Is it okay for a 14 year old to take Medifast 57?

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First off, Is it okay for a 14 year old to take Medifast 57? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another quick question... We are heading into the end of Ocotber and there is.


To staying on plan ... only those tricks we play with our selfs.... you know the game " only a little bite", "just this once", "It won't hurt".

Ttwo solid weeks until the end of October. What are you going to do with it????..

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Of course! but... you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm it as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can answer your Medifast question better...

Comment #1

Good thread on Sunday?? You always keep us on our toes....


I have been drinking so much water and excercising so much.....that my weight is actually down despite the binges. Now, I certainly don't advocate my eating habits....but I also don't advocate my excercise routine. I am insane.

Addicted to excercise lately. It is was keeps me going as I need to go with my busy schedule. When I miss a day or shorten my routine, I feel it ALL day!.

My DH invited one his managers and wife out on our boat I better get a move on it!!.

See ya'll later...

Comment #2

If thinking keeps you toes ~ do a couple of squats while you are there..

Comment #3

Morning Melters.

Good morning Ladies!.


I understand what your saying Pamela. I seem to be making my own maintenance by adding in extra Medifast meals here and there. or even having a party with them! I need to sh** or get off the pot and make a commitment to one direction.....whether it be transition or go for those last few pounds..


All that exercise is great! Clears your mind, gets that mood up and does damage control. I haven't walked in a few days...I need to get back to it and make sure to fit it in...

Comment #4

Important message for me this morning! Thanks Pamela!.

No Tricks as I am NOT any where near goal..

No Tricks to stay OP before the Holiday rush!.

No Tricks even though all my clothes are very loose; keep going until you have nothing left and have to Go SHOPPING!.

No Tricks although so many temptations lurk around every corner this time of year..

No Tricks even though my losing is slow and time is creeping along swiftly..

No Tricks or excuses not to hit the pavement on a daily walk..

No Tricks on you JodiNY..

Comment #5

Morning Melters~.

Just a quick 'hi' before I steal a few moments with my book while hubby and Delaney are outside and before starting lunch..

It's a great fall day here...have a cinnamon apple candle going. Have a great day, all!.


Comment #6 all showed up on my community news page as having posted AND my prior post just went through w/o problem....could it be fixed?!?..

Comment #7

Just a fly by...I'm taking DD to an acting coach, $$ to help prepare her for her college auditions..I hope she is amazing and worth the money and schlepping! See you all later. Enjoy the day!..

Comment #8

Sauce is cooking, califlower soup is on ... it really is feeling like fall!.

Snagged 2 new chairs at a yard sale that just completed the family room! It was someone I knew so that is good ... just got to get the lights hung up and the new rug and we are golden!.

Waiting for my DD to get home from her birthday party and then just snuggle in as a family..

Jodi - how were the acting lessons? I am having dreams of getting back on stage ... in my spare time..

Comment #9

Good word, Pamela! I was full of "tricks" the last two days ... mostly BLT tricks! We had a great dinner last night. Everything I made came out perfect and everyone loved all the different tastes and flavors. Was very little left over. My DHwho doesn't really like Tiramasu that muchreally loved this one that I made (and it was so easy to make). Everyone loved the flourless chocolate cake with homemade whip cream and strawberries.

ME??? No wine (again!), no desserts (except one bite of the choc cake). I actually did fairly well except that choc cake is really too good for my own good!.

We had some questions that we had everyone answer. I'm going to post one here just for fun and everyone, if you'd like, why don't you answer the question of the week?.

QUESTION: If you were going to be stranded on a desert island, what three luxury items would you make sure you could bring with you?.

My three things:.

1. A good hand/body lotion to keep my skin hydrated.

2. SPF30 lip gloss (I can get cold sores from the sun).

3. A good moisturizing shampoo to keep the moisture in my hair...

Comment #10

Jo - You are such an exercise and water monster. I'm going to have to come up with something really creative for the challenge of the week to make you really "work!" I do have something in my bag of tricks that should keep everyone on their toes, so here goes ... This is going to be a very tough challenge for me, but I think we could all use it especially as we are making plans to have the last two weeks in October as OP weeks..


ACCURATELY record your food 5 of the 7 days this week on-line in the MyMeals environment on MF..


Comment #11

JodiNY - You are "all over it"! I can smell your success in the air here, across the country, in LA! Let's make these last two weeks ones that we can look back on and say, "I did it right!" If we do it right, the scale always reflects our effort. I'm looking for more than a few pounds to be gone by the end of this month! Let's be losers together..

Comment #12

Don't you just love it when you score something really cool at a garage sale? I sure do. I haven't been garage saling in a long time, though, because I found myself buying "stuff" that just hung out in the garage or closets..

I want to "downsize" myself and start getting rid of stuff. I just told my DH today that we really need to put cleaning out the garage on our calendars so we can get it done. We keep threatening, but that's all we have is idle threats ... not discernable action on our parts, which means the garage is still a disaster!.

Where oh where is my mojo for that???..

Comment #13

Jodi - I did find out my niece was really bummed and threatening to give up acting because she didn't get a lead role..

She is a senior in high school and does plays at a local theatre company. I think the older you get the more competitive it gets. If my niece doesn't take acting, voice and dancing lessons, I don't think she'll get any further than she is. If you are going to be "serious" about an acting career and want to get good parts you have to be 100% committed and those lessons are vital to moving forward. Not sure my sister and her husband can afford those right now for my niece because they are strapped for money, but it is something they will have to think about and so will my niece. Hope it goes well for your DD. XXOO Judy..

