Is it possible to lose 15lbs in 2 months on the Medifast Diet?

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Quick question: Is it possible to lose 15lbs in 2 months on the Medifast Diet? Hoping for any response. Another question on my mind: Good Morning Oct-OP'ers!!! Hope you all found the new thread ok!.

Jilly...glad tohear the baby's doing better! Teething is so not fun!!.

Jenn...sorry you're not feeling well! Just be careful with the cough syrup...lotsa sugar! Maybe DayQuil Liqua-gels?. are one funny dude!!! I felt bad after I called you our token male...didn't mean to sound derogatory!! How about "Honorary Male"? Has a nice ring to it!!.

Little Man is doing so much better...until I come at him with the eye ointment!! I know for sure I got it on his eyelashes, but in his eye...not so much!! He sees the MD this afternoon, hoping he's healing up **fingers crossed**..

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Of course! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm my answer as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Medifast guys because they can help better...

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Hello again! Sorry I've been such a stranger...things are a bit crazy at work, and thanks to Medifast we are on a pretty rigid schedule at home in the evenings now...but I've got a minute to here is my update!.

I'm starting Day 3 today and I actually feel GREAT...I had the "headache" on Tuesday and def felt a little irritable yesterday, but today I'm actually feeling pretty good...not sure if it's the change in my diet or the fact that I'm actually getting a good nights

I posted a longer post on the Medifast Connections board, but I weighed in this morning just for curiosity and I'm already down 4lbs...I'm completely aware that it is probably all water weight, but WOW.

Still makes me want to stay 100%OP and kick obesity's ***!.

Conrad, I think it's quite noble of you to be brave enough to join all us women...weight loss is such a sensitive subject with women that most men are TERRIFIED to talk about I commend you! Yay!.

Heather: I hope little man's doc appt today goes trick I learned with eye ointment in little ones is that if you get it in the corner of their eye (close to the bridge of their nose) even with their eye closed when they open it and start blinking it normally works it's way into their eye....

Jilly: Teething can be such a nightmare...I felt so helpless when my kiddos did it...but I ditto the recommendation for the teething tablets...Hyland's is a great brand sold at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc...they are so teensy tiny and dissolve almost immediately (I was hesitant at first giving my 6month old a "tablet" but then I tried them first and they dissolve QUICK...especially if you put it under their tongue)....

Kat: Can you PM the banner code? I'd love to brag that I'm an Oct OP'er!!.

Or if you want to post it in reply, just put an * next to the [IMG*]..

Comment #2

Hi Danielle!.

Here is the link to the banner. Just stick it in the code (you can right click on the banner and just choose copy URL).


We do have the teething tablets. Sometimes they help and sometimes not. Usually a few minutes later and she's screaming at me again when it's really bad. She is a very high willed, high spirited baby. Day 2 in the hospital me and DH looked at each other and were like, we are sooo in trouble with this girl. But we love her to pieces! She just never went through any of those quiet periods as newborn, people kept telling me about, LOL..

Now though she's so happy and active, oh it's so much fun! I'm glad the colicky periods are behind us. When they would happen, all I wanted to do was stuff my face!..

Comment #3

Well, today was weigh in and I was thrilled...check out my dolphin now!!! LOL...Congrats to Jilly as well... don't you feel great about this program???.

Thanks Heather for the new thread!!! And welcome Danielle, if I haven't already said it!! Hey Conrad, which do you prefer, Token Dude or Honorary Man. If I had a vote it would be Token Dude, TD, now you can boast that YOU ARE THE MAN!!!.

Have a great day everyone!!! Will be back later!!!..

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I felt the need to add, my 174.2 wt was 3 days prior to starting the program. It is when I began eating only lean and green and sugar-free, fat-free pudding LOL to get used to the program. So, that is really a 10-day span. For me it is my actual start wt. because it was the day I got SERIOUS about really losing my excess baggage once and for all!!!..

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10.8lbs/10 days = 1lb a day loss! That is AWESOME Willow!! Already such an inspiration!! Keep up the great work.

Jill - for some reason it doesn't give me the option to copy the URL...just says Copy and when I try to paste it, nothing shows up...hmm.....

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Good morning Willow and Danielle!!!.

Willow...WOO HOO lady!! Nice weigh-in!! You're doing awesome!!! I love the sizeable losses in the beginning...really helps you (me) stay motivated!!!.

Danielle...thank you for the advice with the eye goop! I will def. try that tonight! I feel like I'm torturing the poor boy.

Jilly...awesome 1st week girlie!! (Sorry I forgot to post that earlier) I'm feeling good losses for us all.

How old is the baby? I miss mine being busy now!!.

So...we have our 15 year class reunion this weekend and I'm getting very nervous! Stupid, I know...most of the people going I've stayed in touch with (mostly Facebook) but I'm so judge-y of myself, I always assume everyone else is too.

**deep breath** At least I'm married to my high school sweetheart, so ha already knows how I look..

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Hmm, well here is what I have in my signature: (minus the * marks).


Comment #8

Thanks Willow! That is a great loss for you! Is that how much you lost in 10 days? Holy Smokes! I started a few days before my shipment got here too by using GNC protein shakes, but they left me hungry. Not enough carbs. Only 4g per serving. I lost two pounds in that period, my weight then was about 232. I have been losing weight since March, but I used my Medifast start weight so not to look like a Medifast rockstar or anything, LOL..

HeatherBaby E, as we affectionately call her, is 9 months old! 9 months and 11 days to be exact! LOL. I can't believe how close her first birthday is getting!.

That is so sweet that you married your high school sweetheart! I always said I wouldn't go and meet anyone from high school unless I got back to my HS weight of like 160 pounds. I remember thinking how fat I was. I wish I could slap HS Jillybug...LOL..

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10 pound loss wow Willow thats awesome!!.

Heather, wow you married your HS sweetheart, thats awesome! AND still together even much more awesome!! I TOO, am a Facebook fanatic!! I access thru my phone alllll day!.

MF on my friends list too....

I am waiting for a reunion for my HS we havent had one yet....

Hope the DR's goes well today, thanks for posting the first thread.

Good Morning all..

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Hey! Had my first Weigh in today! I lost 4 lbs my first week! Yea Me! I got my flu shot yesterday and I don't know if it was the shot or jus tme, but I was SO TIRED yesterday evening! I've had SO MUCH energy since I started dieting, but yesterday after work, I just just pooped! I ate my lean & green and took a 2 hr nap & was still just zapped. I ate my evening snack and drank a couple bottles of water and felt a little better just before midnight. Of course only getting 5.5 hours sleep a night may be part of it! LOL..

Comment #11

How do you guys do your ticker??? I'm gonna try......

Comment #12

Okay, here is my newest one: with my 4 lbs lost!!! Yea me!!!..

Comment #13

Cute ticker, Halo! And congrats on the weight loss!.

