Is Medifast dangerous for people with high blood pressure?

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First question I have is Is Medifast dangerous for people with high blood pressure? Many thanks for any answer. Another quick question... WELCOME to the Can Do Crew where TOGETHER we CAN DO IT! Whether you are a veteran or new to this healthy lifestyle you'll find encouragement, friendship, accountability, support and laughter. So jump in and join the happenings!.

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You betcha! but... you might want to make sure and wait for another person to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can help better...

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Here is a link to the new introduction thread, where we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other better, and newbies have a link to get to know us as well!!!..

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The Can Do Birthdays for this week is Debbie (Diedra26) on 10/26,and Barb (Fuzzywuzzy) on 10/30...

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Happy Birthday Debbie!!.

Thanks Diana for getting us started. What is going on with you? How is DH and the family?.

Thank goodness the fall festival activities are over and it was very successful. This was our first try at it. It was so goos that we will do it again next year..

Happy Sunday to everyone. I am resting and making Medifast muffins for the week...

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UGH - another post lost! I'll try again.....

DIANA - thank you so much for the birthday wishes - I swear it sneaks up on my every year. Appreciate your constant thoughtfulness and my wishes that you are doing well and the fam and DH are all fine. Thanks for our weekly kick off and great glittery wishes!.

BARB - Happy Birthday to you, too! A little early, I will be away from my computer all week but wish you a lovely day and a great week to celebrate!.

I'm off to Chicago tomorrow since DH has business on Tuesday there and we are going to dinner with my oldest son and wife for my BD. It will be a lot of fun, since DH, DS, DIL and I all have our birthdays within one month, so we try to make sure and get together somewhere in between. I get lucky this year. DIL is taking me to Barney's (she works for a line of French perfumes) and she has set up two of her friends there to give me a mini facial and new make up. I've been telling her that I need to do the makeup since I've changed my hair color. She's thoughtful and I will enjoy it!.

We come home on Wednesday, DH will head to the office and I will stay at the airport and catch an afternoon flight with my best friend. We are heading to Portland, MAINE, to visit her daughter who is there for a conference. BF and I will spend some days sightseeing, shopping and talking, it's been a while since we could tune everyone else out and just catch up. I won't be back until next Sunday, so won't be near the computer for a week. I sure hope I can report that I do well with snacks and meals. Unfortunately, I am out of bars and puffs and all the normal travel stuff at the moment and will not get my order in time.

We have a plan..

Last night was the black tie wedding we attended. It was quite the posh affair and the reception was at the Detroit Institute of Arts. It was magnificent and all of the local glitterari were there. Alot of business contacts there and so DH was busy. We did some dancing, though, the orchestra was fantastic, and the food was to die for. I made sure and asked for the entree ahead of time with no sauce, etc.

I finally gave in to a small demitasse sized pot de creme. It was worth the calories, but I was ready for it and had banked them! (Thanks, Barb for that advice.) DH said, "You need to get a picture taken for your Cruise girls!" I laughed and laughed and I'm never sure if he is even listening when I talk about posting with the Crew. So, I will post that photo later on and I have to say that it took some getting used to - wearing something so revealing (well, not so much to reveal) but not layers of things to cover up as I always have before. I asked him so many times if I was having a wardrobe malfunction and he finally said, "You look good, you're just not used to it, quit worrying!" We chuckled a bit about it and I felt really good after that..

OKAY, CREW - have a wonderful week and I'll miss you all and will be mighty uncomfortable not checking in and getting the boost I always need to stay OP and focused..

Have a fabulous week and a SPOOKY HALLOWEEN!!!!! Have fun...

Comment #5

Happy Sunday one and all. Beautiful day here in PA.. Maine, can I jump in your suitcase? I have been Mainesick for a few weeks. Lots of pressure at work with 4 different classes to prep for. I need my Maine time.....a little hiking.... a little watching lobster boat TV..... a little lobster. Ah well, June will be here before I know it.

