Is Rush Limbaugh the 2009 spokesman for Nutrisystem?

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First question I have is Is Rush Limbaugh the 2009 spokesman for Nutrisystem? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... I just recieved my 2nd order and ALL the Chocolate items were puddles in thier packages. I feel as much as these items cost alittle care at this time of year (a little dry ice maybe) could have fixed this problem..

In N/S defence when I called they said they would replace all the chocolate items at no cost to me, but could not guarantee it would not happen again..

This is a big disappointment because I am afraid of what the other food may be like if it has already been cooked again in the back of some truck..

Not a happy camper..

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Yep, but... you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm this as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you call the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

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Somebody call the WHAAAAaaaambulance..

My chocolate is melted Whaaaaaa!!!!.

Don't order chocolate during the summer months Einstein. If you need chocolate get the pudding, or the chocolate pound cake or brownies..

Or put your puddles of chocolate in the fridge, it'll harden back up, may not look the same but it'll taste the same..

Man Rule Number One!!! NO WHINING!!!!..

Comment #2

True, whining is discouraged in a cruel and vigorous fashion in this room..

But... I have not ever had Nutrisystem chocolates melt on me, including when the box was delivered and it was 99 degrees and bright sun outside..

Of course, if the box sat in the sun long enough, they might have..

But then, I can melt a lot of things if I put them in a sealed box in bright sun when the ambient temperature is above 90 which you'd never expect to melt..

One thing about the kind of chocolate Nutrisystem uses is even if it gets soft, if you set it inside in fairly cool temperature for a day, it will harden again just fine...

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True that brotha! Just put them in the fridge. I don't order chocolate products anymore cause I have a bad habit of eating more than one serving at a time. My afternoon snack is a crunchy like Nachos, Cheese puffs or Zesty herb mix. My evening snack is a Golden pound cake with 1/2 cup of pre-splenda'd* sliced strawberries, blueberries or what ever fresh fruit I buy that week. Top that with a spoonful of FF Coolwhip** and that will sit heavy on your stomach for the rest of the night. Very rich!.

*I slice strawberries or what ever fruit I'm using that week and mix with splenda, put in the fridge at least 24 hours to syrup-up..

**15 calories, but I still count it as one of my 3 daily free foods that are allowed...

Comment #4

I like the way you guys handle things..

Where can I find a copy of these man rules? I think the other boards would benefit from them as well!..

Comment #5

Things we just should know:.

About the program:.

* Yes, you have to drink all the water.

* Yes, you have to eat all the food.

* Yes the plan works if followed 100%.

* No, "just a piece of home made cheese cake every now and then" is not 100%.

* Eating 100% of the deer you kill yourself, while manly, is not 100% on program, either.

* Drinking alcohol will slow down or stop your progress.

* Subs happen. React as you will, they will continue. Get over it..

* The plan will change with time. Get over it..

* WW does not equal NS.

* Going off plan and not telling us about it won't actually make it better when you come back..

* Geting to maintenance means MAINTAIN, not "go ahead and have a celebratory cake!".

* Listen, cupckae, you didn't get fat by someone forcing you to eat too much and you won't get healthy by making someone listen to you whine! (An homage to the Dean).

About the Men's Room Forum:.

* Dan Marino doesn't really post here.

* This is a men's forum for men to talk about man stuff. You can post here, but expect us to act like men act in their normal, uncivilized manner and not "nice" like we're "supposed" to act..

* Ladies Men will be boys. It's a men's club, so don't try to change us..

* We can't keep on topic to save our lives..

* The second most popular and long-lasting thread is about farts and poo..

* Answering posts by fems on a "Does my Johnson get bigger with weight loss?" thread will get us moderated..

* Attacking one of us will tend to get many of us to circle around like sharks..

* Don't flirt with the fems. It just encourages them to bring drama to the Room..

Sub clause A. to the above, ElTorito's views on posting:.

* Masculine posts are straightforward and are meant to be helpful without trying to soften the blow..

* Masculine posts can be vulgar if necessary, or just for humor..

* Since there is a strong correlation between masculinity and being a man, most topics will be written by men and directed toward other men..

* Masculine posts will not contain glitter..

* Masculine posts will not be overly emotional, unless that emotion is anger. And if that anger seems misplaced, the next post will be Haggis setting that person straight..

* Masculine posts will be honest..

* Masculine posts will contain facts and opinions, and it will be obvious which is which..

* Masculinity is defined by the fart joke, live with it..

* If you are an estro, before posting please read all of Makanna's posts and you'll see how we respond to a woman who knows where she is..

* Masculine responses may attack the premise or facts of a post, but never the poster.

About Individuals here:.

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* Look up the Dean's works and pay attention, Cupcake!.

* I8NY = a god. Not THE God, but A god....

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* DaveR19 made the first Rulez and they still stand..

* Afsan is MIA and we miss him terribly..

* Master B has no chance with Mobay's wife, either..

* Only 18.18% of those polled think pshrynk is an attention *****..

* BVBoy is probably the luckiest man in the forum. He is the second luckiest guy on the planet pending actual photos of Jennifer A being produced..

* Big Joe (HDHappy) is an okay guy, in spite of being a Republican..

* nyctfl takes some getting used to, but then he's used to that..

* Haggis McJedi is the only person in a skirt to have been thrown out of the estro boards..

* If you want the exact right picture at the right time, just ask Wizzbomb..

* If you need a picture of anything else, such as a chihuahua humping a rottweiler, just ask Darth Damon..

Fems we get a long with because they get it:.

* Hazelangeleyes.

* Makanna.

* Gray Lady.

* MzHelenP.

* Others to be named later when my Alzheimerized brain starts working again. I will take nominations..

About things in general:.

* BBGG = Blue Berry Gut Grenade.

* It is possible to sail while sober..

* Musicians are narcissistic, but in a good way..

* Idioy = Cajun for erudite scholar (not really certain about this phrase book I'm using.).

* Just because someone posts using a persona, does not mean that is the real person..

* NSV = Non-scale victory.

* SLS = Sugar Like Substance.

* Tickers are for wimps and moderators, but if you must have one, read BVBoy's Things I wish I knew when I started Nutrisystem thread and follow the instructions therein..

About losses.

* Sometimes guys disappear.

O RIP Trophy.

O RIP Cardinal.

O RIP Mullet (whoever you were).

O RIP NinerBuff.




Let me know who else needs to be on this list.

And most important, about men in general:.

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* You dish it, you take it, so don't be a tool and man up!.

* Check for typos or face the wrath..

* Some men are tools. Live with it..

* Not everything that is posted is an insult to your manhood. Live with it..

* Sometimes things that are posted are an insult to your manhood. Live with it..

* Attention ***** does not equal actual *****. Live with it...

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