Comment #14

Amanda - I actually think there was something "wrong" with our last discussion thread because when I would post in other discussion boards I never had a problem ... only in our "old" thread. I'm so glad we are out of that one and we will not be frustrated with posting anymore!.

Hope you're having a good day smelling that yummy candle. I bought some of those "infusers" at Pier One and I love the scent I got. Can't remember what it is, but it is nice and spicey. Yummmmm..

Comment #15

True Story.

Last night while our friends were over we "locked" the dogs out in the back yard so they wouldn't be begging everyone for food and getting in the way. It was very crowded in the living/dining area with two tables and 12 people..

So, after dinner while we are sitting around the tables chatting it up (it's about 9:30ish now), the dogs are starting to bark. I finally got up to see what in the world was going on, and there they were one positioned on one side of a bush and the other posted on the other. The next thing I know the Brittany, Sherwood, lunges into the bush and comes out with some sort of critter in his mouth!.

OMG, I ran and got my DH and he came out and low and behold the dogs and cornered and capture a possum! So, we think this critter is deader than a door nail and Sherwood keeps moving it around with his nose, and that possum is "dead". My DH finally distracts the dogs long enough to get his garden gloves on so he can pick up the possum and deposit it into the trash can out back, which he does very successfully..

Then, while in bed, he remembers the old saying, "Playing possum" so he starts to wonder if that old possum isn't really dead, but is "playing possum". So when he got up this morning he decided to take a look in the trash can and staring back at him is that old possum aliver than alive! So once again, my DH distracts the dogs and lays that trash can on it's side so that old possum can be set free..

Hopefully it is smart enough to realize our yard is not the safest playground in the neighborhood!.

So, the moral to the story is that when someone says "playing possum" it's really true! Possums do pretend they are dead which helps them keep alive!..

Comment #16


That is one wild story! Ya see, you taught me something because I never heard that expression before!.

Your desserts were a smash hit! Good deal on the no wine....Il like your new challenge. Tomo. fresh start and I'm getting back to work!.

As far as your niece goes, it really does take alot of commitment, talent and luck to get anywhere! We have been giving my DD singing lessons for 2 years?, from someone who is very talented all around. These acting lessons, well right now I am only willing to pay for 3 because they are a forturne from someone who is kinda known. The singing lessons add up too. Her drive has to be there though and she has to be willing to do the work and grow..


How was the game last night? Did pops behave himself?.

Ahhh my favorite scent of candle Amanda! I hope I have some left. When we had a blackout that lasted for days in the Winter or early Spring I bought so many candles. Nothing like that scent though. It's such a homey comforting one..

So the site is fixed? Hallelujah!.


Score! What are the odds of picking up chairs like that that go with your furniture?.

Coach seemed good. She just went over monologues with her so there wasn't much coaching going on yet. She did seem prepared though. We caught an earlier train home than expected so that was a good deal..

Okay I'm pooping out....I'll answer your question tomo Judy. Thanks for posting it.....

Night other Melters.....

Comment #17

Good Night Melters:.

Read all of your posts but too late to make comments..

However, I will play Judy's game:.

QUESTION: If you were going to be stranded on a desert island, what three luxury items would you make sure you could bring with you?.

1. Toilet Paper.

2. Fishing Pole.

3. Bottled Water.

Also, I was successful in the last two weeks challenges. Can't wait to see what the next challenge involves..

Judy, tell your husband he was very lucky as some possums will attack. My neighbor's two dogs cornered a possum and came out very bloody..

Night all, have a great Monday.........on-plan, of course!.


Comment #18

So, here you are, Renie! I was wondering where you "disappeared" to.

Now you're back! Have you recovered from the week of childcare?.

Hmmmmm, so TP and water are "luxuries"? I don't know ... I consider them "needed" items. You gotta give me two more "luxury" items..

Comment #19


ACCURATELY record your food 5 of the 7 days this week on-line in the MyMeals environment on MF..


Comment #20

Now thats a GREAT challange for me!! The water one was easy, the excercise one a breeze...but logging 5 days out of 7.

I will do it!!!.

As for Luxury items on a stranded Island:.

1. A Total Gym.

2. Blender (For Medifast of course).

3. Computer w/ solar power.

Good Morning Melters....up and at em for a new week....gotta go lift and jog...bbl..

Comment #21

Morning Melters.

Time to GET ER DONE! Good challenge!.

1. Computer (if Jo can take one, I want one too!).

2. My DD ipod.

3. Beads.

Going to drop my foster to get spayed....I need to get this girl out of my house and into a home. I hate feeling guilty because she is in the basement all day. I have her like 2 or three months, I figured I would have her for a week or two. I can't get attached, my job is to foster!.

The day after:...binged on Medifast products yesterday and was tired of being is regroup day. One month before my birthday I need to GET ER DONE and work on making peace with food. I'm feeling shame and not so happy with myself today. Deep breathe and today is a new day..


Comment #22

Morning Melters, I think I posted with you guys before. I have been doing terrible these last months. Stress eating has always been my thing and boy have I been stressed. The dog my daughter brought here last year was hit and killed by a car two weeks ago ,last week my husband lost his job and I started a 7 week old baby in my home daycare. I just had my scrambled eggs and have the day planned out. Hoping to stay on track as I no longer fit in my clothes from last fall.

Have a great day good luck Nan...

Comment #23

Good morning gals!!! running out the door gulping coffee as I type..

Judy! Love your story - my dog did that toa porro possum in our yard and I was so sad that it was dead - I touched it with my foot and there was a little reflexive movmt so we left it - thining it was in it's last stages of death and we would remove it in the am. Imagine our suprise when it was gone in the am. They come and eat my cat food at nite if there is leftover. I am a non discriminatory feeder of the animals..

