Is the Godaddy domain name violating the google trademark?
First of all Is the Godaddy domain name violating the google trademark? Hoping for any answer. Another question... Well, I was reply to Kid5150's post about the Godaddy loophole and his slight disagreement in the principals of such. But the thread was removed..

However, to continue the discussion without breaking the rules, i'll say as follows:.

Jeez Ken, what can I say...........

First of all, I stand by your integrity and applaud the way you want to keep this forum above and beyond the general pandemonium and tripe thats generally seen elsewhere.

But I must say, your anger seems more attached to one of disappointment rather than one of pure anger. And you might want to clarify this as some are not gonna get the message and will only take your words as an attack or an insult against them. As you know, from my bitter experience, sometimes the typed word is taken literally rather than in context of the message in hand..

But it's a difficult call on your subject matter. I personally wouldnt take advantage of something which might eventually go sideways - especially for a buck or two. You could imagine saving yourself $1 on a domain, getting an offer for $3k and then godaddy suspending your account and taking control of all your domains. Perhaps that would be a poetic piece of justice, whos to say.....

But I do see why some do jump on the bandwagon, I dont see it as theft, more one of simply being 'human nature'..

And plus, I also couldnt discount the fact that Godaddy have done this deliberately. What better way to get across the message that you were the cheapest registrar by allowing people to find this loophole. Negative marketing is all the rage in marketing circles, like the airlines that sell 1,000,000 seats at $1. They make no money but the word of mouth advertising is way cheaper and way more effective than launching a bona-fide ad campaign..

Personally, I don't see any harm in people taking advantage of this offer if they so wished, so long as they realise that no warranty will given or implied. Buy a used car from a stranger and save yourself $10, I wouldnt, it's a gamble, just don't come a bleating when it all turns turtle.....

Keep up the passion Bro, your points are always valid, always to the point, wholehearted and worth a read..

Id put you up for member of the month if I didnt think it was total a crock of s*...

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Yep, however you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm my answer as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Godaddy guys because they can assist you better...

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GoDaddy could have easily taken the Traffic Facts off the deal if it was bothering them so much. They know that in time the domains will expire and they will have gotten all those domains registered with them. I'm sure it's a deliberate move and some people may even stay with the traffic facts..

I don't see how it's taking advantage or stealing to simply do what the company allows you to do.....

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(perhaps some folks are not up-to-speed here) ... here is the (open) originating thread/posts:.


'Kid posted no less than three other new threads with a link (in those thread Titles) to the thread above.

Throughout the Forum.

(those were removed - moved to "Private-to-Staff", actually - for easy clarification, and a professional.


That he please simply refrain from foul language, IOHO's)..

Everything else - including the thread above - is the original..

Thanks for understanding, and for staying cool as well..


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Thanks for posting this, Ian. I'm not passing a judgement on the issue either way, but like you touched on in your post I was also curious if this was deliberate by GoDaddy. Really I would like to hear from GoDaddy on the issue. I know they've had reps visit and comment here before and hope they see this and do so again..

GoDaddy is a known loss leader. They're paying $5+ per click just to advertise their $3.99 promotion with both Overture and GoDaddy..

The buyers are purchasing and paying for the Traffic Facts service, as that does seem to be a qualifying product. Nothing in their terms states you need to order a product and renew it every month..

Using the loophole, GD is then selling a name for $5.19? That's still more than they would be getting from a customer clicking on their Oveture link and ordering a HostGator name at.

Full price.

, not even factoring in all the clicks that.


Result in a purchase. Considering it cost GoDaddy $0 to get the visitor from NamePros, why the outrage (kid)?..

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In my own understanding of what a loophole is I don’t believe the Traffic Facts inclusion is one.. definition:.

A way of escaping a difficulty, especially an omission or ambiguity in the wording of a contract or law that provides a means of evading compliance..

Their checkbox “Show me deals that will help me get the most from my HostGator purchase.” Is automatically checked allowing even those not in the know access to this special offer and besides they vigorously advertise HostGator names for $3.99 with any purchase, am I wrong?..

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I still come back to the almost inescapable conclusion that if they thought there was something wrong with using the traffic facts "loophole", they would have done something by now (Almost 2 months ago, right?)..

I also think the same way as many other posters who pointed out that GD has always been a loss-leader company (Even their cheapest hosting now seems to be a loss-leader assuming the resources/bw are utilized), and the recent sales just highlight that fact..

I can't fault anyone for using the "loophole", as I have myself quite a few times. In fact, I fail to see anything that even looks more than slightly suspicious about the whole thing. If this was the case of a 1 or 2 day mistake by GoDaddy, or a mistakenly available coupon code, then yes, it would be suspect to register a bunch of names to take advantage of their mistake..

But this does not seem to be a mistake, on their part, at all..


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What exactly was YOUR point on this statement ? If I may ask .....

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Danger Zone.

I think Badger covered his feelings about this in another thread. Probably best left there...

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Great thread NPers, but I dont think it's a loophole, IMO GD goes for today for marketshare with those promos..

And you all know, that each HostGator has to be renewed yearly.

So lets see if loopholes are there next year..

Also, pairing this with TDNAM gives them the opportunety to auction each and every of those domains if they are not renewed..

The only bad thing in all this is, that those "loopholes" harms their own resellers (WWD)...

