Is Queen Latifah still endorsed by Nutrisystem?

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Got a quick question: Is Queen Latifah still endorsed by Nutrisystem? Hoping for any comment. My other question... Hey, Mulewhipper - and anyone else who wants to weigh in on this issue. I noticed that your BMI goal is 23.0. Yikes! When you reach that goal how much will you weigh? The reason I'm asking is because I thought the amount of weight I would have to lose to reach that point was beyond realistic. Now that I am within three pounds of my stated goal I'm still at a BMI of 24.3.

Any ideas here?..

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Yep, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer your Nutrisystem question better...

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BMI's are not to be trusted. I believe our goals should be set my measurements instead. For me, 32's would be an appropriate waist size, and a Medium would be an appropriate shirt size...

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Hmmmm, interesting question..

I put that number as my BMI goal, because that is what my PT wants to see..

If you use an online BMI tool to figure out my BMI, it says I would have to weigh 200 lbs. to reach 23. However, I am not using any of those, (not very accurate) I am going by results taken by measurments and his calculations. I still have lots of body fat to lose, I am gaining muscle every day and my current BMI is 29. I think I can hit my goal BMI and be around the 220-230 pound range. My weight goal is 250 lbs.

23 may seem a little extreme, but that is what I am shooting for. Like I said, I may have to make some adjustments as I get closer to my goals...

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I played college football and I will always be Over weight if not obese according to my BMI. Don't use that garbage. Look at weight and cloths size. Women can't look at cloths size because they are all different, but we can. Trying to get to a 36 waist, now a 38!..

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BMI nothing, I'm impressed by his weight graph. 0.5 lbs/day avg with no gains. I can hope my Nutrisystem quest goes as well...

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True dat ! I don't believe I'll ever get back down to 32s though. Heh..

I agree with Hugo Rivera, Dr. John Ivy, Jay Cutler, and a whole host of sports nutritionists and trainers who say the most important measurement when losing bodyfat is how you feel and look..

Meaning, how you feel and what your measurements are..

You could have a high skeletal muscle percentage and low visceral fat percentage and you would look and feel entirely different from someone the.

Same weight.

Who has less muscle mass and more bodyfat...

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I'm with Haggis on this one, too. Knowing where to land this bird is tough. You can't do the final approach on instrument, but the scale will get you to the right city, at least..

Mule, your progress has been amazing! Keep it up!.

You mention your trainer came up with a BMI number. I'm not sure what that means. I always thougt BMI came off a simple height chart that is useless unless you're of "average" build and have essentially no muscle bulk. Man if your BMI calls for 200, you must have to duck under doorways!.

I'm 6' and if I recall correctly, one of those silly charts called out a goal weight range of 165-175 for me. Yeah, right..


Comment #7 guys are probably right, I will ****can the BMI stuff and just concentrate on losing weight and enjoying how I look and feel..

Any yes Gordon...I do have to duck under doorways sometimes..

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