Hello to everyone and have a gr8t day - bbl to do official hellos!.


Comment #24

Wow! my post worked without backspacing or rewinding or posting it twice!..

Comment #25

Super duper late start for me today huh Melters?.

Well I was up most of the night with Trevor - he was coughing and not feeling well all day so while it wasn't a surprise that he climbed in our bed but it doesn't make it any easier ... I got up and put Abigail on the bus and climbed back in bed..

So much for my "free" day. It is now a day with my boy .....

I need to go back and catch up on everyone .....

Comment #26

Jo - A computer no less! Well, why didn't I think of that? I was so concerned with my body.

And not keeping in touch with the world. Good thinking!.

I know how you feel about the challenge. It will be a challenge for me because I have TOTALLY gotten off track with recording, so I really need it. It takes up time, but that is time we have to spend to help us keep OP for the next two weeks! Have a blessed day. XXOO Judy..

Comment #27

Pamela ~ Sorry to hear about your little one being sick. Take care of yourself so you don't catch whatever he has. XXOO Judy..

Comment #28

Michele ~ Now you REALLY know the meaning of "playing possum"!.

Wonder if any other animal does that like a possum when they are under attack??? Have a blessed day, XXOO Judy..

Comment #29

Greetings, Nan! Welcome to our great little group. We hope you stop by on a regular basis. We are here to encourage, exhort and move/push one another towards weight loss success ... and healthier living. Take a few moments and answer our question of the week ... what three luxury items would you want if stranded on a desert island??.

Also, are you game for our challenge this week? Recording food at least 5 of the 7 days?.

Hope you can drop by and keep us informed of your progress as you get back on track. Remember, success is just one press of the good old "restart" button away!!..

Comment #30

Jodi - Sounds like you could use this week's challenge to get you back on track ... like I can! I did not lose one pound this week ... not even 1/10th of a pound. I weigh EXACTLY the same this Monday as I did last Monday. Think I was OP last week.

HAH! Not likely.

Time to buckle down and get back on track. Too many BLTs and I paid the price..

Let's GET ER DONE together! XXOO Judy..

Comment #31

Luxery items ... I am assuming we do not mean our family cuz of course they would be there but also ....

Laptop defintiely loaded to the max with all my music ( that is just one.


A gourmet chef ( if he is hot looking that is a big plus).

Unlimited supplies of books and magazines .....

Comment #32

Renie, you hit the nail on the head. Yes, I was still celebrating my birthday for far too many days.

Totally went off plan but I'm back on today. I'm still trying to get into the exercise thing and the water thing and now the online tracking thing. I feel kinda bummed about the whole thing but I'm in better spirits today than I was yesterday. Unfortunately, this always happens to me around that blasted TOM...

Comment #33

Nan~ welcome back! No worries each day gives us a new opportunity! Remember if this was easy non of us would be here and if I got to be here there is no better group of women to be here with.

Follow that???.

What can we do to help you? XOXXO..

Comment #34

Pamela ~ Those are great items! I especially like the unlimited supply of books and magazines ... helps pass the time while stranded! Of course, a hot looking gourmet chef would be an incredible bonus! I was just too practical for you gals..

Comment #35

Marie ~ TODAY is a NEW day! We have to opportunity to restart today, and boy do I ever need that restart with a zero loss last week. Time to buckle down and do it right. I've already posted my first three meals for the day, am making sure I get my water in, and have my clothes in the car to stop at the gym on the way home..

DH doesn't work on Mondays so I have him preparing spaghetti squash so we can have a nice green salad and spaghetti squash with Italian sausage for dinner tonight. Yum.

Let's work this thang together ... after all, we're in it together! XXOO Judy..

Comment #36


It's always a new are human. Great day to start anew.

I do love my frosty pudding's getting a bit cold for them at times, so when that happens I warm up under the electric blankee for a few minutes, lol..


Isn't it nice not to have to be so protective of your posts dissappearing. It's the little things!.


How is Trevor feeling? Bummer on losing your free day. What can you do, duty calls sometimes..


Welcome or welcome back! We just have to look forward and get back to basics when life gets in the way..


Yes logging is a good thing. It really doesn't take also helps me remember what I ate if I have a moment at what meal I'm up too!.

Miss the rest of you guys.....catch you later. I'm starving. Might be a good time to have some Tuna!..

Comment #37

Hey all! Long day and the kiddos are still giggling up a storm in the playroom so I thought I would escape.....last I heard, they broke the springs in the couch - well that will happen when you take the cushions off and jump. One day the playroom will be a respectable living room and they will have to do their jumping on the couch in the basement!.

So many posts I cant remember but one sticks out.....Jodi - dont beat yourself up. I am not trying to say this to discourage you , but almost two years later I still have my moments of bingeing. Most are not nearly what they used to be prior to Medifast - this vigilence and yuck feeling so soon after will help you maintain this loss..

Welcome Nan - I am so sorry for the loss of your dog. They are loving family members and missed when they are gone..

Hmmm luxury items - a phone with internet access, books, peanut butter..

Comment #38

Hello once again today Melters.

I dont think I will be posting todays food.

I'll try harder tomorrow....

Rotten day at work. Computers went down and we had to go by memory everything our tables ordered....I forgot a few items (beer and desserts) that were actually served and showed up on computer reciepts when it was fixed that I didnt write, I had to pay from my tips.

So, waiting for the computer to be repaired and paying out of pocket for items made for a longer then usual day with less then usual tips!! A S U C K Y day!.

