Is phase 1 of the Medifast Diet healthy? It seems scary to me.?

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My first question is Is phase 1 of the Medifast Diet healthy? It seems scary to me.? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Second question.. HAPPY FREAKIN' SWAGGERIN' FRIDAY - MONDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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Yes sir! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm my answer as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

Attitude to me is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than success, than what other people think, say or do. It is more important than appearance, gift, or skill..

The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day...I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it. And so it is with you... we are in charge of our attitudes...

Comment #2

Morning Capt. How is kitty doing? Any more snow up that way? looked brutal in the northeast on the news last night..

TGIF!! Work has been the worst lately- the attitude of everyone and the morale is the pits. I try to stay positive because I don't like working in that type of environment, however it's starting to wear on me. Ok need to catch up quickly from last night and get this Friday show on the road...

Comment #3

Morning Ang- did you get the drive shoveled and abazillion calories burned?..

Comment #4

Morning Peeps!.

I slept "late", all the way to 6:00 am! Makes sense since I was at work until 9:00 pm.....

I am psyched for the weekend!!!!! There better be enough snow for snowshoe-ng!!..

Comment #5

Hey from work..

I'm not staying long..

I'm sick..


Up all night coughing..

I'm going to the doctor and then going home..

Kitty seems fine..

Will give a full Kitty report later..

Mad love...

Comment #6


How is everyone? i've been creeping in now and then and doing a little reading...

Work is ridiculous and school is crazy! we had a snow day last week so we have been behind all week now and are finally caught up! phew!.

Check out my new ticker..............

Sorry for the sickness, happy for the losses, sorry for those of you who are getting snow and don't want it....

Hope everyone has a great day!..

Comment #7

Morning everyone,.

Erin, I love the tickeryou're getting so close. We've been having light snow showers all morning but I think they've almost stopped. I want to head to dtrs. but have to check out the roads by her, etc. cuz it's an hours drive. We've had stupid plumbing problems again last night.

The older part of the house's bathroom backed up last nightit's hardly ever used. That made the sink not want to do down either and also the sink in the kitchen. We don't know if it's a frozen drain pipe or what. It happened last week also but then pouring hot water down seemed to clear it. Now DH thinks maybe a drain out area in the yard is plugged.

It's fine again this morning so I think I'll just call a plumber and see what they think. Today you'd never know there was any problem so it sure baffles me. Hope everyone has a good start to the weekend. Will try to check back with you guys later this afternoon...

Comment #8

Barb- that does not sound like a fun problem to have. But glad it keeps clearing up..

Capt- hope you feel better..

Erin- LOVE the ticker- it will fly by..

I am drinking a chinese herbal detox tea, smells better than it taste- not that it tast bad just not much of a flavor. Dh was very sweet this morning leaving me a little heart shaped note on my steering wheel. He hasn't done that for... a long while! I also bought a LivingSocial deal (kinda like Groupon) for 20 HOT YOGA classes for $20. I have to use them with 6 weeks of my first class, so guess what I'll be doing to get in shape?! I've very excited I did a class a couple years ago and loved it. Now that I'm no longer 240 lbs I'm sure I will do much better. Ok need to at least look like I'm working today...

Comment #9

Quick shout out to all !! I'm flying in fast and cannot stay long today..

Friday weigh in day, 2 pounds for the week (week 3). That's 9 total in 3 weeks..

Glad kitty is alright..

Sorry about the plumbing problems (it never happens in nice weather)..

Shouts out to those I've missed in this quick visit..

Date night w/ hubby tonight. <<<.

Insert wolf whistle here.


Comment #10


Very quick stop in FROM WORK of all places because it is this hell hole that has kept me away from here for the last few days.....

And it continues.

Miss and love you allwill be around this weekend for sure!!.


Comment #11

You go get you some, hooker!!!.

(Oh...nice job on the weight loss, too!)..

Comment #12

Hey everyone,.

Not sure what time I left work..

Wasn't long after my last post..

Went to the doctor and was in there forever..

Got my scripts filled and had to wait forever..

Am all kinds of drugged up right now and just realized.

(1) I'm so exhausted, I can't see straight.

(2) I could really eff-up some cookies right now.

I will try to get back later..

But I hope to be sleeping..

A lot..

Tomorrow is a weird day for me..

Mani and hair trim (not weird) but then getting together with five girls that I went to Jr. High/High with and was close with through my mid-20's..

