and code, run your code through the validator at and debug it line by line, find what mistakes you make, and fix them. It really helps when your learning to do this, because you'll learn right. It's easier to make good habits, then break bad ones...

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Fantastic! the mysterious relationship between content and table and frame revealed!.

I think wont have many more problems now that ived made a working template. What would be nice to know how to do but not essential is those fold out option menus, you know where you put the mouse over an option and a subdirectory folds out.

Other then that id like to find a GoDaddy site where there are no fuss free photos, just download and use,.

And a free webhost that dosent force advertisements on you or a limit on bandwidth...

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I know that you have worked hard with this page (it certaintly seems so ), but tables are old-school - and not in a good way!.

Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) is the way to go currently. It is more flexible, easier to design and it is way easier to fix problems. Try to search for a guide. Basically, you have a document (.css)which defines the design of the site, and then there's your HTML-document which defines content..

Just another newb opinion..

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.css? how long will take to learn, I didnt like frontpage at all, very complicated file system which ultimately dosent do anything more then make internal links..

I think ive got momentum started in html it would seem wasteful if I cut it off and starting something new. my friend is bringing a dreamweaver round, I hope it's more code then painting a web page on a blank sheet, like in microsoft publisher. I d like to make those new age websites which seem more like interactive flashanimations...

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CSS is a 'feature' for producing HTML. It's a very powerful system that allows you to do alot of things designing your website. Back in the day everyone used tables, and we all anxiously awaited CSS2 to make tables obsolete for design.

Check out this GoDaddy site , It will give you a few idea's of what you can do with CSS by looking through the pages.

Drop down menu's and so forth, are done with scripts do a few Google searches. As far as free hosts go.. well that's pretty close to impossible to find one with no Bandwidth limit, and no ads, but a good host with a reasonable bandwidth limit can be obtained for a few dollars a month now...

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I already told you the problem in my last post...

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Well you have to admit he put it in a user friendly way..

Any one want to hold my hand as I learn css?.

I found very useful.css is a marvel!.

I can use the layering system with hover conditions to make it seem far more interactive...

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Everyone here would help you while you learn anyways, and best way to learn CSS is with a book...go to your local library, my PHP book was free for a month, plenty of time (its been about a week and I'm nearly done)....

Also, theres and

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