But there always is tomorrow....


, too cute, Peanut Butter a luxery item...only for a MFer..


, Lucky you...a husband who cooks not only for you, but the dishes that are OP!! What a man!!!.


, the Chef sounds good, maybe Judy will bring her DH to the Island~~~LOL.


, get er done girly....


, welcome back and sorry for the loss...getting back on track is tough after falling away...but stick here on the posts for support and that will help. We all help each other..


, where you been today?? LMAO....toilet paper a luxery item...LOL, and I thoguht I was poor...Just kidding.. Hope your having a great day!!!.


, you still celebrating your birthday....have any cake left?? LOL.

OK, where are all the rest of the Melters....?? Come out and play with us soon..

Sweet dreams everyone...

Comment #39

OH Jo that sux! I am hoping for a better day for you tomorrow (((hugs)))..

Off to bed ladies..

Good nite to all...


Comment #40

Long day today with very little accomplished - Trev is still feeling under the weather with a horrible cough!.

I ate on plan mostly today ( did not weigh and measure so I do not think I had enough ) but will do even better tomorrow - promise. Water has been a little tougher these days ... maybe the change in the weather? I am freeeezing!.

Jo - that suc ks big time! Really doesn't seem fair!.

We had a opposum in our yard ~ we think it had been hit by a car ... so I looked up what they like to eat and settled on trying to feed it mushed bananas, actually made Jeff feed it ... he did eat a little then died ( for real), so once again my darling hubbie - scooped him up and returned him to the woods so he could rest in peace. Gotta love that guy of mine!.

Decompressing after class tonight - hope everyone is good and happy!..

Comment #41


I am really upset and annoyed for you! It's not fair to expect you to pay for it. Sheesh!.

Okay nighty ladies..........I posted a link to Vitamitavegamin on Facebook. I feel like I have no energy/ultra lazy these days!..

Comment #42

Morning Melters.

Dreary day here in New York! I feell like I have no energy to do anything! Okay regardless there is work to be done. Have to check on Anabelle see how she is recouping after her spaying. While I am talking about cats........Desi was looking for alot of love from 3 - 4:00 a.m. yesterday....I do enjoy so snuggling with him, but that means no sleep. Hell I wouldn't do that with DH why do I let the cat?lol.


Comment #43

What three luxury items would you want if stranded on a desert island??.

1. Water to drink.

2. Enough Medifast food packets to get me through until saved.

3. A shelter with a comfy bed inside..

Comment #44





Off to start my day. Hopefully I will get a chance to log on later....TTFN..

Comment #45

Good dreary morning!!!.

We have TRevor on the couch ... in that in-between place of not feeling great but not feeling badly. We'll see ~ if no school then no boy scouts tonight which is the fire station visit. Some how I think he will rally!.

I have the last RYSE (realizing Your Sublime Energies) treatment today and while you just sit and mediatate while they do their thing the results have been amazing!!! Also just applied to be an extra in a movie being shot in Rhode Island ... bring it on!.

Coffee and breakfast .....

Comment #46

Hmmmm.... can that be where the crazy cat lady images come from ~ just asking???..

Comment #47

You are a die - hard - I figure I will lose weight automatically on a deserted island ... come on I'll share my hot chef with you!..

Comment #48

Hi Melters~.

This is quick as this is probably the first preschool day of Delaney's that I am taking it easy and not doing anything I HAVE to do. Had a hot cup of SF apple cider, watching a DVR'd Oprah and then will read my book a little..

Delaney and I were both tired this morning as I worked late and had to pick her up from my mom's come home and straight to bed for her. DH was gone hunting and won't be back until tomw. morning. Today, she'll be able to nap at home and then we head to my mom's and I only have to work a couple hours..

Have a good day Melters!.


Oh...on a deserted island:.

1) Tim McGraw...he can provide my music and back massages!.


3)hmmmm....guess I will say a nice comfy bed with a bug net around it!..

Comment #49


My DD put a video on my FB wall that was a gal that hoarded like 40 cats....I told her when she goes off to college we can turn her room into a cat room. Everytime she comes and visits I'll add another one. Meow!.

So did he go to school?.


Sounds like a lovely morning planned. Enjoy! Are you a big country fan or just Tim McGRaw? Do you know Hal Ketchum? He's kinda my bf, but he doesn't know it!..

Comment #50

Hi Jodi~Generally, I listen to country or the 'light' station (this is more after work when I need just light background. But the concerts I go to are pretty much all country and I think it's been like SEVEN or EIGHT TIM why not go for a personal one, huh!?!?..

Comment #51

Thanks for the welcome guys. Nap time in daycare land and trying to get back on track.Sent my husband and dog out until 3:30,noone gets to stay home during nap time.This is not the best house to live in when you are unemployed. Told him to go for a loooong walk or ride. My daughter who also lives here (it was actually her dog that was hit last week) is unemployed as well. I offered to get liscenced for 10 children with her as an assistant but she said she would ratyher stick a hot poker in her eye.Oh well ,she stays out looking for a job until 5:30 when the kids all leave. My 30 yr old son also lives here but he found work (thank God) ,on his weekdays off he needs to get up by 10:and out as well.

Well thanks again for the welcome ,I plan to finish what I started. Nan..

Comment #52

Good Morning Melters! Yesterday, I successfully drank 64 oz. of water, recorded all my food, and exercised for 40 minutes at home. I went to the gym, but couldn't find a parking space and I had the "beast" (Ford F250 4X4 which is a monster truck and very difficult to park). So, I just drove home and put in a great Leslie Sansone toning DVD and worked my arms, butt and legs off! I refuse to go to the gym on Mondays anymore. Everyone goes because they have to work off their weekend, I guess. I even got there earlyaround 4:15 and it was still packed..


