Is Godaddy down right now?
Question I have... Is Godaddy down right now? Thanks for any response. Another question... What is the worst thing about my website? And what can I do better?.


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Ye, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm my answer as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you call the Godaddy guys because they can assist you better...

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Firefox compensated.

IE didn't.

Good Firefox.

Bad IE.

Grow Firefox, we'll feed you..

Run IE, I'll burn you..

Ok, well I maybe getting psychotic, but that's due to lack of sleep, low blood to caffine ratio.. and those birds, they told me too..

Uhm. Seriously.

You see those <br> tags in your coding... make them <br /> that'll make me happy. and those img tags... but /'s at the end....

<img src="img.jpg" border="0">.

<img src="img.jpg" border="0" />.

Oh yea, and you know that thing the the includes. give it that a go for headers. it saves time when updating headers/menus etc...

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What is good with making the <br> to <br />?.

Sry, I'm swedish, and 16 years old.. but I can't understand that last sentence...

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Ok, includes with php..




That way the only thing that changes from page to page is the bit inbetween the header and the footer, saves time on copy and paste. you'll need php to do it..

<br /> is xhtml compatible..


Your page is html 4.0 transactional compatible..

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Can't get it to work. It would be really nice if you could show it with my own code, how it would look..

Now, this is my header.htm:.

And this is my index.php:..

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Footer.php // just for the sake of it, with larger footers it becomes more worth while..

With that said when people go to your index.php the html will be display as.

Once you understand it, you'll love it (hopefully)..

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Thanks so much for your help. I will soon start to read php at school, it seams really fun. But I can't decide if I should read php or java.....

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Php at school? no fair. have fun. I say go php, but my view is bias because I haven't used java. php is good. no problem, if you have any more problems just flick me a pm...

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The doctype is HTML 4.01 not XHTML there is no need to close the br tags using /> or the / in the image tags...

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I'm sitting and converting all mine sites p php now. Have just two questions..

As it is now I have to upload the GoDaddy site to the server before I can look at it, is it any other ways? (I don't have any own server).


Can all see my php pages? Or do I have to have one html only?..

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I think you might be taking on more than you can handle. Yes every one can see your php pages if you let them. If you put no server side information like redirects and security on them then yes everyone can see them. Go to look for XAMPP. XAMPP allows you to view php files locally. Read around there to find out how to use it.

I'm pretty sure I've given an explanation before on how to use XAMPP for simple stuff...

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Your'e probably right that I takes on more than I can handle, but in my opinion it's the best way to learn. For two weeks ago I just started to use CSS on my site, and I learning more about it every day..

Well, anyway, now my website is in php (except for the error404 and error500 pages). Hope it works...

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I use easyphp, it sets up a local server with php and mysql. very useful very simple install.

There's no place like

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I know this information wasn't directed at me, but I'm trying to implement your suggestions for PHP includes and I'm having a slight problem. I changed my pages to the form you suggest, but about half the time now, I get a "waiting for [domain name]" message in my browser footer. The link is here, btw..

Thanks for any help...

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Oops, didn't see that, fixed now..

I downloaded easyphp ad it works really good. I'm working on a script so that you can comment the pictures.

What else can I do to make my GoDaddy site better?..

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GoDaddy site updated..

How do I do to have a scrollbar all the time?..

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Really like the site, have been a photographer all my life. You may consider adding a watermark to your images. Also you may consider adding the following (description meta tag ,robots meta tag,keywords meta tag,author meta tag)..

Also, I didn't see a link page (don't read Swedish) but you should start a link campaign. But of course there are few hundred things that I should do on my site..

Kindest regards,.


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Hi, Andreas.

Very nice GoDaddy site and great photography..

My ancestors are from Norrbotten lans..

Good luck..

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