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Yeah as nRnf points out I dont think it's a loop hole and them being the #1 in HostGator registrations would have had it fixed by now..

I registered a few of the domains like this in the earlier days of domaining and now I'm charged $1.95 each month for the month which after 2 months has paid for the full registration, Also I'm sure it helped there business greatly in the mean time when there where a bundle of HostGator Registrars poping up every where...

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I gotcha ~.

- Just wasn't sure which Direction it was coming from .... I think it is Nice for folks to be recognized for their efforts to help other members etc ....

And Sorry - For taking Us off subject ~.

As I said earlier - The actual coupons are just a marketing Technique by Mr. Parsons to become #1 in Registrars ~ Whether the "LoopHoles" are legit or not - Who Knows ? - But they are blasted all over forums and blogs across the internet ... and I am yet to see Godaddy Pull any of the coupons over the situation .... Really hard to say without getting inside his mind for a day or two ~..

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Good point, slaughterbeck. I wonder if the issue is more over how relatively easy it is to cancel the Traffic Facts service, or that people are purchasing it with the intent to cancel it..

But isn't this kind of offer very similar to other promo offers where companies entice customers to signup for services and tell them they can cancel anytime?..

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Simplicity of marketing imo...Some act if godaddy is not aware of this?? Of course they are.If the promo were otherwise they wouldn't give you the option to cancel the sub in the first place...

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What happens if godaddy "discovers" the bug 6 months down the road, then retroactively tries to charge $1.99 per month (the cost of the traffic subscription)? Those they can't charge get their domains iced..

Granted, there.


A good chance that this is just a diabolical marketing scheme, to attract people to GD for free via forums, instead of via expensive google ads. But until the situation clears, GD may have the right to decide either way...

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If that were to happen Armstrong,It would a be tradegy for godaddy because not only would it be stagering.


For them..They would loose so many customers it make the news,If there is,Which I doubt very seriously there is a so called loop hole,,It is godaddys responability to up hold the integrity of there own site,Not the consumers...

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The right to decide? Without any prior stipulation as to a required length of time one must purchase and any additional products to be eligible for their $3.99 domains. If that were the case I the think they might hear the term “Class Action” and I think they know it..

As my father was found of saying “this is what it is” and that’s a terrific marketing strategy that has generated, who knows how many new registrations for them...

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I'm staring at an ad from GoDaddy.

Right now.

Advertising their current promotion. It says.

"$3.99* HostGator Name with each & every new non-domain product".

"Each and every" sounds broad enough to me. Can you really fault someone for going with the cheapest option? GoDaddy could always make the change to charge quarterly or annually for Traffic Facts as they do with their other services...

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I know how to solve this problem. Email or phone support and ask them. If they cant answer then ask to be forwarded to someone who would know. I'm going to do it...

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I've writen a letter to Bob Parsons about the issue and hope to hear back from him...

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The business model is called market segmentation....the offer is a way to provide de facto wholesale prices. If you consider the massive amount of extra sales that have been generated plus extra market share plus the extra income from renewables then GD will have achieved excellent profits and obtained lots of domainers to it's banner. I guess hundreds if not more have happily used this current facility and only 1 Mr Grumpy has got his knickers in a twist. Send a letter to question to ask if this offer is more of a mistake than the earlier $3 HostGator sale splurge earlier this year? Purleeease!..

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I agree Kimberly,,,And it would be "Class Action" big time too.Possible bankruptcy "Class Action"..

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I will register over 100 domains this month alone at Godaddy with an assist from the loophole; consider that it took me 6 weeks to register my second HostGator name late last year at only $8.88 and this might indicate a very effectual marketing approach for them...

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Guys be sure when you cancel traffic facts select cancel now and not cancel at expiration date because if you choose the latter you will surely be billed monthly!..

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GoDaddy must love this thread. They may not be making any profit from these regs, but once a customer is signed up with them, a big part of the battle is over. It's easier to sell people more stuff when they are already in your store, than it is when they are down the street..

Was it an error? Was the info discovered naturally, or was it leaked?.

Who knows, but it's a marketing success whether it was planned or not..

For the record, I've not used the loophole myself...

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Guess that some people forgets to cancel the traffic facts so they in the end are paying more than the 9.20$, so GoDaddy might actually make money from this "loophole"..

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How much passionate discussion has this generated and consequently supplied free advertising for this company? Imagine if you had never purchased a HostGator but stumbled upon any of the numerous threads here that mention this! Godaddy has benefited in many ways from this...

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$100 domains this month alone...!?!?!?!?.

Jeez, I never realised there were that many available domains out there worth regged, let alone in a month....

You know something I dont..??..

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I regged 29 domains last night, all belonging to the same "domain name group" which means they all contain the same words, some have hyphens between them or an "s" at the end.

A lot of combo variations....

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Ive read over all the posts, and I'm surprised to see that some points havnt been brought up...Godaddy is far from losing out with these 'promotions'...they will easily recuperate their money from renewals alone on these 'promo' domains...not to mention that they are getting incredible ''visibility'' not just from forums and blogs etc...but mostly for their ''additional services''...imagine how many people are going through all their services looking for cheap options and at the same time reading all of what these services include and implicate! How else could they get so many people so motivated at actually taking the time to read whats on their GoDaddy site beside their HostGator prices....

Lastly, imagine the added link popularity they are getting.

Im sure their LP is already huge, but a little more never hurts eh..

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