My Medifast order is here, my Medifast order is here! I'm so excited. I'm having chicken noodle soup for lunch!..

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Thank you for the warm welcome all! <3.

Toni - Thanks for starting the thread.

Conrad - Thank you for the directions, they were very good (I found my way back)!.

Kat - SOY PROTEIN! No wonder it was so early!!! (I'll stop there for Conrads sake) Good job keeping OP! In no time those cravings will be gone!.

Jennifer is in the zone! Great job at lunch(es) girl!.

It's funny I'm reading about the adventures in scale land yesterday... I almost had to throw myself down the stairs this morning to get myself away from it! I know I'd be disappointed at tomorrow's WI if I weighed today..

Jillybug - 6 pounds! Awesome! You know, you weigh less in the morning.

Halobabe99 - 4 pounds! Wohoo!.

Looks like I'm going to have to check in more often... I feel so far behind!.

Kat wanted to know about me... I'm not too good at advertising myself, but here goes..

I'm turning 30 in 13 days! Who's freaking out? Not me! LOL.

I grew up in Michigan in a tiny town for about 2500 people and now live in Metro Wisconsin among almost 2 million people. Culture shock to say the least!.

I am also married to my highschool sweetheart and we share our birthday, but he is 2 year older (almost to the minute)..

We have a beautiful (read: trying) 3 1/2 year old daughter..

I work in tax preparing 1099's, trust tax returns, and some 1040's..

I play piano and love almost all music save heavy metal..

That's me in a nutshell.

Whew! Long post, must get back to work!.

Hope you all have a great day!..

Comment #15

Hey luvs.

Just checking in real quick I will catch up and go into detail later..

Just want to wish everyone a GREAT OP Thursday!.

I see we are also officially the Oct-Op'ers now..

Here is the code for those who want the banner.


Just take out the 2 ** asterisks in the front and back..

Comment #16

Hey Heather & Jilly,.

As a Mom of 5the easiest way to put drops in kids eyes is to have them lay flat and have them close their eyes....then put the drops at the inside edge of their eyes (make a puddle), then just open and shut their eyelids up and down and it goes right in! Of course, you can make a game of it...and make it fun. My kids still have me do it that way...oldest is 28 youngest is 11. Good Luck!..

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Hey guys...can I just say WOW!?! After everything I had read on the boards, I won't lie, I was a bit scared to try the scrambled eggs...but I mixed them with 1/2C of chicken broth and HOLY COW!! They were GREATTT!!!!.

I'm not a really big egg person, so the fact that they don't taste very "eggy" was wonderful...and the chicken broth made them so tasty...I will most def be ordering more in the future!!.

Now, I'm off to warm up my Beef Vegetable Stew (which I've been soaking in beef broth since last night!)..

Comment #18

Danielle, You may want to add some broth to the stew as well as seasoning to make it taste good..

Dmgrulke, That is awesome you too are married to your sweetheart..

I am married to my sweetheart too, for 9 years now.

I ALSO LOVE ROCK! woo hoo!!.

May need to lean on you come tax time!!.

I also think it's cool you lived in a small town. Ive always wanted to raise a family in one, but Im in one of the worse cities LAS VEGAS!! I hate it here!!!!..

Comment #19

Hello Everyone! I would love to join your group. I did re-start on 9/28/10 but hopefully that's close enough to October.

My name is Julie and I am recommitting to getting to my goal. I started Medifast for the second time in March and lost about 30 lbs before becoming ill in May (bad bad bad cold). It was all downhill from there. I did Medifast before starting back on Medifast (was nursing at the time) at my highest weight of 254.6.

It's amazing that, in the first two weeks of MF, I lost more weight than on WW in three months!! I *love* MF!!.

I'm happy to see there are some other moms of small children on this board. I have a 14 month old daughter, Jordyn. Anyway, I'm happy to have found you all and look forward to getting to know everyone!..

Comment #20

Welcome Julie, I love the name Jordyn.

Glad you joined our group, WE CAN DO THIS together!..

Comment #21

Hi Julie! Welcome to the group!.

Having a good day here. I had my chicken soup for lunch and it was really filling! Made quite a big bowl too. I ate it with a small spoon while my DD ate her mashed bananas. It's nice to be able to enjoy a real 'lunch' again..

I have a sore throat today.

Anyone have any tips for staying healthy on MF? I often get sick when I start a new 'diet' but I really don't want to this time. I had some tea and took a vitamin just incase, lol. I just don't want to get run down...

Comment #22

Hi Julie!! Welcome to the group...I also have a 14 month old daughter! Her name is Kennedy and she was born on 7 Aug.

(I have 2 boys too, Cameron is 6 and Keegan is 4).

Toni - I let my beef stew soak in beef broth over was sooo good and far I haven't been disappointed by the soups....

Jilly - I def recommend the vitamin and maybe some Echinacea...just to help your immune system...your body is just working so hard to burn fat now, it doesn't have the same "strength" to fight sickness...also, as a condiment you can sip on 1C of warm chicken broth/bouillon...that may soothe your throat a little...hope you get to feeling better! Also, I saw another poster mention taking tablets/gel caps as opposed to liquid meds...they normally have a lot of sugar in them!..

Comment #23

Hi Guys! I chimed in on the first day, but haven't found you guys since. I'm happy to have found you again! It's likely that I'm just a technical dolt when it comes to message boards.

Danielle, I tried the eggs this morning for the first time too!! They were great! I'm going to have to add some to my next order for sure. I didn't make mine with broth, but I did let the mixture soak for 30 mins before I made them. I also cooked them on the stove instead of the microwave. Totally fab..

You guys are all so cutemarried to your HS sweethearts. Awwww! Unfortunately, I didn't meet my sweetheart until after HS and after marrying the most evil man in the world, but 2nd times the charm! We've been together 10 years this year!.

I will figure out how make my signature work one of these days and add that fancy banner..

First week weigh in tomorrow!! I'm excited!.

Have a great day, all!..

Comment #24

Just checking in real quick to say hi! I found the new thread! I feel so far behind too and I just last checked in last night LOL. I am married to someone from high school but not my high school sweetheart. We knew of each other in high school but we weren't really good friends. Then hubby contacted me through 10 years later. We lived in two different cities and I drove 2 hours to see him and we have been together ever since. A lot of driving back and forth for awhile but it all worked out in the end..

I have had a great so far. I feel I can start exercising now but not sure if I should wait 2 more weeks or not. I hope everyone has a great rest of the day! I'll check in later!..

Comment #25

I just tried my first chicken noodle soup for lunch-YUM-YUM! Then a Dutch Choc Shake for afternoonmade it at lunch then put it in the freezerkept checking on it and shaking it and it was FAB!!! The consistency was just like a real shake! I AM finding however the sweet things aren't as good until I add a packet of Equal to itwhich makes it much more palatable. Is that terrible???..

