Is the Medifast Diet good for diabetics?

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First question I have is Is the Medifast Diet good for diabetics? Looking forward for any comment. Another question I got... Happy Wednesday! We are half way through the challenge and everyone seems to be doing great!.

Cathy and Barb: Congrats on your weight losses!!!.

Gloria: Glad your gym pants can now be worn to the gym!.

Barb: My step-son's birthday must be the same as your son's. My step-son will be 18!!!.

Today was my weigh-in and I lost 3 pounds! I seem to lose 1 then 3 then 1 and so on this month. I feel like I'm watching the Biggest Loser when I get on the scale. You never know what you are going to get. I feel like I might make my Lent Descent goal for Easter..

I'm also making zucchini chips today. I'll let yawl know the results. I'll log in my wrappers later. So bye for now!..

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Ye, however you might want to make sure and wait for another person to confirm this as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can help better...

Comment #1

Hey Gloria,.

I would do more of which ever one you like the best. Or half and half split would work well, 3.5 oz. shrimp and 2.5 oz. of steak. I'm glad your weather is kicking in. I actually sat outside today and enjoyed our 72 degree weather and listened to the birds chirp..

Yesterday's Wrappers:.

Calories: 937.

Carbs: 71.

Water: Yes.

OP: Yes.

Exercise: The Firm Cardio.

Log: Yes.

Today has been a busy one. I did make zucchini chips. YUM to the 10th power. Kids liked them to. I see a future healthy lunch box snack. They do take four hours to cook in a 200 degree oven.

I did use cooking spray, mine is made of olive oil. I used some Kosher salt. Fantastic! If you are going to make them, USE parchment paper for sure! Don't skip that part! 3 zucchini's sliced on the manolin took four pans. When they were done, I had maybe 1.5 to 2 cups. I'm going to try this with turnips..

For a couple of days, I've been struggling to get water in for some reason. I would have to drink a bunch at the end of the day. Then it hit me. USE STRAWS. You drink so much more with a straw. And it WORKS!!! Buy them now! I'm already done with my 64 oz.

Well, I'm off to the drugstore. Have a wonderful rest of the hump day!..

Comment #2

Hi Ladies, I hope everyone is doing well. I had a meltdown a few weeks ago....but now I am back to melting away! Waited to see if I could get back on track before returning here and I have 1 good week under my belt!.

Looking forward to checking in with you all!..

Comment #3

Hi Everyone. Congrats on all the losses! We will be slim and trim by the time summer rolls around at this rate..

Wrappers for today:.

Calories: 948.2.

Carbs: 78.2.

Water: Yes!! Although not as much as usual, but still about 100 ounces.

OP: Yes.

Exercise: 15 minute walk.

Log: Yes..

Comment #4

Hey, everyone. Man, I've been struggling for a while... I really don't know what happened to my 100% OP laser mind that was turning down every bad thing and wasn't getting off-track at all! I only lost 0.8 this week, and apart from the increase in exercise, I think my body doesn't like how off-plan I've been... sigh. It doesn't help that I'm so tempted to skip meals because I'm SO POOR..


Calories: 945.

Carbs: 85.

Water: Yeah, especially since I've been drinking tons of delicious Clear American..

OP: Didn't eat one of my meals; ate too much green at dinner!.

Exercise: 35-minute brisk walk on treadmill..

! I think I'm cutting back on the Couch25K until I'm in better shape in general..

Logged: Yep..

Condiments: a sprinkling of garlic salt on my spaghetti squash; pepper...

Comment #5

Ladies, congrats on your losses. You inspire me. Jomarie, we always want you here, whether or not you are in meltdown mode. Hang in there Claire! When I read different blogs, I am realizing that this stuff is mostly mental. We fall down, we get up. We grieve our favorite bad-for-us foods and kick them to the curb.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Last year we had terrible snakes at our house. We had purchased a repo house and it had been empty for at least a year. Lots of varmints everywhere. I used mothballs around the foundation and I think those nasty creatures moved into the woods. The mothballs sure stunk! We'll see when the snow melts and the snakes wake up again.

Patrick's talents!..

Comment #6

Good morning and Happy St. Patrick's Day!.

Jomarie: Glad you're here! You'll be back to melting away in no time..

Claire: Hang in there sister!! Your OP laser is back on! Yeah, food is getting expensive. Bell peppers are over $2 a piece here. Add the inflating cost of food plus Medifast, dollar signs just fly out my head..

