Is going on the Medifast Diet a good idea?

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Quick question: Is going on the Medifast Diet a good idea? Hoping for any comment. Another question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' SUNDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




Comments (38)

Yep, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm my answer as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

You are what you are and where you are because of what has gone into your mind. You can change what you are and where you are by changing what goes into your mind...

Comment #2

So...doing a last load of laundry, putting it all away, cleaning up the house, then going to shower to get some things from the store and then back for our mini-Thanksgiving..

Did I mention Kitty is a lap wh*re?.

Hope e'one is doing well..

Have a happy Sunday..

Mad love...

Comment #3

Good morning Captain! Morning Shams..

Laundry here as well today. Also getting my head back on straight..

Finally, we are having mini hanakkah at my inlaws later this afternoon since my bil and sil are taking their kids to disney next week during the actual are excited b/c that means early new toys, lol...

Comment #4

Morning Capt and Ang. Have a nice time celebrating today. I'm chilin' today, well sorta. We have a vbal game and I want to put up the tree this evening, but that's fun stuff..

Have a great OP day. I'm going to rad back from yesterday...

Comment #5

Man you all got chatty last night- love it- too bad I wasn't around..

I had mommy/daughter night with oldest so we went out to eat and rented Marmaduke! How's that for a movie?lol. It was pretty cute for the younger ones and had a good "moral to the story.".

Andi- I almost took a pix of the room before and posted but then decided I'd be too embarassed..

Jill- Yeah for day 2, just think after today you'll be in the Medifast zone. Enjoy your last day at home before going back to work..

Ang- Know we all love you and like Dawn said, come when you can- we are here for you. How have you been doing OP with all the drama? I know for me that can be hard..

Andi- I'll have to keep that movie in mind when it comes out on dvd. I'm not a big movie person, but I rarely go to the theater- I'm too cheap. I totally understand the upbringing thing and having difficulties with that, however I will in my jammies in my house only! Dance that is-lol..

Sandy- now that your done decorating do you want to take a trip to Louisville and do mine? I really only put up a tree and a nativity scene. Again I'm too cheap to buy the type of decorations I'd really like to have. Maybe one day...

Comment #6

I swear I'm gonna take a shower and get out to the store soon..

Le Sigh...

Comment #7

Morning Shammies..

I need to go and read the chattiness from yesterday's thread and then post my week 4 results. It was a slow week for me but I was expecting a slow week after several good weeks. It seems that happens. It was OP so I tell myself that is just the way it is...

Comment #8

Lori - love the video you posted. Great way to start my day. Thanks...

Comment #9

1hour 15 minutes of lawn raking = 375 calories burned...yay me!..

Comment #10

Happy Sunday everyone,.

Had a really lousy week Medifast wise so it's house cleansing day today. Told hubby it's either the trash or give some to my dtr. cuz I gotta get all the holiday junk out of here. I know I can do better and seeing my twin get comments about her weigh loss made me a little jealous in a good way. Last year they were saying that about me and I like that feeling. I am very weak when it comes to "sweets" so I gotta do something to get those cravings and "giving in" under control.

Don't give up on me cuz I'm not. Hope everyone has a good day and good luck on your "mini Thanksgiving" Lori. Chat with you guys later...

Comment #11

Good morning, ladies! I'm happy to report that my food shipment came in the other day and I am back 5/1! I'm going to a friend's house this afternoon to watch Harry Potter then I have church and work tonight. Last week was ridiculous at work - what with it being the biggest shopping day of the year and all..

Good morning, Capt! You at the store yet? I recommend you go to Target. Just sayin..

Have a great mini-Thanksgiving!.

Lara, sounds like you had an awesome mom/daughter day! I haven't seen Marmaduke but I've been thinking about it (it has that way cute actor from Pushing Daisies, yes?).

Ang, enjoy the Hanukkah celebration with the family!.

Sandy, you've had some amazing losses this're doing so well! Keep rockin!.

Good morning, lovely Barb! Get your head back in the game and just say no to the cheets...I mean, sweets... you got this!..

Comment #12

Hi Kat, glad you're here doing this with us. Don't work too hard and I "love" Target so I'll shop there whenever I can find onelol...

Comment #13

Morning! Day 3 OP..... Had a HORRIBLE headache yesterday, which I did not get last time I started MF...I'm chugging water and drinking broth today in an effort to avoid that again- any other suggestions? I ordered my food wed.... Hoping it comes early in the week cuz pudding and choc shakes are going to get old quick.

On a positive note I had gotten quite bloated from the buffet of food I consumed the last week before starting Medifast so my jeans were a little uncomfortable.... I'm happy to say I'm sitting and breathing in them right now.... I can't wait by end of next month I should be back in all my pre pregnancy clothes!!! Including some stuff Ang sent I was not able to wear very long.... So excited!!.

I'm working for a while today, with kids now then home to relax before my first week back at work.....

Have a great day everyone!!..

Comment #14

Hey Hookers,.

Been to Target, Pet Smart, Petco, and the grocery store (twice)..

Joe has my kitchen a hot disaster right now, so I'm hiding up here..

S'Dad and Sparky and Darla and Kitty are all in there helping..


Otherwise, nothing so exciting to report from here for now..

Peace out!..

Comment #15

We loved it too - hubbie nad I laughed so hard..

He has never seen the SoM - can you believe it????? I guess - the difference between a band geek (him) and a choir geek (me).....