Lots of angst comes along with this gathering..

I won't bore you with the details..


Anyway - have a great Friday and mad love...

Comment #13

Enjoy the weekend!.

Glad you got a little extra sleep today...

Comment #14

Woot! Great find on the classes! What a good deal...

Comment #15

Hope you are out of work already and enjoying your weekend right now..

Comment #16

Parent Conference Day today...but none scheduled so you would think I would have had time to come and play on here today. But, NO! Had some work to do for a Functional Behavior Assessment this morning...yes, it is as boring as it sounds.

Now, trying to plan a trip up to Santa Barbara to go to a funeral I just found out about yesterday. Not looking forward to that. So...I probably won't be on here much this weekend as I will be traveling and out and about..

Have a good weekend hookers!..

Comment #17

Had a great time at my dtrs. today. I always feel so loved by those boys when I'm there. Especially with Ryan, the older one. He just never wants to let me go. Korisorry about the funeral but drive safely.

Come home soon and enjoy your weekend...

Comment #18

Looks like we're going to have to go back to a weekly thread..

I'm taking cough medicine and passing out...

Comment #19

Capt- hope the meds kick in and you feel better in the morning. You may have to give us some deets on this girls night tomorrow- sounds like it could be/ get interesting. Oh and stay away from the cookies..

Muffy- Hope your having some fun right now on your date (woof howlling).

Barb- Glad you had fun with the boys today..

Kori- Yeah the Functional Behavior Assessment does sound boring but I'm sure it's needed and hopefully will make your job easier in the long run. Be safe traveling to and from funeral. Remember to plan your meals so that you will be prepared..

Bellydancing was fun tonight, there were only 3 of us there and the instructor, who was very laid back. I want a scarf with the thingys that make noise when you shake it. I will say though that my hips and theighs hurt and I'm sure it will be worse in the morning. OK need to head to bed, catch you lovelies in the morning...

Comment #20

Morning Peeps!.

I decided to get a facial last night (a real one ger your minds out of the gutter) and crashed after. I'm hoping that I lost at least a pound with all the oil she excavated out of my massive pores.....ughhhhh......

Anyways, not much going on today. I want to run, do laundry, catch up on some work, and then have a party with friends tonight....right now I need coffee!!!!!..

Comment #21

I logged on to this PM this morning:.

EmilyMary Block shamrock0421 Jan 28, 11, 09:30PM.

Subject: just sayin.

You are always sick and depressed, resign as capt.

I woke up feeling sick and depressed, but - EmilyMary - you made my day, sweetheart..

Just sayin'..

Comment #22

Morning T - Love it that you're a runner..

Sandy - I swear, at the rate you're going, you're going to come back from vacation at goal!..

Comment #23


Lots of meds last night. I sure didn't cough and slept well..

When I woke up this morning, it was a different story..

Coughing a lot and my chest is really heavy..

This is all so strange to me because I never ever never used to get sick..

Like, I always had an assedup stomach - but I would never get flus or colds or anything like that..

Don't know if I'm just stressed or run down or what - but it keeps on happening..

Le Sigh..

I probably already typed this last night in my drug-induced haze, but I will go ahead and type it again - because, already, I am in another drug-induced haze....

Today I'm heading over for a manicure (I'm thinking Wicked) and then the girl who cuts my hair is coming over. Then I am heading out to meet up with a bunch of old 'friends'. I will surely try and remember to bring my camera and will surely try to remember to use it..

I also want to weigh-in this morning..

Need more coffee..


Mad love...

Comment #24

She/He/Troll really shouldn't taunt a sick and depressed person, you never know what they may do......

It may send you face first into a mountain of Big Macs!!..

Comment #25

Yeah no Mountain of Big Macs there.....

I'd bet money though that your new PM friend is Mayor McCheese......

Comment #26

Love the 133.

Lori I hope to be closer to goal but 17 lbs in 2 weeks is not to likely..

Had salad for breakfast tired of eggs.

New photos and a video on the little web page dh built for me.

Still have that Medifast taste in my mouth.

Mad love..

Comment #27

Nah....17 pounds in 2 weeks is probably not likely..

I'm going to check out the new pictures but I really want to say here that.

I am ridiculously proud of you..

I really am..

Those are not just words..