I read your post and remembered I hadn't recorded any food for the day and it is 11:00 a.m. so before I posted here I went to MyFood and got everything down through lunch. Then I came back to post! That's how "out of it" I am with posting my food. Just can't remember to do it. But I am committed to it this week. BTW, I weighed myself this morning and I am down one pound already!! Shows you what sticking to the plan can do for you.

Routine is so helpful for me to stay on plan. I love your new tag line, "I can either eat what I want or wear what I want, but I can't do both!" How true is that? I think all of us have proved that over and over and over again ... alright, already, we know it, now let's internalize it!.


They REALLY broke the springs in the couch? Wow! They were having way too much fun ...if there is such a thing as too much fun!.

How's it going with the kids school? Are they pretty much in the new place until .... who knows when? Are they sharing any plans with the parent still?.


Our husbands may be kindred spirits. My DH is responsible for all that kind of stuff. He is the spider slayer, the animal remover, the dog care taker. He has his jobs and I don't want to do them ... ever! Now, someone mentioned he might be a "top chef". Do not be fooled by the fact that he cooked dinner last night.

You don't want him as your chef on the desert island.

Good luck on your casting call for the extra in the movie in your area. I'm rooting for you and know that you have a very good possibility of getting selected!.


Boy-oh-boy, your yesterday was something you need to put behind you and "pretend" like it never happened! I am praying that God would pour out a financial blessing into your life today so that you will more than make up for yesterday! It's a dreary day here too, in LA. It's rainy and gloomy. Yesterday was just gloomy. We are supposed to have rain through tomorrow. Whoever said it never rains in California was a liar.



Love your Tim McGraw request! You better hope he brings his guitar. On second thought, maybe it's not his guitar that you'd be most interested in.

You must be a BIG FAN having gone to 7-8 concerts. That's what I would call a fan! I like country music as well and will tune into a CM station every once in awhile. Have you ever heard what happens if you play CM backwards? You get your car back, you get your wife back, you get your dog back, you get your ..... back!.


My-oh-my you have a house full! Personally, I think I would go crazy. Which is weird since I grew up in a house of 11 kids. But the older I get the more I love my space and my peace. Even when we had the one teenager living with us, it was almost too much for me. Thankfully, he went off to the Navy. Now we're empty nesters again and lovin' it! Do you have only one child for childcare right now with hoping to get nine more? Ten kids seems like an awful lot to handle.

But, if it was all I had to make a living, I might rethink it so that I could earn my own way..


Medifast food on a desert island ... NO WAY!!!! I'm with Pamela. She and I will share that hot gourmet chef. Sure you don't want to reconsider? Hope you're having a great day today. Is it raining in NY today? What plans do you have for the day?.




1. Record your food.

2. Get in your excerise.

3. Drink your water!!..

Comment #53

Bought a rug and moved furniture over and over again to get it in right but still going to the gym.

Downloading the pictures of it as we speak ... that should get Renie out of hiding ... she loves pictures..

Comment #54

Hello Melters..


Thanks for the prayers...they worked. I had a wonderful day today. All the way around it was good..


, loved the moving the furniture back and forth...I do that also..

How is Trevor feeling??.


, Tim Mcgraw, huh?? LOL I know he can sing....but can he cook???.


Have you tried Vitamin B drops?? Them plus the B-100 tabs keep me going like a energizer bunny..


, a comfy that sounds like a good idea out there on that deserted island, especially with a hunky Chef and Tim Mcgraw there!!.

Hello again.


, I have got to go cheack out your page and befriend you...if we havn't allready!!!.


, where are you today??? Are you somewhere with.


!! Miss you two..

Speaking of missing....where has.


Been??? Anyone know..?? And.


.and birthday.


.....I havn't seen her awhile also. And.


Was back...she sent me an e-mailbut I have not seen her since.I guess I better start my stalking...LOL.

OK, TTFN....

Comment #55

Jo - Sooooo happy and thankful to hear that your day was super today! God is good ... all the time!.

I think it is time to start stalking. I sent Pamela-BEB a PM but never heard back from her, so I'm not sure what's happening. And, you're right ... Where's Marie??? Where's Denise??? Where's Renie??? Where's Michele???.


Comment #56

Pamela - Wish I could move the furniture over and over again, but the house is too small to find many ways to arrange the furniture! And with pictures on the walls ... well, just don't want to rehang pictures and patch nail holes. Soooo, the furniture stays in it's place until we do something "drastic"!.

I bet it looks great and that you have a good eye for where things should go because you are so creative. Can't wait to see the pics. XXOO Judy..

Comment #57

I'm here Im here I'm here!!!! Was so busy today Id idnt have a chance to post until just now - not the way I like it.

I hope Trevor is feeling better Pamela and you better let us know what movie you are in so we can see your little fifteen minutes of fame! Or will it be more like 15 seconds? Whatever = would love to see you on the BIG Screen!.

Amanda - the week is almost done how are you faring without hubby?? I promise it gets easier with each kid..

Jodi - my cats go in the basement at nite - I have to tape the cat door bc they figured out how to unlock it and put a garbage can in front which sometimes if they are really industrious they can move as well! No way am I going to be woken up at 2 by my kitty June wanting to be fed..

