Is hosting offline right now ?
First question I have is Is hosting offline right now ? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another quick is new sponsored TLD for sex domains to be allowed by ICANN.

But there is already .xxx offered by another alternative Registrar.

So what will happen to existing .xxx domains.

I don't have any or intend to get any.

But I am thinking of getting a HostGator from this alternative Registrar.

Using a different .tld and wouldn't want to lose it,if ICANN then decided to allow this .tld..

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Yep, but you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm it as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you call the Godaddy guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1 only resolves for participating browsers, I almost regged free.agent there lol..

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I'm never going to install that plugin and I'm sure a lot of other people won't either. It's not even ICANN accreditted and therefore not a "registrar." They basically sell you sub-sub-domains ( and hope that all your visitors will have a spyware-ridden plugin to make it so when you type in it works. Don't waste your money on Every single name there is worth a consistent $0. I'm done...

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Yeah careful guys I nearly registered and lol.

Read this for news about the .xxx extension.


Also on this page it looks like you might have to prove you have a GoDaddy site or deal in the erotic industry somehow to get the extension. So the changes of any of us registering like crazy goes out the window..


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I had a quick look threw that artical and couldent find when .xxx will be avilable from... any idears??? and any idear what they will cost?.

And is terrible, I feel sorry for all the people that regestered .xxx domains with them. any idear if they will be conpensated buy the company?.



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Basically, they will stop working..

If you have at and other guy has thru ICANN accredited registrar - will resolve to "ICANN's .xxx" because ISP (who collect data from root nameservers) will direct you to it..

If you are asking if will try to obtain "true" .xxx domains when available - answer is NO...

Comment #6 is essentially a ripoff. No one takes them seriously and no, most likely, ICANN will never accept any of their registrations as legit even if ICANN approves a specific extention they sell simply because you are not buying a HostGator but rather a subdomain. If ICANN were to accept their registration then they'd have to accept any subdomain creation as a domain..

DO NOT INSTALL THE NEW.NET PLUGIN! I came accross all kinds of problems when I did. Now, I finally got rid of it and all traces of it. Most do not have the plugin anyway so the vast majority of people will never see your GoDaddy site if you develop a domain..

But if you really want to buy a subdomain for $35.00, contact me and I will sell you one for $20.00 instead..

Yup, they won't be letting just anyone register .XXX when available. So bad news for all you HostGator traders with the ".XXX" etched in drool all over your desk..

Well, that said, I'm gonna go star in a porno movie today as I figure that would be good proof you are "in the industry". I mean, if your face and your name is all over a porno movie, that's gotta be the best proof, right!? I will also make sure I dedicate it to ICANN and the ICM Registry in hopes of getting a cheaper reg price. See you in a few days.....

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I am not buying a Sub-domain for $20.00 or $35.00 or any other price.

Because I like Sub-domains.

I sell HostGator Registrations via Reseller sites.

I Buy domains for Investment.

What I was planning to do was buy a Name for TM Protection.

And wondering it's status if and when the New.Net Fake Extension was ever ICANN Approved ..

As to a mad rush to Buy .xxx Domains,you all would if the price was right..

The definition of Porn and Adult Entertainment could be satisfied easily...

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Terrible, you can never register them all if you want to protect a TM! There may be abc.ttryuudwyud etc rise in the future! My choice is never register a name with extension that is not proved by ICANN!..

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I'm going to get in on it if I can. I have an adult website that is active. If they approve me of "being in the industry" then I'm in. If not, no big deal. I like the fact that they are restricting the extension..

Actually, it all depends on the definition "they" give it. Not your definition or mine. So, you say it is easy to satisfy that requirement, but you have no clue what the definition is/will be for sure..

Again, to reiterate, when you buy a domain, you are not buying a HostGator but rather a subdomain. Therefore, your plan to TM a word will not work in this case. But as a further note, registering a HostGator name is really no way to TM anything seriously. Look at They owned that HostGator before Google AdSense ever came into play. Yet, Google was still able to TM AdSense to some extent...

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I already have the Trademark ,I am NOT buying the Word to establish the Trademark. Buying Any .tld ICANN approved or Not Doesn't give anyone a TM.

And I already Know that Pseudo TLD's are only sub-domains..

And I don't intend to get Name.Every Fake tld from just the one.

It shouldn't be hard to Checkout WorldStar's list and Figure it out..

And I don't Intend to buy Every .TLD as the UDRP for ICANN approved .tld's.

Is sufficient for protection..

And as to the Requirements for .XXX .tld.

The Issuing Registry isn't going to make it too restrictive otherwise no-one will bother regging them.


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I believe I read differently at AVN. Besides, they (the industry people) can rant and complain all they want about the TLD but the fact is they will only have so many months to claim thier TMed .XXX, If they miss the due date, they may also miss out on traffic and sales if someone else takes their domain. Then they'll have to pursue it legally if they want the domain. This alone, I think, will ensure plenty of .XXX regging by industry reggers..

BTW, I also hear that general word HostGator owners like will be given a really hard time claiming TM rights in order to get first dibbs on registering their .XXX equivalent...

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