Is the Medifast Diet healthy for teens?

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My 1st question is: Is the Medifast Diet healthy for teens? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question I got... I didn't see a thread started for January here it is!.

Calling all Athletes and wanna-be athletes. Come and share your updates for the month, your kick-butt workouts, your dreams and goals for fitness..

As many might know, I got a bad injury on Christmas Eve that I'm still recovering from. I was knocked down (badly) by two big dogs. My hands have healed, my tailbone is still a little bruised...but the big thing slowing my down is some kind of ligament damage in my left glute. I can do about 90% of what I want to do, but squats, hamstring work, any side-step stability work are all out. It is darn painful when it triggers. I've been avoiding advil because it makes me retain water (dumb, dumb)...but I'm back on today w/ lots of ice.

This month I'm saying goodbye to long steady state cardio (was doing 70 min a day of treadmill work) in favor of doing more HIIT training and weights. Got a good workout in today w/ upper body, and some treadmill/elliptical work..

So...what are your workout plans for the week??..

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The answer is Yes, although you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

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Hi Sue! I'm sorry it is taking so long for you to heal..

Hinata, you look great! I remember you from when I first joined. I didn't keep up with that group and didn't really do a good job with Medifast (and this was sporadic with the boards) until I recommitted in November..

I just treadmilled for an hour. I do CrossFit 2x a week, soon to be 3x week. The CrossFit workout varies (you never know what it is going to be!), so I'll post it when it is done. It's pretty hardcore strength training, although it utilizes cardio, flexibilty, etc. as well. I always supplement my CrossFit workouts with treadmilling and I just started doing Wii Fit again. I usually do the yoga poses and balance training on the Wii Fit...

Comment #2

You both are doing those sumo deadlift thingies....I've got to check that out!!..

Comment #3

Definitely! I think with your experience weight training, you'd probably do amazing at them! They just killed me for two days XD I was walking like a zombie around the office hehe..

Comment #4

I looked up the video for those....YES! I would love doing those! Gotta get this damn glute healed (yes, I broke my butt.


Comment #5

Hope you heal up soon! Pesky muscle injuries can take their own sweet time getting better - d'oh! And I feel you - I broke my boobs once! Tore the cartilage in my chest once, right between my boobs. The only cure is an ice pack! Dang - I had to put a bag of frozen peas across my chest for days. Talk about uncomfortable! LOL..

Comment #6

That made me laugh! But as athletes...we don't focus on what we can't do, right? We always focus on what we CAN do! So what if I can't do squat stuff right now. That doesn't keep me from biceps, triceps, delts, pecs, lats....ya know?..

Comment #7

I totally know! I never tried any strength training before this summer until an angel showed up in my life and showed me how. When I started with him, I could do nothing - really, nothing. I couldn't squat past 30 degrees and could barely lift 5 lb weights. But I kept trying and kept trying and now I can do sumo deadlift high pulls with 20 lbs of weight, I can run a mile, I can lift 50 lbs easily, and I can surf (my fave!). So we do what we can and try to improve what we cannot do well - little by little, the progress adds up...

Comment #8

Hello Ladies! I was browsing and just happened across this thread! It is terrific! I am pro exercise and believe it is crucial to our reduction efforts and maintaining our new size as well!.

I have a home gym that I have been adding to over the years. Cardio seems to be my strong area so am trying really hard to get strength training into my routine this year. One of the things I love and would like to share is using a rebounder. I do most of the Wii workouts on the rebounder. I also took up nordic pole walking and between that and running on the rebounder I actually became of runner of sorts, something I was never able to do in the past..

I have a pilates power gym and am focusing on my pilates workout for the month of January to see where that takes me as well. Also a new addition to my gym is the kettlebell and DVD on how to use it..

I am pro interval training and usually do that on my elliptical. There are so many great ways we can change and define our shape! I am so excited this year to really focus on changing my shape (and getting into the size 10's & 8's)..

My burning question is: How do you ladies sustain the great workouts you speak of while on the Medifast 5 and 1 plan? I take it you must be doing something other than a strict 5 and 1? I really like incorporating the Medifast meal replacements into my reduction but there is no way I can do a strict 5 and 1 Medifast plan and exercise the way I want to as it is just not enough calories to keep me from starvin oh marvin..

So right now I am on a "clean eating" plan that incorporates the Medifast meals but I also eat additional protein as well as fruits. I would love to have an open dialogue of how we can manage reduction using Medifast but also be able to work out hard as we desire. Thoughts? Suggestions?.

Happy Melting!.


Comment #9

Heya Nora! Nice to see you here - Happy 2011! To be honest, I haven't done a 5&1 for a while now -ever since my doctor pulled me off the plan. It wasn't working for me as well as for others - I wasn't losing at all and that was being strictly OP. So she suggested exercise and doing a 3&2 plan with extra protein in the 2 meals. Seems to be working much better for me, so this is what I do now. Weight loss is much slower, but at least it is happening, and I am getting smaller more quickly, and I like that!.

In a few weeks, I am going to be moving into transition since my trainer is kicking my butt so hard I need to get back onto food to stabilize my body. I literally am burning off 800-1000 calories a day with my workouts so staying on an 800 calorie plan won't cut it...

Comment #10

Coupled with the activity level, and being a taller person, I always do 2 snacks a day (along w/ 5&1). I have a pack of Medifast crackers sprinkled with some 2% cheese shreds (and nuked) (every day), and I make a batch of 25 meringue cookies every day using 4 egg whites, sweetener, and veg fiber as the binder (the recipe is on "mypage"). I've found that I lose best when my cals are between 950-1050. That is my personal "OP". Also I never worry about how much veg I'm eating. If I want a huge salad w/ lettuce, red pepper, radishes, cucumbers I don't worry about weighing measuring.

Those are the only changes I've made so far...but I'm looking to radically update my workouts this month, hopefully!..

Comment #11

Good morning Athletes!.

Just stopping in to say hello before I head out to the chiropractor and then work. I'll have to get my workout in this evening, but it's all good. I am still sore from the training the other day - my arms and tummy are still on fire from that dastardly move on the exercise ball. Basically, you lay on your back on an exercise ball then lift your arms and legs off the ground and balance - then do crunches! Lordy, that was so challenging. But my trainer says it'll help with surfing and climbing so I'll do it. Tomorrow is lower body day with the trainer, and I can only imagine what fresh new move he'll give to me.

Have a fabulous day!.


Comment #12

Hey Hinata! Thanks for the shout out! Always luv hearing about your exercise routines. The fitness ball is great, but that latest move you describe sounds killer! Yikes! Have a great day everyone!.


Comment #13

Hinata...I love hearing what your training is doing w/ you! I have a very extensive home gym and haven't worked w/ a trainer in bring on the ideas!!..

