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Quick question... Is the Medifast Diet Website Worth Joining? Looking forward for any response. 2nd question I got is.. Hi Guys!.

Tired of saggy arms, bat wings, flap jacks, old lady arms, propellor arms, scary blobs of fat hanging from your upper appendages whatever you want to call them! FAT ARMS!? In preparation for Spring, and bearing some smokin' upper arms in cute or "MASCULINE" tanks and tees, I propose a challenge! It won't be easy, if you are anything like me... Push Up Challenged. Yes, I am a member of the "girly wussy still can barely do them" girl push ups on my knees. I want to challenge myself to doing 45 push ups (FORTY FIVE!) push ups EVERY DAY from NOW until SPRING! That's 45 days!! You can split them up morning, day, and night, or do them all at once, however you feel most comfortable. Let's challenge ourselves to be able to do some REAL push ups at the end of this.. or if you are already THAT cool and you can do them now or sooner, then push yourself to do 45 a day and you will have some sizzling upper arms!.

Who's with me?.

Let's Push through winter with 45 push ups a day. I can't be alone in this. I refuse to believe I am the only one struggling with this god forsaken workout !.

Happy.. or miserable but conquerable Push Upping!.

PS here's the banner link for anyone interested!.

[URL =][IMG ][/IMG][/url]..

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Of course! however you might want to make sure and wait for another person to confirm this as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can give you an answer better...

Comment #1


And I'm in!.

I was military, and in those days I got up to 58 REAL push ups! I can't do 1 now:-) oh how the mighty have fallen!.

The best way to work up to real pushups is to start with your knees elevalted like on a couch. Trust me, I did it, and we all can! Just put your knees up, and don't do girl push ups, they make it impossible to work up to real ones. Unless you want to do girl push ups, then by all means, do girl push ups!.

This is an aswome challenge Kristen! I am off to start now!..

Comment #2


I'm in, ready for sexy arms that everyone will be jealous of..


Thanks for the tip I will try it...

Comment #3

I hear you! Back in my Army days, my top # was 62...I'd be thrilled to do ONE right now! Kristin~What a great challenge idea.....I'M IN!..

Comment #4

I will try too! I like doing them on my exercise ball. I do some with feet on the ground and some with feet elevated. Guess I should start counting them...I just do it until my arms are killing me. I have very little wrist strength so supporting all of me is hard..

BUT like you I want sizzling arms for the summer...

Comment #5

Hey Kristin (& other Shaker Sisters).

I'm in! I have batwings like none of's NOT pretty!..

Comment #6

I'm in.

Please post the link for the banner. THANKS!..

Comment #7

I'm in!!!!! Just the other day I noticed how awful my upper arms look! Tons of loose skin and UCK!!!!.

Can you give us the code for the banner? I'm not sure how to add it without the code..

Thank you for creating this group!!!!..

Comment #8

I call mine "math teacher arms", remembering the large, pendulous upper arms of my algebra teacher as she wrote on the blackboard....

I'll give it my best shot!..

Comment #9

[IMG ][/IMG].

Copy the line above line..

Go into Edit Profile/Settings up on the orange bar, and select Edit Signature on the left menu..

Paste the line above into your signature, and then remove the extra space after IMG in the first brackets. Click Preview, and it should now display, then click Save...

Comment #10

I'd love to join as well....I have a knee injury so I'll have to do them pushing off of the bathroom counter. I'm sick right now but I can't wait to see how many of those I can do.....been a long time!..

Comment #11

Wow heather did some off a chair instead of couch (I have more room that way) and boy oh boy that rocks more than girl knee push ups! My arms and abs r killin me.

I dunno if I was doing them right tho? How should my form be and where should I be bending?..

Comment #12

Keep the body straight and bend at the arms, it builds the upper arm strength in the right place to get you to the real thing. Toe touches from a standing position will do the same thing for unworked abs toward situps:-)..

Comment #13

So are just my toes on the couch?.

Yes I love standing toe touches!..

Comment #14

That's up to you lol. My abs are on the couch! My arms (&shoulders) are on fire! It KILLED me, but I did 45! If you can handle just the toes io, it's probably easier to do the regular, Im not sure though.....

Comment #15

I got my 45 in......took me a couple hours, but I did it. I'm trying to get back to my Army weight, so I may as well try to get back to my Army fitness!..

Comment #16

Haha um no def can't do toes I went about mid leg n felt the burn..

Comment #17

I think mid leg is perfect. I'm still at abs lol but I'll inch it out. 45 a day, really? Ha ha ha I hope this helps with my gargantuan arms! I feel like the octopus lady from the little mermaid when I see pics of me and my arms are bared!..

Comment #18

This is great! I have NOOOO upper body strength at all. Oh and thanks for the tip NURSE2BE. I will be doing mine off the kitchen counter as well do to a healing knee injury...