You've totally embraced this as a new lifestyle and you're on vacation where (in my world, anyway) all bets are off - and you're keeping control. And that shows me that you're ready. I know how worried you have been/are about T & M - but, after sitting back and watching you do this, I have complete confidence that you are going to kill it..

I wish you much.

Sass and swagger.

For the duration of your vacation, mi amiga..

You've earned it...

Comment #28

Good going Sandy!!! You never know about the 17 pounds....I firmly believe that tanned fat weighs less than pale fat!!!!..

Comment #29 I wish dear sweet Emily wouldn't hide..

I love my Size 4 jeans..

I love being taunted..

But I love Big Macs even more...

Comment #30

Between this and Mayor McCheese, I just laughed so hard I pee'd a little..

:::considering going tanning this morning::::..

Comment #31

Morning shams and WTG Sandy on being OP while on vacation. I know I could never do that. My mind would say I deserve this but I'm glad your mind is in a better place and you're looking at the big picture. I want to make my oatmeal pancake for breakfast but can't find my Walden Farms syrup. I'll keep looking before settling for a muffin. Hope you feel better Lori.

I'm with you Toni, I agree tan fat looks waaay betterjust sayin...

Comment #32

Morning Shammies..

Capt- Glad you got some sleep last night. And emily is hiding because she knows our ninjas would come kick her azz if she showed her face. I can't believe anyone would do that especially when never participating in the group. Well just so you know, we are glad you are our Capt and resigning is not allowed!.

Sandy- I'm with everyone else in that I'm so proud of you. It really is a mind game and when you tell yourself you ARE going to do it, then you do. I did on a cruise last January and the feeling of accomplishment was amazing. Continue having fun!.

Barb- Morning, any plans for today? We are going to an RV, boat show this evening. Its always fun looking at new campers. But, we'll just have to stay with our pop up for now..

Toni- Sounds like a busy day in store for you. I bought me a hip scarf last night on ebay after I got home from bellydancing, so now I'll be wearing it around the house shakin' it up!.

Just laying around right now. Need to go to Kohl's today and use my $30 Kohl's cash, soccer game this afternoon, YDD spending the night with a friend and then the RV/ boating show. Should be a fun action packed day! Have a great OP day...

Comment #33

I had to go check out this Emily's page- There is nothing on it! She has a big fat 0- votes for being inspirational, not even an avi. For someone that has been on Medifast since last June and obviously does not participate in the boards- she has some balls PMing you Capt...

Comment #34

Lara -.

I love me some Kohl's..

You reminded me that I'm overdue..

I think I haven't been because my last visit was tragic, as I could not fit in to the jeans I wanted to fit in to..

Sounds like you have a busy fun day ahead..

As for that other stuff, don't even worry about it..

It made me giggle..

I knowz youz all gotz my back..

Mad love to you, sister...

Comment #35

OMG Lori... we seriously need to kick that Emily's azz... How are you not beyond pizzed off!!!! the balls of that biotch to comment like that to you.... ok. sorry... I get a bit crazy and offended when stuff like that happens. I have to be calm when crazy sh*t happens at work, so I go a little nuts on things like that in my personal life...

Comment #36

Hi... sorry about my rant...just cant stand negativity in a place where we ALL need support!.

Lori... hope your feeling better and kitty is ok. hope all goes well tonight with old friends..

Hi ang and good morning!.

Lara... yoga sounds great and bellydancing! you go sista and shake it! enjoy busy day and report back on your bargains at kohls..

Toni... snow shoeing is great. I tried it once many years ago and loved it. your "facial" comment... awesome. and yes, my filthy brain went there!.

Erin... love the ticker. you will be graduating before you know it..

Barb... weird plumbing prob. I tell my oldest to go to college and my youngest to become a plumber. glad you had fun with your grandkids..

Muffy... yoo hoo on date night!.

Robyn... you and I must be working in the same place cause they are preventing me from chatting here too! hope you have a relaxing weekend..

Kori... done the FBA and yes very boring. hope all goes well with your travel..

Sandy.. you seriously rock! you are doing great on vaca. so glad you can pop in here!..

Comment #37

Actually, she has been around since 2008..

Impossible to say which of my many admirers it could be..

We all know how I make friends..

But simmer down, hookers..

It does not upset me or make me angry for a lot of reasons..

