Is Nutrisystem stronger than Dr. Tabor's Diet?

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My question is Is Nutrisystem stronger than Dr. Tabor's Diet? Thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... There will be no cardio for me for a while. I sustaned a knee injury almost a week ago and I haven't been able to do any kind of cardio excercising since then. I'm not sure what's wrong yet, can't get in to see the specialist for another couple weeks..

I'm not sure what I'm going to do for cardio, heck...I can't even walk without severe pain and discomfort. This is scary, I don't want to get too far behind..

I think I will have to cut down my calories a couple hundred since I will be a lot less active..

This is where I wish I had the Body Bugg. I still haven't ordered one yet, because money is tight, but I think I will just bite the bullet and get one ASAP...

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Ye, but you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm it as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer your Nutrisystem question better...

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I feel for you, man !.

I go see Chief, Orthopedic Surgery tomorrow afternoon at the VA Hospital, to get final yay/nay about getting on list for knee replacement surgery (both)..

I know it's going to be a hard sell, but I've got a good bit of quality of life ammunition and even backup if that fails. Heh..

If they do it, I will be able to do cardio for the first time in like 20 years..

But, wearing full knee braces, I have been able to weight train with no problems, even 600+ pound leg presses. In fact, the Ortho surgeon who referred me to the head guy said what I was doing probably kept me as mobile as possible these last couple years, and it's more (in a good way) than physical therapy would provide..

In between each of 3 muscle group days (which I seperate with 1 day "off") I usually do 1 off day of isolated cable ankle exercises and 1 off day of isolated cable hip exercises. This combined with leg presses, calf raises, leg curls, leg extensions has not just given me good legs in body building terms but also good legs in terms of stabilizing the knee joints as much as possible...

Comment #2

Even more reason for following Nutrisystem strictly. I too have limited ambulation due to injuries sustained while on active duty. So, I feel your pain, literally. Losing weight and taking weight off my knees and lower legs is and has always been a big motivator for me. Let us know how the BBugg thing goes. I'm still too tight to shell out the 300 clams for it..

Let it heal on it's own time table, don't push it too soon...

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Now this is depending on if you can stand on your knee but did you ever think about a couple of rounds on a heavy bag? A heavy bag is an awesome cardio workout. If you have a bag at your disposal and again if you can stand and be somewhat mobile try to take advantage of this. You don't even have to try to kill the bag...just try steady jabs and hooks for 3 minutes. Each day try to do one more "round" then the last or whatever you are capable for doing that week. I hope your recovery is a fast and healthy one..


Comment #4

Not sure exactly how bad your knee is. My knees hurt but are not injured. Tread mill works for me because there is some spring on the deck. I can jog on it but not out on real pavement. The thing that I do for cardio with no impact is the exercise bike. This may work for you depending upon your injury...

Comment #5

Both of my knees were really bad when I started Nutrisystem and the Doc was talking knee replacement "someday"..

I went the gym even before starting to lose the weight and saw a trainer. A couple things come to mind....

Water workouts. Low stress on the knees if you have access to a pool..

Elliptical Trainers and recumbent and stationary bikes...(I used these a lot and still do actually, they just hurt less now with 65 pounds gone.).

Yoga and pilates...he had me do lots of different things that would be considered in those two areas that were low impact on the knee..

Just a couple avenues to look into of ways to keep up with some workouts..

Good luck!..

Comment #6

I agree with this. I teach kickboxing in my classes and we use stand up bags and gloves. The boxing alone can burn 400 calories easily in an hour or less...

Comment #7

That's a great idea...I actually have one in my garage I can break out and dust off. I remember using it years ago and the heart rate would soar while doing it..

Thanks for the ideas and well wishes everyone, I think I will do a combination of the heavy bag and maybe some laps in the pool at the gym...

Comment #8


Just got back from the Dr. Looks like Surgery for me..

I've got a meniscus tear, and an MCL Sprain. He's not sure if anything will need to be done with the MCL. I should be able to get it done in a few weeks. Until then, I will push myself on the Cardio Machines. I am told my down time is about 1 week on crutches, then 4-6 weeks rehab..


Comment #9

Hang in there, this will only be a blip on the radar screen in a year!..

Comment #10

That's tough luck Mule....... sorry to hear about it. Hang in and do the best you can, get well, and then pick where you can and continue...... That's all you CAN do...... We are all pulling for you!!!!!!!!!!11..

Comment #11

The bag and swimming are great ideas. I had orthascopic surgery in the 80s on both my knees, not at the same time but a couple of years apart. Both times I was up and walking the same day..

Unfortinatly about 10 years later I destroyed both of them and they need major surgery, but I cant have the operation because my hart works at 15%. I ware braces, but the loss of 85 lbs. help. I can now work out for 2 hours every other day. In my opinion it just depends on just how badly you want something...