Comment #19

OMG heather your amazing. these couch push ups are kickin my butt and I'm lovin it! it would take 45 girly knee ones to equal 10 of these! I am up to my knees on couch and trying to inch out more as I go. My fiance saw me doing it and yelled at me saying I have to be on my toes. So I made him do it my way and he did 10 gradually slowing down and bolted up. I said ok shut up now, you felt it didnt you? He said no I need to blow my nose, with a big ugly smirk. yeah jerk! in yo face!.

Day 2 completed of the 45 day challenge!..

Comment #20

Oh man, I'm doing these in sets of 5 for the pushups and 10 for the dips throughout the day. Sad shaky arms!..

Comment #21

Ya! good idea. I do about 3 sets depending on how many I can before I almost face plant into the floor!..

Comment #22

Hey, I'm in! I am rid of enough tummy to actually get down, and I DESPISE my bat wing arms. I doubt they will go all the way away, but somethins better n nuthin. I am pretty sure I am going to look like I need to be ironed when I am done losing weight, but I can live with it..

Major props to the military ladies for telling us how to actually do a push up!..

Comment #23

OK, so I got 20 good push ups, with good form. Didn't count the ones when I dropped my hips. It was quite an adventure because my boy cat thought we were playing and he kept going under me and rolling around. Then I did the rest as girlie push ups. I got tired, I have not done a push up since high school, but I'll get there. It felt good though, in a sick kinda way...

Comment #24

Just got home from my banquet and "pushed" the last 12 out! Done until tomorrow!..

Comment #25

Forgot to post last night that I knocked out my 45 push-ups. I did them all on the couch from knees. Way better work out than I thought. Kills abs as well, double bonus. I will do 45 tonight probably during the super bowl...

Comment #26

Fighting a head cold here! Finding the silver lining: I can't stop laughing at my push up attempts. 3 pushups....blow my nose. 3 pushups.....blow my nose. 3 pushups...-well, you get the picture! Stop and lay down for an hour 'til head no longer feels like it's going to explode! Repeat from 3 pushups. I've got 15 done so far today. Hope this 'picture' gave y'all a chuckle! Hugs & Smiles..

Comment #27

I'm not going to lie, I couldn't do a single pushup yesterday after the 45 the day before (guess I shouldn't) have done it all at once:-) It hurts to type. I did 45 toe touches yesterday instead. I am going to try for the pushups again today, but I have a serious pain threashold to push through lol...

Comment #28

Doing my 45 as I type (well not actually) but you get the idea. Hope everyone is doing well. Tricep kickbacks are also excellent for arms...

Comment #29

Ditto, I'm not familiar with tricep kickbacks!.

Did my 45 today on my knees on the couch. Oi, I can really feel the weakness in my shoulders after my strained rotator cuffs this summer, but it was just weakness, and not pain, so I'm making strides in healing that. Thanks for that tip Heather, it really does make a difference over doing them from a ball, which is what I was doing. No way I can do regular ones just yet.

Got 20 more dips to go, then I'm good for the day...

Comment #30

20 down OUCH 25 to go after a 2 min breather yeeesh. Leaving for Vegas tomorrow so the plan will be to do the 45 in the morning right away, Tuesday I will have to figure something out otherwise resort to girly knee push ups (boo) and same for Wed until I'm back. My Medifast BETTER come tomorrow before I leave or my Medifast meals will consist of the soy crisp snacks.

My pantry is so bare and the snowstorm screwed up my delivery of goodies! waaaah! catch ya all Thursday! Keep on pushin!..

Comment #31

Tricep kick-back.

- hold a dumbbell in each hand, and stand with your feet hip width apart, a slight bend in your knees. Bend over at waist so your torso is just above parallel with the floor. Bend both elbows so that your upper arm is locked at your side and also parallel to the floor. Keep your upper arm still, straighten your arms behind you until the end of the dumbbell is pointing down toward the floor with your palms facing in toward your body. Hold for a beat then slowly lower your arms back to starting position. Keep abs tight and your back flat.

Do how many you feel necessary and work up from there..

Girls these definitely work, you can do them while your watching TV etc...

Comment #32

Eeeee! Kristin- hope your delivery comes tomorrow! Have a blast in Vegas!!.

Thanks for that Tami! I will have to try it when I get home!..

Comment #33

K almost done with my 45 for the day then it's go time! see ya'll thurs! (although I have tendencies of becoming obsessive with email/MF/FB while on vaca so maybe not!!!!..

Comment #34

Just finished my 45!! Have to admit I skipped yesterday. I will be better. Hope everyone is keeping up and staying healthy...

Comment #35

Well, I suck at this. I am going to keep exercising, but I am in too many groups here on the boards, I can't keep up. So, I am going to have to let this one go. I wish you all luck and toned arms!..

Comment #36

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.