Is the iPage hosting service trustworthy?

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First question I got is Is the iPage hosting service trustworthy? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question I got... Hi there people....

Ive just finished designing my website, and I'm already live and taking orders! Now I logged this IP continiously coming to my site, and looked where he was coming from - turned out to be another computer company! Now if it were in another country or something I would not mind, thing is, he is direct competition to me now and he's using my images which would not look good for my company image(ie: Who is copying who?)!.

Now, anyone know what my right's are?.

Have a look at MY iPage site to see what I'm talking about ->.

NGR Computers.

Now, the flash document on the left is what is in quesiton(MAINLY)(manufacturers) -> ive converted it into a flash document (to help curb the copying) - they were single .gif files previously identical to how they look now! I went to his iPage site and they are my previous identical .gif buttons (size,name and all).....

He also took all my product images (which took me forever to re-size and optimize because I had to do them individually) but I'm not sure where I stand with that either? Am I allowed to take them images off the manufactures websites and publish them on mine? Or must I ask for permission first? Where do I stand, or does the time I spent optimizing them count for nothing?.

Any opinions and help would be greatly appreciated (I want to sort this out ASAP).



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Yep, but you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm my answer as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you call the iPage guys because they can assist you better...

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As long as you have a copywrite policy that states that images on this iPage site are to be left alone..

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I have a copywright notice on the bottom of my page? Is that sufficient or do I need something more comprehensive?..

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Some wording for you:.

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: 03 April 2004, 23:50..

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I think that you have some difficulty regarding the manufacturer images since they are actually copyright to the manufacturer themselves - I would imagine that their product vendors would have permission to use them - so really it gets down to whether somebody has actually used your composite (the flash file itself) or have simply done the same..

Please do not publish the other site, as then you shall have other difficulties re. your accusation that the image are stolen - this is not a schoolyard, and I know that I would certainly take such issues seriously if I were falsly accused..


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: 04 April 2004, 00:10..

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To be honest, unless you have express permission from all of the manufacturers themselves to use THEIR copyrighted images on your site, you don't have a leg to stand on. You can hardly accuse someone of stealing something which you yourself have admitted to stealing..

Meaning... you didn't? Hmmm.........

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Yeah, I agree with what you are saying.....

What I'm actually not happy about is the fact that my manufacturer buttons were compied. He used my exact .gif files, I mean.... I sized and put the borders around them, plus optimized them....

Obviously with the manufacturers images I dont think I have a leg to stand on... it just pees me off that I sat there for days re-sizing and optimizing them and he just comes along and click click click...look guys at all my perfect pics....

I dunno, ive just contacted the relevant manufacturers asking permission to use their product images...see what happens....

Yip, thanks for the not trying to be childish...its just a bit fustrating...wont advertise the other site...its would you like it if someone came along and copied ALL your images for his site??? Something to think about.

Anyways, thanks for the advice people... and anyone here PLEASE got some more info for me - what do you think I should do?..

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Block their IP address from accessing your site..

You can put a command in your .htaccess to do this..

If you need more help, do a search on the web for DENY IP and htaccess..

I think that if they are mfg images, then the only crime here is stealing your bandwidth..

Another way is to add a watermark to the background. A very light gray with your URL across from corner to corner should do it..

Good Luck!.


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: 06 April 2004, 08:53..

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Well now...what a learning experience. I went to all the manufacturers asking if I may use their images - most were really helpfull and said that I may not, in fact, use their images that I had used and gave me the *right* images to use! (Basically no difference but anyways).

I sent that letter off that "yesudo" recommended...thanks, it worked like a charm... the guy replied with an apology letter and took the images off almost imediately....

So, all is well again.....

Thanks for all your help!..

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Isnt there something they can do also that disallows remote iPage hosting of images??.

Etting permissions or turning on a feature?.

Maybe he can talk to his host about that....


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Yep! I can certainly relate to that story! Had last month and this month a competitor copy/paste my entire WORD FOR WORD, LAYOUT AND ALL from my eBay auction and and I reported him to eBay for copyright. They investigated and replied back with after checking my past auctions and his first listing of those type of products he was found in violoation and his auctions removed!.

