Is Nutrisystem a bad diet to be on?

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Got a question... Is Nutrisystem a bad diet to be on? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: Hello all - I started the Nutrisystem program this morning, went through my 5:45am chest/triceps workout (45 min) and fat-burning treadmill walk (30 min) and felt pretty good up until about 2:30pm. Now I feel like I'm going to pass out..

I've been lifting weights for around 20 years. I usually eat like crazy to fuel my 60-90 minute workouts..

Are there any other weightlifters in here that can help me out? I want to stick with the Nutrisystem plan.


Lift weights but am afraid I might have to cut back on the lifting to going with lighter weights/higher reps 3-4 days a week for 30 minutes a pop - keeping the cardio at 30 minutes too around 4 days a week..

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated..

Thanks -.


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Yes sir! although you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm my answer as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer your Nutrisystem question better...

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That's great advice. I'm a big believer in protein shakes. I have found that the caloric intake on the Nutrisystem plan doesn't support the activity level you describe, (and it sounds like you found the same). It is important to think about what your goals are though before you start messing around too much with the diet or your routine. What are your goals? Also it might help if you listed what you ate...

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Sean sent you a message check your inbox...(runs back out)..

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Your workouts are similar to mine. I lift for an hour MWF, and walk an hour those days. The other 3-4 days I do 1-1.5 hours on the elliptical. Like you, I work out at 530am..

NS is not geared to this kind of activity. I have talked to the counselors and they are helpful. They suggested adding a carb, a fruit and a protein on workout days..

The following is what I do. My weight loss has slowed, but I have lost waist and gained through the chest and shoulders. Body fat % is down. Seems to be working for me..

I have a piece of wheat toast or english muffin on the way to the gym to get some fuel on board. I eat my morning snack after the gym, and on lifting days this is protein powder or egg whites and fruit. I do the Nutrisystem breakfast bar/cereal with yogurt mid-morning. For lunch, I do a salad with veggies and add a grilled chicken breast. I do the Nutrisystem lunch entree at 3-330, the snack at 5, dinner and late snack on plan...

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Ditto to what Bill, Met and Fixbones said. I'm not hugely into lifting. Put about 20 min/week into each of 4 muscle groups plus cardio, but found through experimentation on myself that adding a 330 cal Muscle Milk every workout day did the trick for me. Was my "sweet spot" of calories vs. exercise..

Warning - there are just as many folks who lose very slowly on Nutrisystem as there are who loose very fast. Guys are lucky as many of us are faster losers, but not all of us! Adding a high-cal shot like this would seriously screw up your program! Shouldn't even be talking about it here..

NS is designed for moderate activity and "average" metabolisms and size ranges. Many have lost successfully with NO exercise, so I don't feel bad adding 330 if I know I've worked off over 330. Seems to work. For me. Everyone is so different, you can't put anyone's experience on anyone else. Experiment a bit and find your own personal "sweet spot" of workouts and calories.

I'd recommend most newbies simply stick to plan. Don't try this at home, unless you're a couple months or more into the progam. If you've got obvious symptoms like SeanL, call a counselor..


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The days I work out, I add a protein shake also otherwise I would get dizzy!..

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You guys are all really helpful - Can't get over how much support you're providing!! Very cool to have this board..

OK - Here's the deal. I added up my caloric intake for the day and it was only just above 1100! I added another protein drink at around 7:00pm when I realized this - obviously wasn't enough:.

I fell asleep at 8:15 and stayed there until 7:30! Missed my workout - got up around 6-7 times last night to pee. I weighed in this AM to find I'm down 4 pounds from yesterday morning (makes sense - just water)..

Anyway ... I'm going to try this again today. I REALLY like the way you're breaking up your meals FIXBONES1. I'll give that one a shot after a few weeks. Gordon. Hugebear, Drive4show and Mesturge, I'm taking your advice too and adding AT LEAST one EAS low-carb protein drink per day (never got your message, liliyarn)..

I guess this is going to be a little tougher to figure out than for a regular Nutrisystem user..

Thanks again for all of your help guys..


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If you were taking in only 1100 calories, you aren't following the Men's plan. Most guys end up taking in 1400-1500 following 100%. Nutrisystem is geared to folks that do moderate exercise (walking 30 minutes a few times per week)..

My additions usually put me at 2000-2300. I use a GoWearFit arm band (simialr to a BodyBugg), and I am burning 3000-3600 cal peer day depending on the day. I figured out my add in food based on knowing both input/output and my own weight loss and appearance. Splitting the meals up as I do is my solution to getting hungry late in the day..

It has taken me several months to find this happy medium...