Barb: What kind of snakes did you have slithering around? Wow, that's crazy..

Today is an errand day. I have to procure a birthday present for the oldest, take the dogs to vet, go to the post office to mail back the not so tasty strawberry shakes, and go to the grocery store. Is it me, or do you feel like you go to the grocery store at least every other day. I write lists and try to load up for the week, but there's always something I need..


Calories: 948.

Carbs: 88.2.

Water: 72 oz. Again, buy straws, they work!.

Log: Always.

OP: Yes.

Exercise: 10 lb. Slim down Cardio Blast.

I bought some Caesar dressing from Walden Farms a few weeks back. It is yucko. However, if I mix it with the Walden Farms BBQ sauce, it makes a nice spicy dressing...

Comment #7

Tracy what a coincidence! I went to the hospital on St. Patrick's Day after work and he was born the next morning. I labor a long time. Meanwhile, I saw another woman who came into the hospital, gave birth, and left. And I was still there! Dang....

Fortunately, I live in the woods in Minnesota, so the snakes were garter snakes, not harmful...just a bunch of them. I'd see them in the crack between the garage and cement apron in front of the garage all the time. One little one got stuck in my sons' room on a piece of duct tape that was lying on the floor. Another one got stuck trying to come in the laundry room window - 1/2 in and 1/2 out. He would look at me and stick his tongue out every time I went into the room. I was freaking over this.

This winter all the windows and doors on the house were replaced and last fall we poured a new cement apron, so I think their exits are blocked. I am so pleased to see them leave...

Comment #8

Claire-Hang in there! You can DO THIS!!!.

Barb-Snakes?? Blech! I would not have found that funny at all!.

I went and visited with my old student and her mom after school today. She is in good spirits and is waiting to see what the oncologist says about her pathology reports to see what path to take with the cancer. She visits the Dr again in NYC next Tuesday. She is out of school until April 28th though just for the surgery she had. Thanks for all of your good thoughts!.

I am looking forward to my WI this weekend...I have been good and OP this week! Tonight I made the pizza crust with the cauliflower and it was good. It sooo took care of my pizza craving..

Comment #9

Was sick yesterday and today so eating was spotty. Didn't take much time to run on through. I've eaten Medifast and L&G, just haven't gotten all the Medifast meals in. Tomorrow will be better, feeling better already tonight. And it's been warm! I saw a robin, several Vs of canada geese flying overhead, and have heard the sandhill cranes. Much of the snow has melted and my gravel road is mushy with mud.

Tomorrow is weekly weigh-in..


Comment #10


Calories: 970.3.

Carbs: 97.8.

Water: 70 oz..

Log: YEAP.

OP: Kinda yes, Except for extra condiments.

Exercise: 30 min on bike and weight machines at gym.

Tracy - I totally agree about using the straw! It's the only way I drink water. I have a great cup/glass I use at work that came with a hard straw - I get 4-5 of them down during my 5 hour shift..

Hope everyone had a great St. Patty's Day and who really wants to eat green eggs and ham anyway!!!!.

I finally made the cauliflower pizza! Even my Jersey guy, who has been missing good pizza out here in Iowa compared to back East, said it's better than what he can find here. LOL.

Going back to the gym has been a boost for me - as soon as I finish my coffee and eat my smore bar (it's my morning ritual) I am headed there again today. I want to see what the spinning class is like and see if I can handle it with my total knee replacements. I may just stay on my own with regular exercise bike until I get my legs stronger then go for it..

Out little group is getting smaller, we seem to have lost several along the way - but so glad you are all hanging on with us. Slowly melting away!!!!.

Delivery quilt to granddaughter today! It's DONE, yeah!..

Comment #11

Just checking in! I'm still dealing with TOM problems - over two weeks now - I'm not even supposed to be dealing with TOM problems because I take a shot that is supposed to prevent the TOM for three months. I've been taking it for a couple of years, but for whatever reason, it came anyway. The last time I had a TOM it lasted for 29 days - not fun! I've been pretty much at a plateau all week and let me tell you - plateaus stink! I think I've been losing some inches this week, as my clothes are definitely becoming baggier, so I'm hanging in there. I see my doctor this afternoon and I know the losses for the past couple of weeks are not what he is expecting to see. I've been 100% compliant, so I'll just have to wait it out. I lost 2.5 pounds this week and finally made it to twoterville! Yay me! Here's hoping next week will be better!..

Comment #12

Happy Friday Eveyone. Congratulations on all the losses..