Comment #26

Heather - Ohh, don't worry about it I'm definitaly not offended. Nice to hear he is doing better today and I hope your trip to the doc later is a positive one!.

Jilly - TD? I laughed so hard! hahah.

Danielle - Down 4 lbs in 3 days? Very nice! Weight is a sensitive subject if you let it be and I know finding a group you can feel comfortable with will be very important along the journey, so I'm glad I found all of you! I've come to take most opinions about the Medifast food with a grain of salt, I've seen many horror stories on the boards so I've put a couple things off, but when I tried them I loved them! I think oatmeal is great but I've seen tons of people say never try it. The eggs are fantastic just out of the package, but I love adding a little Frank's Red Hot to them, so delicious! I should try using broth, great idea!.

Willow - Congrats on the progress you're doing fantastic! Both are hilarious I don't really have a preference. TD did almost make me choke on my peach oatmeal (which I think is my fav oatmeal) when I read it I was laughing so hard..

Halobabe - There have been many studies related to sleep and weight gain, both pro and con, however I know that me personally functions better if I get 6-7, any less or more and I get drowsy and need to take a nap. Also, 4 pounds down, way to go!.

Dmgrulke - Happy I could help. Also nice to meet you! I'm from a similar sized metro area (2 million), and I couldn't imagine being in a smaller or bigger city, just feels about right to me..

Julie - Welcome! Glad to hear you've gotten over your illness and you're getting back to some YOU time. 10 pounds in two weeks is amazing keep up the good work!.

Soxley - Glad you found us again! You can subscribe to the thread by going to Thread Tools at the top and scrolling to the bottom (which could help, but if we are making a new thread weekly that could prove tricky) or you could also click on your own name above your picture and a dropdown menu shows up, the bottom option is to find more posts and it will take you to a page of posts that you have done and you can scroll down until you find the thread (topic) you're looking for!.

Sandy - Funny how things usually work out in the end! You know your body better than anyone so you would be a better judge on your energy level and if you can start exercising again. However if you do start just keep it simple and gauge how you are rather than jumping in and injuring yourself, because then that would set you back even more. Hope you find a happy medium...

Comment #27 who are all our Friday weighers?.

I'm an "official" Tuesday weigher since that is when I started the program...but I weigh every morning...creature of habit.....

Comment #28

Uh Hi Conrad.....

You havent said hello to me for a few days!! Running today??..

Comment #29

Sandy- I see in your siggy you would like a butterfly tatt...

Ive got one as well as a dolphin ;0) Do you have any idea of how you would like yours?..

Comment #30

Toni - ahhhh, I thought I said something to you! haha, I was going to ask what type of rock you like and what some of your favorite bands were. I've been slightly lazy this week after my monday night adventures in basketball and my leg was hurting a bit so I was taking it slow. On monday I'm going to load up my c25k app and do week 1 workout 1 in the morning, and if I'm feeling up for it, hit the weekly monday night basketball night with my buddies..

Danielle - I'm a Friday weigher (started on a friday) and tommorow will be the end of week 2..

I weighed last weekend twice and then I hid my scale so I don't psyche myself out and as soon as I know tomorrow all of you will as well! I've been OP since I've started, drink over 160 oz of pure water a day (not including calorie burn infusers, seen it mentioned multiple times to drink half your weight in oz, so trying it out), don't have any snacks (haven't felt hunger), and rarely even use my 3 condiment allotment daily so I'm hoping my WI reflects that..

Even if it doesn't I know that I'm following plan, and that is working for everyone else so I'm going to stick to it and let it work for me, regardless of how long it takes...

Comment #31

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I am an official Sunday weigher but also weigh myself pretty much everyday and log my weight on Wednesdays too. But I use the Sunday weight as my "official" weight..

What's everyone having for their L & G?? I have made the cauliflower pizza crusts and am having one tonight. They are SO good!.

Danielle - Jordyn was born on July 31! They are very close in age.

I'm wondering if anyone has thought about starting a challenge for our group? Like a Holiday weight challenge...Something like that. It might be fun...

Comment #32


10.8lbs gone forever! Way to go!.


Woo hoo! now on to day 4! It just gets easier and easier. Everyone is different and your taste really does change. I found out that my taste has already changed in as lil as a 1 1/2 weeks I dared myself to try another bowl of chili and it was better still not my favorite but alot better.


4lbs skinnier! Nice start! I'm debating on if I want to get the flu shot or not. The year before last when I got the flu shot I swear it gave me the flu. LoL.


Oh how I would love to play the piano! I have no musical talent whatsoever and most of my family does! If you do find some time to catch up on the old thread there is some bios about us. We got amazing people in this group!.


Welcome to the group! Glad to hear you are feeling better and ready to get back OP.


I hope you feel better soon. Sounds like your Medifast chicken noodle came in just in time.

Danielle is completely right about preventing a cold with Echinacea and Zinc if I start feeling sick I take them and flush it out my system with water. You have to catch it at the first sign tho..


Welcome Back! Good luck with your WI.


I feel ready to exercise too but I'm going to try and go by the book and wait. I completely miss my aqua zumba & cardio splash classes tho..

Heather, dmgrulke, Toni,.

Sooooo sweet that you guys found "the one" in high school. You don't see that to much nowadays..


Our Tooooken Duuuuude! aka TD LoL If you want a banner I can do it.

Sounds like your ready to do it big next week! Way to go! Good luck on your WI!.

I was going to try to attempt to make the green bean lasagna tonight but I think I'll save it for another time. I'm not to hungry so I'm going to settle for a tuna salad tonight..

I had mentioned challenges before and we were going to start it with our new weekly thread. Lets all put our heads together and think of a challenge to start on Monday?.

I was thinking of a water challenge? Something easy for the first week because I have a feeling we are going to be getting more newbies to the group and it'll be easy enough for them to join in on it if they like. Thats just my idea tho so c'mon y'all let me hear yours?..

Comment #33

Hi!! I can't believe it's 9:30 already...where did the day go?!?!?! sigh.....

DS's Dr's appt went very well...looks as if his cornea is already healed!!! (PTL!!) 3 more days of eye ointment though..hmmpf Thank you all for your thoughts and concerns!!.

Looks like our little family keeps growing! Yay!! Welcome to all of our new faces.

Had a small in the OP road today...I'll spare you the details, but I can't believe how guilty I feel.

But, I'm putting on my big girl panties and gettin' over it!!!..

Comment #34


So glad to hear lil man is healed up!.

Before you know it ointment days will be over. Just keep pushin and get right back OP girl!! I heard dwelling can lead to a harder fall off the wagon..

Any ideas for our challenge??..

Comment #35

Thanks all for your support around my wt. loss!!! And, welcome all newbies!! Good luck to all weighing in tomorrow!!! Just remember, no matter what, stay OP!!! I thought we had a challenge of 20 pounds by Thanksgiving going on... no??? I would love any kind of challenge and for now I am doing the 20 by T-Day and will just add on whatever is chosen!! Have a great rest of your evening and an awesome, OP, tomorrow!!! Nite all!!..

