Is the Medifast Patch supposed to help with energy?

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Got a question... Is the Medifast Patch supposed to help with energy? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: WELCOME to the Can Do Crew where TOGETHER we CAN DO IT! Whether you are a veteran or new to this healthy lifestyle you'll find encouragement, friendship, accountability, support and laughter. So jump in and join the happenings!.

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Yep, however you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Medifast guys because they can give you help better...

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Here is a link to the new introduction thread, where we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other better, and newbies have a link to get to know us as well!!!..

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Welcome, Kim!! This is a great support thread - the best on the boards IMHO..

I don't use my phone for internet stuff cuz I have access to multiple computers most everywhere I am, but I've answered some of your questions in red above. I'll put it in the old thread, too...

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Good morning crew. Happy Sunday..

Today is REST day. We had the GK's yesterday/last night. DD has already picked them up this morning..... now it is time to rest. We went to a birthday party for our 2 yr old nephew last night with the kids. I had some BLT's, mostly because of the drama of our 2 1/2 yr old GD, had cupcake icing on her finger and stuck it in my mouth.

Ate a hot dog, no bun, then drank a gallon of water due to all the salt. No cake, no ice cream, no chips...... I ate before I got there so I wouldn't be ao tempted. I actually thought that she might have a veggie tray because she has been dieting using herbalife products. But, she was apparently not OP yesterday..

I may be getting an elliptical today. I found one on craigs list and I am waiting to hear back from the owner. I went to look at it yesterday..... kinda getting excited about it. I will let you know..

Hope you are having a great day..


Thanks for getting us started. How are you? Please stop by and catch up with us, you are missed...

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Ok, I resolve to check this thread every day. I missed a few days and have so much to catch up with you guys..

Barbyou are a most inspirational person. Your writtings about your struggles help all of us. The Kessler book is on my table and yes, sugar takes me down. I'm realizing I am an all or none girl with the sugar. I just can't seem to stop like normal people. One piece of chocolate quickly becomes 2, or 3, then 5.

We want to be just like you..

Sherry, you'd love it here right now. Crisp mornings, lots of fog as the temps rapidly drop at night. More yellow than green on the trees. Thanks for the recipie. Do I have to peel the zucchini? Apple crisp is a fall favorite and I will be making that recipie soon..

I have to go shopping. Really, really badly. I look in the closet and have 2 choices of what to wear. At least with my recent "gain" everything still fits. (-; I have to travel again this weekend to Chicago. Friday and Saturday in legislative training classes, then Saturday night and Sunday I am shopping with 2 friends.

After the Chicago trip I will shop in Anchorage for snow pants. My jeans will not keep me warm as the temps dip into the 40's. I haven't tried my Under Armour on yet but my gut tells me last year's base layers will be too big. Therefore, a trip to REI looms as well. Good thing I have a decent salary. These next few weeks will not be cheap as I update the wardrobe..

Bobbi, I love the wii. I wish I had more time to get good at the games. When my friends and I use it in a group setting we burn as many calories laughing at each other as we do exercising..

Bill Cosby graced Anchorage with his presence this weekend. He is so funny. My abs still hurt from laughing at his show. I put on my one pair of pants that aren't jeans and my fancy black dress boots with a 2 inch heel that used to make my feet hurt after an hour. We did dinner, the show, and walked around downtown a bit and guess what? My feet liked those shoes Friday night. How about that.

We went in the bar, had salads and split appetizers. Everyone was happy that we weren't stuffed after a big meal. Makes me realize how much we really eat at a nice sit down restaurant dinner. The sirloin tips appetizers and salad were plenty. Where would I have put a 12 ounce steak and sides? I would have been uncomfortably full..

I did have 2 glasses of wine. Having a little trouble avoiding the wine lately. It is such a social thing for me when I'm out with my friends and they are all having a glass. Wine is something I enjoy. But I've pretty much switched to red because Kessler mentions the nutritional value of a glass of red wine. Trying to keep the wine in that context..