Sally- Glad to hear you are feeling better..

Tracy- I agree- it is much easier to get your water down with a straw. I find I drink a lot of water when I eat out because it is served with a straw..

Gloria- It's great that you have been going back to the gym again. I have been very good with exercise this week, but that's because I have been off from work. I find it harder to do when I am working. I am up so early and exhausted when I get home. I have to find a way to fit it in, though..

Have a great Friday everyone...

Comment #13

RE: Family of origin issues revisited. After bemoaning my annoying family last week, I decided I need to do something about my reactions to their stuff. Over the weekend, I purchased an ebook called "Recovering from Passive Aggression." It not only discusses passive aggressive people, but gives concrete suggestions on what to say to their comments. This is just what I needed! I am always at a loss of how to respond. These are not aggressive comments, but assertive ones. I also realized that my ex is Mr.

OMG! I moved from one PA house into another at a young age. My ex now literally turns his back to me whenever I am within 10 feet of him kinda like old- time Amish shunning. I kid you not! I noticed that my current sweetie makes slightly PA comments from time to time. I am stoked that I now have tools to help me respond correctly to all this crud in the future in a positive manner...

Comment #14

Yesterday's Wrappers:.

Calories 745.5 (Had plain veggie burgers, only 140 calories for 2. By looking at my log, this is why my calories are so low. It's the lowest calorie count I think I've ever had on MF. I'd rather be over 800 for sure.).

Carbs: 93.5.

Water: yes.

Exercise: 10lbs. Slim Down Cardio Blast.

OP and Log: Yes.

Gloria, I hope you liked the Spinning class. It's always o.k. just to sit back down and go at a lower speed or take some resistance off when you need to. It's your own ride!.

Cathy, congrats on your weight loss. I hate to hear you are having such an ordeal. This time will pass and you be moving along full speed ahead soon..

Sally, girl try eating two meals at a time. If someone asked me to eat two brownies, I'd say where do I sign up? It seems like Spring is finally knocking on your door..

Melissa, good luck on your weigh in!.

Denise, thanks for popping by. How are you doing?.

Barb, an Amish shunning really? I'd tap him on the shoulder when he has his back to you and tell him that he's much of a butt from the front as he is from behind. I guess I'm not helping on the positive end. But, turning his back to you is so childish, but so is my response. LOL! I NEED TO PUT THE WAVING ZIG ZAGGING POINTED FINGER AWAY! Please share some of the assertive examples you've learned in the book. I would love to know!..

Comment #15

I delivered the quilt to my granddaughter today, I am posting a picture of it on my page if you want to see what keeps me from eating. LOL.

For those who asked, here the cinnamon bun recipe. I copied it from a discussion board, and I am not sure who should get the credit for it. I ended up using a little of the WF pancake syrup on it and someone suggested using WF whipped cream, so have to buy some of that! ENJOY..

Pancake Cinnamon Buns.

1 packet Original Pancakes.

2 packets Splenda.

1/2 tsp baking powder.

1/4 tsp cinnamon.

A pinch of salt.

2 TBSP milk (type of your choice, I used whole).

1/4 tsp vanilla.

Put all dry ingredients in a cereal bowl and mix thoroughly: Pancake, Splenda, banking powder, cinnamon and salt..

Put all wet ingredients in a teacup and mix thoroughly: Milk, vanilla.

Pour wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and mix until wet. Will be the consistency of a cake or brownie batter. Try not to work the batter too much..

Spray a small microwavable bowl or mug with Pam. One of the Medifast Brownie dishes is good for this, too. Spoon the batter into the bowl/mug/dish, what-have-you, and dust the top with cinnamon..

Bake in the microwave for 50-60 seconds. Pull out and spray the top with ICBINB spray. Eat and enjoy!.

1 Medifast meal.

1/32 lean (does that really count?).

Several condiments, I'm not even counting because it tastes SO GOOD!..

Comment #16

Hi all,.

Gloria I am a wanna be quilter. I enjoy it but don't often get much time for it during the school year. Congrats on finishing one! I have a UFO group coming to my house on Monday night so I will take some time off for quilting then..

I have had a good week so I hopped on the scale this am, hoping my loss sticks for Monday. Weekends are always rough for me but I am PLANNING to stay OP today and tomorrow..

We are supposed to have a beautiful day here in SC. Going to try to grade papers right now so that I will be able to get outside later..

Have a great day...