Congrats on banking your calories for a treat. It really makes it so much more satisfying! Enjoy your trip and your birthday!.

Sherry, I'm glad your Fall Festival was a success. I am enjoying a beautiful weekend of fall leaves and sunshine. This was peak weekend as far as I am concerned..

Enjoy the day everyone!.

Fight the good fight..


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Just had a long walk in the beautiful sunshine and just missed a quick downpour. It is so warm today, I wish we could bottle this, it's just perfect..

Any info that I need to know about Maine or Portland will be appreciated - I have never been and, unfortunately, I do not eat seafood, so that part is lost on me. I don't want to miss anything I should do while there. I will be spending time at the Museum, other than that, it will be a first time trip for us. I can't wait. BARB, I'm sure I'll understand what you love about it when I am there, though I doubt that any hiking will be involved. I'm off to pack.....

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OH - and I wanted to share my new favorite quote !.

"Live not as though there were a thousand years ahead of you. Fate is at your elbow; make yourself good while life and power are still yours.".

- Marcus Aurelius..

Comment #8

Debbie, great photo and I just love that quote. It makes you stop and think, then live life..

Thanks for posting it..


Comment #9

Debbie, you look great! Take warm clothes. It could get cold. lobster? Wow....the lobster 5+1 was a great plan...

Comment #10


You look like you are positively radiating! Love the dress! Hope you have fun in Chicago and in Portland!.


Thanks for the congrats on my size 4 jeans! They are from the Gap so who knows if they are really size 4s but I'm loving them!.

This weekend was interesting to say the least. My friend has been telling me about all the weight she has been losing but I haven't seen any pictures. Well I picked her up from the airport and I was shocked to see that she looks exactly the same since when I saw her in March. It was so bizarre. She was still bragging about how much better her shirts were fitting. I think maybe she was doing it because I've lost so much? THEN she was constantly judging me about how I eat so frequently.

Its all healthy stuff though! I mean I never even go over 1400 calories in a day even when I'm exercising. She was like oh I see you are eating another apple..

It was so uncomfortable I was hiding in my bathroom and eating. It was not a pleasant visit at all..

Warning food talk ahead.

Then last night we went out to eat and she ordered a huge plate of fried chips and salsa and said of course you can have some healthy chips and salsa. I was like umm no thanks so I just ordered carrots. Something about losing weight makes people so strange. I am now at the low end of my scale as well. I'd like to be around 129 and now I'm at 126 cuse I was starved this weekend. There was no way I was going to eat unhealthy like her.

Well as good as Mondays can get...

Comment #11

Thanks for the compliment, Melissa -.


So proud of you in the face of your friend's attitude..

Great job!..

Comment #12

Melissa, size 4 is size 4. Doesn't matter whose they are! Congrats on surviving the weekend. I am sure that it was very difficult. She is probably very jealous. I have had some encounters that have been similar since my weight loss. I also eat every 2 to 3 hours and stick to about 1400 calories a day as well.

I just offer to others, who just look at me and wonder. I just say, this is what I need to survive and stay at this size. After almost a year of maintenance and no weight gain, they are becoming believers. It will get easier as you grow more comfortable in your new skin and new habits. As people get use to seeing you at your new weight and in your new eating patterns, they will accept it..

I was reading the chapter in Kessler last night about the social piece of eating and how people who like to eat like to surround themselves with people who like to eat. When we lose our eating friends, we have to mourn the loss, so to speak, of that part of our relationship. If someone is not comfortable with themselves, it is hard to be comfortable with someone who has lost weight. They want their old eating friend back, so they can feel comfortable eating again..

It isn't just our relationship with food that changes, but our relationship with the people we ate with will also change for us to be successful. Not everyone is ready for that..

Have a great day everyone!.


