Is Nutrisystem or Nutrisystem worth it?

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First off, Is Nutrisystem or Nutrisystem worth it? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question on my mind: I'm going to start to transition off of NS. It's been a great ride and the success has been fantastic, but I can't eat Nutrisystem the rest of my life. That being said, I still have a couple weeks of Nutrisystem products in the cupboards and will occasionally use it if I feel it's needed. And if I start backsliding at all, I will start the next autoship ASAP..

I joined a local Gym and hired a Personal Trainer. We are going to focus on continued weight loss and building muscle and strength..

My PT is amazed at the weight loss I have had so far and wants to continue that success. He has referred me to a website called for tracking all my meals..

Anyone have experience with this site?.

I have downloaded a free trial (7 days) of their software..

At first glance, it seems to do a great job with the food database and can track your calories as well as your daily requirements for Protien, Fat, Carbs, fiber and excercise. The program seems to be a little buggy, but I think I can work through that. An interesting thing about this program is that after filling out a quick few questions, (not unlike the Body Bug from what I read) it has decided I need a 2000 calorie per day diet. Which is all fine, but after entering your excercise for the day, that takes away from those calories, meaning I need to eat more. I hope this all turns out OK for me, it's hard to imagine how I can eat MORE than I already am. After being so dedicated to the plan for 4 months I feel a little guilty.

Wish me luck..

Uggh, today my PT wanted to figure out my max on all the excercises he has planned for me. I'm gonna be feeling it by tomorrow I'm sure. It's been 15 years or more since I lifted weights...

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Ye, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can help better...

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Awesome, thanks for the reply Lynn.

It means a lot to me..

I too like the stand alone daily tracker, relatively quick compared to NS..

I most definetly am NOT going to change and add my calories that have been taken back by the excercise. I will be keeping around the same as now in the 1800 range. What I was trying to say was that my PT does want to see me get more protien than I have done in my first couple days..

NS makes it easy to get your protien. Off plan with everyday eating it's a little harder to do. So I just need to find a way to get more of that stuff in my daily menu. This will be the challenges in my next step to a healthy lifestyle...

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Good luck, Mule! Keep us posted on how it's going fo ryou..


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Yeah I love that you can track nutrients so easily with the program.

If you're looking to keep the high protein amounts that you are used to with Nutrisystem but while using grocery foods, and stay within a specified calorie range there are a couple things you can do one is to have lean protein for your added maintenance calories (since you're already getting a fair bit of carbs just from the basic Nutrisystem men's weight loss plan) another would be to make protein rich shakes or smoothies (either from a protein mix or by adding protein powder to fruit & yogurt & ice and blending), I get several of the fruit flavors from (they have a fair range of shake/smoothie mixes as well as mixes that can be either pudding OR shake depending on the amount of liquid added) and something I found to be a really neat thing, especially with the warm weather coming, is the protein laden fruit drinks from 12-15 gr protein for 60-70 calories, these fruit drinks are really refreshing and tasty by themselves (I generally add more water to for a more diluted flavored water rather than fruit drink) and I also use them instead of water or juice for a smoothie with fruit & yogurt & ice... kinda pricey when compared to a jug of protein powder, but since they are single serve, they travel really well... check em out.


And for winter - they have some not bad tasting soups that are also 70-100 cal with 12-15 gr protein.

Good luck and btw, congrats on getting to this point in your journey!!!.


Comment #4 is free and very good for the same...

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Is way better than for counting calories. The food database is much better...

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Congratulations on all your success and the great lifestyle you're making even better! The rewards of being healthy are evident 24 X 7! Thanks also for sharing - your posts helps keep me motivated - especially to continue exercising!.

I'm curious about your desire to "get off NS". For me, stretching out the shipments makes more sense (you can delay up to 5 months). As I've said in my 101 thread, I had gotten out of bounds without doing any really bad eating, I've put back in most of my Nutrisystem entrees and find they really help in keeping my hunger at bay. They're also easy and inexpensive - I will certainly always keep several weeks supplies available to jump back on when I see the weight creeping up. I'm certainly not criticizing - as I said, I'm just curious. At this stage I don't see any advantage to giving up Nutrisystem supplies - share what you find out about moving exclusively to non Nutrisystem foods..

Congratulations again on all your success and on you're very healthy lifestyle. Keep up the great work and keep us posted!..

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Tom we're closer in ideas than I thought. I just can't get the exercise thing going..

The real bottom line is why give up a good thing? And no I don't own any Nutrisystem stock...

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Wow, I just looked up some of the stuff I used to eat, like a king size double whopper value meal from Burger King.... ugh how could I do that to myself?..

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