Is Godaddy DNS down?
My question is Is Godaddy DNS down? Thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... Some additional space is added between the words in some areas of my site's text. I don't put it there myself. Is it a way that can be corrected and if yes, what changes should I make in the code in order to achieve correction. Iam talking about the left side box on my GoDaddy site and the upper left one.

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Yes sir! but you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you call the Godaddy guys because they can give you help better...

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Nice attitude with complete honesty, christiana. It made me smile! (html lovers? hahaha haha).

You are having FUN with your page, and that's what counts!!! Meanwhile you learn as you go and apologize every now and then to the "html lovers here"..

We can take another look if you like. Perhaps studying your code and trying to give you what you want is possible instead of just the quickie fix. Lemme know...

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Coothead! Thanks for the example! It confirmed that I don't really like unjustified text!.

And GatorSr...glad you made you smile and thank you soooooo much for your kind offer! It seems however that there is no way I can get justified text and normal spacing which is what I really wanted..

As for the rest of the errors, Steve (he is a guy from here...Iam forgetting his screename though) who designed the GoDaddy site for me emphasized that I keep creating errors to the code when I edit the site. However, like you said I have fun editing GoDaddy site and see how it evolves so I continue doing so and when he sees the errors he corrects them so I feel safe.

But anyway, that was very kind of you..

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Urm. Do you realise that quite a few of your links on your website point to files on your hard drive?..

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Hi there christiana25,.

How could you possibly have text start at the beginning and finish at the end of a line with normal spacing.

That would, of course, be a contradiction of terms...

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Next lesson:.

Controlling content on your web site, Part I..

You cannot control your visitor's browser settings for how they choose to view your site. The spaces in the justified text are a compromise that you are willing to make, however, try this for a surprise to see what other people may see..

In IE, at the top menu bar select "view" and then "text size", and from the drop down menu select "smallest", and revisit your page. What you perceive as a problem may be perfect for someone else. Try "largest" for a real shock..

Good luck, and keep having fun...

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GatorSr...I don;t think it's a contradiction in terms. If you see the middle box of my site, I have in there, justified text and no upnormal (or at least, that upnormal) spacing. If it happens there, why it cannot happen in the side boxes? This is odd I think...

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And Yabba that was problem also pointed out by hosting provider. I tried to edit the links of the nav bar using frontpage..I don;t know if that was the cause...

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Text size and column width affect the display, so it will look better depending on that combination (no contradiction), however....

Did you try the view-text size-smallest in the "Next lesson:" post above?..

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!!!! I did the chaning text size you suggested Gator and wow! Iam definitely clueless...I did not even know of that. It looks ok with most options and even better with smaller. With the largest, layout becomes a mess but they can read the content...the real problem is with the smallest some of the content cannot be read....but oh well...settings can easily be changed..

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Ahhh, I'll not get on my "frontpage soapbox" ... I'm afraid I can't tell where the links are "meant" to go so I can't help you cure that problem..

Regarding your "justified" problem, the main reason it works in the center and not on the side boxes is due to the length of the words, "justified" takes all the words that can fit on a line and spaces them evenly. If you have large gaps then just put in small words and the spacing will resolve itself..


Two years from now.

The new proposed..

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I'll definitely try that Yabba..thanks!.

What bothers me is the Article of the week box! The code is the same with the box below which is exactly the same, yet the text starts from a different point and it has longer distance from the title than the rest of the boxes. Isn't it strange. Hope that can be resolved as I don't like it looking so different from the other boxes...

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That's just the nature of justified text. You'll have to make your boxes wider to make the spaces not quite as noticable. Example: on my GoDaddy site the text is justified, in the main paragraphs the extra white space is hardly noticable, but in my orange firefox box, the whitespace is terrible. either live with it or use something else...

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No need to freak out over the text size. Most peeps don't know the resize option exists, so it may be rare that anyone notices. "Normal" in FF and "Medium" are the factory presets, so vision impaired vistors may go up a notch or two. It will be fine...

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Your Article of the Week problem is caused by this in your CSS:That's adding extra top and bottom space to any paragraph inside an element with an ID of r1, which happens to be the case for this paragraph. You need the auto in there to keep it centered, you you either need to change it to:or:"1em" is the default spacing. If you changed the default spacing, set it to whatever value you're using..


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