Is it just me or is Subway and Nutrisystem not working for them?

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Question I have... Is it just me or is Subway and Nutrisystem not working for them? Looking forward for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. According to the UPS website Im getting my box today, so I havent even started the program yet and Im already starting to doubt my ability to do this. There is a little fat man, sitting my shoulder, holding a box of Oreos in one hand and a box of Sour Cream & Onion Pringles in the other telling me to not even try. He is laughing at me and says that Im just going to go down in flames once again and that this will be yet another failed attempt to better myself...

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Ye, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm my answer as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you call the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you an answer better...

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YOU CAN DO THIS! Kick that little fat man to the curb and keep visualizing that thinner man that is partaking in LIFE finally! This program can help you!.

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got, and you'll always feel what you always felt....

I think that is my favorite new quote..

Oh and as an edit...when I responded to this post, I didn't realize I was in the men's room as I came to it from the "New Posts" link. Sorry for intruding on your domain, I know how that can tick a few of you off.....Shelley is now backing out of the room after straigtening up the newspapers strewn around and dusting the crumbs off the sofa......

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That's a good start right there. Fear of success is something we rarely want to cop to but it is very real. Even worse may be the fear of starting then stopping, what we perceive to be a bigger failure than if we had done nothing. Both are lies that need to be confronted head on. Set your long term goal then short term goals along the way. If those aren't enough to motivate you, then maybe you're not ready. For your family's sake and yours, I hope you are ready...

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Do you like to throw money away? If you're going to eat junk AND do Nutrisystem then you're wasting your money... send it to me instead..

Seriously though....

You have got to find what motivates you. Once you find that thing that motivates you... keep it in front of you... don't let it slip away..

THEN... you have to fight... struggle through it....

The more you struggle, the more you win... the more you win, the easier it becomes...

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Scott you can and will do this. If you're like me you're a creature of habit. Once you break the bad habits (eating junk) and get used to Nutrisystem it's like clockwork. It sounds like you've got a good start on some motivation. Better health, a longer life span and a better quality of life with your family. For myself I found what motivates me is a deep seeded hatered for the fat s.o.b.

While self loathing may be unhealthy motivation it's kept me on the straight and narrow. I keep a picture of myself from my highest weight in my wallet to remind me I don't want to be that bastard again. That attitude has kept me from truly enjoying compliments and minor victories and I may need therapy by the time I reach my skinny goal but it's working. Find your reason to lose and be the biggest loser (weight obviously) you can be!..

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Welcome BigDaddy,.

I can definitely identify with what you are talking about. I never thought I would be below 300 pounds again, much less under 215 like I am now, or running 8-10 miles at a time, or cycling more than 100 miles at a time. Let me tell you though, not only is it possible, but this program makes it easy. Yes, you need to be committed to it and disciplined, but when the weight is falling off it's easy. It also sounds like you have the right kind of motivation. My twin boys were the motivation that finally got me serious about doing something too.

You do this one day, one hour, one minute at a time. You can be strong and disciplined for one hour, one day, right? You string enough of those together and you've got momentum, and with momentum it gets easy. Next thing you know, you're at goal!.

Just to let you know how possible it is, here is my before and after picture. Believe me, I don't possess any special amount of will power, (quite the opposite actually), but this progress happened in 7 months. Actually this reminds me, I need a new picture, I'm in a lot better shape even than I was in this pic!..

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Big salads, baby. Eat them even when you are not hungry. Much less urge to cheat when you are pre-stuffed...

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Mesturge, Hugebear, & ApolytonGP thank you for the wonderful words of advice and encouragement. I appreciate your willingness to help encourage and inspire me. Im going to take this journey one moment and one victory at a time...

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When I first started I was overwhelmed. I didn't think I could ever get down to a normal size again, but I thought I'd at least try and lose a few pounds. Well, I think the below picture tells it all. If I can do it, you can do it. If you want it, you'll achieve it. You got work to do, and Nutrisystem will give you the tools to get the job done. Get started, you can do this...

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Wow hugebear I never saw that, thats great and thanks for putting that together! jonah - great as per usual.

Scott, I'm on your side,ok?- if this matters any, when I looked at your picture I thought you were 50 or so - much older than me and I am 42. checked your site. you are 36? really or are you just kidding us or is that a typo?...get on the ball big guy because that guy bringing you down inside you has to go.

And one of my favorite NSV (minor nutri system victory) is how people tell me how much younger I look...i looked 50ish too I think.

Lets do it big guy, it won't be easy, but you can..

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I'm really 36 years old. I was born in 1973. You know BigDaddyScott.


I'll be 37 in March of this year. It's the gray hair!..

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Ok, so we'll get some coloring!.

Your family is beautiful!.

