Is it good to mix Nutrisystem with alli?

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Question I have... Is it good to mix Nutrisystem with alli? Hoping for any answer. Another quick question... I think it's a good time to put this out there again for the n00bs, or as a reminder for the vets...

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Yup, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm this as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you email the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer your Nutrisystem question better...

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Nutrisystem told you how much water to drink at a minimum the day you received your first shipment. Sooner if you logged onto the website and used it to read up on NS's weight loss information and help..

Most nutritionists in the body building world (where fat loss is a cyclic way of life) will tell you to drink 100+ ounces of cold water a day. I personally drink about 120 ounces a day, sometimes more..

So start today, and watch how drastically it changes your program...

Comment #2

There hasn't been a lot of focus on the water thing here lately, thus the bump!.

New guys .... Read original post..

Senior members ... Time for a reminder...

Comment #3

I try to think of everyone one of those bathrooms trips as pounds flushing out. Although it's made for some uncomfortable phone calls here at work when I'm about to burst before I can get off the line..

Great info Damon and a great reminder to everyone..

(...he says while opening another bottle...)..

Comment #4

Damon... Thank you! this thread could not have come at a better time. Oh and BTW... ater 5 months I still consider myself a NOOB..

Comment #5

Thanks Damon. I've copied this and sent it to a few skeptics...

Comment #6

Oh snap I need to drink more water! And this actually answered my curiosity of why it seemed water was going right through me every day after increasing the intake amount since I started NS. Thanks!..

Comment #7

Excuse me while I go get some water! LOL..

Comment #8

I must confess, after 70+ ozs of water yesterday and about 20 trips to the little girls room, I was thinking to heck with all this water. But then I stepped on the scale. Let's just say that "I am a believer." :-)..

Comment #9

Hell - I've been drinking over a gallon of water a day since July 11 and I'm.


Waiting for the.

Breakthrough point.


I run to the bathroom about every half-hour!!.

However, I've seen tremendous success, so I'm not going to complain. I just tack it on to my cardio...

Comment #10

That's hysterical.. I was thinking the same thing yesterday while I was basically running to the restroom after my meeting. It seems water as an extra bonus of making you get off your ass and move!..

Comment #11

Cold water helps you lose weight, I think, because the cold water forces your body to crank up the metabolism to heat your body back to normal. It's probably not much, but every little bit helps...

Comment #12

Maybe it's the weather or the moon or something?.

But, it seems like I'm running to the bathroom here at my office pretty much hourly all this week..

(He says this as he finishes off the last bottle of almost 2 liters in the past three

Comment #13

This is from one of my blogs. I wrote it in the middle of the night as you can tell.

Drinking Water, the technical explanation.

The following post was in response to a question about how exactly does water cause you to lose weight. It was posted by a physician looking for a technical explanation. This was my response. I don't think anyone has figured out the link between water intake and weight loss but here are my thoughts. If you go back to the Kreb's cycle you will recall that burning fat actually produces water, CO2, and 36 ATPs. The water production is actually a net production because for every 12 molecules of water produced, 6 molecules are required.

If we look at a dehydrated person, with hypertonic blood (relative to the cell), intracellular water is moved to the bloodstream and intracellular water is decreased. I'm sure there is an intracellular reaction to this through a 2nd messenger or hormone that degrades the ability of the Kreb cycle to function properly when the cell is trying to preserve water from crossing it's membrane. Obviously, under normal circumstances, this does not occur because the tonicity of our blood is tightly regulated. I think the intriguing point might be how this tight regulation via the renin-angiotensin system of the kidneys affects intracellular Kreb cycle regulation in fat cells. In smooth muscle, it is clear that angiotensin II promotes smooth muscle contraction (Which is why ACE inhibitors work).

The renin-angiotensin system also stimulates aldosterone. The three contribute to conserve water when your intravascular volume is low. Interestingly, aldosterone is secreted from the adrenal gland and has a similar structure to cortisol. Cortisol is lipolytic and is secreted during stress thus it should cause weight loss. Of course patients with Cushing's syndrome (or disease?) store fat.

Ok, I realize that the above is way, way too technical but I was actually wondering the same thing myself about water. In the end, I'm not sure that anyone knows. Its obviously complicated and multifactorial. The above are just my thoughts and I do not profess to be an expert in biochemistry. I think I'll post this on my blog though.


Comment #14

Mine, too. But I'm sure glad you Docs know what you are talking about...

Comment #15

How come I can drink 8-10 glasses a day , but than I pissssssss at least 15 times a day! It just doesn't add up!.