SO we went to the new school today to visit. It's an elementary school which is now vacant bc of lack of enrollment. Huge, clean and close by. Perfect solution and kids move in on Monday so no more sharing the high school. They are using the school move as a diversion bc there is still no news as to what is sickening the staff????.

Ladies Im going off line and off to relax a bit before bed..

Have a wonderful evening.


Comment #58


Glad to here they are settling this situation finally! Now you can breathe knowing that the kiddies can!.

Yeah it's really redic what was going on last night,, As much as I'd like to think it's lovin he wants, he wants what comes in a can Smart Michelle. Pretty funny that you have to baracade them in there. Smart kitties..


New surroundings are fun! House must be looking great..


Yep you are a fan. iI've never seen hin before but I do like alot of his songs. Hard pressed to get a country station in New yORK these days.....

Comment #59


It is those type of statements as I added to my signature that I'm going to ingrain in my brain to help keep me in check. It is not going to magically happen, so I need to steer this ship..


There is a vitamin store like three blocks from me. I am going to see if they have those drops...what do you drop them in? I caught a cold, and feel like crap, so it will help with that too. I can only swallow small pills and vitamins tend to be horsey!.

I'm so happy today was a better day for you.

Renieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I'm getting a bit worried! Melters, come out, come out whereever you are, you are all missed!..

Comment #60

Good Morning Melters....

Need to finish work-out, jog and bbl,.


Comment #61

Morning ladies - Work it JO!.

No gym this am - my day off. Stupid me started running back to the house after I got the girls on the bus - no running for a while for this footie..

Just got Jordan up and dressed and will have to send him to school with his breakfast - off I go..

Oh and Jodi my cats got out of the basement last nite.....meow meow - they wanted to show me who is boss after me bragging about how I have to barricade them for a good nites sleep..


Comment #62

Morning Melters.

Jo, you are very dedicated to your exercise. Bravo! I also like your new ticker!.

Michele, aaahhh they are smart. They wanted to show you whose boss!.

I definitely have a head cold..feeling crappy. I wish I was home with a clean house instead of looking at the mess that awaits. Oh well that's the life I created...It's going to be a long day, but at least it's kinda sunny out.

See you all later...

Comment #63

Merry Melters!.

I have a little sun today not for long though. More rain, cold & wind coming rest of the week! wooohooo ugh :{ I do not like long unsunny days! I live in the wrong state...will have to work on that with my DH! lol.

Plan to visit my local newer Goodwill store today to give them all my huge clothes that I didn't give away in 2007 but I will this time around. I had a security blanket to fall back into and I did, sure as I am sitting here, go back to the same eating pattern as before..

I am having a harder time losing it this time so lesson learned...NO MORE of that kind of thinking!.

OK you are right about my 3 luxury picks but I never think in those terms. I am way too practical and usually the luxury goes to all others in my family not really me. Medifast is my luxury right now..

Thankx for reading and being here..

Happy Fall Day to you all! JodiNY..

Comment #64

Morning Melters!.

What a morning! Got laundry done, two work reports done, and library books gathered ready to head out for story time shortly. DH comes home today and I work this evening and then I am DONE for the week...well, besides work reports!.

How are you all doing with the challenge of logging your food?.

Jodi~Hope you get to feeling better and get over your cold...I have always said colds are the worst. They linger and just make you feel so worn out. Be sure to take it easy and put your blinders on to what needs to be done around the house!.

Jo~how are you? you are always in and out these days and on the must be busy. How are things with the family? Is your daughter doing better? I may have missed it, but how did DGD bday party go...did DIL behave herself?.

Renie~~what is going on? You haven't posted since Sunday...not like you at all. I hope it's cause you're busy and not because anything is wrong. Are you on gma duty all week?.

Catch up with ya later,.


Comment #65

I'm here too! I've been a good little melter this week and have managed to resist SEVERAL bad for you items in the work kitchen and today there is something else in there that everyone will be gathering around for and oohing and ahhing over. To make things worse, I sit right across from the kitchen.

JodiNY - I did the very same thing with sending clothes to goodwill. I have never done that in the past but I did this time there was about 200 items!!.

OK Melters! I really need to start exercising. Has anyone done a Couch to 5K before?? I downloaded a program but haven't started yet. I have a friend who ran her first half marathon and is coming in town at the end of February for another run and wants me to train now to get ready for my first 5K but I'm scared..

Comment #66

First time I have been able to access this site...well I did it!!!!I am on the movie set loving it!!!! Sometimes you just have to go for it!!!.

All junk food Here but I brought my bars. I am trying. I am on a mission,..

Comment #67


, that's alot of clothes! Must feel freeing?.

Exercise: Have you ever ran before? I think my HC mentioned it, but I'm not looking to any programs now. I know months ago there was a thread on the forum about training..

Feels good to see those clothes go doesn't it?.


There is no going back. I too have got rid of most of my clothes. That makes a statement in itself. We have to remember this is the last journey down this path, and remind ourselves by not leaving a clothes trail, lol. Yes!.

Least we had some sun peeking through today.


I have been taking it easy. I do have to get up out of my comfy chair and put some crap because we are having someone stop by tonight and I don't want to scare him too much!.

Sounds like end of the week will give you some down time which is good. Bet you are looking to get a break when DH comes home so it's not all on you..

How are you feeling? Gee I just remembered that horrible heartburn that comes with pregnancy! Hope you aren't getting it..

P.S. food log is coming along.


I totally understand running daycare from your home and needing silence and cooperation. You have your hands full over there!.

I made my beloved quiche cups with the COB Medifast soup. I had tons leftover from the summr, when it got too hot to be lighting the oven. I feel like I'm eating gourmet food. HA!.


