Is a good domain provider?

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Quick question... Is a good domain provider? Thanks for any comment. My other question... OK I got a iPage site and we have 360,000+ items to sell and it is SLOOOOOWWWWWWWWW. I have removed page count from the catalog tree that helped then I cut the database in half so now we are down to 171,000 items for sale (we are still testing). I then made sure all products under movies where in coresponding subcategories and the iPage site still took more than a minute to load..

Yesterday I installed a PHP Accelorator from APC on my server and my times went to 5-20 seconds per page..

The image Database is still not loaded so that isn't the problem. Is there a way to make it not care how many items are in the database on every page load. like when I click action it tells me I have 2,600+ items there. So obviously it did a total queary in actions to get that number which slows down the page load..

I am hoping that this is all the fault of my server (its a 512 - about to be 1.5gig RAM) The reason I leave this fact out untill now is because people are quick to jump on ram before thinking about the code..

The code is a little complex for me to read. everything is everywhere and things stand for this and that that are here and there but are called to this. gives me a headache..

Is there a specific file I can tweak for MySQL configurations to optimize the database memory usage?.

Is anyone else running a HUGE database on OsCommerce?.


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Ye, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you ask the iPage guys because they can give you an answer better...

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I had posted about tweaking MySQL in the tips n tricks section and editing my.cnf A search should find it...

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That was the file I was looking for!!!! in another post it said "my.conf" No wonder I couldn't find it. I will give it a whirl now and let you know!!!!.


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Dammit, I did a search and couldn't find it..

Find-name my.cnf.

Find-name my.conf.

Neither retrieve anything Where the hell is this file!!!!!!..

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I did a locate *.cnf and this is what I got.












No "My" file..

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Looks like you did it from your accounts user level. Do you have root access or can you execute from root/ ? Generaly this file is located in etc/ If you are on a virtual host your account should have it's own etc/ The file will only exist if you have a database already setup..

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: 05 May 2004, 20:16..

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I have root, I am root, I did the search from root and I got nothing It is a dedicated server..

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Weird... Ok how about looking for.


Should be at the same level as root. Yous should be able to do a.

Cd /etc.

What OS are you running?..

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Its not in etc I am running red hat 9 and Mysql was installed as a bundle with direct admin I think the locate looked in every file in my entiore server and only returned that. the only place on my server with .CNF's are there..

Can I change all the small to huge .cnf's..

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Honestly I do not know as I am not familiar with those files..

Do you have: ~/.my.cnf by chance?.

Running out of ideas.....

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Gottchya covered.


Let me how it turns out...

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I can't find my Bas DIR because when I do a show variables it scrolss to fast and out of view. How do I step through the prompt while in Mysql>..

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Well I found the base directory and it is in var/lib/mysql.

But there is no My.cnf file the tables are there and all kinds of stuff but no *.cnf's.

Should I copy and paste the medium .cnf and tweaks it?..

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You ned to "pipe" it..

After the command enter a space then the | (shift backslash) then the word "more".

Either that or you can redirect the output into a file...

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Make a backup of the file first. Then from what I read on that iPage site make the appropriate changes to the file. You will need to restart the MySQL service I beleive one you make the changes to see if they take effect..

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: 05 May 2004, 21:31..

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Well I figured it out!!! I have to create one from scratch so I am vi-ing my-medium.cnf since that is more suited and then adding your configs on top of that and saving as my.cnf in etc/ and it should work!!! ill let you know!!!.

Thanks alot for all your help so far!..

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