I guess the first being that it has been a rough ride for me since Lorraine and I do struggle with good energy and keeping positive and being healthy. And it seems the less vodka I drink, the more sick I get. LMAO. Seriously - I never get/got sick. And I realize from talking to my friends Toni and Robyn that a lot of all of this is just grief in disguise..

But mainly, you gotz to take that shiiiiiit from where it comes..

And, for me - for the most part - it can only have an impact if it comes from someone I actually care about..

This is someone who is hiding behind a screen name. Someone who obviously takes the time to read this thread and my posts to know that I have not been feeling well. Someone who obviously needs some attention and is dramatic, desperate, pathetic, bored, miserable and ugly inside..

Take it from where it comes, you know?..

Comment #38

Ive really needed to be here more at night... too many BLT's. there, I said it. need to at least check in once at night to stay focused. ive tried to give myself a time to not eat after at night, but never been able to stick to it. id say, ok, no food after 10 PM, but then do it anyway..

Suggestions? cant give up so close to goal and I'm not even considering it. I will do this! somebody's blog said "do I want to eat everything or be a size 6? I want to be a size 6 more!"..

Comment #39

You are so right lori. you have developed a great attitude about all this. it just upsets me to hear all that. you have done so much for us here, and know how much you are appreciated!..

Comment #40 sh!!!!t, Andrea..

Which is why I've been sending you PMs..

But then you tell me that you're just busy..

So what can I do with that?.

I'm not going to call you a 'liar'..

So I need to wait it out until you're ready to let me (us) know what's really going on..

I've said this to people's hard for me to watch people get so close to goal and get so comfortable that they slack off..

For me, it was exactly the opposite..

The closer I got - the more I wanted it - the harder I worked for it..

There was no effing way I was not going to see the number I wanted looking back at me from the scale..

I'm glad you 'said' it and that you're owning it..

Now all you need to do is change it..

So, I guess my suggestion is - just want it more than you've ever wanted anything and make it happen...

Comment #41

Thanks, baby girl..

I do know how much..

And I appreciate all of you right back...

Comment #42

I never like going for manicures..

But today is extra bad because I'm drugged up and don't want to get out of my jammies..

But I HAVE TO get away from this computer RIGHT NOW..

Mad love...

Comment #43

I decided that it is not necessary for me to shower, etc., now - when I am only going to want to do it again right before I go out later..

So, to buy myself some extra hazed-medication time, I am going for my manicure in jammies with hair up and no makeup on..


Comment #44

Hey lori... I know you had to go. you are right, and I'm on it. I have been busy but that is an excuse too. thanks for waiting for me to figure this all out and then kcking my azz...

Comment #45

I want a scarf with the thingys too, but not to wear in public and show my belly. Holy bejeebus manoli, you are one brave woman. If I belly danced, they would sing the jello song..

I am Soooooooo on this idea. I bet I could squeeze another pound outta week 4 with this strategy. Flippin awesome idea.....

I'll pitch in a fiver to send Emily-whats-her-name a pile of bacon double cheeses. We'll see who is depressed by the end of that delivery..

You are one tough cookie, Sandy, salad for breakfast on vacation earns you a medal of some kind in my book..

I am the third confident believer that tan fat surpasses pasty white fat. It's like the difference between looking at liver pate and naked tofu. Which one is more appealing? Neither right, but your much more likely to dive into the liver pate. Gaawwd, I must be hungry..

Hey, we're camper people too. I've had the pop-up, I've had the Hi-Lo travel trailer, and currently we are in the bunk bed model of 5th wheel. No better way to connect with your kids and skip out on everything that needs done at home than to pile into the RV and escape. I've been to darn near every major campground, so if you have any questions about RV travel, give a shout..

A rant among girlfriends is called "venting therapy". Really. It can also be referred to "constructive bitchhhin" which is a talent I am constantly perfecting. Don't hesitate, girl, it's the cheapest and most effective therapy out there..

You can totally wear your jammies to get a manicure. Really. Have you seen those outfits there wear in China? They are jammies, pretty sure. Do it, girl. Remember, a true fashionista is setting the trends, not following them. Oh, and get them to take a pic for your friends here, jus' sayin', it will be Kodak worthy...

Comment #46

Date night. Va va va voom. We went to the LA Guns / Warrant concert (yes, I know 25 years ago this would have been stellar) which gave us ringing ears. It was weird to be around all my drinking friends while I enjoyed H2o but I did it, then I was the designated driver for a change. It worked out well..

