Is it a requirement to exercise while on the Medifast Diet?

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First question I got is Is it a requirement to exercise while on the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... HAPPY FREAKIN' SEXY SWAGGERIN' SATURDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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Yep, but you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm my answer as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

The strongest among the weak is the one who doesn't forget his weaknesses...

Comment #2

I just double posted you...i hate when that happens...went in and edited mine to say use this one..

Comment #3

I'm an idiot...all is good..

Good morning to all our beautiful shammies!.

Today should be busy...we are having an extra child today (boy oh boy I love sleepovers, not). Then it's off to the doctor's and I have to try and clean my porch today...I actually plan on supervising the children to clean the porch, lol..

Then to keep adding to the fun, we're taking the girls for night ice skating tonight!..

Comment #4

Ang - Please take it easy and feel better..

Good morning Shammies. So much for my great attempts at being 'more present' here..

Joe's G'ma was rushed to the hospital and it's been crazy again..

Am going to wake him soon to drop off his car to have it worked on, drive him to my S'Dad's so he can help him there, and I'm going to leave them and go to the cemetery and hang with Lorraine and then I'm planning a long azz walk on the beach..

Refreshed By Mother Ocean, Human Souls are Mended.

Mad love to all...

Comment #5

Morning Lori and ang..

Ang- no ice skating for you! Just supervise from the sideline. Hope all goes well at the doc, let us know what he says..

Lori- so sorry to hear of more pain and suffering in the family. I hope your time with lorainne and at the beach helps refresh you..

Afm- getting kids ready, dropping them off and heading to the gym. First time this week and so need it. I've not had a good week and need to get back on track. The quote this morning must still mean I'm strong because I have defineatly learned my weakness this weak and know what I need to work on. Love you all have a great op day'..

Comment #6

Ang ~ I'm pretty sure it was Confucius who said "'tis better to have two posts to the Sexy Shamrock board, than to have no post at all"..

No ice skating for you Miss Thang! YOUCH! My ankles (and azz) hurt just thinking about it..

See what you started with the sleepovers? It's all down hill from here Baby. lol.

My advice? ALWAYS keep it small. Natalie used to have 8-10 over at a time. OMG! Little girls are little piggies in disguise. I sink Confucius say that, too...

Comment #7

Lori ~ You are probably already gone. I'm sorry I missed you. I hope you had a nice visit with Lorraine. She will most likely be walking on the beach with you afterwards. I wish you peace today. Hugs!..

Comment #8

Good morning Miss Lara ~ It has been a stressful week for me, too. Is it possible that because Nevan was born SO prematurely, that he is just now entering the terrible twos? I have a gnarly bruise on my arm where he bit me. I'm thinking of calling DCS. lol I wonder what they'd do/think? I think they'd be calling in for some "extra help" away for a nice quiet, white, padded room. Sounds peaceful enough!..

Comment #9

Ok, gotta go see what I missed yesterday. I was running kids all around yesterday and didn't check in. I did log my food though. If there is one thing I do consistently, it is logging my food..

Love you all!..

Comment #10

I am further behind than I thought...I had missed a couple of posts on the 11th. I saw this and nearly pee'd:.

Quote from Andi:.

And spork her lawn with flaming marshmallows....

Don't mess with the Shammies now....

And then I saw this from Captain...and did:.

Can we make s'mores wit dat?..

Comment #11

Andrea ~.

I have his "art form", too! I found this particularly funny, since I had just mentioned my "happy place" (padded cell), too. Great minds, my friend!.

From Andrea:.

My teen is currently mastering the art of procrastination. he just keeps talking about all the work he has to do... oy vey. stop talking and DO something... can I go away someplace quiet and solitary... jail, even a hospital sounds nice. the kind with the quiet padded cell....???..

Comment #12

Andrea ~ I LOVE the idea of the mock crisp apple desserts. I may have to copy you. Thank you!..

Comment #13

Barb ~ I had to read this one twice...then look again to see who posted it...then finally figured it out. lol.

From Barb:.

Val, glad to hear things are going well with the pregnancy. Be sure to share the sex (if you feel like it). Have fun at hubbys party..

Hee, hee...then from Miss Lara, too:.

I'm with Brb- share the sex when you find out...

Comment #14

Kori ~ Did you sleep at your dentist appointment? lol GREAT job on the baking and no BLT's! You rock!!!.

Sandy ~ What did you end up eating for dinner?.

Darlene ~ Hang in there know we're here for you!.

Jo-Jo ~ That goes for you, too! We love you!!!..

Comment #15

Sorry I've been MIA. It is very unlike me to not check in at least once a day..

Love you all and hope you all have a great weekend!!!..

Comment #16

Lori - I hope your walk is peaceful..

Lara - hope you have a great week from now on..

Lauri - missed you, glad you are around today..

Angela - take care of you. I was born in N. Minnesota and did a lot of skating as a child. Lot's of bruises, when I was learning jumps. Anxious to hear what doc says..

They had a nice meal last night - salad, veggie, steak for me. Lot's of other yummy stuff that I ignored..

Hi Shammies missing so far..

Today is a day of chores for me...

Comment #17

I posted a second week challenge template for us to use. Remember to post by Sunday night...

Comment #18

Hi all... checkin in from ny... soccer this morning so I have been busy. be back after chores , like ang...

Much love shammies..

Comment #19

Love this Capt. I work everyday to be the strongest I can be...

Comment #20

Morning Ang. Hope the porch cleaning gets done. Use that ice skating as an incentive to get it done...

Comment #21

Sorry to hear about Joes GMA, health has been pretty crappy all around lately. Hope the walk on the beach and some time hanging with Lorraine helps put your soul at ease...

