Is Nutrisystem a good diet to be on?

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First question I got is Is Nutrisystem a good diet to be on? Many thanks for any answer. My other question... Http://

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Ye, but... you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm this as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you email the Nutrisystem guys because they can assist you better...

Comment #1

There's a modicum of truth here. Over consumption is a huge issue and I don't think many people can argue with that. However, there are many ways that people over consume - not just what they're eating. Trying to lay blame on a particular group is counter productive and clouds the real problems which hinders the effort at finding real solutions. Just read a great series of articles in the October issue of Popular Science about obesity and the effort to find "cures". Many of the articles centered around the difficulty of first discovering the causes of obesity.

Society to a simple matter of laziness or a lack of will-power. This is a very complex issue that won't be corrected soon...

Comment #2

One of the possible results of stem-cell research might yield an effective "cure" for obesity. One which can be specifically targeted to the individual..

Over the last 2 years, most if not all ethical issues with stem-cell research have been laid to rest, since the cells can be sourced from other than human fetus tissue. Hopefully the governement will spend 1/1,000 as much on this as they did throwing my tax money away on useless pork spending which won't help me or my family one bit...

Comment #3

Nice. I thought the whole idea was to create a false alarm, then offer the solution. I guess you can also create a false alarm, and once enough people buy it, you can then create a blame for the alarm as well as a solution..

The government wants to control what I eat, what I can smoke, how much money I can make, and soon enough gas prices will go back up so they'll be restricting my travel as well...

Comment #4

People that are overweight are not the issue. The food supply that promotes one to be overweight and overpopulation is..

If this world wasn't so over populated you wouldn't have this diatribe...

Comment #5

Interesting how a report from England becomes the opinion of "the government" of the United States...

Comment #6

FOXNews rules!.

I was getting tired of this planet anyway!..

Comment #7

Yeah, government controlled, that is why china is what it is...are we the next china? or skinny people of france?..

Comment #8

Ok, I just watched this video and this is crazy! First of all they talk about obese people overconsuming. Ok from my point of view, I have seen skinny people eat five times more food than me and they eat out everyday of their lives. I only eat out once or twice a week or almost none now since I'm on this program. Another thing is, I know some skinny people who over consume on a lot of things from makeup to makeovers, from hair to nails, from expensive skinny sports cars to lavish spa treatments to excessive trips out to shop, now that is over consuming gasoline. And then they talk about healthcare...well I only see my doctor when necessary and I had my 6 month checkup recently and my doc says I am very healthy, and all I have to do is lose weight. I have no known medical health issues.

I am very healthy individual. So, how can we be over consuming and costing more for healthcare. I think they have us confused with the super obese people who can not do for themselves, but that is where obesity clinics and nursing homes come in to play. Talking about taxes, skinny people have more jobs and get more job offers than obese and so if you work you should pay taxes, doesn't matter how skinny or large you are. I think that since our economy is so bad, they just have to blame somebody for the mess.

Why don't they think about things before they say them on national television? That is just out right down low and dirty. No one cares for anyone anymore. Where are our morals and respect? What if someones obesity is hereditary? Do they want to just knock them off the planet? Maybe my views are not important, but I think everyone is important and yet there are a lot of obese people in the world and over time it has grown. Then they talk about not letting kids buy colas. Well, I disagree.

I think that consuming anything should be done in moderation, but I think that again, it doesn't have to do with weight. It has to do with our BRAINSwe need to use our heads wisely and that is what the government needs to do, they are America's brain. We are the body, but if the brain doesn't function properly, then how is the body going to function?..

Comment #9

The observation about "skinny people of france" might not be scientific, but I can agree based on observations a decade ago when I motorcycle toured for 24 days over there..

For the life of me, I don't remember more than 1 or 2 heavy people during that trip. Once I got down to the South Coast around Biot and Nice, it got even more obvious. The girls were mostly all 10s, all the time, they'd come out of the water at the (clears throat) nude beaches and still have their hair perfectly arranged and full muscle definition without even a trace of body building effort. The men were equally perfect. It was like being at an IFBB Figure competition without the stage..

I should have stayed there. It might have rubbed off. Heh...

Comment #10

Sounds like a perfect excuse for a road trip to me!!!..

Comment #11

LOL, yeah, sounds nice doesn't it? America is changing though, I think it takes more encouragement to help each other and once some catch on then the rest will follow. So are we setting good examples?..

Comment #12

Sorry guys.. but if you're a fat ass, it's your own fault..

I know how I got as fat as I am. Is anyone else really scratching their head and wondering how they suddenly caught 300 pounds?..

Comment #13

Amen brother. there is no such thing as the fat fairy. more in than goes out equals matter what your genetics are...

Comment #14

Amen! All the theories and pet ideas on weight control are trumped by the simple in-out=gain equation. There's lots of wrinkles and factors in there, but overall it's the E=mc2 of weight loss science..

I've noticed in France and in the reports of "healthy pockets" of people that the major difference is activity level. In France, they mostly walk everywhere - daily runs to the bread shops, etc. In the "healthy" areas, the folks are constantly working their gardens, walking everywhere, etc. No cars or TV. Not like here. When my kids lived in a house 1 block down the street, we always drove down.

Totally self-inflicted..


Comment #15

I hate to be the lone dissenter but I think there is more to it. Capitalism breeds food disseminators to manufacture and sell foods that appeal to everyones gluttonous tendencies..

If you put any animal in a room with an endless supply of bad food that animal will get fat. Suggesting our intellect should overcome that tendency to over eat and eat poorly is a large leap..

However the old adage I believe would hold true here: Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Once educated one should be on a plan to get healthybut the ability to become educated differs from one to the next (e.g. myself) and sometimes it takes getting hit over the head with a big hammer before one changesbut they wont get me again!!!..

