Is shared or dedicated iPage web hosting better for an ecommerce business?

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Got a quick question: Is shared or dedicated iPage web hosting better for an ecommerce business? Hoping for any comment. Second question of mine... Okay, I'll try to be brief, but as you know I don't always manage that....

Last night I set out to learn how to put up a privacy policy. The 'net trail led me to all this info about P3P and I found a free program to help you create everything you need etc., etc. oh - if anyone is interested and knows this stuff, the link is:.


So, I did everything on there and have no idea what I did. It uses xml - something I have yet to delve into at all. Plus, now I'm sitting here with a Java Console running in my start menu that doesn't show up when I try control-alt-delete so I can't close it..well, that's another story but I don't even know what that is..

In truth, I have no idea if I had this right or not so here is my question - I'm not asking anyone to help me with this particular problem, rather, I cannot decide where to go next. I would like to move forward in what I've already learned - what would be best? I'm comfortable with tables and know how to use Java scripts but when I hunt around the 'net trying to figure this out there are so many things - DHTML, XML, CSS, CGI/Perl, ASP, PHP and on and on as you all know. Is there any sequence that would help me learn? For example, last night I felt if I understood xml, I would have had a much easier time doing what that iPage site said to do. I had planned to start learning CSS, then this and I was going to start reading up on xml, but then I wondered, is there a sort of "ladder" where learning about one, would help you with the I making any sense cuz now this is getting long and I really try so hard to get to the point....

And I'm so lost!!!..

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Yes sir! although you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm my answer as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you email the iPage guys because they can answer your iPage question better...

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Jeni, you really did it this time. from what I understand about p3p is that it is an mail encryption, but I see it has went a little further. also I have never heard of this so it is an experience for me as well. I will do it like it says and see what I come up with..

XML is not a hard language to learn. it also doesn't matter which one you learn first. No one said you have to learn it all, just know what you want to know. you don't have to learn php or cgi or asp, just go as far as you want..

And that java thing in your taskbar can be turned off.

Tools -> Internet Options - > advanced tab -> scroll down do Microsoft VM and.


Java console and java logging if it's checked...

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??? I sometimes wonder - do you all groan when you see my name on a post!?, or laugh??.

Well, I can't help myself - I have this insatiable curiosity and I love these computers...want to see how everything works - and learn. Once upon a time when I was young a boss said to me, "Jeni, you dance to the beat of a different drummer, did you know that?" (didn't know what she I do!.


But I know it isn't humanly possible to learn it all, as much as I wish I could. Anyway, this whole ordeal started when I made a simple HTML privacy policy and it ricocheted into hours and hours of fooling around! I wanted to look at other privacy policies to get an idea of what they entailed, so I put "privacy policy" into the google search and well, the rest is history!.

Since you know this stuff, maybe you can see it through to the end. I tried and did put my URL into the W3C validator, (couldn't believe that w3c came into this, too - had no idea that was going to hit me, but I had no idea what they were trying to tell me. anyway, I'd love to hear what you think of it when you've done it, if you don't mind..

Thank you - I got it off - you're my hero again. But you know, I did a download from that iPage site I posted and I think I had the Java Console already with Windows, didn't I?? Or is this something different? Because I did what the iPage site said and the first download didn't work, which is where they said to download the Java one. computer seems all right, so I won't worry about that one..

Thanks so much - again - scoutt!..

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Well jeni, I read it 3 times and did it twice and I couldn't even get it to run. for one I can't run xml on my server as it isn't setup to parse xml. so I personally think they are missing something in that tutorial you have linked up there. something doesn't make since...

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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! for telling me that, Scoutt, because in all honestly, I thought I followed it perfectly!.

May I ask you a quick question - do I need that java console on my PC? It doesn't seem to be hurting anything, but I haven't had a chance to look up what it does yet and just wondered if there is an advantage/enhancement to having it..

Boy, I'm not kidding, this was really good news for me and I feel a whole lot better about this now. I felt like it was me ('cuz it usually but couldn't for the life of me see what I could be doing wrong. Thanks again, scoutt!..

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You can delete the java console. it shouldn't hurt anything...

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Thanks, Scoutt - can't really tell what it does! Nothing seems different....

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