Comment #14

Hi Athletes!.

I have been on and off Medifast for 18 months...starting at 162lbs and reaching 142lbs at my lowest 4 months into starting..

But prior to Medifast I have been an athlete my entire adult life (48 y.o.). I am an outdoor runner, consistant weight trainer (2-3 x week) and own about 30 exercise DVDs from P90x, Turbofire, Jillian, Cathe get the idea..

I found that no matter how much exercise I do, if the nutrition and caloric deficit aren't there I'm not going to see weight loss. I rarely miss a day of working out primarily because I love it. I can jog 4 miles in 20 degree weather and feel amazing..

Back to nutrition. I know that the 5&1 plan works. I don't really like the food. I learned to adjust to it because I was successful but over time I felt excluded from normal meals and snacks. When I was 5&1 I eased back on my workouts, never more than 45 minutes/day and I was fine..

I recently joined WW to try the Point Plus approach. I like the plan, it certainly has improved from the days where you could eat a portion of cheezits or an apple and have the same point value!!!! But I am feeling somewhat carb phobic with the point system. fruits are free, most veggies are free. I have always had my best response to a lower carb nutritional plan..

So I am on the fence about restarting Medifast 5&1 or seeing if I can make progress with WW. in the end it's all an empirical formula of creating a caloric deficit as opposed to percentage of carbs/day..

My workout routine varies as I love to mix things up except for my morning outdoor runs of 3-4 miles 4-5 days/week. In December I did Jillian's 30 day Shred and enjoyed it. for January I was planning on doing an upper body alt. w/ lower body workout- mostly Cathe Friedrich. I do prefer lighter weights/higher reps when I am purposely losing weight..

So, I'm not the most consistent poster and I get bogged down doing personal shout outs but I always read and take away something significant from everyone's words..

I hope to be swooping in from time to time...

Comment #15

Noraso how is the pilates focus going for you so far this month? I took a few pilates floor classes and really liked it. I have some DVD's and a good reference book. I've had quite a few back problems for almost a year, and keep thinking I need to get back to some pilates work resolve that!.

Hi Sue! Welcome!! I know what you meanfor so long I was 230 pounds and worked w/ a trainer 3x a week on really intense workouts! I was actually pretty fit, but it obviously didn't show. I'd talk to people about my workouts and they looked at me like I was nuts. So yeah...w/o the nutrition piece of it, we can be pretty fit on the inside, but it ain't gonna show. I feel really lucky that I LOVE the Medifast it doesn't feel like much of a challenge for me...

Comment #16

Hey y'all-I just wanted to address the food issue-I run long distance-up to 45-50 miles a week..

I am on the 5 & 1 and I just add for that day-if it is over a 1.5 hour run then I add accordingly (like a greek yogurt and a salad-for runs over 17 miles I supplement in 100 calorie increments every hour while I am running)..

If it is 1 to 1.5 hours I do not add other than the regular plan snack. It can be done!!!.

Working hard is not a license to over eat. Training in anything makes you tired and hungry no matter the diet, I think..

Laura Lee..

Comment #17

Laura Lee, first of all nice job with your weight loss..

But, my Gawd, you have made dramatic progress with your Half times! Very impressive..

I am signed up for the Disney Princess Half this February but I am so wishy washy about traveling to Orlando where there are no beaches and staying in a Mickey/Goofy Hotel. I completely respect those who love allthingsDisney but I just can't warm up to the hotels in the Kingdom..

I may still look for a hotel outside and then hoof it in early...I think the race begins at 6am?.

Are you running this year?.

Tomorrow is my WW weigh in after Christmas/New Years. I should be able to set up an updated ticker. I remember when I started the 5&1 I really liked the food. I ate the same thing every day:.

1. Ciinamon Apple Oatmeal (with TBSP SF maple syrup, touch of vanilla, sprinkle of cinnamon).

2. Dutch Shake.

3. Chili (nuked several times w/ salsa).

4. COT pizza bread.


5. Bar.

Just like you mentioned, Laura, if I was running longer or working out more I had low sodium deli turkey or leftover grilled chicken breast. I think I'm trying to figure out if I can go at it one last time..

BTW, I sprained a back muscle a week ago...first time ever. I had to put running/weights on hold and take to Aleve and the heating pad. While I'm still stiff, I power walked 2 miles today because I'm so depressed w/o running. I plan to try a gentle jog in the morning..

Athlete injuries happen. Man they can really derail your routine but I've learn to have a lot of respect for proper healing and recovery time...

Comment #18

I just started in earnest with the pilates but so far I can say I love it! I have a Pilates Power Gym. It is a piece of equipment that fits well into my home gym. I got two DVDs with it that are very good. I had never done pilates prior to the pilates power gym so I have nothing to compare it against, but I am very pleased with it. Feeling rather sore as I get started with this but feel that should even out over time and I get used to the routine..

Along with the pilates I am continuing my cardio which is most often using the Wii on the rebounder. Today I did a 30 minute Wii cardio workout using the EA Sports Active 2 DVD and burned 380 calories per my Body Bugg. I will keep you posted as to how the pilates goes this month..


Comment #19

SUE-I am running the Disney Princess with my friend!!! We are staying at the Embassy Suites because we love the free breakfast-especially on race day afterwards! We always stay there and call a cab to get us to the start. We usually fly though ( I am in Atlanta). This year we are driving down..

My friend Kimberly is a Galloway method runner-run 4 walk 1, run 4 walk 1. She did several races last year and I would not run with her because I was in a competitive challenge. This race though I am planning to run right with her at her pace. We are getting sparkly skirts too..

Laura Lee..

Comment #20

Also, I post this on the 10k thread all the time-the times are soley from consistency in running-just plugging away 5 days a week and running no matter what. I have been injury free since I read Chi Running by Danny Dreyer..

Laura Lee..

Comment #21

Hello Athletes!.

It is 4:12 am here and I am getting ready to go meet my new trainer for our workout session. Lower body day is upon me and soon I predict being so sore that any movement past zombie walking speed will be impossible! I never know what new things my trainer will throw my way - seems like each session is something different. I'll let you know what we did when I get back. As long as I am not arched over a balance ball, I should be ok. Although, having said that, today could involve the sumo deadlift high pulls again or some sinister variation thereof... eep!..

Comment #22

Oh boy, I'm starting to re-think the Princess now. I am no where near "trained" for a half, I may be able to get up to 8 as a long run and just see how I do..

Laura Lee.

You have inspired me. Isn't that wonderful?.

Ran 3 miles today in 22 degree weather. Azz was a bit cold but had a wonderful run after not running for over a week..

I'm going to look into flights from providence to Orlando for the Princess and see if I can snag a deal..