Comment #13


I knew you would have some wise words for me of course! I just really wasn't expecting all the judgement thrown my way this weekend. She definitely was thrown off when I wouldn't approve of her chips and huge bowl of ice cream. I think you're right she was wanting her eating friend. I so badly wanted to tell her my multiple meals will keep me maintaining where as her huge 3 meals a day will help her keep gaining. I agree with what you said when I've got a year under my belt it will be easier for me to not let the judgements affect me like they did this weekend. I'm just grateful I turned to exercise instead of food.

I was definitely stressed about it jeans just seem soo tight like they will never fit...

Comment #14

You ladies are the best! I love reading the posts. I'm here in Milwaukee, staying at the beautiful Hilton hotel. I swam 20 laps this morning, rode 6 hours on a coach bus. When 8 checked into the hotel, I found the workout room and did the treadmill foe 30 minutes. Dinner was no name steak and salad. I did have some potatoes and a small scoop of gelato, but otherwise I had a great day..

They are predicting some bad wind storms with 40 to 60 MPH winds for tomorrow. I hope we don't get stuck here, but I also don't want the bus ti blow off the road..

Gotta get some sleep. Goodnight...

Comment #15


I know you may not see this til you get back - I just got back myself. Hope you had a FABULOUS time on your trips and enjoyed a great birthday!..

Comment #16


Congrats on all the exercise you are getting in! Enjoy your stay at the Hilton!.

Seems kind of quiet around here lately. Hope everyone is avoiding the Halloween candy! My dads birthday is on Halloween so I don't have to worry about handing out candy and keeping it in the house. Alright keep fighting the good fight everyone like Barb always says!..

Comment #17

Melissa, you are right. It is awful quiet in here. I'm not use to that. Debbie is off on a trip, but I'm not sure where everyone else is. I agree, I hope people are avoiding the big day this weekend..

I will turn 51 this weekend and will weigh less than I did when I started college in the fall of 1977. That is a wonderful feeling after 30 years of yo-you dieting and obesity..

Fighting the good fight? You bet!!!!.

Have a great day everyone..


Comment #18

Ok....seems like I missed Jan and Kim's post. I think my computer didn't show them to me..

Kim, congrats on getting that exercise in. I'm sure it felt good to get moving..

Jan, I hope you are having a good week at work..

Bad weather is headed our way. Good night to tuck into bed with my ear plugs in..

Have a great night everyone..


Comment #19

PS....Melissa, I have a few size 4s from Coldwater Creek. I think they are cut a little big. I've tried on and fit the Bandalino "Mandie" jeans in a 4, but even after a year of maintenance, I am scared to death to buy them. Go figure!..

Comment #20

Happy Hump Day, Crew!! I had a long weekend for our semi-annual retreat. I'm always swamped when I return. The weather called for 60% chance of rain, but it was lovely all weekend....warmer than when we went last spring! We had sunshine & beautiful fall colors. The rain Debbie had missed us (we were about 60 west of her). I think we hit our peak last week for colors and the trees are dropping leaves big time now. Lots of oaks at the camp & the ground was covered with leaves...I wanted to rake them into a pile & jump on them..

My NSV at camp....I was able to swing on the swings!!.

We don't get trick-or-treaters so no reason to buy the candy. All the kids go into town to trick or treat - they make carmal apples at the mill & hand them out, the businesses hand out candy...folks from the country sit on Main Street & hand out candy, too!.

Size 4....hmmm. It's enough for me to have a couple XS tops.

I've never tried on a 4...I usually go for the 8s and am surprised when they're big & have to go down to a 6. Not always...depends on the cut and make. Maybe this time I'll get down to a 4, but I'm sure I'll be like Barb...too afraid to buy them. Only time will tell..

Gotta go off & fight the good fight!..

Comment #21

I was definitely forced to buy size 4s! I would never normally try them on but the 6's I had were hanging off of me! I think the yoga has definitely helped with my stomach fat for sure. Because previously I could never dream of buttoning up those size 4s. I was doing laundry this weekend and I was folding the size 4s and I felt like I was doing someone else's laundry! Made me smile and remember why I love MF!.