Glad you are loving it and well prepared with your MF! Enjoy!..

Comment #68




Meow...~~~LOL Hope your day was great...and watch out for the foot!..

Comment #69




Yes, I loooove excercise. You can sort of say that I am addicted to it. Lifting, crunches, jogging, really makes me feel good all day when I start my day out with at least 1/2 hour excercise..

I dont have a new ticker though...Glad you like my ticker, but it has been the same one for quite awhile now...

I do hope your feeling better this afternoon. Head colds S U C K!!.

If I lived close I would come over and clean for you..


Comment #70



WTG on the giving away of lots of "too big" clothes. Never ever going back into them..!!! I am with you on the luxury...I never have any luxury in my life...I try to help others in my family though.

Happy Fall day back at you, cu later,..

Comment #71



Thanks for asking...the birthday party went well. I am glad I went. If you have Facebook I posted some pix in my "fun times in 2010" album. We got there at 2:30 and it started at noon. But as soon as we got there the food was ready (good timing, huh?) then Vittoria opened her gifts, then the cake was served. We didn't (dil and I) really talk much, but her mother was very nice to me.

Enjoy your evening with your hubby...

Comment #72




Glad you resisted the "bad" items. One day at a can do this!!! Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!.

I looked up the couch to 5K and thought that was a wonderful can do it. Go ahead and start and we will all be your cheerleaders. Like I said in a earlier post, I love excercising. You cant stop me now!!.

You go girl...

Comment #73


Glad to see you here today. I was begininng to are always here bright and early. Glad you decided to go for it and play the extra in the movie. Are there anyone there that you reconize as famous?>? Take Pictures please...TTFN..

Comment #74

OKY DOKY, I am melter posted out~~~.


Going to head on over to the Shamrock thread and see what's happening there....Later gators!..

Comment #75


So same ticker? Hmmmmm guess I have new eyes today! Your offer is very heartwarming thank you. It means alot....I would never let you of course, but I'd barter jewelry with you! I'm feeling better than this a.m. thank you. Still lousy though, I took it easy today..

Jo, your posts sound so upbeat!..

Comment #76

Afternoon Melters! Been a busy day at work so this is my first opportunity to post! I snuck a peak at the scale again this morning and I'm down again!.


I have been a faithful food logger this week so far..

As a matter of fact I don't "allow" myself to post on the boards until I first go into MyPlan and post my food! So I'm caught up for today. Still drinking 64 oz. of water and plan on a trip to the gym before the prayer meeting at church tonight..


So happy to hear the school thing is finally sorting itself out. Did they check the new school to make sure it was safe first??? Hope so! You must have very smart kitty kats if they were able to bypass your barriers. Our dogs sleep in the bedroom with us and generally don't bother us unless we sleep in too late, but my DH never stays in bed past 7am (unlike myself). Our one dog, Sadie, has gotten quite crafty about carefully getting on the bed each morning. She's allowed on the bed only in the morning, and I never feel her get on now. She lays right between my DH and me closer to my DH.


Jodi, you are going to HAVE to take the challenge over again and THIS TIME put in REAL luxury items for YOURSELF. Can you do it? I'd love to know what REAL LUXURY items you would select.

Great job on getting rid of all those old, fat clothes. May I make a suggestion (of course you don't have to do it)? Pick out maybe the best of the best and post those on the Clothing Exchange discussion board to share with others? There are many women coming up behind you who would love to have clothes to wear that they don't have to spend too much money on since they won't stay in them very long. You can ask people to pay for shipping and handling charges, but not for the clothes. I've posted lots of clothes there and given away just about everything..


START SLOW with your exericise/running. I would suggest you start with a good wallking program. Work up to a fast walk, and then add interval training where you walk for a block and then run a block, alternating throughout your work out. Also, for a 5K there's no rule that says you have to run a whole 5K you can simply walk the whole thing, walk/jog the whole thing or run the whole thing. Whatever you do, it will be an accomplishment.

One you can be proud of, but start slow and work your way into it so you don't end up with any injuries..


YEAH!!!!!! For you!!!!.

How so very exciting that you are in the big leagues now. I knew you'd make it. Can't wait to find out more details. You may also want to buy some Atkins shakes to keep on hand so you have variety and not just bars. A little cooler with ice should keep everything just perfect so you can keep OP and not worry about all the gnarly junk food that just wants to take you down!.


You may need to do what I asked JodiNY to do and think of REAL luxury items JUST FOR YOU! Can't remember what you posted to the three questions, but if they weren't real luxury items, go for it again! How's work going? It's good to be busy, huh? How's your DD doing? Progressing well? Feeling better?.


Hope you feel better soon! I'm in town this week and then out to KC all next week. Fly to KC on Monday and then a two-day workshop followed by a one-day consultant meeting and then fly home on Friday. I've seen the lunch menu plan and know that I can select items that will keep me on track. I'll bring bars with me to supplement during the day. I might even bring some shakes because I could have a fridge in my room..

Rainy day here today in not-so-sunny Southern Cal, but it should be sunny tomorrow and through the weekend..


1. Drink your water.

2. Log your food.

3. Exercise your body.

Have a blessed day, XXOO Judy..

Comment #77

I stalked Renie...........she asked me to let you guys know that she needed to go out of town, she is fine......


You did your homework girl! That is why you have been traveling and being so successful on MF, when others would say I can't do this. My hat is off to you!.

I used to take Zicam, but they pulled some of their products off of the market so I don't feel like rolling the dice on that one. Ever here of Emergency? DD teacher recommended it.......

Comment #78

Hello my lovelies ....