Comment #17

Hi Everyone,.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I lost 3.4lbs this week, so I continue to do well. My Spring Break is almost over. Back to work for me on Monday, and it will be a stressful three weeks getting ready for our FCAT testing. I will be happy when it's over..

I am going to try your cinnamon muffin, Gloria. It sounds yummy..

Enjoy the rest of the weekend..


Comment #18

Gloria: quilting is a beautiful hobby. Plus you get something useful out of the deal. There are always friends and relatives who will love to received something you have made with love, by hand...

Comment #19

Sally- I hope you are feeling better today! I can't wait for spring....actually went out in the garden this morning to clean it out of leaves and dead stuff.

Gloria-The quilt is BEAUTIFUL!!!! You are so talented. I made the pizza as well. Were you able to get it crisp....mine was either mushy or burned....any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks for the cinna.

Mon bun recipe..

Cathy-Yikes! 29 days!! Don't know what else to say about that !.

Barb-Good for you for taking charge of your relationships!!!.

JoMarie-I actually came home with no papers this weekend!! That hasn't happened in a while! Get them done and get out there to enjoy this sunshine!!!.

Denise-Our testing isn't until May, so we have a ways to go. I will be so thankful when it's over and we can peacefully enjoy the rest of the year with no pressure..

I had a nice loss today of 3.2 and am very happy with that. DH and I are supposed to go out for a "date" tonight....maybe Bonefish? Wherever it is, I WILL be staying OP..

Have a great weekend everyone! We had a week's reprieve after basketball and baseball practice starts up today!! lol..

Comment #20

Melissa-Your testing is much later than ours. We used to test at the end of March. They made the decision to move testing into April this year. It gives us more time to get ready. We do end school on June 3rd here..

Have fun on your date night...

Comment #21


Calories 908.4.

Carbs: 77.

Water, OP, Log: Yes.

Exercise: 10 lb. Slim Down Abs.

Gloria, thanks for sharing the recipe! Sounds tasty!.

Melissa and Denise, CONGRATS on your loss!! Happy Dance!.

Today it was in the 70's!!! The kids and I did yard work for most of the day. It ended up being a pretty good work out. We have a couple of fig trees that had limbs hitting the house and the roof. The rest of the day was spent weeding and removing some dead bushes and wild grape vines..

My husband has had to work some crazy hours. I got up at 4:00 a.m. this morning to make him breakfast. It's almost 7 p.m. here at he's still trucking along. The poor guy didn't get home until 9 p.m.

He hated that he missed most of the birthday festivities for our son. But that's military life for you..

Lately, I've been addicted to the parm cheese puffs. I end up eating them more than once a day. I haven't made a shake in three days. Maybe, I should have a dark chocolate one tonight..

Happy Saturday everyone!!..

Comment #22


Calories 703.3.

Carbohydrate 57 g.

Water: yes.

Logged food: yes, have one Medifast meal left for later this evening..

It's been working much better to double up on Medifast meals...much easier to get them all in, especially when I'm at work. Had trouble with diarrhea all week...I know, I was really surprised at yesterday's weigh-in to have lost only .4 lbs. How could that be? There must be something to getting in all the meals; I'd been running only half each day on average. According to what many folks post as their weekly results, I should have lost twice as much in the amount of time I've been doing this. Disappointed. But, I'll keep on keeping on..


Comment #23

Whoo, getting ready for my chocolate pudding right now! So here's the wrapper (including the pudding):.

Calories: 939.1.

Carbs: 81.8.

Water: Uh... sorta..

Logged: Yep!.

OP: Too much green..

Exercise: Walked around Wal-Mart for an hour..

Condiments: Ugh, don't even want to talk about it... 1% milk + Splenda + Pam Spray + black pepper + salt + cinnamon + garlic.....

Comment #24

Happy Sunday!.

Melissa I was a good girl and did grade everything yesterday! Yippee. I LOVE the weekends when nothing comes home with me...I have reached the time of year when I am getting really tired of papers!.

Dietwalker yard work is such a great work out and I like it because when you are done you can SEE that you accomplished something. WAY more fun than cleaning up inside the house!! grin..

Had a little bobble at dinner last night ended up munching some of my hubbies dinner when I should not ...but got right back on plan and did not mess up the rest of the night as would be my "normal" routine. (oh well, I messed up might as well eat the entire house! was my old motto)..

So starting off today with an Medifast pancake. Planning to bring a bar with me to have between sessions at church. Today is my cantor weekend so I will do 2 masses..

