Is is possible to pay for a 2nd year for my Godaddy domain name?
First off, Is is possible to pay for a 2nd year for my Godaddy domain name? Looking forward for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Two questions:.

1. How do people have enough hosting to provide like 10gb bandwidth and 250 mb space?.

2. Where do you find the scripts for the hosting...

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Yup, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm it as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you call the Godaddy guys because they can answer your Godaddy question better...

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If you think about how many users would use the limits? maybe a couple of dozen, maybe more depending on number of users. the rest usually have like 10 images ranging from under 1meg to 2megs. Bandwidth is cheap if you look around..

If you get enough unique traffic and enough ad revenue then it should pay for a nice dedicated server. at least that is what I am hoping with a couple of my sites..

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I have an unmetered space / bwidth host for my fullfile, works great so far...

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Hey there,.

If your thinking ImageCabin because I saw the 250 MB of space and 10,000 MB of bandwidth. We mainly rely on ads to generate enough profit to support the site. Currently we have our own server and thats how we can support this. Like one member said above not every user will use the max resources or even come close, but of course lots of them will use it..

Their are TONS of image hosting scripts online, lots free and lots paid, just takes a bit of looking...

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Okay thanks. Sorry if I kind of posted in the wrong section but I was not 100% sure where to post this as it invovled both a script question as well as a general one...

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1. usually they oversell, but that is not that bad, because most of the members will never use up everything.

2. just look around. there are many..

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Hmm, for the scripts part, I found mine by looking at another site, they usually have the script they are using in the copyright..

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So which is the best free one? theres just so many here:.


I am thinking of doing the same as domain.addict...

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Well, forgetting now that it is in the wrong section, there are a few places that you can get a script from. I believe that there is a script for image hosting here:.


Though I don't know how they can offer so much though..

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Get a dedicated server or reseller to start off with..

Dedicated servers have 1tb of bandwith per month and start from around $60 a month from.

- diskspace depends on what you order, 80gb is default for the cheaper servers..

When you start to grow big, simply buy a new server etc..

I have a high quality image hosting script (with admin panel, advanced options, skinable etc) PM for more info - ill sell it for $15..

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Good that it works for you so far. unlimited=crap is all I have heard..

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Yes, I have heared that ther are either lyeing to you or are major oversellers and offer near no support...

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There us no unlimited space or bandwith..

As some said before those companies (or individuals) oversell their space and bandwith..

In first place this is no problem, as the buisiness grows you have to add servers and bandwith to comply with your promise...

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The issue with unlimited is that a server can only push out so much data in a month. Even if the server is going at max bandwidth for the entire month you still would not go over most dedicated servers bandwidth limits..

I forget the math it usually wasn't worth the extra for unlimited bandwidth...

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Basically, Unlimited = marketing ploy. Sellers make you think you are getting unlimited, but really they are just counting on you using a small amount of space...

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I don't see what's wrong with that. They give you the opportunity for as much as you want, it's not their problem you choose not to use it...

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The problem is, that they don't tell the truth about it... Its mostly newbies who suffer in the end...

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Unlimited is very good! You can use as much as you want!..

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I don't understand what you mean. What truth do they not say? Please elaborate, thanks. I'm just curious -.-..

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Ahh now I understand. If everyone was to use 100GB then everyone would loose out...

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I have 2 sites that bombed so far every "unlimited" host..

1 is bombing for space.

1 is bombing for bandwith.

Each and every "unlimited" host I used refused after 1 week, as they couldn't keep their promise.

Unlimited is a hype !.

More important for any host is things like: support, uptime, domains to be hosted, soft (scripts) installed, etc....

Don't get hooked up on the unlimited hype..

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THe truth is this:.

The hoster is relying on selling say 10 packages of unlimited each, but hoping that each one only uses 5GB each (e.g). BUT, if one of those accounts uses a large amount of space or b/w, or utilises the unlimited, then the other accounts will suffer...

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