Comment #36

That's my attempt at our banner on the bottom of my post... LOL... any help would be greatly appreciated.....

Comment #37


Try this code...delete the 4 **** asterisks before and after IMG and it should work.


Comment #38

Good Morning!!.















Looking forward to "Reunion Weekend"!! We're going to a football game tonight...I'll probably get all sappy and teary-eyed! I'm really looking forward to seeing some old friends again!! Then we're having a BBQ at the beach tomorrow...that will be a challenge! I'm sure my "frugal" husband will remind me just how much we paid for the BBQ tickets and expect me to eat accordingly.

Que cera....

Team challenge...I think starting out with a water challenge would be good! Since we're *technically* not supposed to be exercising yet, maybe we could just start with something easy. And.


Mentioned the 20 lbs by Turkey day...I guess anyone can set that as a goal...just ideas..

Comment #39

Hi, everyone! I thought I would join you here, as I just started the program yesterday. I'm a 46 year-old mom of a teenager. I've been overweight to varying degrees ever since I hit puberty. I've been on so many diets/plans before that I can't even remember them all. For the past 15 years, though, I just haven't been able to get motivated to even try to lose weight, as I've failed so many times in the past. However, in 2003 I was diagnosed as a Type 2 diabetic and had to go on oral meds.

In the beginning I was doing a pretty good job of managing it, but as the years have gone by my numbers have begun to creep up. When I had my annual check up back in August, my A1C number had gone up to a level that made the doctor put me on even more medication, and I've decided enough is enough. It's ridiculous to kill myself over food. So here I am. I've been on this diet for one day and I've already had one success - my fasting blood sugar has been running at around 170.

Still not ideal, but soooo much better!.

I'm so happy to be here and am learning so much on these boards. It's fun to read about people's successes on this program - it gives me hope!..

Comment #40

Welcome Tabgar!!! We're happy to have you here!!! Congrats on making the step to change your health!!! Sounds like you're seeing it work already!!! WTG!!!..

Comment #41

Hi Tabgar, welcome.

I'm not diabetic, but when I was pregnant was treated for gestitional diabetes and it definately was no fun. I remember the struggles in the morning and getting my AC1 number tested. I think Medifast helps the blood sugar stablize ALOT even for those that don't have diabetes. I imagine you'll see great things!.

Feeling sick this morning but not as bad as I was overnight. Of course it always feels worse in the middle of the night when you're getting up with baby, lol. Right now I am feeling a bit weak and lethargic, so I'm sipping on tea. This afternoon I might switch to chicken broth..

A water challenge sounds good to me in addition to the 20 by turkey day that I'm doing! Of course that might not be dooable for everyone, depending on what their starting weight is so maybe it'd be good to set a target date and have each person set their own goal?.

I am really doing my darnest to stay OP!!..

Comment #42

Hi everybody. Good morning. Today is my weigh in day. I am soooo happy. I lost 7.2 lbs.

Not posting much as I cannot shake this evil cold. Actually think itmight be flu since I was running a fever all night..

I'm good w the water challenge. My own personal challenges are to lose 10 lbs by 10/30. Need to go to my best friends sons bar mitzvah up north. Then to lose 20 lbs by Thanksgiving. We will be travelling then and I'm really not sure how I'll deal w that but would appreciate any helpful suggestions. We'll be in Hong Kong - land of custard buns, rice and noodles.

Excited about trip but equally excited about looking like a normal person again..

Hope everyone is doing well. I like posting here- feels like a place to check in. I've never told anyone what I really weigh, but here everyones in the same boat so it's easy to be truthful..


Comment #43

Welcome tabgar!! I think you are going to love Medifast and with the support of our little group, you will have the determination to push through.

For the challenge, I think the water one is a good one...and instead of 20lbs by Turkey day what if it was like 5% of your current weight or something...that way it kinda fits in for everyone...or maybe even 10%...(kind of a Biggest Loser type thing)....

Hope everyone has a GREAT Friday!!.

On a side note...I realized this morning as I was putting my planned food in for today that I made a oopsie yesterday...I only had 2 cups of spinach leaves for my green and was supposed to have 3...and I used 1tsp of Olive Oil with my salad and I wasn't supposed to use a healthy fat...I didn't realize there was a difference in MSF Vegan Grillers (Leanest) and MSF Original Grillers (Lean)...but ah live and you learn right?.


Congrats on the loss Jennifer!! That is AMAZING!! I can't wait till I weigh in on Tuesday!!!!!!..

Comment #44

10% might be good for turkey day, as 5% might not be as 'reaching for the stars' in the terms of challenging challenges. That would change my goal to 23 lbs by Thanksgiving! EEP! LOL.

You are right, Danielley!, Live and learn. Last night I didn't finish all my greens and this morning at 5AM I think I was really paying for it because I was really queasy, or maybe it's just because I'm sick. Still though, I'm gonna try really hard to eat everything. It's just hard to eat when you're feeling under the weather..

I just had my midmorning oatmeal. OMG. Has the portion size always been that good? It took about a half hour to finish it! I soaked it for awhile and then added more water so it wouldn't be so pastey, and when done I had a pretty big bowl worth! Baby Eva was looking like she wanted it, LOL, but I choked it back without letting her taste it..

If anyone is feeling hungry, I def recommend having the oatmeal. It's really filling!.

Jennifer, congrats on your weight loss! That is AWESOME! What a headstart.

It is nice to feel welcome and part of a group. I like that about it here. On WW forums, there are sooo many people, I would always feel lost in the crowd, so I would never go. It made me feel like how I felt in high school, LOL...

Comment #45

Thanks for the welcome!.

I must be weird because I tried the peach oatmeal this morning and it wasn't too bad! Not nearly as awful as I'd been expecting after reading here, LOL! However, last night I had the vanilla pudding and, well, not so great. I've got two boxes of the stuff sitting in there. I'm going to try it mixed as a shake with some diet root beer to see if that makes it better. If not, I'll send one of the boxes back. Chili is on the menu for lunch. Hopefully that won't be too bad..

It's the morning of day two and I've got a bit of a headache, but I can't tell if it's due to the diet or just sinus junk. I'm seriously thinking about going back to bed...

Comment #46

Tabgar, there are alot of recipes on the recipe forum for doctoring up the vanilla pudding. I bought some so I could make lemon pie, LOL, and a pumpkin spice pudding. Good luck with your headache! You can have 3 cups of tea or 3 cups of chicken broth a day, so maybe one of those would be soothing to you...

Comment #47

Tony, I've been married for 6 years but been together for 11. It sure doesn't seem like it's been that long!!! Small towns are ok. I spent my life trying to figure out how to get out of it. If you don't have the right last name, you usually don't fit in. But, the safety (compared to a big city) is unbeatable!.