Then I come to find that he copy/pasted my text, part number, titles layout and a group of pictures that I had altered myself to his website! I proceeded to hunt down his iPage hosting service and emailed them about IMAGE THEFT and TEXT/TITLE/PART NUMBER LAYOUT..

They replied back wanting all my image files and documentation I had and where my copyright shows up on my website. So I FTP'd the images from my iPage site so that they had the dates that I had uploaded the images to my store. Sent them the links to where these products are located and where my copyright is stated. Also the story of eBay. They asked if I had spoken with this person personally first to ask them to remove the items and text/part number layouts and I had....but he bolded stated that he did not do that and blew it off..

Ooo and I did block this persons IP and that really pissed him off and he tried every which way to get into my files. Eventually, I imagine once the error log stopped reporting him trying, he must have went to someone else's computer to use a different IP to finish the job he started..

Good Luck!.

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: 27 April 2004, 14:02..

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Also, there is a contribution to block right clicks. I know there are ways around this, but if the people stealing your images don't have the capacity to create their own images, I think it's safe to assume that he doesn't have the know-how to work around the right click. He will try to right click, get blocked and just move on to another iPage site to steal their images. Just a thought...

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Putting the right click thing would be stupid. You can just drag and drop the image in the address bar and get the url...

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My 2 cents about ipblocking..

If there are people finding your iPage site the best resource to get the stuff they want [images etc], then they will just take a different computer which has a different ip and you'll be back to square one, eventually blockking ALL people in the world if you put all of them in your ip blocking script.

But that is just my experience..

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Just use any number of "hotlink" blocking software....

Cpanel I believe Still comes standard with some.....

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I work with marketig communications (within the smartphone industry. therefore in contact with the top 5 major mobile manufacturers and face a bunch of issues in this area on a weekly basis) in a high profile company. I think I have a slight good idea about what you are talking about regarding to image use/rights, permissions and copyright protection..

Legally (you are not going to like this), you have no right whatsoever to use many of the images you are using on your website, eg. all those you have been collecting from the different hardware manufacturers. Furthermore, in legal terms, you cannot resize them or even display it on your website. Basically, you are only entitled to download them....and look at them yourserf..

Legally, it's irrelevant any customization work you have been doing, and in fact you should not even do any changes at all..

All this, unless you have obtained a written permission from each and everyone (of the makes/manufacturers) clearing stating, blank in white, you can make use of these materials on your website..

The only images that you can claim yours, are exclusivly the ones you have produced yourself or have purchased from a 3rd party..

However, to claim this you also need to register them as your proprity and them you have a copyright protection..

Only in this situation you can (if you like) initiate any legal action against the person who stole these images from your website..

This is the legal aspect, grosso modo..

However, I think you should not feel so frustrated. afterall someone did to you what you have been doing to others (dont take me wrong)..

Such is life in the www..

However bear in mind, the quality of a iPage website is not measured only by the images you have.....make it disticnt on the quality of the service you provide - it's easy to copy images, it's impossible to copy a great service to customers.

Hope you dont think this is too stiff....its just the legal aspect of things..

I am myself using images from different makes, and try to use everything from the "press section"...these images are in general less sensitve to use..

If someone copy my icons and stuff.......i am actually flattered..


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We have a wholesale business as well as a retail business and we certainly have no problem with anyone using our logo on their iPage website if they want to. If it increases our presence on the web, it can only increase our sales. I include a link to the web iPage site of each manufacturer whenever I use their logos. After all, every link does count...

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I see this got quite a response...actually forgot about this thread up until I got a notification today! hehe....

Right, un update... What some of you are saying is absolutely correct. You DO need to contact the manufacturer directly and ask their permission. I ended up going to each and every one - and got written permission from each one! Most were very easy going and were like, sure, just show us what you have done. Others wanted to analyze and make sure my iPage site was "suitable and up to standards" <- did not get one ounce of bad news except for one who wanted me to use pictures sized by them specially for my site(which was a very nice thing for them to do)....

So, bottom line guys, before you use any of you manufacturers images, you need to ask them first! (They check that you are registered dealers before they allow you to use their images).

Dunno if I said but the other iPage site ended up removing the images because of all of this...hehe.....

Keep well guys and have a good weekend.!..

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