Comment #22

I did doze off yesterday at the dentist. I put my iPod on with Christmas music, opened my mouth, shut my eyes, and then let them fill my cavities and clean my teeth. The dentist startled me when he asked me if I was ok. Dang him, he woke me up, keep going till I raise my hand to stop you or start screaming. I have to get my beauty sleep wherever I can...

Comment #23

We still love you Lauri! Enjoy your weekend also...

Comment #24

Hope the chores get done. It's a sneaky way to get some exercise in...

Comment #25

Morning Andrea. Hope soccer and chores go well this morning...

Comment #26

Ok. Need to get back to my algebra class and stop playing on my iPad..

Mucho love ladies!..

Comment #27

Come on girl...let's get this sh!tz done..

You know you can..

I know you can..

Love you, too...

Comment #28

Dude...this made me cry..

I think in a good way..

(Actually, I really think she's like, gotz the wrong beach...this ain't Palm Beach in Aruba!!)..

Comment #29


I want steak and salad and asparagus and mushrooms and.....

We're supposed to be taking S'Dad to Peter Lugers for his b'day..

Next weekend I think..


Have a great day, Sand...

Comment #30

You too..

I sent you a text from the beach!..

Comment #31

Another thing I HATE about Fall?.

The sound of leaf-blowers..

It makes me insane...

Comment #32

Anyway....dropped Joe's car off around to S'Dad's around 10:00 and dropped Joe off there. Just got home a little while ago..

I went to the cemetery and stayed for a while and then I took the super long scenic route to the beach. Passed beautiful homes and farms and lakes. Got iced coffee, and got to the beach and walked and walked and walked. It's actually about 60 degrees here today and sunny - so it was super beautiful and peaceful and exactly what I needed..

The big plan was to come home and rip the house apart cleaning and do laundry and and and and and and....

So I think I'm okay with the laundry...but I think the cleaning will need to wait for tomorrow. I'm going to find a little patch of sunshine in the yard, put the lounge chair in it, and listen to the leaves fall..

Peace and much love...

Comment #33

Ok going to read back but quickly need to say that I need Ang to kick some girls azz in PA for me. Just found out my BIL has been cheating on my sis with this beotch. Ang you in?..

Comment #34

Lori- Glad you have some peace today..

Ang- what did the doctor say about your behind?.

Kori- I don't mind the dentist either but don't think I could fall asleep..

Hope everyone's having a good day. I feel good today. Hasn't gone as planned since I received the call from my sister bawling and hyperventiliating but was able to calm her once I got there and stayed until he came come- left the house and turned over the key. wow what drama! Hubbie is on his way home them off to the recycle truck I'll go...

Comment #35

Sounds like we need to kick your BIL's azz..

I'm so sorry for your sister..

That sucks...

Comment #36

Baby, I gotz your and Lori will take a field trip..

Comment #37

Hi all..

Doctor said I have a bruised/contused Coccyx...she gave me muscle relaxers and told me to take it easy.....

I promptly went home and did laundry, raked some leaves, bagged them upped and mowed...I'm an idiot and paying for it now..

Though I will say that I did a lot of that because for the past few days I have been busy but really struggling food wise. I have been wanting to eat everything not nailed down and taking a lot of BLTs which is NOT like me at all. And even though my TOM is on the way, that's no excuse. So I figured yard work would keep my mind off of food. It didn't but at least I didn't eat..

Ice skating is at 8 and I will be safely standing on the sidelines, thank you very much...

Comment #38

Heck, I don't live close and I'm in. I told BF, the only two things that are really non negotiable for me is if he hits me or if he cheats on me. Never a valid reason or excuse for that kind of behavior, in my opinion...

Comment #39

Sucks Ang about the bruised tailbone, which is what a bruised coccyx is. I hear ya on the eating, but the challenge has really kept me on track and honest. Cuz, the cookies I make I can say no to, but when it is banana bread I start to rationalize in my head that it isn't as bad as a cookie. But then I remember how long I have been working my azz off, literally and how I want to rock the last 25 pounds and it has been working. I am even thinking of how I can fit in the gym today but I don't think it will happen cuz I am gonna just plain old runout of time. Will send some positive willpower vibes your way!..

Comment #40

School done for the day..

Going to get some running around done, get some laundry done..

Then have some more baking to do. This should be the last round before the parties which are on dec 4th and the 9th..

Mucho love hookahs..

Peace out...

Comment #41

I am in for the field trip. And I have a golf club..

Lori - I am glad the walk was good for you..

Angela - glad we know what is wrong. Take it easy!.

Any suggestions on the challenge. We need to all be ROCKSTARS. We know how to do this. Why are we here? I will kick any AZZ that needs kicking..

Hope everyone's day is going OK. I need to practice piano...

Comment #42

Had a nice surprise yesterday. Went to VS after dinner. AFter losing almost 50 pounds my panties are a little baggy. The lady helping me said you are probably a medium. I am so used to being a XL, I still think of myself that way. It was cool to have a stranger look at me and call me a medium.

I am going back on my way home from piano lesson on Monday and maybe do an exchange. I took the tag off but have it so I think it will be OK...

Comment #43

Thanks girls he needs a good azz kicking..

Ang- Glad I'm not alone on my weaknesses this week, but girl we've got to get this done once and for all. Hope your having fun ice skate watching. Take it easy..

Sandy- You have done so great for the challenge- Thank you. You may have to kcik my azz though after I post tomorrow. Actually I know you will, you prepare yourself tonight..

Kori- You are awesome, I hope those good will vibes bypass ky on it's way from cali to PA..

Ok hubbie is home and I'm way tired. Have a great evening...

Comment #44

Lara - I am going to look for my steel toed boots. You won't do this again. WE could have several Shammies with sore butts...

Comment #45

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.