Hi Julie, Welcome to the group! Please share your cauliflower pizza crust recipe if you don't mind.

Welcome Soxley!.

Jillybug, To stay healthy make sure you drink all of your water and take a good multivitamin. Also eating the colorful vegetables should help. Just some ideas, not sure if they are fool proof. You also just had a baby... my imune system was crap for about 1.5 years after I had my DD..

Kat, I'd love to catch up on the old thread, but I'm having trouble keeping up with this one! I think I'll settle for visiting your pages..

Hi Willow, I ran past something your wrote that you had a good weigh in, Congrats! I'm really happy to see you are part of this group..

Welcome Tabgar, I have a feeling that going with you on this journey is going to be very inspirational!.

WOW Jennifer, HUGE loss! Great job!!!.

I like the idea of a water challenge - something we can control. I'm a bit nervous of a number challenge as I get quite discouraged if I miss it. If the group decides to do it I'll tag along though, cuz that's how I roll!.

I'm a Friday weigher! The scale was not a cooperative as I had hoped for. My mind is telling me that I did great, a loss, wohoo! But the me who over-judges myself says I could have done better. I guess I do have some demons to go to battle with. Loss for week 2 was 1.6 lbs. I'm happy that this is the lowest weight I have been since 2006, but was REALLY hoping for a bigger number since I was the same weight on Tuesday. Must be "water retention" is still being a bugger...

Comment #48

Hey GANG! I KittyKat said I was missed so I am popping in to post. I have been reallllly busy with life, lol. And I have not been feeling so well. I am tired, achey, and have a stomach ache..

I welcome all the new people! And good luck to all. I weighed in and I am now pass 10 pounds!!!..

Comment #49

Dmgrulke...congrats on your loss!! That's 1.6 lbs gone for good!!.

Try not to be too hard on yourself!! I've found that I really have to reign myself in and be realistic with my expectations. None of us gained this weight overnight and we're not going to loose it that fast either!! But for sure pat yourself on the back for your success so far!!!..

Comment #50

[quote=tabgar] Chili is on the menu for lunch. Hopefully that won't be too bad..


If you get the chance...mix up the chili the night before! A night soaking in the fridge does wonders!! I add a splash of Tabasco too..

Comment #51

Heather, I followed a tip I read somewhere else on this board and boiled water in the microwave, dumped my soup in a thermos, mixed it with the water and covered it early this morning. I did the same yesterday with the chicken noodle and by lunchtime it was still nice and hot and the noodles were softened. Tasted pretty darn good! If I find that the chili needs a little more time, I'll do the overnight thing next time..

Tabasco, hmm? I might try that...

Comment #52

Jillybug, lemon pie with the vanilla pudding? That sounds yummy!..

Comment #53

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! It looks like we have some people on here who arent feeling very well. Is it flu season already? My scale isnt moving very much this week but my order for the calorie burn products come in today so I am going to try that tomorrow. Hopefully it will work. The good news is that I found out my hubby comes home for a litter R&R on November 9th but wont get here until November 12th. I am so excited. I definitely wont be at goal by then but at least it gives him a sneak peak for what is to come.

At least he is home for a holiday and we should be thankful for that. Has anyone tried the cappuccino hot drinks? I froze mine like I usually do and it was sooooo sweet. Maybe my taste buds are changing and I am not craving the sugar as much as I used to. As for the challenge. I like either one.

I never drunk so much water in my life!.

Halobabe I love my shakes from the freezer too! They taste so much more yummier that way. I do add a bit of sweetener to my oatmeal and a dash of cinnamon to make it taste better. I used to not like the oatmeal at all but I am actually starting to like it. I guess what they say is true about your taste buds changing..

Conrad I try to drink half my weight in water but it is just not happening LOL. I already have to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes! That is great you can accomplish that..

Danielle I weigh everyday too. I tried hiding the scale but that doesnt really work too well for me because I know where I put it. Ha Ha but Tuesday is my official weigh in day..

Toni How many tattoos do you have? Where do you have your tattoos or can you say? Yeah, I have been wanting one for awhile now but never had the courage to go do it. I figure it will be a treat when I get to my goal weight. I want it on my lower back. I love butterflies can you tell by my ticker as well.

Julie did you say pizza crust? Oh that sounds good. Have you tried it yet? Does it really taste like pizza crust?.

Kat Im gonna wait too until 3 weeks comes by. There must be a reason why they tell you to wait so I guess I should listen. Whats the recipe for green bean lasagna? Gosh, you can still have pizza, lasagna on this diet. Thats awesome!.

Heather I am glad to hear your sons cornea is healed. Little ones heal quickly. It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time this weekend! That must be nice reuniting with your family and friends! Are you going to eat any of the food there or will you bring your own Medifast meals?.

Tabgar Welcome and congrats on your blood sugar levels going down in just one day! I dont have diabetes either but it runs in my family. So I know if I dont shape up it is inevitable I will get it. 5 yrs ago the doctor told me if I dont watch it, I could become type 2 diabetic in 10 yrs. I am hoping to change that now..

Jilly I hope you feel better. Do you have the flu? Whats wrong?.

Jennifer congrats on your 7.2 lb weight loss! Get well soon too!.

Dmgrulke congrats on your 1.6 lb loss! I know how you feel. I just want the scale to keep moving more and more but the scale has a mind of it's own...

Comment #54

Morning everyone!! Welcome Tabgar and I totally understand about your diabetes. I too am diabetic (type 2) and on insulin, which has come down from 44 units twice a day to 27 units twice a day in the 10 days of MF!! My greatest surprise was my fasting blood sugar this AM which was 119, the lowest for me in years!!! I am thrilled with what this program has done for my health in such a short period of time!!!.

To Jilly, Harmony and Jennifer: Feel better soon!!!.

JENNIFER, HARMONY, AND DMGRULKE ... WAY TO GO!!!! A wt. loss is a wt. loss is a wt. loss and that's a good thing!!.

Heather have an awesome time at your re-union!!!.

Have a great day everyone!!!..

Comment #55

Wow, that's amazing, Willow! My hope is to one day be off the metformin and the ace inhibitor altogether..

I've got a question for you guys. I just made a shake cake and am confused as to how to log in the 2 tbsp. of Egg Beaters. Any suggestions?..

Comment #56

The only place I've found to log the Egg Beaters is under the "other Foods" tab..

Comment #57

Good Morning Everyone!! It's going to be another gorgeous day here in Portland Oregon!! Gotta love the sun while we can because it will soon start raining...Anyhoo, I made a delicious shake cake this morning with my chocolate shake and 1 tbsp of SF choc chip cookie dough davinci syrup...Delicious!! It sounds like everyone is doing well. I'm feeling great! My clothes are fitting better and I feel shrinkage all over my body.