Today, I plan on sitting on this couch until at least 11 am and renewing my beauty with the radiant glow of my TV and my laptop..

Then, perhaps, I will be productive. There is much to douche here in the farm mansion and several appliances that refuse to run or empty themselves need severely beaten into submission. If men had to vaccum more often, you know we would have vaccums that ran with those toy RC car remote control thingys, and dryers would be 'self-folding'..

And, I am going to try on the exercise clothes I bought at Kohls yesterday. I thought they might make me touch that treadmill. You know, like some magnetic tractor beam, you just put on the clothes and you are magically drawn to exercise. That's the hope anyway..

And Emily, dear, if you're reading this, I need to tell you a story about this abrasive powder I use on my chickens. I'm thinking it might connect with you..

Good day chicas~~ you all got it goin' on...

Comment #47

Muffy - Your post made me laugh out loud. Especially about the concert!!! Glad you had a great date night!.

I just got back from getting nails done and Joe is getting me something to eat. The girl who cuts my hair is running late, which is a good thing, as I just need to push this gathering this afternoon back a bit. I am unprepared - don't know what I'm wearing - need to stop for gas and cash...blah blah blah..

So, I went to the nail place set on "Wicked" - my old fall back. But then - EVERY time I see a manicure and say I love the color and ask what it is, it is almost always "Lincoln Park After Dark". But I never liked it on myself..

Well, I tried it on myself today and decided to roll with it. It's mad dark, but wicked fun..

I'll check back later...

Comment #48


Hair is cut and I LOVE IT!!!!.

It's been SO long since I've been able to say that..

I think we finally got our groove back!.


I'm just eating and trying to chill now before I need to move my boo-tay..

Mad love!..

Comment #49

Hi muffy... you crack me up. seriously, I love your sense of humor..

Lori... you rock in whatever color you choose..

My co-worker is on this site now. her name is jessicagnz and she is super cool. if you have time, show her some shammie love!..

Comment #50

Playing around with "paint" and pictures. Really should motivate myself..

Glad you like your hair, Capt.

Gonna outreach that sham-love to a newbie. Geeeeez, I get to move up from rookie status...

Comment #51

Andrea - Tell Jessica to come over here!!!!.

Muffy - I freakin' LOVE that!!!!.

Okay...I really need to STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!..

Comment #52

Hell-a yeah, as my teenager would say. It's screamin' tattoo for a goal...

Comment #53

Muffy, great job on the logo. You know how to rock it girl...

Comment #54

Hey Peeps!.

Still slaving over laundry and chores over here!.

Love the Sham logo, Muffy, but you had me at the inches talk.....

Anyways I decided to slore it up this weekend. Tonight I got dinner, party, and then probably sleepover with Rob He's (So) Not My Boyfriend. Then tomorrow I snowshoe (on my own with a group thing) and then I have a date with my Mountie!!! Now, this dude is someone I think I met back in the early Fall. We have been getting to know each other, but have both been traveling, etc. so it has been mostly email and stuff. I like him.

Oh and by Mountie I do mean Royal Canadian Mounted Police.....

You know like the Dudley Dooright uniform. Mine only wears it on official duty stuff and ceremonies as he does international security (anti-terrorism). I've seen him in is kind of funny but he is still cute!!!!.

You can start the Mountie/mounted/mount me jokes....go ahead.....

PS...Lori I LOVE Lincoln Park After is my usual color......

Comment #55

I seriously need to catch up and I can't do it now..

Things are mad crazy in my life right now. Just a quick update so you know what's up...about 10 weeks ago my mom fell off the sobriety wagon. A little after that my husband lost his part time job. And we are really struggling with my older dd Olivia who has started therapy and has some real social/bullying issues going on right now..

I apologize to all about my lack of being here..

Also, I only work part time so hubby's 2d job loss is killing us. We're pretty much owing everyone right now..

UPSIDE? I have 2 job interviews on monday for full time gigs. Downside...they're full time gigs..

I'll try and catch up some later this afternoon..

Comment #56

Hi Shammies.

Thanks for the support.

Lori so happy to hear about hair.

So many of you are so close there is an article in the book about the last ten lbs. I hope to be at a point to reread it soon.

Great day on the beach here.

Angela and Andrea you need to get into transition so you can coach me.


Comment #57

Hi ang... sorry to hear about all that is going on with you. that's a lot. hang in there..