Great NSV! Glad you had such nice weather this weekend. We've been having great weather in Fl as well. Nothing near your temps but still nice for us!.


Like you said a size 4 is a size 4 no matter where you buy them!..

Comment #22

Finally time to get back to the posts. Things are slowing down at my house some. All the soybeans are harvested. We had an Oct. birthday party Sun (6 birthdays in Oct) Sorry to say I did go off plan. Fried fish, homemade potato salad and angelfood cake.

Barb, I really identified with your post about eating friends. I have had some problems with that too. Melissa, I sympathize with your problem this weekend. It seems like if you have lost weight everyone thinks you have to starve yourself and not eat. I tell people I didn't diet I just started eating differently..


Does anyone else order food through big crumbs? I went to order and Medifast wasn't one of their stores anymore. Has this happened to anyone else? I really loved getting that 18% back...

Comment #23

I haven't ordered in so long, I never gave it a thought. I always ordered way more than I needed so I'd have choices but I'm getting to where I need to order again. I just went out there, and no MF.

There's a post in the Medifast Announcements area:.

Someone suggested Ebates. I'm gonna check that out...

Comment #24

Happy Wednesday everyone! Two more days until the weekend. My sister is running in the Marine Corps Marathon, so we will be heading to DC to see my sister run and visit with my DD. Should be a nice day on Sunday. Nice dinner planned for Saturday night. Stocking up on the calories even as we speak..


, I forgot about your retreat. I am glad the weather was great. Warm fall weekends are a great time to be outside. Tops are a problem for me. I'm more comfortable in a Medium top, although I can buy some smalls. I have big shoulders and the exercises I do to try to maintain the chest area, seems to make the shoulders even bigger.

The small, depending on how it is cut, can be a little tight in the chest. Go figure! I still am not well proportioned. So I have to try on every top..


, I can relate to the wash. I still don't think my jeans are mine when I fold them. Still weird to me..


Good to see you! I'm going to PM you..

Have a great day all!.

Fight the good fight..


Comment #25

Hi all, I know that I have been MIA, but I am thinking of you all..

Melissa and Barb.... size 4? WOW, you gals ROCK!!.

Jan, you look HOT!!.

Brenda, Call PM Heidi and have her set you up on (take shape for life).

Kim, great job exercising especially while you are away. Sometimes I get lazy. Tonight my head was killing me when I got home, so I got a shower and skipped the treadmill.... I feel so guilty..

Debbie, Happy Birthday!..

Comment #26

Hey Crew,.

Sorry I've been out of touch. Was in the "Bush" last week doing a dental clinic and internet was sketchy. Now I'm back and deep into training the dogs again. I think I took my last outdoor bike ride yesterday. Temps were in the low 40's and my toes were cold, even with toe warmers. The last few miles will just have to be indoors on the spin bike..

I'll catch up with everyone this weekend. Should have a little more time to read the old posts and see what everyone has been up to. I missed the inspiration and support the last 2 weeks..


Comment #27

Hi ladies!.

I got back to Minneapolis from Milwaukee around midnight. It was a long two days! We left at 9 am Monday, arrived in Milwaukee at 330, had the evening to ourselves. As I said before, I did the treadmill then hit the bed early. Many of my coworkers went bar hopping and came back to the hotel around 2 am! (I think that's crazy) Breakfast was at 630 am then we had meetings until 5pm. (I work for Roundy's supermarkets) Then we rode the bus in crazy winds and got back at Midnight. I'm not used to sitting that long and I'm so stiff.

I did pretty well on my eating until the bus ride home when I started on some choc covered pretzels..

I really could have made better choices. Its time to get back on plan again..

It's almost 2 am and I'm awake because I went to bed so early! I guess Id better try to get back to sleep though or Ill pay for it later..

Oh, another thing on my daughter has her first date on Saturday! Yikes!..

Comment #28


How far is the drive to DC for you? I'm thinking of flying up there the beginning of December but not sure if my thing Florida blood will freeze the minute I get there! Hope you have a good weekend.