I don't know about anyone else, but I have a *ton* of smaller sizes in my closet from over the years and I'm getting very excited about the prospect of fitting into some of them by the holidays! Nothing like shopping in your own closet.

I'm also up for any type of challenge. I drink 4 liters of water a day, so the water is not a problem for me. I really want to be at 199 (or under!) by Thanksgiving....So that's about 17 lbs from now. I will take part in any challenge we come up with!.

Heather - Have fun at your reunion! Stay strong and eat meat!! They always have meat at a BBQ, right??.

Tabgar - Welcome! I, too, had GD when I was pregnant so I want to get this weight off now!! I look forward to taking this journey with you! And I love the peach oatmeal!! You could also make a pudding cake with the vanilla pudding and see if you like that better....

Jillybug - I hope you are feeling better soon!.

Jennifer - Way to go with the 7.2 lbs!! That's an awesome number! Hope you're feeling better soon!.

Danielle - I make oopsies all the time!! I think if you're consistent for the most part, it doesn't matter a whole lot.

Dmgrulke - 1.6 is a great and woo hoo for your lowest weight in four years! The cauliflower pizza crust recipe is not mine but you can find it here:.

My only advice is that you weigh the cauliflower, don't go by the cup measurements. I initially used the cup measurements and was using way too much cauliflower. I put 2 tbsp of pizza sauce, 2 oz lf mozzarella cheese and a few turkey pepperonis on it. Let me know what you think!.

Harmony - Congrats on the 10 lbs!.

Sandy - I'm so happy that your DH gets to come home for Thanksgiving! I'm sure you'll give him a very pleasant surprise with the new(er) you!! The crust is very tasty in my opinion...I try to make it as crispy as possible..

Have a great OP Friday everyone..

Comment #58

Heather - Hope you have a great weekend, sounds like a lot of fun!.

Tabgar - Welcome, happy to have you join us!.

Jilly - Not sure if you have any, but if you have the Green Tea Lemon Infusers and mix them with hot water you get the caffeine for a pick me up, and it's a nice hot sipping drink. Hope you get past this cold soon..

Jennifer - Nice Loss! Ya, it's about that time when the winter colds start creeping up, not looking forward to catching one myself. HK sounds fun! Even if you can't eat Medifast food 5 times a day, you're learning smart choices on Medifast and it will be easier for you to distinguish what you can and can't have..

Dmgrulke - A loss is a loss, and weeks 2-4 are said to be a rough time for losing, don't get discouraged you're doing great!.

Harmony - Congrats on 10 lb loss! The bug seems to be going around I hope you feel better soon!.

Sandy - Nov 12th hmm? Gives you almost a month to give him an early x-mas gift and I'm sure he will love it!.

Willow - Such nice results in 10 days, awesome!.

Julie - I'm from Portland as well, the mornings are starting to get chilly but that is one of the reasons I love Portland, haha. Thanks for posting the pizza crust recipe I'm sure many of us will try it out sounds like a fan favorite!.

Myself - End of week 2 and I'm down 5.4 pounds for a total of 22.8, so I'm feeling pretty good today. I would have liked to lose more, but realistically I know that I'm at the right speed and look forward to having another OP weekend! Have a meatloaf recipe that I'm going to try out tonight and I can't wait!..

Comment #59

Morning Julie, glad to see youre having a wonderful day.

Its beautiful here in Vegas as well...

I know I said I was going to hide the scale but after not looking for 4 days I was convinced I was down a few pounds.....Well I was wrong!! NOTHING!! arrrgghh!! Ok so I wont look again until my WI day which is Monday!!.


10lbs is awesome!! way to go!!.


, dont be so hard on your self, a loss is a loss, congrats!.


, WAY TO GO on your loss! I hope you feel better soon.


, I like Metallica, Seether, few songs from Slipknot things along with them.

Did my run yesterday, I ran alittle short of the lady saying stop. This run is alittle harder than the last. When I got home, my body was severely tired! But I feel better this morning. Good job on your loss, I LOVE meatloaf!.

I am thinking about joining a CoEd Softball team here, but after running like yesterday I dont wanna embarrass myself.


, Awesome your hubby comes home, even if it's a short visit it's better than none.

I know what you mean about drinking all this water, I didnt drink any growing up!.

I hate having to go to the bathroom all the time too, I would rather wear elastic waist so I dont have to button and zip 30 times a day!!!.

I love butterflies too, this one is on the side of my leg with my son's name. On my other leg is a purple rose with my other sons name. The dolphin on my back with my hubby's name. NOW, I want 4 more!!! both my daughters names, a Star, and on my back I want Daddy's Girl - which I'll get when I get to goal.....I LOVE TATTS!!..

Comment #60

Good Morning All!.

I actually got up EARLY this AM (totally unheard of for me!) for my week one weigh in. I'm so excited! 9.4 lbs. It's crazy!! I followed the plan to the T, so to see results like that are phenomenal! I know the first week is exceptional, and my hopes aren't set to see them next week, but I'm celebrating breaking past an invisible barrier that I was never ever to pass while doing WW or the other plans I tried..

Anyway...enough about me. I'm happy to see you all this AM, and hope you are all having good days. Sorry for those of you that are under the weather. I'm going to make the cauliflower pizza tonight! It looks fantastic!.

Later Gators!..

Comment #61

I know you guys have all been keeping up with each other for awhile but doo you mind if I join in? I started the last day of Sept and have lost ~13 pounds so far. I wanted to get in with a group but I think I got wrapped up in the recipes threads for awhile. LOL..

I just had twin boys in June and was overweight before getting pregnant with them. I have about 18 pounds to get to pre-pregnancy weight but I definitely don't want to stay there!..

Comment #62

TWINS!! Yay!! Ive got 7yo twin girls....They are nothing alike! Welcome..

Comment #63

Hi Sunlyon! Twins, oh my goodness, what a blessing, though I'm sure challenging too.

I had my daughter in January. I was overweight when we got pregnant and like you, I'm ready to shed all the excess! Let's do it together.

And welcome to the group!.

Conrad, otherwise known as TD, I don't have any infusers right now, but that Green Tea one you mentioned is one of my favorites. I think I'll order it next time. I don't remember though, do they count as a condiment? Or do you have to count them? I've forgotten some of those rules!.

Soxley, that's an amazing first week! Congrats to you!.

Toni and everyone else, it is often believed that after week 1, you may have a week with low or no loss. Usually week 2 or 3 for most people. Mine last time was week 3. Don't get discouraged, the body needs time to adjust to the new lifestyle and rapid fat burning!.

Julie I love the cauliflower crust recipe! OMG, it tastes so good. I made mine too thin last time, but they made good 'tortilla' wraps!..

Comment #64

Toni - Ahh, looks like we have similar tastes in music. What week/workout are you on?.

Sharean - 9.4 lbs congrats! After starting Medifast my sleep schedule changed a lot also I'm generally never up as early as I wake up now, increased energy I guess..