I do have one concern, does drinking all this water overwork any of the interior organs??.

What about causing a prostate problem... I mean pissinnnn 15 times a day seams extreme, I have always been a water drinker, but I think I have doubled how much and tripled the trips to the bathroom..

Comment #16

Read the original post on this should explain this question for you...

Comment #17

Thanks for that, doc!.

But I gotta admit, all them big fancy pants words are making me thirsty..


Comment #18

Thanks for the reminder on this. I've tried to drink the water and have been doing it...but sometimes it's nice to get a reminder of why...

Comment #19

Cold water??.

I've found that it goes down a lot easier and quicker if it's room temp...

Comment #20

Good info except they are changing to rules on caffeine. They are now saying that even though caffeine can make you pee a little more, but there is still a positive fluid intake..

You also get fluids from all those fruits and vegetables that Nutrisystem makes you eat...

Comment #21

Good on you for bringing that up. Over the last couple years, the bodybuilding and sports nutrition world have come to the conclusion that 1-2 (but no more!) cups of coffee a day facilitate your metabolism, thyroid function, fat loss, and mood. All good things..

But they also admit it has a dehydrating effect, so it's not a substitute for pure water intake...

Comment #22

Heh we have been down this road before, how quickly they forget..

From the late, great, Dr. Darden of Nautilus to Dr. John Ivy to Hugo Rivera, to early morning cardio tv hosts, they all say the same thing..

Cold water is better than room temperature water, because it makes your body expend calories maintaining core temperature..

If you don't have any bodyfat to lose, it doesn't apply to you...

Comment #23

I drink a gallon and a half of water every day at 41 degrees temperature..

Not that anyone gives a ****, I just thought I'd put it out there...

Comment #24

But cold water makes my throat hurt and I can't chug it like room temp water. Hence I don't drink as much cold water..

Sure, I might lose out on the opportunity to burn more calories from chilling my core, but since I froze my butt off all winter long anyway, I don't think I would have.


Drinking arctic-temperature water!..

Comment #25

Hey Wizz, not long till your NSaversary. Planning big?.

Btw, happy peeing...

Comment #26

Yea I think I'll go out and try to get my hotdog buttered, burn a few extra calories while in the process..

Not too bad eh?..

Comment #27





Comment #28

Congrats Steve! and thanks..

I've tried to quit more than once. I agree on the fight..

Gotta do it this time...

Comment #29

If you do, substitute with ICBINB. We already know it's a 'turkey hotdog' so you're good to go on that. Also, I was reading that you can eat 2oz. of clam and still be on plan..

Party on brotha, party on..

(Also saw where we get unlimited herb)..

Comment #30

Hang in there, ole bud ! Its worth it..

I'm 20 years clean and sober on drugs and alcohol, and 11 on cigarettes. I never think about smokes anymore at all. Well, maybe once a year. Had a mild urge about a month ago... just indulged feeling the urge, and analysed it and decided, sure, the first puff in a decade might taste great, but that would be the end of it, the rest would be addiction and dying..

The first 3 years off smokes was really tough. I believe that nicotine is more addictive than heroin, and a lot in the medical world would agree..

The sooner you get off the nicotine in life, the better the rest of your life will be..

So in one sense I don't mind having gained so much weight. I beat a couple of really addictive substances (at least, up through today, no guarentees on tomorrow) and the price I paid was body fat from lack of activity and overeating..

Once I lick this food and body fat problem, I guess I can work on world peace...

Comment #31

Thats great Privateer, good on ya man..

I congratulate everyone here thats busted their addictions, not an easy task!.

Thanks for the support.....

Comment #32

A couple weeks ago I started wearing the patch... to wean me from Nicorette.... which weaned me from smoking. Just like the old lady who swallowed a fly.... I've been chewing $300/month of 4mg nicorette for going on 10 years. Sheesh...

There's gotta be a connection between addictive tendencies and getting fat. Duh!.

Hang in there, Wiz. Good to see you posting!!.


Comment #33

Sorry to sneak into the guys forums.

~ But thank you for posting the information about the water. I was drinking between 8 to 10 8oz portions a day and thinking I'm all good. Didn't realize I needed to drink extra for every 25 pounds I am overweight. I will need to go buy a new water bottle now!.

Privateer - Awesome forum of my favorite movies!.

Okay I will bow out now..

Comment #34

AWESOME!! It's like a totally different with a happy soul..

Your journey has given me hope and sustained me since day 1.. are my hero!!..

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