Is Godaddy HIPAA compatible?
First of all Is Godaddy HIPAA compatible? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question... Hello,.

I really need help from someone who can build me a simple page or two. It is for a personal GoDaddy site with vacation pics..

I already have the front page done (got from one of those free web templates). I need afew pages after that. If somebody can build me one, I probably can just copy it and build a few more pages from it..

What I need is a background where I can replace with my favorite pic. Then a bunch of little squares or rectangles ( 4 x 5 = 20 rectangles) where I insert pics (gallery style) and thumbnail to a bigger pic when click on. And last and link back to the front page..

Please, anybody.........

Thanks in advance..


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Yes sir! but you might want to make sure and wait for another member here to confirm this as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Godaddy guys because they can help better...

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Thanks Peg..

Now what I need is to insert a bakground image and created another table on top of the background image and insert those little thumbnail squares..



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The table I wrote includes spaces for the thumbnails. You put one in each row as I've got it and they'll open up in the iframe when you click on them. Or rather, the larger image will. You'll have to set the larger images for web viewing, of course. If you need more room for the main image, just make it so that there are only 4 thumbnails per line, rather than 5. You'll need to add another row of thumbnails..

As for the background, you could just add the background image to the entire page, or you could do it this way:.

<div style="background-image: url('myimage.jpg');">.

*insert the table I created here*.



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Crawling................but I managed to put 2 pages so far. I need some help in tweaking a few bugs..

Here is my GoDaddy site -

1. How do I get rid of all the squares (frames) ? I just want all those pics to just paste to the background color..

2. Same thing with the big pic. When I click on the small pic, the big pic will just appear on the left side without any frame..

3. When I click on the big pic, it will link me to a new page..

Thanks you all..


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In your image tags, add a parameter..


That will prevent the blue outline appearing. That occurs because you are making them a clickable link and as such they behave like a normal link does (turns blue by default to indicate it is a link). Hope that helps..

To make the big pic a link, well that may prove more tricky as you are changing the contents of the iframe you have the big pic in when you click a smaller picture. I think the way you would acheive this (without spending too much time thinking about it) would be to use Javascript, and that is a whole different kettle of fish!..

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So can anybody help me with that?.

Without using Iframe, is there another way I can accomplish the same result. I don't like that white screen background on the iframe. I just want the big pic to appear on the same color background..



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You can take a look at this page. I'm using buttons to describe the images and then you just click on a description and the button comes up. This one, though, has to have everytihing the same size for sure. I use a blank 1x1 gif as a 'blank image'. You'd need to copy the script for sure..



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