Hope everyone has a great workout, let us know how it went!..

Comment #23

Hi Everone!'re voice should definitely be here everyday! You and NuGirl are inspirations!.

Good Morning Hinata! I want to hear all the details!.

I just flipped on the tv and watched the P90X infomercial. I have the program, but never really started it due to ongoing back issues. I'm inspired to pull it out!.

Oh geez...injury recovery though. My mind always gets me into trouble w/ my bod. My mind is so ready to rock it....but I've got to keep a lid on it until this injury heals. I'm sitting on ice as I write! Well...I can say that I have incredible upper body soreness right now from yesterday's workout. I crave sore muscles like people crave heroin. To me, there is no better feeling in the world. (except when quads are too sore to go to the bathroom!)..

Comment #24

Oh there is 2 Sue's! Just noticed that! MA Sue-the princess will be great fun and totally geared to women. Got to love that!!! Do you have someone to come down with?.

My dh just started p90x and I am supposed to start it today but I keep putting it off. I am weak in the core and really want to be strong. BUT I just WON Jillian Michael's 30 day shred on the radio!!! So I think that maybe be better-less technical? Anyone tried this? I have to be able to run 7-10 still on the days I do it..

Laura Lee..

Comment #25

I am just going to copy my blog post about today's fitness adventure, in which I was introduced to the evil cousin of the one-legged squat and how I lost my shirt! Good grief - the things I will do in the pursuit of getting toned. Enjoy - I am off to shower!.


Comment #26

Wow H!! great post.

Just wanted to share this from a runners forum I post at on another siteit is normally really bland, like what kind of socks do you wear, do I need trail shoes, etc.?.

Here is the issue for the poster:.

It is pretty emberassing to ask, but I am new at running, and have just started running on a treadmill. Throughout my 2 mile run/walk I probably had 7 orgasms. Not cool, as it is very distracting. Does anyone else have this problem??? Any way to fix it?.

The responses are hilarious-like "WOW, maybe I would run more if this happened to me" and "I must not be going fast enough" and "does your treadmill vibrate too much" and "are your pants too tight" !!!!!.

It is hilarious!.

Laura Lee..

Comment #27

Oh man...I'm glad I wasn't drinking milk when I read that last post. Um...never had that problem!. must feel great, what an awesome workout! Funny about the shirt!..

Comment #28

Evenin' athletes..

Laura Lee.

, my SIL and niece are running the princess. They are flying in from WA state. For me, it's more of an issue of using vacation time for the run. I usually like to use vacay for complete relaxation. I just checked airfares and it would be about $500 dollars primarily because it is school vacation/peak season for FL..


, fab post. Any one legged squat is a real challenge, especially as the burn sets in and the balance becomes a mental game. It sounds to me if your kickouts are like burpees. Another tough move!.

As for.


, both hubby and I did about 2 months of this. I really liked Tony (trainer) and the workouts. But I don't think it facilitates fat loss. As a woman, you may be leaning out by body fat % but it's a psychological challenge if you are trying to see the scale numbers drop. This program would be great for getting in killer shape once one meets goal..

Surprisingly I loved.

Jillian's 30 Day Shred.

I'm used to advanced DVD workouts and found that this was quite effective. Effective for literally 20 minutes/day. You'll move quickly between compound resistance training, abs and cardio. 3 levels, so you can up the intensity AND it is a great add on for a runner..

Hi Sue #1 and Nora. It's very interesting reading about the Pilates. I haven't gotten the Pilates bug and while I've done some tough power yoga classses I haven't embraced this either as part of my regular routine but I just love reading about all kinds of workouts!!!.

My back is more sore today after running but I'm going to continue to stretch and gently move..

Oh, and I was up 1.4 pounds from Christmas time at Weight Watchers. I am going to set up a ticker, even though I'm not on 5&1...yet. I need to work the Points Plus as outlined and see if I can lose some fat..

At least I have stopped my social cocktails which were becoming a comfortable habit...

Comment #29

I just want to post my workouts and then backread and comment..

Two days ago - treadmill - 45 minutes..

Last night - CrossFit - 45 minutes..

WU - 250 jump rope, ROM, 1 x 10 each of abmat sit-ups, ring pulls, ball twists, walking lunges (I did 10 each leg).

Then we did skill work on cleans. I have a really hard time with the cleans. This is a clean, if you are interested -.


WoD - "Helen" - 3 rounds each of 500m row, 21 kettlebells, 12 ring pulls. Took me 16 minutes and something..

I'm not a fast rower, although I have improved. I also need to work on getting my kettlebell weight higher..

Today - treadmill 30 minutes, Wii Fit - 30 minutes (mostly yoga and balance as those are my weak spots)..

Comment #30


, I loved your blog! One-legged squat, huh? We've done wall ball squats, but not one-legged. I will have to ask my CrossFit instructors if they do anything like that! I don't know how well I would because I have a hearing loss that affects my balance, but I'd be willing to try!.

Love the running some of you guys do. About 4 years ago, I ran a 10K. I always wanted to do a half-marathon after that, but I didn't stick with running and over the past 4 years, I put on over 100 pounds. Eesh. My thinking is I'll get my weight under 200 before I try running again, but maybe I should try the C25K just to get started..


, how are you feeling injury-wise?.

Oh, too funny about the orgasms,.

Laura Lee.

Do you think the poster was being serious or do you think it was troll looking for reactions??..

Comment #31

GoddessI was hoping you were going to check in here soon, 'cause I know you do some really kick butt workouts!.

Thanks for asking...I'm trying my hardest to not get depressed. The fastest I can walk right now is 2.5 mph. I'm putting in an hour a day on the treadmill...but so sad I can't push it right now. I'm getting a ton of upper body work done though. Delts, lats, pecs, bis, tris are all gloriously sore! So...focusing on what I can do, not what I can't do (or trying). There's times I want to sit down and cry over this.

This group has got me really fired up! Thank you everyone!!.

Oh....hinataI'll bet you love the movie "Blue Crush?" It's one of my favs. I love to watch it while on the treadmill. The time flies by!..

Comment #32



, I know that is frustrating. Sending you lots of healing thoughts..

Tonight's CrossFit Workout.

WU (warmup) - 250 jump rope, ROM, 10 ab mat situps, 20 wall ball squats, 20 medium ball cleans.

Then skill work on cleans. Apparently I am not the only one struggling with this move....

WoD (Workout of the Day) - AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 20 minutes - 5 ring pulls, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats. I got 10 rounds done. Started out going about 1 minute per round, but slowed considerably!..

Comment #33

Someone asked about the 5 & 1 and working out this hard. I personally do a 4 & 2 on CrossFit days, otherwise I don't have the energy for the workout..