Oh and welcome to the men's room...i think i'll bump up the rules and what to expect, it's all good stuff..

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I can't do the color... My wife loves the gray!!!! ;-)..

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My food is waiting on me at home!!!!.


It's finally here!!!! I'm so excited now!!!! I'm going to start the program tomorrow morning!!!!..

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Ok, but it's more than the grey Mr Chin :-0..

Comment #15

Are you referring to you triple chin???.

That's where I store my Little Debbies for the winter... lol.....

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C'mon Scott - You can do it..

I was really looking forward to going on NS. It took me a year or so to finally pull the trigger and make that call. When my wife phoned me at work to tell me the BBB had arrived I gotta tell you I was pretty pissed. I wasn't done. I wanted more fast food, I wanted to go out and watch the playoffs over the weekend and drink my a** off wwith my friends - I wanted to continue eating like it was still the holidays..

That was exactly 1 week ago and I've lost over 12 pounds. I'm glad I started when I did..

You're in here because you need to be in here, man. We all need to be in here! This forum is great.

(except, IMO, for the women who annoyingly poke in).


I'll expect to see a post from you this time next week telling all of us how well you did...

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There is a cool saying that I can't remember. Something like;.

"Success is action in the face of fear.".

So take action in spite of your fears...

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Scott, my personal experience is that I was 452 lbs at 5'9" when I started NS, close to 50% body fat and wearing size 64 pants. I was a bit intimidated when I started. Not by the food, as I had been considering gastric bypass. When I learned that I would have to change my eating habits even if I did have the surgery, the dietary changes were easy to accept. The hard part for me was becoming active because I could only walk for 5 minutes before my back would start aching. And I was out of breath in less time than that.

I'm very happy I gave myself a chance to succeed. So, if have committed yourself to change, you can be successful. It's up to you...

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As I see it, we have two major parts to our brain: the primitive lizard brain and the more evolved human brain. Lizard brain knows only instant gratification: food, sex and sleep. If lizard brain doesn't get what it wants, it throws a hissy fit and we feel anxious, deprived, and unhappy. Human brain thinks and can put off gratification. Human brain selects when and how it's rewarded; we can master lizard brain. We will master lizard brain. We refuse to be a slave to anything!..

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Scott look at the photos of some of the success stories here. This comes down to you and your heart! Just Do It!..

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Good luck on your journey, it is worth it...

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You can do it. I would start reading the Mindset Makeover materials under the My Program tab right away and (as much as possible with kids) get the wrong foods out of your house...

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Hey Scott....RELEASE THE "HOTTY" IN YOU!!!! You said your wife is going to do this with you and you have all of the great reasons for joining Nutrisystem and doing it do it!! You have a great sense of humor so this will work for you !!!.

Sandy in IL (yes, a female!)......

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You've got it, Big Daddy!! Today is Day 1 of a NEW LIFE!! Wahoo!! Stick to The Plan and you'll find out that the little fat guy on your shoulder is a liar. It's not nearly as hard as that little liar is whispering in your ear..

I'm a self-indulgent knucklehead, so if I can do it, anyone can! I was fat when my daughters were young, but grandkids are on deck now......


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Yes, I'm butting in again, but ... the post yesterday said you'd start "tomorrow." So have you started?..

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I rec'd my food yesterday and I started the program today...

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Just remember big daddy, your not alone. Stay connected to the board. I think once you've tried the food, you'll see. Stick to the schedule and drink the water. That way you won't get hungry. Again, remember your not doing this alone...

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We're rooting for you, BigDaddy!! Looking forward to your victory report!.


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I've never posted on a msg board before unless required for work. However, you guys have been awesome, so I thought I'd join the fun..

My Nutrisystem food won't be here until next week, but I started tracking what I eat. I am astonished how many calories is in food that I thought was healthy. A 12" tuna sub from Subway is about half of the calories that I need in a day. It has me started trying to reduce already, but I've been hungry for most of the afternoon. So I had the doubts starting to hit..

I am a self reliant person, so in previous weight loss attempts, I felt that I never needed help. Then when work would get hectic, I would go back to old habits, and you know what happened then..

Reading through this thread (& others) is showing me that maybe I do need the support of others..

I visited my parents over Christmas and my daughter saw my mom go through a brief diabetic shock and coma. I can't do that to my kids, so I have to change..

Thank you Big Daddy for having the guts to open up and starting this. I already feel like I have help..

Take care,.


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Good luck! You are trueley a newbie so if you want some advice, tell us about your current weight, height, build, etc. post it and plenty of us will put in our 2cents for what it's worth. do you exercise? health concerns? etc.

Get some now pictures. you don't have to show us but just do it for you - then you have b4 and afters.....

Best of luck!.


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You can do this. but, you have to work the entire program and you can only do it one day at a time...

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