Is Linux or Ubuntu compulsory for iPage web hosting?Can we do iPage web hosting in Windows OS?

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My first question is Is Linux or Ubuntu compulsory for iPage web hosting?Can we do iPage web hosting in Windows OS? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Hello, I'm still new to html and I still don't get it how I can start writing on the right side of the table. If you go to.


You will notice that I have not yet written on the right side of the table and that's because I don't how to. I try so hard I still don't know what wrong with my html codes that's not letting to start writting of the right side of the yellow table. Also, the yellow table is incorrect with the size since it's not long enough in heigth. I would.

Really appreciate it.

If someone here would be kind enough to write out the html codes that I need to add and correct. I have been trying to figure out for almost 3 months on trying to write on the right side of the table and I still don't know what to do. Also, I would appreciate if someone could tell me the correct sizes for table sizes I wrote (I know they are wrong). I would really appreciate it if someone could just please write for me the whole layout of html codes so I could start writing on the right side of the yellow margin. I would really appreciate a lot. Thanks!..

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Yes sir! but you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm my answer as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you ask the iPage guys because they can help better...

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I'm kinda understanding now, only that how can I eliminate the yellow border color of the cells? that it's white and not yellow....i think you know what I mean. Thanks!..

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How can I make both of the cells longer? They are not reaching all the way to the bottom of the screen. Tables are the only hard part of html I don't really understand. Once I understand this, I'll have it much more easier...

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To makes cells longer you can just put more stuff in them. Another trick is to put a 1x1 pixel gif image with a transparent background in one of the cells and then make the image as long as you want..

Don't worry too much about that now...

Here is my favorite article on tables that I used to learn these darn things, too:.


I absolutely hated tables in the begining, too, but above helped..

When working with tables it is easiest to think of a table like a spread sheet with rows and colums..

In a HTML table you do not set colums directly (you set rows). You can not write to a row below the one you are working on before you are finished with the existing row. The way to make more columns is to continue to add table cells next to each other without starting a new row (in typewriter language: keep typing new letters without pressing cartridge return)..


Here is a simple table (1 row). Because I use 3 table cells the table will have 3 colums (3 cells next to each other):.

Copy/paste above in an html page and see how it looks..

Now try this:.

I make another ROW. Note that the original row has 3 colums (3 cells) and the 2nd row must also have the same number of cells (or columns)..

Now, say you wanted a top row to span all the other 3 cells in the other rows. You can do this my.


The cells in the row. Remember that I said: all rows must have the same amount of cells ? This is true.


You specify that a cell must.


A number of colums (cells):.

Again, copy/paste above into a page and try it out...

Note that the top row above has only one cell in it. This would normally not be allowed (all rows must have the same number of cells/colums), but because you said that the first cell in the row should span 3 columns/cells you are now telling the brower that the cell will count as 3 columns/cells..

Your tasks with tables will be much easier if you remember:.

- you can only work on one row at a time.

- all rows must have the same amount of cells, or a cell must have an indication (colspan) which tells the browser that this cells should count as a number of cells.

- always have an opening and closing tag for each element.

(I always forget my closing </td> and </tr> tags)..

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<table bgcolor=#ffff99 height="100%" border=1>.

Take the bgcolor out and put it in the cell you want colored. you can make the table taller if you put height=100% in the table tag. caution though as it only seems to work in IE browsers and the rest will jsut show how much content you actually have instead of going all the way down...

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Thank you everyone for your help. As for kdjoergensen, you said that another trick is to put a 1x1 pixel gif image with a transparent background in one of the cells to make my cells taller. Well, as you can notice in my html, you will notice a gif named "SPACER.gif", that is a 1x1 pixel gif image with a transparent background but I think I might be using it incorrectly, I think the sizes are wrong, what would you recommend I should put as my sizes for the spacer.gif? As for everyone else, does the yellow table look tall enough in height in your browser? Thank you all!..

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Ok you got the basics about using spacer gifs down....

Lets say you want a table which is 600 pixels tall (how tall is that ? I don't know .. you will have to experiment):.

This this for example:.

As you can see we create an image 600 pixel tall (height)but only 1 pixel width (that is very small). Then we put it in a table inside a cell. This table should have cellspacing/padding and border set to 0. What it will do is to create the 1 pixel wide image and then your normal text in the outer table's first cell. However, due to the height of the image the table (also the outer table) will be forced to expand to accommodate the image..

Similar can be done if you want to expand the width of a table cell, except you do not need a nested table:.

Here you put your image first and then just remember to add a <br/> to bring the text down below the 1 pixel high image. That will force the width of the table cell to 200 pixels..

Good luck...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.