Comment #16

Way to go!!! I told kori I was going to do sit ups and wall push ups each day til christmas.starting friday.... I have not started yet.... I will today... But will have to do extra to make up for ones I missed the last two days.... Its hard to get back into swing of being active!..

Comment #17

Barb - I got THE MOST AWESOME lip balm from Bath and Body... it's Mentha - and you can get "ultra" mentha.... it is strong enough to make your lips tingle, and scented enough to really make you "taste" like you just brushed your teeth. And it does come tinted if you want... as with any Bath and Body - it's not cheap so I only get it on sale but when I do - I stock up... and it's "Stocking Stuffer Sale" time......

Http:// 9545.

The other thng I love about it is that I can leave it in my truck and it is a gel so it doesn't freeze. might not work for you in MI tho now that I thnk about it..... anyhow - might help with the sweet tooth - it has helped me...

Comment #18

Hi lara! We have our tree up.... But all of a sudden I'm not feeling decorating the rest of the house... I'm hoping the bug gets me soon! I am however done shopping for the girls which is a good feeling! We do an exchange by drawing names on my DH side of family and everyone (including myself) asked for a gift card.... Kinda lame.... But anyhow I gotta get my SIL a gift card.... Then I'm totally done!!!..

Comment #19

Jill - check out.

For a gift card at a discounted rate..

WARNING - the best prices are ebay auctions so might not be real as far as prices cuz it's an on-going auction BUT still can get discount nad not all are ebay and many are "buy it now" type. lots of options... and free delivery too.......

Comment #20

MUST do laundry and finish Psych today... want to decorate and might do some more today... will do a bit more all the way up until Christmas..

Comment #21

Remember to post on the challenge thread today. Thanks..

Time to hot tub and then I am going to walk and have my daily chat with MOM..

Hope everyone is having fun today...

Comment #22

My knees were killing me last night so I got in our hot tub and it felt really good. Really neat when you're looking at snow on the ground outside. Sometimes I open the door and get a blast of cold air before jumping inlol. Thanks Andi for the "mentha" idea. I will have to get some. Also, I never heard of the gift card granny site so I'm going to check it out.

We have alot of running around this week going to appts. hoping to get the ok for DH's knee replacement on the 7th. Gotta go get some stuff done so I'll chat with ya later...

Comment #23

It smells REALLY good in the house..

Is it wrong that I'd like to be back at Borgata with vodka at Izakaya?..

Comment #24

Lori, I'd like to be back at Borgata with you right now. Got my "stash" all set aside and the "vodka party" would just be a bonus...

Comment #25

GLad you are getting your head back on straight chica..

Enjoy the mini Hanakkah. THe kids are going to love the early toys..

Comment #26

Have fun with the vbal game and putting up the tree. We are working more on the outside lights now and the other outside decorations. We go all out. I am talking lollipops and candycanes and gingerbread men that we have made that go around the yard. Plus all the lights. Snowflakes that hang in the tree, etc..

When it gets too cold, we will come inside and put up the CHristmas tree and all the stuff for in here...

Comment #27

I hear ya. I am going to post my week 4 results too...

Comment #28

Sounds like a good plan Barb! Those comments and praises will be yours soon! Get the junk out until you feel comfortable having it in the house again. Let hubby go out if he wants to eat it...

Comment #29

I must say, I did not shop at Target on Black Friday, it was way too crazy with the $3 appliances and all. The people in line scared me a little bit. But I was there right now shopping of course!..

Comment #30

YAY! Glad you are on Day 3 and feeling a little better. There is nothing worse then that food hangover feel..

You will be back in those pre-pregnancy clothes in no time, fo'Sho!.

Have a great day back at work...

Comment #31

Glad you made it to the stores! I say stay out of the kitchen until he gets it cleaned up...

Comment #32

I did 300 ab exercises yesterday to make up for no exercises on Friday. I also threw in 40 incline push ups in between sets of ab exercises! I need to get mine in today. I think when I calculated it from the day after THanksgiving til Christmas, you needed to do 125 a day to get to 3500 by Christmas. But that was my goal, you can add, take away, or whatever you need to suit...

Comment #33

Good idea. May have to check it out. I have a coupon for Bath and Body works too! YAY!..

Comment #34

Ooooh! HOT TUB!!!! Sounds great! I wanna come over!..

Comment #35

Not wrong at all! Thanksgiving is one think but comfort at Borgata is another!..

Comment #36

Don't know if I would participate so close to goal but you know I am down for going!..

Comment #37

Going to put up outside decorations now!.

Oh, and found a recipe for Medifast egg nog I am going to try tonight. I love Egg Nog so I hope it is a close replacement. It will be fun to have that this year. I didn't miss it as much because I had my eye on the very large number I had to lose. THis year, the number is way smaller and it seems like I want the stuff I can't have even more. But...keeping it together and gonna rock it to goal!..

Comment #38

Have fun putting up decorations Kori- haven't started yet but will as soon as hubbie gets done watching football. I know that feeling when you are close to goal all too well- stay away. Hopefully Medifast version will be ok..

Lori- How is the mini-Thanksgiving. It smells good from here-lol..

Need to get going on the sit ups must have missed that on Friday so I'm definately behind now..

Want to kill my husband right now! Or at least punch him a good one..

Ok have a great evening...

Comment #39

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.