Thanks but you rock too! Planning that whole community get together! I could never do something like that for sure..


Missed hearing about the cold Alaska temps. Looking forward to a more thorough update this weekend!.

Well I got my first cold in 2-3 years yesterday. Woke up with a sore throat/ear infection combo. Still fighting it today. I never get sick but I can't say that any more. I agree with Barb glad to not have to worry about the cough drops. Although 1 cough drop is about 15calories! Thats 1.5 jello cups! Darn cold robbing me of my calories.

Hope everyone is feeling better than me today...

Comment #29

Here's an NSV from last month....This pic was taken at the Oktoberfest last month & this outfit was too big for me....should I change my avi, ya think?..

Comment #30

Happy Thursday everyone. Friday can't come fast enough this week. It seems like it has been a very long week. Not sure why, but I am beat..

Sherry, those size 4 skirts are from Coldwater Creek and Christopher Banks. I think they are cut fairly large. At most places, I am more comfortable in the 6. One thing I have noticed though is that alot depends on where the waist is. I think skirt and pants waists have like a 6 inch range or something. I miss high waisted clothing! I remember hip huggers from the 70's....but I don't remember them being that low.

My DD says I need to be on "What Not To Wear" to learn how to dress for this body. I wouldn't mind the money and shopping in NYC!.

Christine, welcome back! We missed you..

Kim, do you ever chew gum? I find that when I am in a situation that I have to pass on something that is being passed around, I grab a piece of gum. There are so many tasty sugar free types that I use. I know that you have to be careful when you are on plan with gum, but it might be a better choice in those situations..

Melissa, I am about 1 1/2 hours from DC, although that depends on where in DC I am going. DD lives there now, so I am getting down there a little more often. If you decide to fly up, you will have to let me know when. There is a sugar free cough drop I use that is Black Cherry flavored. I know that it has calories, but I did use them on plan. Be glad you didn't have to find cold medicine when you were on 5+1.

Helped, but it wasn't as good as taking NyQuil or something..

Jan, love the picture! Thanks for making me smile today!.

Have a great day everyone. Fight the good fight..


Comment #31

Yikes....where is everyone? Happy Friday! Another week in maintenance..

On scales....I had my pre-surgery visit today. They weighed me. I weighed 142 pounds in the doctor's office. OK so it doesn't match the scale at home. 4 pounds over. The old me would have been really, really upset.

I know you all know how I feel about the scale, but the point is that I am not a number. Regardless of what the number at the doctor's office says, I am maintaining on the scale that I weigh in on every Friday. That's what matters..

Sometimes I read about people who get upset because they gained 2 pounds from one day to the next....or even worse from one hour until the next. One of the hardest parts of this journey for me was to realize that I am not a number! The number that the scale reports to me is going to change from minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day. That number does NOT define my success. That number does not determine my eating pattern. Only calories in/calories out determines my eating pattern..

I will eat on a healthy plan. I will count my calories in and the calories out. I will maintain my weight based on calories and the fit of my clothing, not a number on the scale..

Head games? You bet. This is all about how I view food. I must view it as energy, not a reward. I must view it as nourishment, not a drug..

Fighting the good fight!.


Comment #32

Well, hello Crew!!.

Remember me?? Ha! Ha! It's been a crazy 3 weeks. We had an unbelievable time at the beach, a fun time at our family wedding and an "interesting" time at my class reunion last weekend. Somehow we've made it to Friday and I feel like things are just now about to get back to normal..

I managed to hold steady at 141 during the past few weeks, which was a HUGE accomplishment for me given all the ways I could have messed up and ways I WOULD have messed up last year. While at the beach we ate fresh seafood and veggies and I didn't shy away from the swimsuit pictures as I have in years past - it was truly incredible. The family I saw at the wedding also couldn't believe how much I've changed. Lots of sweet, sweet compliments. I was very proud of myself and my husband and kids..