Sunlyon - Welcome, I look forward to getting to know you better!.

Jilly - You can have 3 per day, from what I've read the calorie burn infusers don't count as anything, but the flavor infusers count as a condiment...

Comment #65

Hello Everyone,.

I know we are not supposed to exercise yet, but I joined a gym before finding that out! I went today with my husband to get a tour and show us how to do everything...didn't do too much, took it easy and slooow, so don't think it wil be a big deal. I am used to walking a half hour each day already and didn't do that today, so I think it will balance out. I am doing the diet to a T so good..

What's the best way to dress up a vanilla shake.

, yuk! Dutch Choc was good...will try the strawberry one today. I'm still having trouble getting all my water in. I swear I start to feel terrible if I drink all day! I DO drink my 3 cups of hot tea everyday though...doesn't that count at all (I'm reaching, lol) Everybody keep up the good work. I don't look any thinner, but daggone, I FEEL it! Yay! I am an apple shape, and my belly doesn't seem to be pooching out there as much! I am also hypothyroid, so I am afraid I won't lose as fast as everyone else, but I'm used to that, and I'm hoping to be.



Comment #66

Conrad, I am doing W2D2 but I feel I may have to redo W2 again so that I feel comfortable when moving on...

Comment #67

Having a day filled with temptations today...grrrr A drug rep brought in a bucket of Halloween candy (that I've avoided), next thing I know my co-worker drops 4 mini Snickers on my desk.

I could throttle him!!! <<deep breath>>>.

I'm thinking of starting up the C25K again...any advice for avoiding shin splints? Got them really bad last time, cried like a little girl!!..

Comment #68

Thanks TD! About the sleep.....Doh! I hope not! I work until 1AM, so waking up at the crack doesn't work for me! Darn you more energy!..

Comment #69

Hey ya'll! Wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY OP FRIDAY!!.

I'll catch up later once again I just don't know where my days are going. "lucky" for me the insomnia keeps me up most nights so I can see whats going on with ya'll LoL.

I'm going to have to look into this C25K I know it was asked before but where do I find the info again?.


YOU can do this! I would of probably launched the snickers at his head but thats just cuz I'm having a crazy day LoL. Just some ways to avoid shin splints make sure your stretching before and after, water, and I read on one of the threads to get your snacks of pickles or broth in something about the sodium helping for work outs if I can find the thread later I will post the link. I found it interesting being that i'm trying to cut out all sodium..


If you were working out pre Medifast it is ok to do a lower intensity work out while your body gets used to the change. Also if you don't find any good recipes for those shakes just put them aside and try them again next week. You will be amazed how your taste buds change. I know I was..

Hope everyone is having a great OP day!..

Comment #70


WTG on your first week! 9.4lbs gone forever! YAY!!..

Comment #71

Sharean - I go to sleep at 1 - 1:15 every night and have been waking up at 7 - 8 feeling refreshed, that might change a bit once I start exercising more next week I guess I'll see..

Kat - Apparently the website I mentioned before was hacked, however another link is.


Comment #72

So what is everyone doing tonight? Anyone have any plans? I know I am actually hungry right now so I will bemaking dinner very soon. Not sure what I am having yet but Conrad's meatloaf sounds good!.

Toni wow you have some nice tatoos by the sound of it. Looks like we will have the same reward when we get to goal!.

Conrad yeah I miss my hubby but time is passing by slowly but surely. Whenever you want things to go faster it never does. congrats on your 22.8 lb weight loss in 2 weeks. I wish I lost that much in 2 weeks but it's just not in the cards for me..

Sunlyon Welcome to the board! Looks like you have a handful raising twins but so worth it!.

Sharean congrats on your weight loss. I tried WW too. I lost 20 lbs and then gained it back so I am hoping this one will work. I'm crossing my fingers and my toes!.

Julie I have tons and tons of clothes that don't fit me that I just couldn't part with. Some still have the tags on it LOL. Hopefully I will be wearing them in the future!..

Comment #73

Do you guys know if you can d the C25K on the treadmill? I wonder if there is a site that states what number to set the treadmill on during the program. I will probably start in a week and a half...

Comment #74

Hi Everybody!.

Well, we're having a good OP night here. Baby Girl is feeling a bit better and is sleeping soundly and I'm feeling a bit better myself! Unfortunately a water main broke in our town (yikes) so we don't have any running water! Freaking Out! DH went out to buy a few gallons of water, bless him!.

And he returns with the water and the tap water works again. LOL..

Comment #75


Woo hoo! 7.2lbs gone! WTG!.


Have a great time at your reunion!.


Welcome to the group!.

I loved the peach oatmeal when I first tried it LoL to each their own. Stick OP and the headache will pass..


1.6lb LOSS is what you got to keep in mind besides week 2-3 are suppose to be blah weeks for weight loss. Any loss is a good one! LoL I'm having trouble keeping up with this thread lately too.

But I just love how our lil family is growing..


Hope you feel better soon. Woo hoo 10.4 lbs! WTG!.


Here is the link for the lasagna. a.

I still haven't made it yet! Haven't had much time so I'm keeping the L&Gs simple. YAY! you get to see your hubby!.


Great to hear how Medifast is helping you! That is amazing that in a lil over a week your insulin has almost been cut in half.


5.4 lbs gone! Amazing! I would love to know about this meatloaf recipe. Thank you for the info on C25K..


That darn scale will drive you crazy! I know mine is! OMG I love Seether! I got to see them in concert here just a couple months ago for the 4th of July. If you ever get a chance to see them live they put on a good show!.


Welcome! Your lil guys are tooo cuuute! Congrats!.


Glad to hear you and the lil one are feeling better!.

As for me this week really kicked my rear towards the end! Yay for weekends! I really need some rest. My insomnia has been horrible I think I've been functioning on 2hrs of sleep a day. I'm starting to wonder if Medifast has anything to do with it. Have any of you heard or read of such a thing? I'm coming up on my second week WI (Monday) and I must say I am a lil worried not that I haven't been OP, the scale has been driving me nuts going up then down then not moving so I am leaving it all up to my Medifast faith.

So it looks like the water challenge and 20 by Tday are some options? Any others?.

Well hope everyone has a wonderful OP weekend!..

Comment #76

Hey Everyone! So I am new to Medifast. Well, I just made it through my first week on MF...WAAAAA HHOOOOOO!! Anyway, now that my taste buds are getting use to now bread and Dr. Pepper, it's starting to get better!.

Is it normal to feel so exhausted? Maybe it will pass?.

I have heard from my sister who started this with me that this is a good thread to be a part of. So I thought I'd give it a shot..

My sis and I do everything together and this is no exception. We are going through it together, and, though tough, it's been really nice having her by my side. Without her I don't know if I could do it!.

Well good luck to everyone else out there!..

Comment #77

Okay, so I thought about it even though I posted earlier...I have a few questions..