By the way I love the LENT DESCENT challenge....just the phrase tickles me. Ash Wednesday fasting was the day that I managed to pull myself out of my "pit" of failure and get back on the plan. I do not know why I go through these times when I just give is silly. When I am actually OP it isn't that difficult to, this is such a MENTAL game!!.

Have a great morning!..

Comment #25

Happy Sunday everyone!!!.

Jomarie: I logged my yard work under "General Gardening" and it was over 400 calories burned for an hour. Picking up all those limbs made my back sore. I should have squatted down to pick up most of it instead of bending at the hip flexor. But, at least it worked the back of my legs too!.

Melissa: I LOVE Bonefish. I used to eat there often when I lived in Florida. Here, there is not one close by. Their tuna appetizer is yummy. I would order it as a meal with their salad. I need to look up the nutritional values of that house salad dressing.

Claire: Wally World is so big, it's a work-out if you are there for a while!!.


Calories: 964.

Carbs: 81.

Exercise: Yard work.

Log: Late, but done. Teacher's do I get half credit?.

OP: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Last night we had Mexican. We didn't eat until 9 p.m. or so as we waited on DH to get home. My meal spacing was all messed up yesterday. Some meals were too far apart, some were an hour from each other, but I got them all in. I had the tuna fajitas with no onions, no added seasonings, no cheese, no refried beans.

, no tortillas. So that leaves, tuna, red peppers, green peppers, shredded lettuce, salsa and sour cream on the side. I tried to limit my sour cream by 2 tsp. This was eyeballing of course. And, I had eyeballed a tablespoon of salsa. Under the log, it let's you enter in "Sour CreamRestaurant" which I thought was most valid since restaurant sour cream always seems to be more rich to me.

So, I put 1 serving which adds to 60 calories. I don't know how accurate it really was to what I really ate. But, I'd rather be on the high side of things..

Well, if it's as warm as it was yesterday, the boys and I are definitely beach bound. This will be followed by a trip to Wal-Mart. My oldest needs a cucumber and a potato to make a vegetable clock for science? This will be interesting... Nonetheless, I can't wait until the local veggie stands open. I'm a fan of local produce when I can find it...

Comment #26

Hey, all. Long time, no post. I am sort of still here, once in a while..

I am still on Medifast but having a hard time right now. The bloom is definitely off the Medifast rose for me, but I am going to keep it up for another month, see how it goes. The main reasons I have been considering stopping Medifast is the expense, but also that my hair is thinning like crazy and that some weeks I lose a little, and the next week, nothing. This week I actually gained back two pounds..

To make things harder, my son and I are currently living with his grandmother and her best friend. They live only 5 minutes from us, but to not live at home for a week or two is a pain in the ***. We are having our bathroom remodeled - nothing too fancy, but I live in a very old house, and the plumbing really needed an overhaul. Also, there was no ventilation, and mold/mildew was becoming a real problem. So we are updating it, but it's taking the guy longer than he'd said. It's been hard being off a routine.

Patrick's Day (not much and we trimmed all the fat off of it), but I wonder if that threw me off as far as water retention or knocked me out of ketosis. I have my Medifast scale here with me somewhere (basically been living out of luggage for a week)..

So that's why I haven't been on much. I have been checking in to see how things are going with you all. Seems like everyone is doing well!.

Mercy, glad to see your Jersey boy liked the pizza. Too funny that the cauliflower pizza would be considered better than the regular pizza available out there. Don't know if I could live anywhere that I could not get a "real" slice of pizza and a good bagel. (Not that I can eat any of those things right now, anyway!).

This makes me wonder, girls - how many pizza places and bagel shops are in your area? Mercy knows that in my area (NY/NJ) there are a ton of pizza places. Around here there are usually at least two bagel shops within any town! (Every Saturday morning, I drive my kid to his favorite bagel shop so he can buy two bagels with bacon on them. Then he cruelly enjoys them while I sip my Medifast shake. grrr!).

We've had nice weather, here, too, for the last few days. Think we have a few dicy days ahead, but spring is basically here. Even if we get a little snow, it'll be gone very quickly..

Yum, tuna fajitas sound delish. When my son and I went out to eat a few weeks ago, I had a steak fajiata - same thing - hold the tortillas, the sauce, the sour cream (which I don't like, anyway), the rice, and the beans. Basically, I ate some salsa, the steak, and peppers and onions. It was good!.