Toni... your mountie sounds adorable. a man in a uniform. yoo hoo..

Muffy... love the tat idea. ang got a shammie one that looks awesome..

Hi sandy... I gotta buckle down before transition. we will get there..

Lori.. ill leave a msg for jess to find us...

Comment #58

Ang, I'm so sorry to hear about all the struggles you're having right now. I hope the best for your mom and both you and hubby in the job hunt. Also, I'm praying that Olivia gets all the help she needs. Hang in there, you're one tough cookie. Sandy, I look at my screen saver and dream that I'm hanging out on the beach with ya. Toni, I know how you love to mount things so have fun tonight with you know who and tomorrow too...

Comment #59

Hey again...I'm getting ready to head off to the ice skating ring but I have to say two things.....


And Muffy - My husband is coming to Iowa to steal you away...he's an 80's hairband fanatic. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE The logo...we all need one in our siggy's. I will try later to post my tattoo that the Capt'n got's actually kinda close to our logo..

Comment #60

Night everyonemovie time. Choices: Knight and Day, Red, The Town.

Think I'll tackle at least 2 of em...

Comment #61

Hey girl, all this drama and I'm getting verklempt for ya. The bullying thing, I know about that at school and girls are just dang mean. It is amazing that any of us make it through junior high/high school. And the job deal, the ecomony is a real killer right now and those employers that aren't feeling the pinch are taking advantage of the situation by cutting to the bones. My hubby's employer has done just this and they're a skeleton crew now. But two things: God doesn't give you more than you can handle.

Second thing: When God closes a door, He opens a window. So look for it. It's probably that new full time gig that will change your life, your friendships, your world. Finally, I'm throwing your name, Angela, and Olivia on my prayer chain this week. Now this chain is amazing strong and led by my own grandma.

You're in my prayers..

Well, he and I would get along JUST fine, but know it, when he comes for me, he AIN'T coming back, babe. I am an OLD hairband girl. Fave band of all time: Def Leppard. This year alone we've seen Great White, Ratt, AC/DC, LA Guns, and Warrant. Now, it's crushing when these old, decrepit men with bald spots in their long mop hair come one stage, but we close our eyes, listen, and try to go back in time. Send Hubby to this website:.


It's a MN band that imitates all the old bands. They come to Iowa a couple times a year, and it's like the 80's are back if you consume enough. You tell him I'm right here waiting in big whitetail country..

Finally Toni I'm working on sharp witty Canadian mountie retorts. So excited about that little piece of data. Just want to know, does he keep that funky hat on during... Inquiring minds.....

Comment #62

Lori- love the azz kickin, and attitude toward our dear Em. you are right she is not worth it..

Muffy- no way I'd wear in public! I did last night for class where all whopping 3 of us wore them. I did buy a really cute colorful one for home use. My cousin and I joked that we were taking them on a cruise in Sept, it would definately get us on the cruise cam! I'd need lots of vodka first!..

Comment #63

Ok I did fonosh reading but totally braindead! I can't even think of a good line about Toni mounting anything. so goodnight, I'll catch you in the morning when my brain is back...

Comment #64

Are you serious?.

Like 5 freakin' posts since I left this morning?.

I seriously hope you're all f*&$ing skinny..

For real..



I just got home..

Actually had a good time and a lot of laughs..

My mind didn't start going numb until the very end..

Will post some pix tomorrow..


Comment #65

Hi all. I didn't foget about checking in at night. At bf house with no internet. So hard to see page on tiny blackberry screen. Can't sleep. Was op with NO blt at all.

Much love shammies..

Oh barb. I liked night And day. Didn't see the town. Watched machete with bf tonight. Crazy but fun to watch with lots of bloody scenes...

Comment #66

Angi too am sorry to hear about all of this going on right now...i am heading out to church and will throw some extra prayers your way....i know it's hard to see right now, but someday this will all be behind are SUPER strong and will weather this...and you are a fierce mama lion, you will always provide for your cubs...try to keep the faith.


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Happy Sunday to everyone.

