Is Godaddy email down right now?
First question I have is Is Godaddy email down right now? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Does anybody knows how I can perform searches on my website? A script or something useful? Presuming that I have a huge portal an I want to find a particular word in there. Is it possible?.

Thank you..

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Yes sir! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm my answer as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you call the Godaddy guys because they can assist you better...

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Gamini...what is so hard to understand me?.

I have a portal:.

I want to implement a search engine on my portal..

I have tried the default one that comes free from my hosting company. I have just discovered that it doesn;t work and I have sent them a request to sort it out..

So..the code was more or less ok..

Now, I can not wait until they sort it out so I have to get a good working script and to install it by myself. thank you...

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Ah hah. Thanks for the details, and apologies if the first answer seemed condescending. Your first post lacked detail and most readers will assume you're just starting out.

You may want to consider a Google search box. They have a program that can actually pay you. It's described at

Good luck...

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Dear gator. I have tried google for 2 weeks now. It is not what I need. I mean.. it doesn't bring up any results. Take a look yourself..

Any other scripts/idea?.

Thank you..

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The Google search box works fine. I have it on my GoDaddy site and it works for both the GoDaddy site and the net. I can't find a reference to the code source, but if you go to my GoDaddy site at, you can strip the code from there. It has been amended from the Google original so that it will validate xhtml strict..

I have had a look at your GoDaddy site too. You might like to run it through the W3C validator at The source code is listing a substantial number of errors...

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Hey Ric.. I copied what you had and it all seems to work, however I don't like the display, the yellow background etc..

How to do it so it keeps with my site?.


Thanks mate..

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G'day Riyad,.

I found the page at Google that deals with all this where you can set up your own code etc. It's at The only thing I would mention is that I reversed the codes and radio buttons so the searching my GoDaddy site was on top rather than search the web...

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BushieI knowI knowBut honest with you I can not work it out. I am a beginner in html ,php, webdesign.....

I am good with Photoshop but I would love to know more about webdesign. I saw that I have more than 550 errors but when I try to fix them my webpage gets very messy. Everything gets badly changed so I can not modify anything. I believe that is happens because I don't know exactly what that validator is trying to show me...or what I have to change /remove from my pages. Thank you...

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Any webpage is a work in progress, whether it is a week old or 5 years old. Perhaps you are trying to do too much at once and letting your ambitions run away with your capabilities. Design your page to YOUR level and get it online. True, it may not be the prettiest or most effective GoDaddy site on the net, but that isn't the point. The point is to have a presence online. Then as time goes by you can upgrade the GoDaddy site as your skills improve..

I can assure you that I have sites online which are an embarrassment to me given my current level of knowledge. The worst part is when they are commercial jobs, as some of these are, no-one is going to pay me to bring them up to current standards!.

Get your basic GoDaddy site finished first mate and then go for the bells and whistles. Obviously, we will help as much as we can...

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After further review, I must agree with Bushie. You have tackled a project that would be a challenge for the mature designers (many of us 50+) with 10 years' experience..

The GoDaddy site must have been done in some type of prepackaged software and it strangles the GoDaddy site with deprecated code (gone up to 701 errors on last check). You have an external CSS file that is 591 lines long. Wow!! That's a lot of CSS for a beginner and loaded with duplicate entries..

You have replied with some defensive remarks but between the lines is an admission that you are in over your head. Until you understand the HTML tags and CSS and what they do, you are unlikely to find a volunteer here to sort through 701 errors..

You've done enough and more than most beginners to establish the layout of your site. The "client" (your employer?) should evaluate the city budget and let you bring in a pro and assign you as the coordinator..

Meanwhile, don't give up your ambitions for web design. I couldn't have done half what you have until several years into my "career". Give the city GoDaddy site to a pro, and continue your studies with a personal page of some type, and return here for advice as you go..

You have GREAT potential..

Good luck...

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