So I am going to try to get back on track here, even if it's tricky, not living at home. We'll see how it goes. Hope all is well with you guys..


Comment #27

Tammy (tagnj), so glad you stopped in. I know you mentioned about the hair falling out and I read it somewhere on another thread that is a a side affect. I always find hair in the shower, but didn't really make the connection it was from the diet, but now that you mention it, it seems like alot more than usual. Is anyone else noticing that?.

I went to a quilting class yesterday and we went as a group to a Mexican restaurant and I had a salad with grilled chicken. I so wanted some refried beans, I love them, but just stared at them. I can't believe I kept my fingers off the chips and salsa. Normally I would have had the entire basket gone before the food arrived..

Today DH and I spent the afternoon walking around a Flower and Garden Show. It was overcast all day but warm, but not the kind of day I wanted to be outside since we got a lot of rain last night. Felt good seeing all the blooming flowers. Gives us all hope, right???.

The gym and I are doing good together! I am loving riding the bike and using the weight machines..

Congratulations Denise and Melissa on your looses - GREAT Job..

Also jomarie, glad you are back too!!!.

I need to put up my wrappers for the last two days, Opps!..

Comment #28

I have noticed that my hair has gotten thinner too. My hair is so thick that I am not too worried yet. Hopefully, it won't get any worse..

I am not feeling well today. I have felt very lightheaded all day. I am not sure if it's from the diet or not. I did not even feel lightheaded during the first week, so I am not sure what's up with that..

We went to the movies today and saw, "The Lincoln Lawyer." It was very good and I did not have any popcorn..

Comment #29

Hair loss? Idk, I'm perimenopausal, so my hair falls out extra a couple times a year. I couldn't tell you if Medifast has any additional effect..

Recovering from Passive Aggression update: The most profound thing I have read so far is that healthy couples and non-healthy couples both fight about the same amount! Who knew? The difference is that the health couples fight fairly no name calling, screaming, breaking things, etc..

A problem I have is that I am "too nice." I don't stand up for myself (childhood issues). When in marital counseling with my ex, she told me that I needed to get a "voice" in the relationship and told him that when this happens, he won't like it. I usually just go along to get along and suck up my feelings..

So my sweetie and I had a disagreement yesterday and I made myself walk up to him and tell him that raising his voice to me was not ok! The little angel on my should said "Yes, Barb, Yes, that is how you do it!" I was shaking from the adrenaline. There was more to the fight than this, but overall I did good!..

Comment #30

My hair was getting thinner before I started MF. I've read some people say their hair got thicker with MF, so I've been holding out hope for that..

As for nearby pizza and bagels - omg. For anyone whose never been to a Texas city - lemme tell you that food is EVERYWHERE. Within a mile from my house, there are 36 restaurants, including 4 pizza places, one bagel shop, 3 donut shops that also serve bagels, and 3 other places that include bagel sandwiches on their menu. No one can escape fast, easy, carby, fatty food in Texas. Makes it very easy to be a fat binge eater..

Recently received my 3rd order - including the last of "new" items to try. I stocked up on sooo much stuff! I went through the boxes today to put on the shelves, and had very little excitement..

I hate losing momentum. I'm also fighting a constant desire to binge. I was hoping to reinvigorate the routine with exercise, but I keep getting gout in my feet! (a very painful, inflamed arthritis).

Hope everyone is well!..

Comment #31

I've also been worrying about my hair thinning. I hope I'm overreacting and it's just the grease weighing down my hair and making it feel thin. :P.

Jenn, I totally understand about losing momentum... I feel like I've been losing steam for the last few weeks. I think I might have to finish up the Medifast food I have and try something else for a while, because I really shouldn't be spending that much money for something I'm not going to do 100% correctly. I have too many condiments, too much green, and not nearly enough enthusiasm... and I'm so very poor. :\..

Comment #32

I haven't noticed my hair getting thinner. The posts I've seen relate to folks with thyroid problems. I wouldn't imagine how it could be a side effect when you have so many vitamins in the food. I'll have to look at more posts to see why..

Yes, the newness of Medifast has worn off. I'm still glad there is food out there I haven't tried. I ordered a few samples with my next order, so I can try before I buy the box..

Denise: Way to go in avoiding the popcorn!.

TAG: I've seen a few posts were people gain a little weight and then they have a big loss or two. Hang in there. You'll bounce back!!!.