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Hi Sean,.

Are you getting all your add-in's? These are really important nutritionally, and in keeping yourself full and fueled. Can you list out the foods you are eating per meal?..

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I went over everything again (logging it online under My Program) and it all checked out - still ended up around 1100 calories. I don't get it. I mustv'e done something wrong. I'm eating a ton of lettuce and mushrooms for vegetables BTW and just some grapes for fruit. I'm not really hungry, just feeling wiped out. I DID miss yesterdays Nutrisystem afternoon snack (forgot to bring it to work) and ended up just eating a low-fat mozz cheese stick and 5-6 almonds (kept me about 100 calories off of what I was supposed to take in)..

I burned at least 1500 calories in the gym yesterday for sure. I think I may get an arm band like you mentioned Fixbones..

I'm not discouraged at all. I knew this was going to happen..

For the record: I'm 6'4, 255 pounds and lift heavy. I'm going to cut it back tomorrow. I want to keep all of the muscle I've built up over these years and lose the fat. I chose Nutrisystem because it seems very convenient and offers a ton of variety. I get really sick of chicken breasts and plain tuna-in-a-can..

Thanks again guys..


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Hmm you sure you're eating everything you're supposed to on the planner? Something sounds off. Even on my low days I don't remember coming in under 1200 and my average day is about 1450 calories...

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Ok - I realized I forgot to add in my CARB during dinner. I ate it, just didn't log it in - put me at 1367 for the day with my additional protein drink (and missing about 100 on the lack of afternoon snack)..

I think I just worked out too much - kicked my own a$$ at the gym w/o replenishing enough..

Thanks again for all of your help..

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That's a lot of calories burned. May I ask how you are coming up with those numbers? Most machines are not very acurate in reporting actual calories burned..

I use the Body Bug and after a 1 hour rigorous weight lifting session, I may burn only 300-400 cals max. Add in the evenings 45 min Cardio of 300-400 cals burned and that usually adds up to about 600-800 cals per day burned from excercise alone..

None of this matters though, unless your trying to track your calories consumed vs. calories burned for a certain deficit number..

NS is great, because if you just follow the plan and like Gordon (and others) mentioned, talk to a counselor about adding in some protien and carbs. For your size you might be able to bump your total cals consumed per day, to a larger number..

I think I was able to get my cals up to 1800 per day and still lose 3-4 lbs per week for a while..

Also...are you on any meds? For me, after just a few weeks, I had to adjust my HBP meds in half, then eventually was able to get off them all together..

Good Luck...Keep posting, look forward to following your success...

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Using my GWF to calculate, I burn about 500 extra lifting hard for an hour. Doing elliptical at resistance 10 for 60 minutes, 145-150 steps/min I burn around 700 extra. Walking an hour burns me 400 or so...

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Thanks Ron - You're right, the treadmill lies. I used info from another site ( as well as the Nutrisystem "Log My Exercise" link ... Nutrisystem seems low, the other one seemed high (that's the one I went with - I like to exaggerate, I guess!!)..

I may pick up 2 of the Body Bugs or the GoWearFit armbands this weekend for myself and the wife. Never heard of them until now - really glad I joined this forum..

Thanks again..


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Interesting...Great job Bone Fixer!!.

The BB and the GWF are basically the same device, they both work great and just like all other devices only estimate your calorie burn. IMHO the accuracy rate is much higher on these devices than any others I have researched...

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The Bodybugg or GWF will help you with finding the right amount of intake for your workouts regime..

I found that taking in 1800-1900/day was my sweet spot. I did the Nutrisystem Men's Diabetic program for quite some time (1300-1500 calories/day)..

After I lost the weight and switched to maintenance, I bought the bodybugg to help me with my nutrition..

I found that adding a carb to breakfast, a protein shake before or after my workout plus adding another protein/fruit snack about 2 hours after dinner really made a difference in my energy level..

Those adds put me up to the 1800-1900 calories/day and let me still lose about 1-2lbs/week..

I later found that 2000-2100 calories/day is the right amount for maintaining for me with a 5-6 day a week workout schedule..

Hope that helps...

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Thanks psudsp1 - I checked out the arm bands. Little pricey for me at this point. I'm going to try Nutrisystem for a few weeks while increading my protein a little - if that doesn't do it for me, I'll bite the bullet and pick one up. not too crazy about the monthly fees..

Thanks again..

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Sean -.

Ebay sells the armbands cheaper and sometimes people on here sell them. Pricey at first and I only pay 6 bucks a month for the service. I love mine..

Glad you found my message..

Best of luck with your lifting!..

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