5/1 confession: I have not been 5/1 since thursday....but you already knew that cuz I have not been here...i always wonder what comes first: not being here cuz not OP or not OP cuz not being me, I was not here because we had a bad snowstormnot so bad in as far as accumulation (which was about a foot, big deal) but it was the started Wednesday (totally blown forecast) morning, and continued thru Thursday morning which made work a total nightmare....i was there for like a combined 40 hours between Wed-Fri, shoveled snow for like 15 hours between my home and work (i manage a transportation company, those vehicles have to get out no matter what)...and I was stressed, exhausted, mentally weak from all the other decisions I had to make which sucks the life out of me....waaaa...wa.....waaaaa.......

AND somewhere in there, I lost my Tiffany diamond key necklace that Vince gave me as a broken leg present last year...which I am heartbroken about....but there are worse things going on in the world, I know..

So that's my story...thanks for listening....i got a new shipment and i'm poised to get right back on track, which I am very much looking forward to.....

Vince and I needed some time together cuz the last few weeks we have hardly seen each other so we took a spontaneous trip to AC yesterday (sorry cap!) and had such a fun time...Vince got me an AWESOME ring from Swarovskia big black crystal with white crystal swirls on top of it a BIG fun ring...which eases the lost necklace pain a bit...and we tried roulette and lost all our money but met a very fascinating couple that helped us play was fun to get "away" for a day.....

So I hope everyone is having a great weekend....Toni enjoy your mounting...i mean mountie.

Off to church...BBL.


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Sorry to hear about all your troubles. I am here to help of I can. I am a good listener. I think you need to take care of you so you have strength. Water sleep fresh air exercise quiet time even if 15 minutes a day. Big hugs..

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Andi you might look at my vacay video one is for you..

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Good morning Shamrocks..

And good morning to you, Sand! I hope you have a beautiful day!!!!..

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The girl in the middle is Sue. We went to Paris together when we were SIXTEEN years old!!!! The other girl is Kathy. She and I shared an apartment together for years, many years ago...

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And then there's Patty - who was my very best best BFF from probably 4th grade in to my early 20's. The same with Karen and Dawn. Crazy...CRAZY how old we all are!!!! LMAO!!!..

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I should probably do something useful, like pay my mortgage...

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Morning Peeps!!!.

The Medifast Gods were against me last night but I prevailed!!!!!!! Seriously I am not making this shvt up, I have pictures to prove goes.....

We went out to this burger bar thing. I had a plan and it was fine I had a burger and a salad, no bread, no croutons, all OP. Rob ate like a pound and a half of fries and all my bread and croutons. I got the vicarious joy and sipped on my diet coke..

We then leave to walk back to my place (it is like a 30 minute walk) I am set on getting some coffee beofre we head to the car to head to the party as it is freezing out. as we walk this woman is in the doorway of a cheese shop (I freakin' heart cheese), sees us passing by and says, "Do you want some free bread?" I immediately say, "I don't but I'm sure he does." Rob is confused, but we follow her in. She goes on about how it is all fresh with no perservatives and that she is going to have to throw it away (they sell the fresh bread to go with the cheese and make these awesoem looking grilled cheese sandwiches - I have filed this knowledge in the back of my mind!). Rob is already packing the bags up baguettes. He has grand plans for freezing them and making bruschetta. She goes on about how she hates throwing food away.

We are then walking down the street like Mr. and Mrs. Dough Boy. And do you think we see one freaking homeless person?!? No, of course not.....

I didn't even lick any of the bread. It all smelled awesome. Rob took it all and will probably be lurking around this shop at closing more often. But how crazy is that?..

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Ang- From last nigth- You are Strong! just like everyone has said. You and your family will make it! I know it's hard- what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Remember we all have your back so please continue to come here for support. Hugs..

Capt- Glad last night wasn't so bad. I will say looking at the pix- you were the skinniest and most sexxy one there. That's gotta make you fell good when you look at the pix! It was slow yesterday and I didn't help much, but I wasn't home from 10a-9p when I got back on..

Robyn- You better bend over and get ready for that kickin'. The good thing is that you came back NOW and don't let being off plan continue. Glad to hear that you and Vince got away together yesterday- we need that time alone with our men (and not in the bedroom-lol) Hate to hear of the Tiffany necklace- I think that'd kill me too, but how nice of him to "replace" with a new ring..

AFM- HOME ALONE this morning! Going to read the paper and have GS later- typical Sunday. Probably ought to do a few things around the house since I didn't touch anything yesterday. WI this morning and down another 1.8 lbs. Hopefully next week will start working on the last 10 to my new goal. Ok off to read BBL...

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Ang - Sorry about all the drama as of late. Good luck with your job inetrviews!!!!.