We have lots of pizza and bagel places. Actually, the closest place to us is a pizza place that has the best pizza. I ordered for the kids the other day when they had friends over. I ordered a garden salad. It was so blah. And, it came with a big chunk of garlic bread which I gave away..

TAG and Claire: They may kick off my post for this, but try Ebay and Craig's List for Medifast products. I heard you can find some items cheaper. You know, people who've tried it and didn't like it but never sent their stuff back..

Barb: Progress!! Wooo Hooo!.

Gloria: It looks like you could teach some quilting classes!!.

Jennifer: Did you enjoy your trip??.


Calories: 969.

Carbs: 82.

Water: Yes.

OP: Yes.

Log: Yes.


Day off! I did go shopping though with a good amount of walking...

Comment #33

Hi Everyone -.

Was just catching up on the posts and wanted to chime in that I am also losing interest in MF. Don't get me wrong I LOVE the weight coming off, but wow, am I bored with the food! And the weekends are the worst. During the week I find it easy to stay on plan, but once Saturday and Sunday roll around I want be free! This past weekend was the first time I actually strayed pretty bad from the plan. My meal timings were all off, I didn't measure, etc. I made taco salad Saturday night and ate way too much meat and black olives, oh and cheese and sour cream. Then my husband brought home beef jerky from the butcher and I ate that constantly thru out the day.

I spend so much money on this diet and it is such a shame that it is more expensive to eat healthy than not. I know I can do it, but the long road ahead is a bit of a buzzkill when I think of having to do this thru the summer..

Congrats to all of you for your losses and for hanging in there! I admire you and you inspire me. Here's to getting back on the wagon and staying there for the rest of the ride!.

Have a great week everyone!..

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I don't know if yawl noticed today, but there are several new before and after pictures in the Success Photos section of the boards. They are so motivational!.

I'm hanging in there for the long haul. Here's a few questions to ask yourself:.

Would you rather sight-see a new town all day, or be stuck on the bench b/c your joints hurt from being to heavy?.

Would you rather wear short-shorts, or pants b/c your legs rub together and start a rash?.

Would you rather play with your kids and grandkids outside, or just watch b/c you're too much out of breath..

Would you rather have thin thighs or thin mints?.

Would you rather fit in the airplane seat or have someone tell you that you have to leave the plane?.

Would you rather wear a bikini or a moo-moo?.

Hang in there ladies. We can do this! Eat some puffs or be puffy!!!..

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Tracy - your tough love makes so much sense, but at the same time it made me smile. All your statements are SOOOOOO true! But the bikini even when I am at goal is just not a visual I can even imagine!. LOL But a cute pair of capris and halter top will hook just fine!.

I am in for the.


Too, no matter how long it takes! I refuse to eat off the program, even though my losses are small, it's dropping..

My third shipment is on the way. This one is loaded with what I have decided I like!..

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Eat some puffs or be I love it..

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A kick in the butt is always good for me!.

I have been on and off the plan for 2 years. I know how hard it is to stay motivated and have lost interest several times!.

But this plan does work and with my weight still so far above 200 I know that I need to lose in order to have a healthy old age (or heck to have an old age!!) At the moment if I go off plan to eat a meal with family or friends I just do not consider it a disaster. I made a choice, I live with it and then I get back on the plan. Will it take me longer to loseyes! but will I continue to lose you bet!.

So for those of you having a hard time right now....hang in there and keep on trucking along...

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Tracy, you are the bomb! I particularly like the thin thighs or thin mints one. I love thin mints.....

Jennifer, I see on your page that you have a very handsome son. Our boys (I have 2) need us for the long haul..

Claire, you have a unique problem to this thread. I sympathize. Keep the faith; perhaps nutritional support could help....

I received a new Medifast shipment and opened it today. I also tried a couple new items. I scour the recipes available for new things to try. I believe that is the way to avoid boredom. But I (we) also need to turn our way of thinking 180 degrees to see food as fuel. Do we use quality fuel or trashy stuff? You know our cars last longer when we do correct maintenance.

Yes I am. We can do this..

Tomorrow is my weigh day, I am hoping for a good report. Happy Monday, everybody!..

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Oh, I feel soooo much better today (motivation wise)!!!! I blogged about needing help, and got SO MUCH great advice!!!! If anyone is losing their motivation - go to my page and read the comments on my "Help" blog. Great, great advice in there. I needed to change my outlook, and was able to do so with the help of other MFers!.

Hair loss - a symptom of ketosis, I believe. Adkins and South Beach dieters can have the same problem..

