Is Sen. Nutrisystem Gay? Does Valerie Bertanelli Know?

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My 1st question is: Is Sen. Nutrisystem Gay? Does Valerie Bertanelli Know? Thanks for any comment. Another quick question... Unless I'm blind a new goal thread has yet to be started, so let's get to it..

My 1/3/10 weigh-in was 186.8.

2/1/10 goal- 177.0.

I will not make it 3 months in a row of failing to make goal!!!!..

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Yep, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm it as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Nutrisystem guys because they can help better...

Comment #1

Oh you already made this thread - ok well, i'm going to go for 213 and then 210 by the superbowl!.

And then into the 100's by mid march - holy crap I hope I make it!..

Comment #2

I put on 7 pounds over the holidays. I knew I would so I relaxed and enjoyed it. I am back on plan with 5 qts of water in me already! Peeing like a race horse already!.

I am thinking/hoping this 7 pounds will fly off!..

Comment #3

I'm just back on track....

1/4/10: 282.

2/1/10 Goal: 275..

Comment #4

Git er done fuzzie - something about the hat and beard made me think of larry the cable guy..

Comment #5

1-4 weigh in = 196.5 lbs.

2-1 goal = 188 lbs...

Comment #6

Are you sure it wasn't the big gut!.

Hey, speaking of Larry...I was just remembering his line about edible underwear...does Nutrisystem have that?..

Comment #7

If they do, they wouldn't make it past the UPS guy..

Comment #8

Im starting back on this today after 9 months off and to many pounds gained. so.

1/4/10 : 320lb.

2/1/10 305..

Comment #9

Im in for this. I relaxed over the month of December and added about 5 lbs..

1/05/2009 - 280.

2/01/2010 Goal - 270..

Comment #10

I'm down 3.8lbs for the week and back to my pre-holiday weight, now it's on to 177...

Comment #11

How's everyone doing here? I am on track - should come in at 213 - might need to buckle own a bit more and get more exercise -which has been nill lately.

- need 8 lbs in 18 days, it's very doable - especially with the 100% challenge.

I'm in..

Comment #12

Yep made goal already myself. My weight loss has seemingly gone into over drive once I got back on plan after my holiday cheating. I'll move my goal to 264..

Today 270.

2/1 goal - 264..

Comment #13

I'm setting my goal for 2/1 to be 175. I think it's doable...

Comment #14

2 weeks to go, how's everyone doing? It's definitely easier minus all the holiday festivities, isn't it! I'm 3.4lbs from my monthly goal, hoping to reach it a week early..

Comment #15

My Feb 1st goal is 188, starting Jan 1st at 200..

Just weighed in this morning at 192.5! It feels great to actually see results despite a few minor (couple glasses of wine here and there) slip-ups. I think I've balanced out those slip ups by getting on the treadmill at least 3x per week..



Feeling Good! Getting at least 2.5 miles in on the treadmill this afternoon while watching football. Much easier for me to walk/run while watching sports!..

Comment #16

7 lbs away. I am being diligent now so I should make it - hopefully only 6 to go tomorrow..

Comment #17

1-17-10 328.

2-1-10 320.

I think it's achievable because I just started so the poundage is coming of very quickly..

Comment #18

Update since increasing my goal Ive stalled at 270 the last 5 days despite being 100%. Knew I had to have one of these coming. May have to see if I've got some of the old blueberry gut busters sitting around to get things moving...

Comment #19

I was in a stall for three weeks when I was losing. It was a real bummer, but my body shape changed a lot over those three weeks. Hang in ther for the long haul!..

Comment #20

Made goal...time to reduce it..

Old goal: 269.

268 this morning.

New goal: 263..

Comment #21

That's great fuzz! good job!.

We'll need a new challenge ofter feb 1.....

Comment #22

Alright guys, it's nearly 2/1, how's everyone on their goals?..

Comment #23

1/05/2009 - 280 weight.

First 2/1/10 Goal: 270 Achieved.

2nd 2/1/10 Goal: 264 Still Possible with a miraculous 2.5 lb dump by Monday..

Would have to be a 2 flusher..

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