Comment #12

I've had 3 knee surgeries. Each time I had miniscus shaved or repaired and 3 brand new ACL's..

The rehab is MUCH better than the old days (from what I've heard). You'll be back on your feet quicker than you think..

Swimming rehab and Eliptical trainers are mega-helpful. Look at it this way, you'll burn a ton of calories in rehab..

Keep us posted and good luck!..

Comment #13

"Steve Austin (Ron Mulewhipper), astronaut. A man barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic man. Steve Austin (Ron) will be that man.

Better, stronger, faster."..

Comment #14

You'll Whip it, Mule! That's a bummer, but a meniscus tear can be as simple as quick arthroscopic in/out surgery - walking same day. Hope that's the case for you. Forget the crutches - they're for sissies.

Get it better, lower the cals to match activity and you'll still lose, no problems. You've been doing a great job maintaining w/out the BBB!! I don't think I could do that..


Comment #15

Hang in there. I feel sorta the same way...trying to get sttronger and poor joints make it that much tougher. Had a shoulder dislocation repaired and also a pattelar debridement/lateral release..

Would think one bright spot would be that the mensicus is basically repairable (pattela cartilage loss gets lots of surgeries and they are frustrating since they don't FIX IT.).

In the spirit of Men's rulez helpful posts with facts:.

1. This is an excellent community for knee questions. Some of the people on those forums seem to know more than the docs. They can definitiely help you be informed and ask your doc right questions (although don't get too freaked out by some who have chronic problems):.


(go down and use the forums for the cruciate ligaments and the meniscus)..

2. This is best popular book I know on the knee. Very helpful at explaining the anatomy and such. I was trying to use journal articles or references...but even with a dictionary of anatomical terms, was not tractable for me. But this book is written for patient. (Realize that the author comes a bit from the "deal with pain and have a cane" side of things...there are other docs who are more aggressive.


Also, I just googled on Amazon and there are ew few other books. If you don't want to bother buying books, you can have your public library get them via InterLibraryLoan (it is free...just make the lady give you a form). But the Grelsmaher book is cheap and simple...

Comment #16

Thanks everyone for your well wishes and concerns.

I may go back on Nutrisystem for a month just to make sure I don't let things get out of whack from my down time...ya, that might be a good idea...

Comment #17

Mulewhipper. I see in your graph that you're down two from when you injured your knee. it looks like you've been managing well..

The down side is that after you get a new knee, you'll technically be a cyborg. When Skynet achieves self-awareness you'll be one of them and it's going to get ugly...

Comment #18

Well...went under the knife this morning..

Have to say, even with the narcotics...lot's of pain going on here..

Ended up removing a larger piece of Meniscus than he thought, as well as several bone fragments or something like that..

Doc says there was substantial cartlidge degeneration as well and that a knee replacement surgery is in the future for me..


Comment #19

I feel for ya. Hang in there. And do the PT. It WILL get better. least compared to how you feel now...

Comment #20

Mule, that is what 374 pounds can do to your knees. The weight loss should make things a lot easier for you. Do the PT with the mission of saving your knees forever. Hang in there and remember "Drugs - better living through chemistry."..

Comment #21

We're rootin' for ya, Mule! You'll be hitched up and pulling that wagon again in no time..


Comment #22

Hope you're feeling better today. I know every time I've been cut, over 30 times on my left leg alone, it's the meds that made it worse. I always felt better after I could flush those from my system. Take it easy Man!..

Comment #23

SEcond time I got cut, I told them the anesthetic had made me quesy and they changed tuypes. HAd no issues after switching. Just a thought.....

Comment #24


Speedy Recovery.

You'll be back to normal soon enough...

Comment #25


I know how bad the post-op is, but it will get better. Can even make a little of a game of the PT in that you see the improvements..

And you can always follow the diet. There is no excuse for not doing that. If anything it's more important with your activity reduced. This can be another thing in your life that is UNDER YOUR CONTROL and a place to see victories...

Comment #26

Wow...what a week.

I've been in a constant daze of narcotics. May have to head to rehab just to get off pain killers.

J/k, but the fog is starting to lift now..

I am just starting to get up and on my feet again...moving around like a Pirate with a wooden leg. I will probably head back to the gym in a couple days. At least I can do some upper body stuff and maybe hit the water when my stitches come out..

Even though there is still a considerable amount of pain, I can tell that the pain that was there before is gone. I'm mostly dealing with the pain from the surgery now..

Having the Body Bug was a HUGE help in keeping my weight under control. I have been able to see my daily calorie burn lower and make adjustments to my diet accordingly. I had a large spike in weight gain initially, (not sure exactly why that happened), but I kept at it and todays weigh in was very rewarding...

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