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Quick question: Is iweb compatible with www.123 Hoping for any answer. My 2nd question... Hello, I am not sure if this is in the right forum. I am thinking of investing $10k into a solid HostGator name in hopes that it will increase in value over time. I'm just curious, what kinda HostGator can I get for $10k? I am not specifically asking for you to list all of your domains that you are selling, unless you feel that it is truly worth that much. I am more or less just asking, in general, for some examples of domains that are worth that much, undeveloped. Thanks..

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You betcha! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm this as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you ask the 123 reg guys because they can give you help better...

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I second this. CVCVs, especially the better ones, are where it's at right now. On that note, I have available for $9, is all-premium, and all-premium CVCVs are rarer than all-premium LLL.coms which sell for minimum $10,000. Even better, while some "all premium" CVCVs might have some only moderately good letters like B, G, H, etc., this has 4 really strong letters and is a first name to boot...

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Also check out this category here at Namepros.


And look at the selling prices in the 'recent sales' lists at places like and

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Medium quality 3L .COM.

Or Premium .net.

Or Premium .TV..

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Here's a list of domains for sale at $10K each if you're interested;.

Pm if interested.


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If I were you i'd save my money for the DRT auction:.


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You can get very good names at 10k, if you toss a 10k offer at a non-domainer with a good domain. They will seriously consider parting with it...

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Im amazed at some of the new people here, thinking they will sell there domains for 10k.. If I were you, I would head to sedo auction, or even look at the moniker auctions.. Take a look at afternic aswell.. Read up on things before a purchase.. A solid, should do you just fine.. I wouldn't buy a cvcv..

There are way to many good names out there.. Stick with a or a one word .com generic if possible...

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Better to invest in's, bulk/wholesale price's, keywords .com, .net, .us, .mobi. Search, compare and you will find a good one...

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Thanks for the replies. I definitely have more insight as to what the hottest domains to invest in are. It wasn't really meant for people to just advertise what they have for sale, although I don't mind that. I guess I could've just researched sedo and the high-priced forum instead of making a topic here, but I appreciate all of the replies. I think I will pick up a few's or ideally find a good and hang onto them for several years. I feel that domains are a better investment than stocks or mutual funds, since it's not contingent upon the US economy (which is in a freefall)..

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I definately recommend looking up the owner of it's hot stuff right now...

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Tread with caution here, some names are not worthy of this category that are listed here at the moment..

Buy a generic .com with good traffic and revenue, or 1 with as good letters as possible. If you would like me to help you find a specific name, pm me...

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Moved...Names wanted is not the right forum for this....

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Dictionary word


Good premium .TV..

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Go for good, or a 1-2 word generic..

Only .com and try to search for something with end user potential.

10K can still buy you something good..

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I would suggest buying 10 1k domains since you are not that experienced by the sounds and you don't want to invest all your eggs in one basket if you get my drift... play the market a little and experiment, read up & research & then purchase when you have a solid understanding of what you will be buying...

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You don't need to spend that much on a domain. SPend $1,000 and use the other $9,000 on BRAND DEVELOPMENT and marketing........

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C -> consonant.

V -> vowel.

It doesnt worth it at all..

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Are you looking for a HostGator that in itself will gain some value, or are you looking to invest in a possible income producing situation that could increase over time-..

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Frankly, for a sure shot investment, get a

Thats one of the best investment...infact, it's more like a bank deposit with a very high interest rate..

You can sell ANY (three letter domains - etc.) anyday, anytime for $6000+ when in need of emergency cash. And their value will only rise..

And right now is the best time to get some...the (4 letter ones) names will decrease, pushing up the value..

You can frankly expect to sell a 10k for twice the value in 6 months..

Or if you want to take a riskier, but perhaps more lucrative approach, buy 10 good CVCV.coms (Consonant Vowel Consonant Vowel - eg. Nametrader's for 1k each. You'll get double the amount in 6 months..

I would go with the LLL.coms though, cause I can sell them any day if I need emergency cash..

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Get a good quality HostGator seeker to hunt for a good traffic HostGator for you. Tell him/her that he gets paid the first 3-6 months revenue as payment. Maybe test the skills of the HostGator seeker first by seeing what they can find for $1000 and if they find you a good name, give them the bigger job for the other $9000...

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