Most treadmill days I do the usual 5 & 1, unless I go extra long. I own a treadmill and have hooked up a GameCube to the TV in the treadmill room and sometimes I don't want to quit playing my game and I'll do 75 minutes or so. I'm playing the Zelda the Wind Waker now and am realllllly into it and the only time I play is when I treadmill!..

Comment #34

What are "air squats"? I'm guessing body weight only?..

Comment #35

Yep! Here's a look -.


I have really good form with them, they tell me, but I can't go that fast yet!..

Comment #36

Oh yeah...I love doing those!! To go deep like that uses every single muscle..

Hey Hey Hey!!! I woke up feeling awesome today!!!! I'm a whisper away from ramping up the workouts I think!..

Comment #37

Good morning Athletes!.

Wow, ok - so today is a day of rest for me. My body feels like it got put through a blender - I have never been this sore in my life. Yesterday was 2 back-to-back training sessions with my two trainers. It is nice to have a team of people kicking my butt to goal LOL Seriously though, I do need to step back for a day - I feel beaten up. There is not a muscle in my body that doesn't hurt - it hurts to type! XD So I am going to not workout today and just let myself heal...

Comment #38

Yay! Glad you are feeling awesome - that is great news! You go girl! ^^..

Comment #39

I started P90X yesterday...can you believe it? I go from crying in my soup because I'm in so much P90X in one day. It was probably stupid, but I very heavily modified. Yesterday was chest/ lats are SCREAMING! I thought pecs and delts would be more sore than they are..

Hi Hinata...definitely sounds like you need a rest day!..

Comment #40

Hey y'all- I am knee deep in kids sports this weekend so a quick post-yuck-and we are expecting a big snow storm Sun-so I got my 20 in this morning. Slow and sluggish but finished..

I fueled with a Medifast pancake with peanutbutter spread over it before the run..

Mile 10 I stopped to use the restroom and ate a Medifast bar (sometimes I will eat a maintenance bar), I added a Nuun, electrolyte replacement tab to my water (no carbs just salt)..

Mile 15 I ate a gu..

As soon as I walked in the door I drank a muscle milk light and had a hard boiled egg..

I feel really good. I am going to wait another hour and then have my 3rd Medifast meal and then just be on a regular cycle. In retrospect I think I probably should gu again when I run 26..

I also started p90x because I am insane and my husband is making me do it with him. I am doing the "lean" but I think I am switching to the shred..

Keep moving.

Laura Lee..

Comment #41

Definitely do - trainer #2 introduced pistol squats yesterday. I broke my butt doing those LOL! My glutes hurt so bad right now I am sitting on ice packs at this computer chair. Cold! XD At least I didn't lose my shirt? hehe.

Awesome workout - well done! I haven't tried P90X yet, but one day I will try it. Keep going!..

Comment #42

My computer chair needs ice packs too! Not a very glamorous feeling..

I ran again yesterday since the snow was coming in-7.5. I am on p90x yoga today. I hate working out with everyone here though. We are hunkering down for several days of not being able to get out..

This is what is hard about being a runner with no treadmill and no gym membership! I will make due and take it a day at a time.

Laura Lee..

Comment #43

Hi Guys!!.

Hey...I'm on yoga day too w/ p90x. I have to admit I have never done yoga at this will be a first for me! I've heard it's tough!! Gotta get started, bye!..

Comment #44

Good morning ladies! My apologies for nto stopping in sooner - I've been desperately sick. I went to the doctor and it turns out to be a wicked head cold with a nasty bacterial bronchitis. Ugh! Just been too ill to eat, move, or do much of anything. My focus right now is on recovery, but once I am better, I'll be back on track. Have an awesome day!..

Comment #45

Hope you feel better Hinata-.

Yoga was okay, but I looked ridiculus. I can't swing my leg up to runners pose from downward dog-and you have to do it 100 times, it seems, in the yoga. I can't do anything where I have to balance on 1 arm to 1 foot-like a sideways push up thing..

Still snowbound.YUCK!!!.

Laura Lee..

Comment #46

Snow and ice here still!!! Yuck. Did p90x kenpo today-I am a miserable kicker!.

Laura Lee..

Comment #47

Heya Athletes!.

Well, I am a bit better today - at least I was for the first part of the day. Being bedridden for 4 days really made me feel awful. Now that I am getting active, it was so frustrating to lay about. Anyway, I met with my trainer today and he "went easy on me". By easy on me, I mean push ups, side lunges and side squats (a new type of squat - they are multiplying like rabbits!), overhead lifts, planks with kick outs, deadlifts, and rowing. We'll have a "big workout" on Sunday.

Still, feels good to be moving again..

Comment #48

Hinata-are you going to a gym to meet with your trainer? How long is each session? I am interested in it! Do they give you stuff to do on your own?.

Today is p90x stretchthe kenpo nearly did me in. The kenpo was, for me, the most rigorous of all the workouts I have done so far. My arms hurt!.

I want to run so badly...

Laura Lee..

Comment #49

Hi Laura and Hinata!.

I have to say that I HATED HATED HATED the yoga disc, I could only do about 2% of it. It felt useless and boring to me. BUT....when I felt the unique soreness the next morning...let's just say I have a new attitude for it. I was supposed to do Kenpo yesterday, and scheduling kept me away from it. It's been awhile since I had a rest day, so it was nice to take one. So, Kenpo today...I'm really looking forward to it!.

I closed out the week with a 1.8 pound loss, and 35 total. I'm only 7 away from a normal BMI.. glad you are feeling better. There's no better feeling that being able to resume activity after a bad sickness like that!.

Laura...hope you can get to some pavement soon!..

Comment #50

Good morning Athletes!.

Wow, I feel almost human today - a miracle! I cannot remember the last time I was so ill. Seriously, I never miss work for a sick day, let alone 2 days in a row. People thought I was dying! I also slept for 10 uninterrupted hours last night - another miracle. I usually only get 4-6 hours a night if I am lucky. My body just needed it I guess, and I feel much better this morning..

Laura and Sue: I so admire you two for taking on the P90X - seems like loads of fun! Glad you are moving, kicking and bending in new ways and challenging new muscles - that is awesome news! Well done!.

Maybe one day I will try that too. I have a friend who is a fitness trainer in the Air Force who does that program and swears by it. For now, I press on with my trainer who is kicking my butt in similar ways. I swear every session I end up using muscles I didn't know I had! My favorite thing is that I am starting to see definition in my body which I have never seen before. It is wondrous!.