Does anyone know how to get my current weight to display on my ticker. It shows my starting weight and my end weight, but only the icon shows for my current? Anybody?.

Also, how do I get the October OP'ers banner in my signature too!.

Hamony I know you haven't felt good lately, me either! I wondered if it has to do with the change in Medifast from our old way of eating or not, but who knows!..

Comment #78


Welcome good to have you with us! You might just want to go update your ticker again I have no clue why it is showing your weight loss but not your weight. WTG! Making it through the first week and on a 8lb loss! You might just be coming down with something feeling really tired cuz Medifast gives you a boost of energy everyone is different tho. Also I read if you have more than 50lbs to lose (which I do) and are super run down on the 5/1 you might want to try the 4/2. The C25k is something alot of MFers are doing it trains you how to run a 5k! Are you Harmony's sister?..

Comment #79

Hi Serenity, welcome to the club! Good morning everyone else! Up early with the baby as she plays and pushes her toys around the living room. Not dressed or anything yet, but we gotta start somewhere, right? Think I'll have some water first! What's everyone's morning routine?.

I usually have my first Medifast meal at the table with my hubby and baby as they eat breakfast so we're all eating together...

Comment #80

Good morning, everyone! I hope you all are having a great day so far. I'm on day 3 - still have a nagging headache. Last night I decided to have the Egg Beater option for L&G and, OMG, I'm never doing that again unless I break it up into to meals. That is a LOT of eggs! I thought I was going to be sick. Lesson learned, LOL!.

Let's see... Yesterday I tried the chili (not that great but not horrid), and the smore crunch bar (YUM). Everything else I'd already tried on day 1. Going to have some hot cocoa for breakfast this morning..

Now if this headache would just go away, I'd be doing pretty good. I hope all of you have a wonderful day!..

Comment #81

Oh, I have a question. I used 1 tbsp. of DaVinci Pumpkin Pie syrup in my coffee this morning. I can't find it on the list of syrups, so how would I log this?..

Comment #82

You would have to add all nutrtional info I think under other foods. I think though 1 tsp equals one condiment? I'm not sure on that exactly...

Comment #83

Morning everyone!! Sorry I didn't get back last night to congratulate all the Friday weighers but AWESOME job!!! Welcome to Serenity and Sunlyon and Jilly I am glad you are feeling better!!!.

My daughter, who hadn't seen me in a week, noticed that my face looked thinner!! Yea!!! Can't wait for the rest of my body to look thinner too!!!.

Have a GREAT day everyone!!!..

Comment #84

Geez, I see I still can't get my October OP'ers banner to show up. Kat, that is the one you sent me to use. Was I supposed to do something other than add it to my signature?..

Comment #85

Good morning everyone! I, too, was up early with my daughter...Of course during the week she sleeps past 6 am, but today she decided to wake up before 5:30! Oh well, at least it wasn't 4:30, right??? And I get to sleep in tomorrow (DH will get up with her.

)Feeling really good and positive about my current weight loss and very optimistic for the upcoming months. Medifast makes me feel so good mentally as well as physically..

Serenity - Welcome and congrats on your huge loss! As for the ticker, as you start losing more weight, it will show your current weight..

Morning kittykat, tabgar and jillybug.

Weigh in is tomorrow for me and I would love to see 215! I wish everyone a fabulous Saturday!..

Comment #86

Willow, you have to delete all the * marks..

Morning Julie! Right now I'd feel blessed to sleep past 5AM! Good luck on tomorrow's weigh in!..

Comment #87

Thanks so much Jilly!!! I think it will work now!!.

Morning Julieb!!! I feel just like you about optimism and how this program makes me feel mentally and physically. I just couldn't be happier!! I know it works and that gives me such hope!!!.

I actually came back on to let you all know that I had scrambled eggs this morning and they were fine. Remember, I had said they were the only inedible food I had tried so far? Well, I took advice I got on this board and soaked them overnight and fried them with some Pam butter spray this morning (adding just some salt and onion powder) and they tasted enough like fried eggs that I actually enjoyed them!! So THANKS to anyone and everyone who suggested that way of preparing them!!! Have a great day!!!..

Comment #88

Good morning All!.

I had the scrambled eggs the other morning for the first time too (after reading how horrible they are) and they were really good! I'll do them this AM with some onion powder. That sounds great!.

I originally ordered the 1 month variety pack, and it seems like I'm already in need of an order. What pain! I really enjoy the shakes, but I'm nearly out of them now. I got a billion boxes of oatmeal (THAT, I can't stomach yet...) and a billion boxes of bars (that don't really fill me up like the shakes do). So aside from a couple of random soups and above referenced scrambled eggs, I'm going to do an order 10 days into my months supplyand already out! Oh well...I should have known better than to trust someone else to choose for me. I'm pretty easy going until I realize I'm actually kinda picky.

Hope you guys are having a GREAT day!!..

Comment #89

Hi everyone,.

I just got my calorie burn cappuccino drinks and infusers in yesterday. I tried the cappuccino drink this morning and the afternoon and I am so wired and jittery. Also, I really have no appetite. I guess that can be a good thing but now it feels like a chore to eat and I do not even want to think of the big lean and green meal coming up for dinner. They say to have atleast 3 calorie burn products a day for maimum benefits but I don't think I can. I am afraid I won't be able to sleep at night! I guess I shouldn't have bought 9 boxes! Crazy me should've tried them first.

Sharean I actually did not like oatmeal either so I made them into cookies and they tasted better. Now I actually like it with just a little bit of splenda..

Willow I like the scrambled eggs too but only if I cook them on the stove. They get rubbeery in the microwave whenever I make them..

Jilly 5 AM wow you are an early bird. You can get more things done when you wake up early. I wish I could get up that early but I would always hit the snooze button..

Julie good luck on your weigh in!.

Have a great day everyone! It's beautiful weather here in Florida! I need to go outside. I have too much energy right now lol...

Comment #90

SandyI'm not an early bird, my baby is! LOL I would rather sleep in til 8!..

Comment #91

Hi everybody - not usually around on Saturday but yes, I am still stuck in bed with this miserable flu. If you haven't gotten the shot yet- go get one. Especially all of you ladies with little babies at home. This is really awful..

Trying my hardest to stay on program. No appetite- which I normally pray for lol. Then, I made eggbeaters for dinner last night. Id never had them before. Boy, that was a mistake.


Good luck on your weigh in Julie.

Welcome Serenity.

Going back to sleep. Hopefully tomorrow will be more fun..


Comment #92

Hi!! Just got back from the beach for our reunion, what a blast!!! It was 82 degrees and sunny! It was a lot of fun catching up with people I haven't seen in ages!!..

Comment #93

Jennifer, hope you feel better!.

I feel good today.

Totally busy today...Done my run, on plan 100% now I gotta catch up on that water!!!.

Hope you all are doing great too! Catch up more tomorrow..

Comment #94

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.