I've never experienced any airplane horrors. I always have an aisle or window seat, next to my son. He doesn't complain about my extra space. I cannot bear thinking how embarrassing it would be, to be asked to leave the plane?!!! that is so humiliating!..

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Barb, good for you, standing up for yourself. Dignity and respect. Jennifer, glad to hear motivation is better; I live out in the country and don't have any restaurants or fast food to drive by to and from work..


Calories 706.

Carbs 54.

Water yes.

OP yes, but still have one Medifast to go for the day.

Exercise, no. I don't think rearranging my jewelry boxes counts..

Had a headache most of the day so had trouble getting started on my meals this morning. Started reading "The Secret is Out." Still plugging away each day..


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Thank you all of you! You may not realize it, but you help me every single day..

I was losing motivation and read all the comments from yesterday (Tracy those quotes were awesome!) and then I checked out Jennifer's blog where she asked for help since she was struggling too. What a wonderful group of people on this site - to reach out, basically to strangers, and lend such loving support and tough love too! It truly does help staying involved in the Medifast community - I could not imagine doing this on my own without having this site to assist and see others with the same issues and ups and downs. I checked out the new success pictures, read alot of blogs and posts and I CAN DO THIS TOO! I want this so so so bad and feel so much better already with just the little bit I have lost so far, so I can't even imagine how I will change or feel once I am close to goal..

Got to keep plugging along and remember there is a whole support system right here when I need it..

Thanks and have a great day everyone! You certainly made mine better...

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That is one of the major reasons why I go to WW meetings... not because I follow that program, because it offers weekly support and accountability! In spite of what people say about losing weight on their own, I really do think that support makes a difference, whether in the form of a close friend, a meeting, a health coach, or a forum group (.


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All right! I have weight loss and an NSV today. I've ditched another 3 lbs. Plus, I notice that my legs are getting smaller. It is much more comfortable to cross my long legs now than it has been for years. I am shimmying with excitement! Rock on, my sisters...

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Congrats Barb for ditching 3 pounds..

Sally, your wrappers are doing great!.

Ha! You guys are fabulous! I definitely find motivation from these boards and our Melt Away Mamas. It's sad to see some good gals go, but maybe they'll be back soon. After I am done with Medifast and am on Maintenance, I want to go back to trying Clean Eating. It's a great lifestyle concept. It's not for everyone. But, I was on their website today and some of the before and after pictures of the people are amazing.

They go from cottage cheese to rock hard bodies. Not, that I am big on the body building, 0 body fat physique for women, but it shows you that weight training works!.

Here's my wrappers from yesterday:.

Water: Yes.

OP: Yes.

Log: Yes.

Calories: 940.

Carbs: 87.4.

Exercise: TWICE, morning leg work-out, then I did it again with my son and some ab work!..

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Happy Tuesday, everyone..

Congratualtions on your weight loss Barb..

Does anyone have a good way to make the mango softserve? I really don't enjoy the softserve at I will not order any next time...

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I used to hate the mango soft serve - but now it's one of my faves! I add Crystal Light into it (Tropical Punch, Peach, etc) and shaved ice, then throw it in my fake bullet. I drink it like a smoothie, rather than soft serve. It is a fruity delight!..

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Tuesday Wrappers.

Calories: 933.

Carbs: 85.

Water: Yes - I am floating!.

OP: Yes.

Log: Yes.

Exercise: Shopping count?.

Congrats. Barb !!! I remember last year when I lost 'alot of weight I remember how all of a sudden I could cross my legs, not fold the one on top. It felt amazing..

We are in severe weather and have had tornado warnings off and on all night with heavy hail that covered our deck. So staying on the computer isn't where I want to be - don't want to crash it and loose connection to you guys!.

Besides I feel a little hungry tonight for some reason and I am going to sleep to avoid doing something stupid! LOL..

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Hey, everyone!.

Thursday's wrapper.

Calories 681.

Carbohydrate 56 g.

Water, mostly.

Exercise, no.

0P yes but didn't get in one Medifast meal.

Weighed in this morning, down 2.0 lbs..

Wednesday, supper was off plan...don't even want to tell you what I ate. Too tired, too stressed from work, too lazy to cook good food. Now that I'm working 3 days/wk instead of full time, I notice that I make poorest choices on work days. I think I've been much more stressed for years than I realized. Good to know. I can plan better and avoid impulse choices.

Be well, everybody. Wishing for spring to return...this cold/snow, I'm so done with winter..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.