Laura: Yes, I am going to 24 Hour Fitness and working with a master trainer! He is awesome - he has a love of the same sports I do (he surfs and climbs mountains!) and works to get me fit in ways that will help me not only lose weight, but improve in those sports. Each session is 50 minutes long, and you can buy packages. Right now, we are going through the process of seeing where my fitness levels are, and developing a routine. Once he has all that data, he will develop a personalized routine for me and give me homework. For now, I am working on my cardio on my days off of training - he checks my login records to make sure I went to the gym LOL. But yes, homework is a coming! XD.

He is also going to help me develop a new eating plan to sustain my activity levels, and we will introduce this eating plan in a month or two. Basically, he is going to help me transition back into eating real foods and show me how to make a structured, healthy diet plan that I can live with. How nice to have a support system in place as I wean myself off of diet foods and back into "real foods"..

Have an awesome day!.


Comment #51

Kenpo kicked my butt! Good luck..

Hinata-please post the nutrional info as you get it. I have been working on my husband's diet. He lost 50 with Medifast and it is difficult to keep enough in him now so that he will stop losing weight! I increased his dairy this week to see if it would help. I am sure I will not have this problem at all..

I think when Dave gets home I might try to walk in my trail shoes on the icy sidewalk-towards the sides it looks slushy..

Laura Lee..

Comment #52

Hi guys! Hinata...I'm SO glad to hear you feeling better!.

I just finished Kenpo along w/ 45 min of extra steady cardio. I almost had my own "Biggest Loser" throw-up moment! But it was a blast!..

Comment #53

Heya Athletes!.

Just stopping by to say hello! Today was the first day I really felt almost 100% well again - thank goodness! It was also the day I met with my trainer for the uber workout. He ran me hard because he "went easy on me" last time cause of my cold. My body is still on fire, but I am so happy! I beat my deadlift record - I was able to lift 80 pounds today. Woohoo! I felt so strong and amazing and joyful. I cannot imagine a world without strength training anymore..

Laura: I will definitely let you know about the nutritional plan/advice my trainer gives me when I get it..

Sue: Glad you had fun with Kenpo! Seems like an awesome challenge, but loads of fun. I look forward to trying that too some day. What is your favorite part of the P90X so far?.


Comment #54

Hey y'all,.

I am still plugging away at p90x. I have missed 2 days so far in the 1st 2 weeks. I think that is good for me.

Still hate the yoga-I did it though last night and I will admit, I was better at it this time..

My favorite disc is the cardio. And I don't mind the legs and back probably just because I can do it!.

Ran 14 yesterday at a good pace and 7.5 this morning. I love running at 5:45it is dark so no one stares at me (me, just being paranoid) and it is doneI drop off the kids, take a shower and I still have the whole morning to get my errands finished..

Hope all is well-keep moving!.

Laura Lee..

Comment #55

Yay on the run Laura!!! I'm still doing X as well...but I'm switching over to the "lean" program starting saturday. The plyo is too hard on my 48 yo, yo-yo-diet-abused body. I had some weird bleeding this week, took a rest day yesterday and everything is back to normal. Gotta keep the jumping to a minimum. I've been doing some running too on my treadmill (never been much of a runner)...gotta back off on that too and use inclines instead. But...I just LOVE how my body is feeling! I feel weightless going upstairs.

I've been adding 1/2 a frozen banana to my pre-workout Medifast shake on leg day, plyo day, and kenpo day. It has really helped me power through the workout and hasn't affected weight loss at all. That's about the only change I've made. I have a BodyMedia Fit (body bugg) showing up today...very excited about that! Do you guys use one?. know there's the p90x group here, it's just 3 or 4 of us, but very active...c'mon over!.

Hin-Ah-Tah...whatcha up to?..

Comment #56

Hey Ladies!.

Great job both of you on the P90X - still think it sounds awesome! Maybe one day when I am not training with my trainer I'll get into that. As for what I have been up to, yesterday's workout left me sore today:.

A) Rowing (800 M).

B) Squatting and lifting 40 pounds over shoulders (12 times).

C) Medicine ball squats (squat and touch ball to ground then raise up and fling it against the wall and catch it - 20 times, 16 pound ball).

D) Leap on and off of high platform (15 times).

E) Lay down and press 40 pounds overhead and lift legs off of floor to touch outside of bar (16 times)..

F) Repeat process starting with rowing for an hour..

Laura - great job on the running! I wish I could run better, but I don't have the endurance for that yet. It kills me every time and hurts my chest. I need some new sports bras I think LOL!.

Sue - My trainer is starting me on a Bodybug this week. I am having issues with total weight loss stall/gain, so he wants to see what is going on. I suspect I am just working out too much for this level of calories. We are also going to start on transitioning me back into non-packaged Medifast meals. Nice work on the fitness though - so impressed!..

Comment #57

Hi Hinata! I just got my bugg yesterday and set it all up. I am running around 1000 cals a day, trying to bump it up a little on the heavy duty days....I'm guessing that is exactly what you'll see...that you need more cals. That workout you described was killer! I'm guessing you should be around 1300 at a minimum for something like that. It will be interesting to see what your trainer says. Plus...a workout like that really needs some carbs immediately after for recovery. To keep up workouts like that, you need to focus on a serious recovery protocol...I'm sure your trainer is talking to you about that.


Comment #58

Heya Sue! Hope you are having a great weekend. Thanks for the awesome advice on that calories. My trainer and I are setting up my bugg on Tuesday - this is the official weigh in and measurement day. We are going to measure each month and see how I am doing. This is also the day I am probably going to start transitioning back into non-MF foods, but we shall see about the dietary aspect. I am excited to get my bugg set up because I want to know how much I am burning.

Most likely I am gaining muscle since I am not eating off my plan, but it will be good to have an accurate measure of what my body is doing and to know where I can improve..

As for the workouts, today was another killer workout. Similar to the last one, but this was squats with overhead lift, squats with one-arm overhead lift, medicine ball tosses, rowing, jumping over a bar in a push up position, pelvic tilts and bridges, and a new and evil cousin to the push-up called the lateral arm crawl. Basically you take a low step bench (one notch above the floor) and get down into a push-up position (on toes) with hands on the bench. You then do a push-up on top of the bench. Once this is done, you move your hands off the bench to the ground on one side. You then, using only your hands, move back up on the bench to the top, then over to the floor on the other side of the bench, and back up to the top.

Your toes never move so you are only "crawling" on and off the bench using your arms. Your entire weight is balanced on your toes and hands/arms - killer. Just killer...

Comment #59

Awesome workout!!.

My bugg (BMF-Bodymedia Fit) is showing that I'm burning 600-700 cals per workout (p90x + 45 min extra cardio (sometimes as much as 2 hours total)). It shows I burned a total of 2784 cals yesterday, and ate 989. I'm working at bumping up my cals a little...we'll see what happens..

I'll be really interested to see what your trainer recommends and how it works for you!!..