I am exhausted from yep Jodi you were right a lot of sitting around BUT.

I LOVED IT!!!!! I learned so much and want to go back soon ... I made lots of contacts and really want to pursue it ... I promise I will write more tomorrow ... I need to decompress....

Sitting in a bar all day is tiring..

Comment #79


You had such an exciting day! Aaaaah you do know how to make the most out of life.

Sweet dreams zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

Comment #80

Hi all! Nite all! LOL.

Will post in the am. too zonked now........


Comment #81

Jodi - Thank you for stalking Renie ... I'm sure we'll hear from her soon.

It's spelled Emergen C (if I'm not mistaken). Read the label for sugar content, though. The biggest problem with all that stuff is the sugar content. Since you are in transition, though, you may be somewhat okay taking it ... just be sure to read labels and try to select the lowest one in sugar (without aspartame or HFCS, of course!). XXOO Judy..

Comment #82

Another successful day behind me. Had a non-fat latte for dinner.

Didn't intend for that to be dinner, but I worked out (30 minutes of weights), then stopped by Peet's Coffee because a non-fat latte sounded too good to pass up, and then went off to my prayer meeting. Forgot to bring a bar in with me, so went until 9:30 before I had that final meal of the day. The latte satiated me so much I just didn't care about eating.

BTW got 15 minutes of aerobics in at our prayer meeting because we broke out in dancewas a raucous time.

Great evening all around. Sweet dreams to all .... Zzzzzzzz from me. XXOO Judy..

Comment #83

So today already my head is spinning in all different directions! Movies and acting has always been my dream but I was afraid to go for it because I was not good enough ....

Well yesterday taught me that there are people of all walks of life doing it and if they can do it ~ I can do it too!!!! It is loooooong hours and time away but I have my family support! Gotta teach my kids by example to live out their passions right?.

Gotta go wake Trevor up ~ poor kid still has the cough thing going ......

Comment #84

Good Morning gals!.

Judy your posts always make me smile.

Love the idea of a raucous prayer meeting with dancing..

Morning Jo and Pamela! Busy day ahead?.

Pamela who is in the movie? What is it.....revenge of the walking dead? Are you a zombie or just sitting in a coffee house pretending to sip coffee...until a zombie comes by and you are suddenly surrounded by a whole group of undead and you have to scream bloody murder.....HEY DO THEY HAVE ROOM FOR ONE MORE? I wanna be in it too!.

Dreary day here and I think it has actually gotten darker since I got the girls on the bus. My little munchkin is still sleeping so the quiet is precious. Once cup of coffee down..

Meeting some girlsfriends fro coffee later....I was tempted to cancel and just curl up and brood but I know that when I am feeling this way the best thing for me is to get out..

Tonite I have my first choir practice at the temple and I guess I will decide if I want to commit to it...hip hop is still calling my name..

Off for more coffee..


Comment #85

Michele - it starred Brandon Routh (superman) and Courtney Ford but meeting the all the usual "extra's" was fun and informative. It was a bar scene so you had to pretend to be in a bar havign a great time on a Thursday night... I was paired up with a guy one time, then alone then with the young bouncer. We also had to walk in front of the camera to provide background action for the scene ... the movie is called Missing William ... I gotta go look it up!.

Off to work and then fitting in yoga at noon I hope.....

Comment #86

Morning all! I kept reading about you Pamela and your movie and kept thinking what the heck did I miss. Glad you mentioned the name some background as to what you are doing - that's pretty cool. Judy - thanks for the GREAT advice regarding the 5k. I'm signing up for sure and will take your advice as to starting slowly. All of you are so great here...

Comment #87

SOunds great Pamela!.

Morning Marie!.

No 5 k's for me in my future....fact is I dont know that I can resume running anytime soon given the foot and chronic back problems. Did something to my back yesterday at work with my first kid - must have been when I was flinging him onto bean bag mats.

- so no gym today and lots and lots of Advil -ouch..

Off to start the day..

Enjoy all!.


Comment #88

He went to my high school!!!! He was a year behind my sister and two years ahead of me! Pretty cool, huh?!..

Comment #89

Morning Flyby.

Feeling better than yesteday. I'm going to go out and do a few errands....more shout outs later..


You did great yesterday, even snuck in exercise at your meeting, how cool is that!.

I'm not in transition yet. I still have a few more pounds so I'm at 5/1..


Now your back is bothering you too? Oye, that's not good.....good that you pushed yourself out on this dreary day. Your a smart lady that knows what's for her own good..

Did you see yesterday's episode of What's Eating You? Very powerful..

Okay see you all later!..

Comment #90


There is an exact team/group/thread going on with that program you mentioned. I saw it yesterday so there you go!.

Unfortunately I went to do my errands without my license, no money. Oh well that was productive!..

Comment #91

Testing, testing...I have tried posting two times this AM, one of which had shout outs for all of you....does this go through?!..

Comment #92

Hi all! how cool Amanda - you knew a future celebrity. I can say that my high school did not produce any well known actors but I was very good friends with Joy Bauer's husband and his brother Jason who married the owner of Crumbs bakery. Not nearly as exciting as an actor I must say!.

No purse huh Jodi....hate when that happens bc we are always in a rush to get it done!.

Glad I went out with my girlsfriends. Feeling much better now tho think I may actually need the chiro's decompression table after almost a year without. Bummer..

Off to take Jordie to karate..


Comment #93

Oh and jJodi I dvr'd the show and will try to watch it tonite..


Comment #94

JoBeth - Thanks! I just now saw the C25K thread!!..

Comment #95

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.