Comment #16

So money in the distribution of Radishes and Cucumbers in the drivethru...

Comment #17

I was surprised, even though I knew that Europeans are much more into walking or bicycling than Americans are, when I visited Italy. We went to Assisi which is built in the hills. We're wandering up and down the hills and it finally struck me that even the little old ladies were doing the very same thing. Driving wasn't even a very realistic option there. Very interesting revelation for me...

Comment #18

OH my goodness, can you just imagine what this will do to the mind of a fat child.... I know it would have crushed me to pieces when I had enough to deal with already as a child. And how cruel will the other kids be when they have heard this on the news. I can't even imagine. Now I dont mean to forget us adults but at least we can just get mad at them and have a good laugh... what next...


Comment #19

That used to be me at McDonald's!.

Ronald won't miss me, I'm sure someone else took my place in line at that joint..

Thank you Evelyn, much appreciated...

Comment #20

I agree with the balance of your post but as an individual who has kept many animals of all varieties I have to say most animals with an endless supply of food don't overeat. While some do (dogs are a notable exception) mice, lizards, fish, birds etc. don't generally eat to the point of becoming obese. The limiting factor here seems to be the lifestyle they are allowed (or forced) to live. Sedentary animals sometimes do get fat...

Comment #21

As much as I hate to venture into quasi-political topics people are animals. Mammals to be technical. I dont think the original posters point was to blame capitalism as much as to blame human nature. We naturally gravitate towards foods high in fat and sugar. For centuries mankind's survival has depended on eating and procreating (perhaps why we deprive so much pleasure from both). Foods high in fat ensured we'd have reserves and the species would survive even in lean times, I'd argue those instincts and survival strategies survive today.

Simple supply and demand, well mostly demand. The wide availability of these super fatty foods and the fact that portion sizes on those prepackaged sins have been ever increasing I have to believe that manufacturers are at least a small part of the problem. I don't have the book in front of me, but in.

Eat This Not That.

They talk about the portion sizes of a soda or a bag of chips available in the 50's (and even as recently as the 70's) a single serving was less than half the normal prepackaged serving sold today. Check out this.


I found via google. One example the 1950's soda was 7 ounces, today it's 12 to 64! How many 20 Oz bottles do you see everywhere you go..

There is of course a distinction between man and other animals (which I believe is more in line with your point), and thats our ability to make educated choices about what we eat and to control our selves. Most of us if not all of us are here because we didn't exercise good judgment. Im as pro capitalism as can be and Im a big believer in personal responsibility but I think theres plenty of blame on both sides of the obesity problem. Just my opinion. Ive been wrong before, I'll be wrong again in the future, and I may even be wrong now but I wont be lining up to stuff my piehole full of lard boosting junk food again...

Comment #22

Capitalism exploits the population for the sake of profits - you only need to look at Nike for proof of that. Human tendency is already strong and in our Capitalist system it is easily exploitable. Try not to confuse this with anti-American or pro-anything else - in my humbled opinion the waist of this planet have grown too large and to take any side would be a matter of greed, ego, pride, or ignorance. The shoes you buy today literally affects people you will never see in a place you will never be..

People in general are very gullible and naive (e.g. Hitler's Germany, times of Christianity, etc). The way we are doing business is almost, or is, criminal. Some day this will be understood...

Comment #23

Makes sense. All the people I know in socialist countries are extremely happy and feel highly validated...

Comment #24

Yes, and not just the Soviet Union has self-destructed. Mark my words, China will be more capitalist than socialist in 20 more years..

And please take note, almost every socialist nation on the planet is governed by a dictatorship of one form or another..

Though having a dictatorship doesn't mean the nation is socialist. It just means it sucks to live there..

We have examples of socialism quite close to home, here in the USA..

In Canada they have a strongly socialist form of medicine, and it is indisputable the average appointment wait time is 9 months and the death rate due to unavailability of care due to same is quite large..

The French do it a little better, but not much..

Why is it for decades Cubans have tried to ride in little boats across horrible seas to Florida, to become Americans? How many Americans do you know who are trying to ride little boats to Cuba to become citizens of that fine socialist dictatorship?..

Comment #25

So, capitalism is the reason you had to start Nutrisystem?..

Comment #26

Cubans flee to the U.S. because of their never ending desire to become morbidly obese...

Comment #27

Bro, I'm pretty sure I could have gone all day without seeing your new avatar. Make that all month. Well done...

Comment #28

I would pay good American dollars to see a canoe full of morbidly obese people attempting to traverse shark infested waters. So would the sharks, for that matter...

Comment #29

I would say I am a product of our culture. My earnings are high and allows me to indulge myself in excess. It is acceptable to do this in America. For instance, I see families having dinner at Chilis and a 10-year old boy consuming a meal that is fit for four adult males - however this is acceptable in our culture..

Capitalism sets up an arena that allows for this. Of course, Capitalism isn't 'the' reason but it is, in my opinion, the canvas that excess is painted on..

Now obviously non-Capitalist countries have fat people too, however America is bursting it's buckle. I believe America is the 9th fattest country (might be 8thor 7th now) and the top 8 countries are comprised of very small populations that most are dwarfed in comparison to the U.S...

Comment #30

Ok apparently I.


Wrong. He may be the next Marx. Everyone must be equally fat!.

Im ready to share mine...

Comment #31

Ahh yes.. childhood obesity. With my job, I work in schools a lot. The whole childhood obesity thing is crap. Look at those same children once they get into high school. Almost none of them are fat..

They usually don't turn back into fat asses until later in life. And then they blame others...

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