Comment #60

Hey y'all-.

I am doing well, OP and running. The weather has been good. I heard rumors of snow tomorrow but hopefully it won't happen!!!.

I am doing the p90x lean as well. My husband is doing the regular but he doesn't do anything else and he sits at a desk all day..

About workout recovery-I use as a rule of thumb-if it is over 1 hour 15 minutes I plan on something going in my mouth right away after the run or workout. Most of the time I try to plan a Medifast meal for right then and have a bar with me at the park. Sometimes I use a muscle milk light (in the box) for my snack for the day and have that right away. It is a little over 100 calories and a good balance of carbs and protein. If I finish at my house I will reach for the greek yogurt as my snack and post workout food. If I feel I need electrolytes I will drink a g2 or other calorie free sports drink..

Today I am running stairs at chuch during my kids Bible drill time. There is a track with stairs at each end-6 flights. I run to stairwell 1, take it down and up, run to stairwell 2, take it down and up, etc. I love it..

Laura Lee..

Comment #61

Hey Laura! Good idea to make use of that downtime at church!!.

Yeah...I like to have an Medifast beef stew or Chick/rice soup right after workout. I imagine those little potatoes or rice are my recovery carbs! My workouts lately have been bumping up against the 2 hour mark (1:45+). Nothing like your 1/2 marathon runs...but good vigorous activity! Doesn't it feel awesome!!! Man, I just love how my body is feelingstrong, light, tight, spring in my step...

Comment #62

Oh Sue, my half marathon runs are only 1:45 at race speed. No biggie. That said-at the beginning it was a lot harder, now 13 is a once or twice a week thing but I train slower-so 2 hours. But I chalk it all up to training to get mileage up-you train, you are tired, you train, you are hungrythat is just the way it is. Training is supposed to hurt..

I think having that Medifast meal at the end of a workout is so good-keeps me OP and then if I need to add another bar later I can, if not, I did not go off plan for post recovery..

I have got to get this 10lbs off though before March. I think it is going to be so hard to step up training and lose..

But I am getting there-.

Ran 6 today. Going to do p90x later..

Keep moving!!!.

Laura Lee..

Comment #63

You guys are so hardcore! I almost don't feel like I belong here anymore! LOL..

Two baddies - I fell off plan and hurt my back. Tonight was the first exercise I have done in about 9 days. I just took it easy on the treadmill. Did 75 minutes, but easy workout. I'm going to go to CrossFit tomorrow or Thursday..

When I get my weight under 200, I am going to start running again. Did a 10K several years ago and loved it and always wanted to do a half-marathon after that, but my weight went waaaaaaaaaaaay up...

Comment #64

Hey Carolyn! Good to see you here! Oh my gosh...I struggled with back problems the whole year! I finally conquered it I think though. I know what you've been going through! Stay sounds like you're coming out of it!! You belong here for sure! Athleticism is a state of mind in addition to the physical...

Comment #65

Thanks, Sue. So sorry about your own back problems, but yay that they seem to be behind you!.

I hurt my back really badly about 12 years ago moving computers around in the library. Remember how big computers were 12 years ago? Ever since then, it can just go out from getting up wrong or something like that. Mercifully it doesn't happen often and doesn't last too long. It's never as bad as the first time, thank heavens and knock on wood. I'm really anxious to get back to CrossFit. I miss that place!..

Comment #66

Hey Athletes!.

Wow, been a crazy week of busy - for some reason everyone decided to make work for me this week LOL. Have hardly slept!.

Today's workout was again killer - the usual squats, lunges, lifts, dips, and presses, and rowing. Buthe added a new move - inverted pull-ups. Holy moly lol - you basically hang from a cable system by the hands with your legs straight out in front of you and feet on the ground - like you are almost laying down but suspended by your arms. Then you pull yourself up. My arms are once again on fire - I kept thinking I was going to fall and bang my head on the ground LOL. I do love learning new moves though, so yay! Add it to the arsenal XD.

And today was the official end of my first month with my new trainer. And I will repost my news from my blog here: Up 4 pounds in muscle weight, but down 2.25% of body fat! Pretty sweet - getting smaller and stronger, I like it! I also am down 3" in my triceps which is awesome - they are starting to get wicked cut and I like it. How nice to actually see a shape instead of two blobby, gelatinous arms LOL Now, if only the belly fat would go quicker! Pesky belly fat, you mock me! *shakes fist at belly chub* Of course, to celebrate, I deadlifted 100 pounds from a cold squat position. A new record for me - yay!.

Sue: I just got set up with my bodybugg today, so haven't uploaded my info yet. I am so curious to see how this works - I'll keep you posted on what it tells me. You are burning crazy amounts of calories - awesome! I am so glad you are lvong how your body is feeling - that is such awesome news. Keep up the amazing work!.

Laura: Glad the weather has been good for you and you are sticking with your fitness - even at church! Well done.

Thanks for the tips about eating after a workout - I'll try that this week and see how it goes..

Carolyn: Welcome back - we missed you! You toally belong here, absolutely. Sue is right - athleticism is a state of mind, more than anything I think. Keep up the awesome work -soon you'll be back into crossfit!..

Comment #67

Athleticism is a state of mind-are you working towards a goal, working hard and plugging away at it, then you are an athlete!!! Carolyn, keep moving-way to go getting back to it..

What has changed for you all physically since you started working out? For me, besides being toned (in some places anyway) my resting heart rate is 50. I can't believe it when I go into the dr. and they take it. My bp can still rush but it is lower as well..

I am going to take it easy today-run 6 maybe. I am trying to baby these knees for Sunday..

Laura Lee..

Comment #68

Hi Hinata!! That is great news on your body comp changes! Any surfing lately?.

Laura...I can't believe your resting HR is 50...that is amazing!!!.

I went to the doc yesterday and they took my oxygen measurement with the finger clamp thingy...the nurse said "you must exercise a lot!" Yeppers!.

I'm am feeling light, tight, fit, strong, powerful, light on my feet...overall amazing! How did I ever let this go and become a globby slug? I've got to keep a daily rememberance of the before/after...why would I ever let this go? Why did I before? I need to seriously think about this. If I let it go before, I'm in danger of letting it go again. Never never never!..

Comment #69

Heya Athletes!.

Good morning! I slept in until 6am today - oops! Guess I just needed the rest. I'll be hitting the gym after work to get my fitness in. I usually hate going then because it is packed, but I'll do it anyway..


Wow, that is amazing to have a resting heart rate of 50 - so cool! Keep up the amazing work! Good luck with your runs - I'm jealous! I've never been a runner - not my forte lol..