Last weekend at our class reunion was interesting. I remember when I left to go away to college my Mom told me "you can't come home again" - you know the saying, things will never be like they were before. After she passed away it changed again, and once my Dad moved away, it definitely lost most of the old feelings. So walking back into the high school was definitely a bit awkward. I was popular in high school, a cheerleader, President of Student Forum, my Mom was a teacher...I was accepted and fit in...BACK THEN!! But walking back into that surrounding was very unnerving. We had a small turnout, I only graduated with 84 and the event was held around the homecoming football game.

We skipped the reunion dinner on Saturday at the local catfish restaurant and instead I took my hubby out for his birthday - he and my son share a birthday on the 23rd..

I definitely didn't stick to 100% OP, but I was able to stay in control and go between 5&1 and 4&2 and held steady. It proved to me that I CAN DO THIS!!.

I missed you Crew and am hoping for normal to return and more time for the boards next week. I'll try and post some pics too!.

Have a great weekend!!..

Comment #33

It sure has been quiet around here! No one even TGIFing!.


- Glad to see you back - we missed you. CONGRATS on holding steady!! Sounds like you had a lovely time away. You're looking.



- Thanks for the reminder, AGAIN, about not being a number. I'm still struggling with that concept. I can talk the talk, but I have trouble walking the walk, i.e., I still let the scale play head games with me. I'm not totally out of my slump and back into the total 5&1 mindset....gettin' there, tho..


- I had just been wondering about you and you posted! Glad to hear all the news from Alaska...hopefully more this weekend..


- hang in there! Maybe we should team up and report in every day or something. We both have about the same to get to goal (my ticker, sadly, is not up to date.

) and we seem to be struggling with the same issues staying OP..


- sounds like your event came off well and you enjoyed it despite having to work so hard. Glad it all paid off. Thanks for the compliment..

Waving to Heidi, Debbie, Diana & the rest of the crew.....


Comment #34


It took me a VERY VERY VERY long time and two scaleless trips to Maine and a lot of coaching from Heidi for me to get to where I am today. I'm still not always sure about the scale though. It didn't bother me today, but I'm not sure that won't always be the case..

Have a great weekend! Fight to good fight...

Comment #35


LOVED that pic! A nice unexpected surprise!.


1 1/2 hrs isn't that bad. I'd love to meet up for a salad if you can do it. I'm buying my ticket in the next few weeks so I'll definitely let you know! So funny you brought up scale issues today. My scale was up 2lbs randomly yesterday and it was right back to normal today. Just makes me realize those little blips are normal and not to stress about. One day I'm hoping to be more relaxed about it like you are in the future for sure!.

Got to hang out with my little step brother today. He loves to bake so we made some fun Halloween spider cupcakes. I planned for the calories and set aside a small little non iced cupcake. Felt good to not succumb to my sugar monster and eat everything in sight!.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday!..

Comment #36


, love the pictures!.


, that would be great! There is more to the scale story, but I'm going to have to think about it and write about it early next week. You see, the nurse had something else to say about the number on the scale. Ah......a little suspense!.

Have a great day everyone. I'm off for a hike on my favorite trail and some shopping for some boots to wear with this cute little black watch plaid courdary skirt DH got me for my birthday. I can't wait to put this outfit together. I've been wanting to buy boots that actually fit my calf for SO long..

Fight the good is so worth it!.


Comment #37

Happy Saturday...and it's.

Devil's Night!.


- My shout out to you got lost somewhere..

You are doing so GREAT!! Resisting the icing and having just a small cupcake. Keep it up - once the sugar monster is loose, it's h*ll to get it tamed and put away!.

Our warm fall weather has taken a turn for chilly. I've got some bulbs I want to put in and am wishing for the warmer days of last week. Ah well, the last of the fall gardening is always's colder and an in the face reminder that winter is on it's way. My dahlias need digging, too..

Off to burn up some calories outside. Have a great day everyone!!..

Comment #38

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.