Robyn- I want pics of the ring!.

Lori - You look great and it looks like you had fun!.

Lara - Do you daily weigh? I do and need to is anxiety provoking!!!!.

Muffy - I'm waiting for some good jokes from you.....haven't done anything with or without a hat....I have found in my extensive research that Canadian men are way slow....I've had to pace myself, lest I get kicked out of the country!!!.

Sandy - I need some of your sun!!!!.

Andrea - hope the weekend is good!.

Barb (and all) - The Town is based on the part of Boston where my Dad grew up. it is all true to form. All of my uncles and Dad's friends from growing up are dead or in jail from robberies. He avodied it all by going to the Boy's Club (and being scared of his Dad who died when he was young and thus did not have the same influence on my uncles). It is a weird little town within the big city in which no one tells on anyone....even if 500 people witness a crime.....

Alright, I hope I got everyone!!!!.


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Interesting to hear that info on "The Town". I really liked it. I love Ben Affleck and that new guy, Jeremy Renner is becoming one great actor. I also watched Knight & Day though I saw it at the show. It's pure "fluff" but I like that kind once in awhile. I'm down about a pound and a half this morning.

Just keep at it and if the scale doesn't budge much, your body will. I always lost more inches than pounds. Robyn, loved how you talked about Toni mounting someone and then you were heading out to church in same sentence. Sorry about the necklace but happy about the new ring. Toni, love the pix of you and Rob and the bread looked great toolol.

Your hair color was nice and shiny in all the pix. Hope everyone has an easy (do something for yourself) kind of day. I'm thinking about booking an overnight trip to a nearby waterpark for DH and Ryan (the 2 y.o.). Have any of you ever been to one of the "Great Wolf Lodges". I'll let you know if I go thru with it.

Her DH would have to watch the twins and it depends on snow since that's his job of plowing...

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Toni- I am a daily weigher, but have learned to not let it cause anxiety. I use it just as a benchmark to know how I'm doing. If it's down, great I'm doing something right. If it's up, then I reflect to figure out what it was (too much sodium, too many condiments, ect?) The one thing I always keep in my mind, is that if I know I'm doing the program 100% the weight will come back down if it's up a little. I know longer worry about those days it's up. Just keeps me accountable and one track..

Barb- I've been to Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, OH and it's awesome. The waterpark is so fun! Beware though that they also have a Magic Wand Game (about $40 by the time you buy the wand and a game), arcade, ice cream shop, art/ crafts to do (of course at a charge) and restaurants are expensive, so take some food. My kids know that we are only going for the waterpark and so don't ask for the extras. It is expensive, but very fun. We also have a more locally owned indoor waterpark, which is nice and cheaper- but nothing compares to Great Wolf. My ODD GS troop is actually going to Great Wolf with the money they earn from cookies this year..

OK paper read and now I'm going to tackle the taxes. I need my $$ back from the government...

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Taxes almost done (ours are pretty basic) but want to find my list of donations to Goodwill so that I can hopefully get a bigger deduction. Need to go make a Medifast meal, as I've only had one. Need to get my azz off this couch, but am enjoying this lazy butt day with no kiddos...

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Thanks Muffy, sure do need it. With regard to the job, I thank god at least we have many more are so worse off...

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So sorry about your necklace that sucks...snow sucks too and NOW they're calling for a fricking ice storm on Tuesday night...But glad to hear AC was fun...need a pix of your new ring..

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Barb - Olivia went to great wolf lodge in Mt. Pocono with my SIL and family and had a FANTASTIC's very expensive, but totally worth it according to her..

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Hi everybody....been cleaning this morning...nothing exciting. Pretty sure I'm off to go take a nap..

And Capt'n, I agree with Lara, definitely the youngest looking prettiest there!.

And Toni 17 CHEERS for you b/c I don't know if I woulda been able not to beat up Rob and eat ALL of the bread..

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Who the heck is Emily?? I cant say what I really want to say...obviously if this is for real!.

Captain sorry your sick take care..

Lara, sexy mama with the belly dancing, can you take a video and post it on your page for the entertainment of your fellow shammies?.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday...

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Ok, need tech help. How do I get rid of last years Shamrock banner? And where and how do I paste my weight ticker so it appears under my posts?..

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Ok, I'm a dork. Cancel the tech help. Maybe I am an airhead!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.