I am still trying to find a surfing coach around here that I click with, and who I feel can take me to the next level. Picking a good trainer is like trying to pick out an engagement ring - you have to have the perfect coach for you. I'll let you know how it progresses. Besides, I still have to buy all my equipment - I'm on the hunt for the perfect board! So glad to hear your oxygen is great - what a wonderful NSV! And as for falling back into bad habits, one thing my first trainer Ty taught me is that the slippery slope is for everyone, regardless of size or ability, only a little bit underfoot and we all have to be diligent. Whenever I want to go off my plan or not exercise, I visualize this slope being just underfoot - it's like a glacier in my mind. One foot on the ice could send me crashing down.

It may sound cheesy, but visualizations like this one, imagining what it'll be like on top of Fuji, picturing myself dropping in on a 30 foot wave with perfect balance - these meditations keep me on track. Might work to help you through the tough moments too..

Comment #70

Hinata...that is actually a really good visualization that I'm going to start using. This has been a bad year for falls for me and resulting injuries, so I'm pretty nervous about walking on ice right now. So...that makes the visualization of having "ice underfoot" even more intense for me. Thanks for sharing that!!!..

Comment #71

Wow, the visualizations are good. I try to not be so mental about everythingI am not an organized, planner type galbut in a way Medifast is good for this-it is strict-I know exactly what to eat..

In way, it might have been good for me to have gained the 10 lbs Nov-Dec that I did through Christmas and having my gall bladder out. It has been diffcult and depressing, but I can truly see what it is going to take to maintain this. It is amazing how 10 lbs makes me feel and look different..

I feel so good now. I am going to keep this momentum going. Going to drink more water now...

Laura Lee..

Comment #72

Back from training - butt was sufficiently kicked and handed back to me..

Today was one-leg squats with 10lb overhead lifts (10 each leg), kickouts (15), bear crawls to bench then step ups (15 each leg) and run back and do sumo deadlift high pulls (now 30 lbs, 15 lifts), leg raise ball touches (15 each side), and medicine ball chest tosses (16lb ball), rowing (800 M). Repeat process for an hour. Collapse in soreness and sweat..

I also have my first time trial coming up on Friday - nervous but excited! My trainer is going to time me on how many pull ups, push ups, and squats I can do in 20 mins. It is a set of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 15 squats - repeat until 20 mins is up. Wish me luck!..

Comment #73

Hello Athletes!!.

Just came across this page and so happy I did!!! :-).

Little bit about myself:.

I lost 65 lbs several years ago on WW while training for my first half marathon. After a years of no weight loss I hired a personal trainer in June 2009. After working with him twice a week for 1 year, as well as his brother who is a nutritionist, I was in the best shape of my life (yay!!), yet was still the same size (Boo!). Granted I love the healthy aspect of it, but let's be honest, I want this for the vanity reasons!! I'm 31 and single and I feel like my weight is what is holding me back from truely being happy & meeting the man of my dreams. I feel like I had tired everything, had my thyroid check, tons of blood tests, even went to an obesity doctor - all with no avail..

My hairdresser started Medifast last summer and has been so success that I decided this was my last hope. Here I am 7 weeks in and down 14 lbs!! Granted I'm on the lower end of weight loss I don't care, I'm DOWN!!! 14 lbs in 7 weeks compared to 1 lb in 3 months works for me..

So I'm doing the 5&1. I've significantly cut back on working out since starting Medifast and just do the cycle boot camp classes at my gym twice a week, with an occasional third day on my own thrown in there from time to time. Lately I've been experiencing dizzy spells when I pick up my workouts. The center told me to just add an extra Medifast meal on workout days but I'm thinking maybe the 4&2 might be best. Any thoughts?! I'm hoping that once I hit goal I can start running & training for races again - weight causes too many issues with knees & hips right now after busting my butt at the gym all of last year..

SO excited to have "met" all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #74

Hi KR! Welcome!!! We're a small group, so we love it when new people show up!!!.

I understand where you're coming from for sure! I've worked out hard my whole life. It was so funny when I was 230 pounds trying to talk to people about my workouts, and could tell they were just blowing me off because of how I looked. My athletic body is starting to match my athletic mind now!.

I have started 4/2 we'll see how it goes! I've been burning between 2800-3100 cals per day, and at 5/1 my loss has really slowed. I have enough energy for my workouts, but am wiped out for the day after it (I'm doing p90x + 45 min extra cardio...often about 2 hours of hard workout). My body fat% is really dropping dropped 2% this week alone (based on caliper measurment)..

BTW, I found the "army fat calculator" nearly matches my calipers, here's the site if you guys want to check it out. Go to the table on the right and click the "body fat" tab..


I measure my fat 3 ways: 1. scale (impedence)least accurate, 2. Calipers (most accurate) 3. measurementpretty darn accurate..

I have a feeling my right hand is going to be splinted today for 4-6 weeks...I see a hand/wrist surgeon this afternoon for the damaged ligaments..

Hanitaawesome workout again!! You're going to kill on those time trials!.

LauraI didn't know you had your gallbladder out! You ARE doing well!..

Comment #75

Welcome Kif you are getting dizzy-try eating a Medifast meal right before your workout and then one right after (bars, obviously, are convenient)then if you need to add a salad with an egg or something later, you can. But you might find that timing your meals with your workouts helps. another thing you can try is using the bar after your workout as a maintenance bar-they have more calories and carbs (not a ton). But it is quality calories and you use that as a Medifast meal..

NO run today. Ughh. I had appointments and had to to go the school for something for my son. I can't believe I am going 3 days with no run. I will go early tomorrow. I am on cardio in my p90x sequence so I will do that for sure..

Hinata-you are doing great with your trainer, way to go!.

Laura Lee..

Comment #76

Good morning Athletes!.

It is 3:39 am here and I am just having a coffee before heading out to the gym. Today is my fitness time trial onpull-ups, push-ups, and squats - do as many sets of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats as I can in 20 minutes. I have a feeling that I am going to have to dig deep by the halfway point to keep going. I'll let you know how it goes!.


Welcome to the Athletes! Congras on the weight loss success so far - you are doing awesome! Glad you are working out too - doesn't it make such a difference for the emotional state? I agree with Laura though, if you are dizzy then definitely try eating before and after the workouts. You don't want to injure yourself! As for the 4&2, I know many people, myself included, who have successfully used this to lose weight if involved in intense exercise..


Thanks for the link to the Army Fat Calculator! That is a pretty neat tool to have. I should myself some calipers of my own too - good idea. My trainer has some, but it might be handy to have my own. I'll look into that! Hope your wrist and hand are doing ok - take it easy on those ligaments! Dont' want to cause more injury to them.


Thanks for the support and kind words! I am trying my best. Sorry you missed your runs for a few days - that had to be frustrating! I bet your back on track now though. Keep up the amazing work! I so envy anyone that can run great distances lol. Running is not my strong point XD.

Have a great weekend all!.


Comment #77

Good morning Athletes!.

I am just back from my fitness time trial. We postponed it until today as my trainer had a personal emergency he had to tend to yesterday. The basic goal was to do a set of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats. Then repeat this set non-stop and do as many sets as possible in 20 minutes. After the 5th set, I was exhausted but I kept on. My trainer was hoping I could do 10 sets, but I managed 11 full-sets of the 3 exercises plus an extra 5 pull-ups.

After 60 pull-ups, 110 push-ups, and 165 squats, I feel I have earned a rest! LOL.

Have a great day.


Comment #78

Hello ladies!!.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and thank you for all the kind words and Welcomes!! I'm on a volleyball league so played for an hour yesterday and tonight I had my 1 hr cycle boot camp class followed by 20 push-ups & 100 crunches. I did a Medifast meal before/after exercising both days and didn't experience the dizziness right away like normal but did get short bursts throughout last night & this morning. Chugging extra water right now to see if maybe that has anything to do with it. My boot camp class is Sun & Wed night, I just LOVE it and can't wait till Wed to do it again!!! :-).

Awesome job on your fitness trial Hinata - you did fantastic and should feel SO proud of yourself!!!! Keep it up!!.

When will you do it again? How long have you been with your trainer? I worked with mine for all of 2010 and loved how fit I was!!.

Glad you are on the mend from your surgery Laura!!!!.

Hope you got in a great run this weekend to make you feel better about having to miss a few days b/c of being on the mend..

Weird question - I know some people who aren't on Medifast make protein smoothies and put spinach in them to add more nutrients. Anyone ever consider doing that with a Medifast shake or has anyone ever tried it?? Just wandering if it would be good..

Have a WONDERFUL OP start to your week!!!.


Comment #79

Hey y'all-I posted this on my group "Slim Gems" I did want to have to re type the agony of it all-.

I felt SO good-pumped, healthy, etc. At mile 4-5 I noticed my achilles-I have NEVER had achilles issues. I kept plugging away-confident the pain would ease. A lot of times running, something will hurt and then just ease up. I mean, I run with pain pretty much everyday. And I have run with a micro tear in my hamstring with percocet because I am nuts.

I called Dave-he was like, "what mile are you at?" I said, "9" he said "Wow you are right on track," "I know, I know, but I am laying on the ground right now!!!" He said to try again and call him. So I kind of hobbled a long and called my good running friend. She told me to stop (her dh is an orthopaedist)..

I have never quit a race. It was awful. If it had happened at mile 18-I would have just kept going, but at 9 it was just too much to think I could get to 26 in that state. So I hobbled to the end of the half (the race is a 13.1 loop). I was not going to be driven off a course. the race director changed me over to the half so at least I was not DNF (did not finish)..

I am waiting for my dr. to open up so I can get in and get my ortho referral asap..

Thanks so much for all y'all's support. I will do this!!!! I felt great and I had trust in my training..

Now-I need somekind of workout I don't have to move for this week...

I am going to copy this for the Medifast athetes board too-I can't emotionally type this out twice!.

Laura Lee..

Comment #80

Hi Everyone!.

Laura...Oh No!!! Let us know as soon as possible how you are doing. Injury is awful...especially when you feel you are peaking physcially. I'm hoping it's just a minor thing!.

Hi Katy!! I used to do spinach smoothies every morning. Definitely try adding some spinach to your shake, you really can't taste it at all! Be sure to add a packet of sweetener. It is a super easy way to up the nutrition and fiber, and since it is liquified in your shake, it is absorbed immediately..

Hi Hinata! Are you doing un-assisted pull ups? You are super human!!!.

Hey girls...I'm am so happy to report that 4/2 is going fantastic. I have uped carbs a bit too to 108 yesterday. I am working out harder, faster, longer with more energy after the workout. Hit a new low on weight this morning. The extra food comes with extra hunger though too. So I am maniacal about weighing and tracking everything.

I need to find a competitive activity to engage in with my newly recovered fitness. I'm not really a runner, so that's not it. Not sure what to seek out. I like the "figure" category of body building...but not so keen to stand on a stage in 5" hooker heels and a bikini at 48yo...

Comment #81

Sue-what about a mini triathalon? Or a bike race? I also eat about 100 carbs a day. Still low but just a touch more in light of heavy activity..

Laura Lee..

Comment #82

Laura...have you been to the doc yet?.

I thought about a mini Tri-that would be a lot of fun I think!..

Comment #83

Good morning Athletes!.

Just stopping by before my training to say hello - hope you are all having a great week!.

I have torn my right hamstring (ouchy!) so my training is going to be limited for a week. Have to keep to upper-body, core, and light cardio since I cannot lift heavy weights or overly work my legs. It'll be an interesting challenge. I've been keeping ice packs on it and a compression bandage - it should heal soon but I don't want to further injure it so being sensible if the key for me right now..


So sorry to hear about your achilles issues. I'm proud of you for making it to the half point and glad you fginished the race. I know it is not the entire way you wanted, but that is ok - getting injured is serious business and your overall health is more important! You are doing amazing things with your training and fitness - I so envy your ability to distance run! Hope everything goes well with your ortho doctor. Sending you my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!.


So glad the 4&2 is working for you - yay! Have you found your competitive activity yet? Sounds like such a fun goal! Definitely let us know when you find the activity - I am so interested to hear what you'll pick. And LOL at the hooker heels comment XD I am still looking for a good surf instructor - I press on with my quest to find one!.

That is all for now - have a great week everyone!.


Comment #84

Hi girls!.

You know...the story of an athlete is the story of injury management, unfortunately. We have these glimpses of heaven when everything feels perfect and we can push to the next level, and then something sprains or tears and we are back down to earth for awhile. Ain't it the truth! My right arm is still splinted for 3 more weeks...I *think* the ligaments are healing, but not sure yet. Gotta just work around it!..

Comment #85

This is the truth! Nicely put Sue. Keep working what you can and recovering.

No lower-body this week due to my pulled hamstring. This doesn't mean today's upper-body/core workout wasn't killer. Overhead free-presses (40 lbs), medicine ball tosses (16 lbs), bicep curls (40 lbs), pull-ups and dips, inverted pull-ups, seated rows (80 lbs), core work, and rowing 15 miles. Arms, back, and chest are on fire... hot shower time!..

Comment #86 about an update here! Laura...never heard back from you on your everything ok? about your injury? All better? I still have a splinted wrist, but it's finally getting better. It hasn't slowed me down at all!.

The weight has started dropping a little better with 4/2 and 1250 cals per day. I feel awesome..

Hinata...tell me about your diet changes!..

Comment #87

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.