JanI loved your can-do list. The stair climbing is impressive. I too love being able to get up off the ground, quickly. Glad the scale is being nice to you again..

Debbieyour excursion from the ball game sounded funny. Glad your hubby wasn't mad you left him. Shoot, he was probably glad he didn't have to leave to take you. How does your hair look? Hope he appreciated your efforts..

Loved your story about that "stuff". I think I'll be eating that stuff for a long time. I actually like the oatmeal way better than any other commercial product. And the creamy soups are a fav, too. I was using a lot of the Lipton chicken soups last year on the trail. They are light and easy to carry and easy to rehydrate as I'm cooking food for the dogs.

I think I'm getting better nutrition with the Medifast packets..

Hi Brenda, Hi Courtney, Hi Kim..

Hope everyone has a great week. We can all do this!!!!.


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We had a terrible storm with hail last night. Luckily it didn't damage anything (that we know of yet) Still have DD & GKs visiting. Went to "Old Threshers Festival" yesterday. It has old tractors, steam engine tractors, and old threshing machines. They actually thresh. But it was really hot.

They had a flea market and I could have spent more time but even I was melting. I did resist the kettle corn, itallian ices, funnel cakes etc. Another 2 days OP...

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Happy Sunday everyone. I ran out to do a little shopping. Can I just say how much I LOVE clothing shopping now. I can be so picky, there is so much that fits. Even DH doesn't get upset with me shopping. He enjoys the new outfits.

Gotta love it..


Thanks for getting us started. I hope all is going well with DH being home. Haven't heard much from you lately. We miss you..


I have been using the elliptical at school. Funny thing is that I am not sure I use it right. It is kind of a weird thing for me. Am I suppose to run? Walk? Elliptical? Just what is it?.


Aren't you glad REI gives a "rebate". Think about wine in terms of metabolism. It slows it down. Slower metabolism, slower weight loss. Even it you flush it with lots and lots of water, it can still slow you down quite a bit. That's what I kept reminding myself when I was in 5+1.

I said that over and over again. Have fun shopping! It gets so much better..


Congratulations on passing on those things..


Good luck at school tomorrow! I'll be thinking about you..


Have a great week!.


I will often write my messages in word and then copy and paste them to the board. That way I don't lose things..

Fight the good fight every day!.


Month 1: -8, 5, - 2, - 4 = -19.

Month 2: -3, -2, -1, -3 = - 9.

Month 3: -4, -2, -4, -2 = - 12.

Month 4: Scaleless in Maine = -11.

Month 5: -2, -2, -3, -2 = -9.

Month 6: -2, -3, -4, -1 = -10.

Month 7: - 2, -2, -2, -2, -2 = -12.

Month 8: -2, -2, -2, -2 = -8.

Transition: -20 (for a total of -108).

GOAL: Black Friday, November 27, 2009.

Current Weight is 138. I am healthy!..

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Sounds like everyone has had such a lovely weekend!.


Love that you had such a nice walk after the game!.


Hope the elliptical purchase works out! I have one and love it!.


Great NSVs having to buy the new clothes. One of the best parts of MF..

I've had a good weekend too. Went to hot yoga Sat & Sunday mornings. Then yesterday I drove to a friends house and we went to a pretty big mall by her house. Didn't get any clothes but I did discover the best coffee! Pumpkin spice ground black coffee by Gloria Jeans. I had to buy my first coffee maker cuse I loved it so much. Great OP alternative to real pumpkin pie for sure!.

I think I've discovered the perfect way to eat the pancake mix. I'll post my recipe if you guys want to try it too..

1. Fill liquid measuring cup with water to just below 4oz mark.

2. Put pancake mix in measuring cup.

3. Pour 1.5 tablespoons egg beaters in cup.

4. Wisk together with a fork.

5. Place mixture into a rammekin that's been sprayed with Pam.

6. Microwave for 50 seconds.

7. Using a sharp knife cut cooked top of muffin off & set aside.

8. Cook remaining mix in rammekin for about another minute..

I kept being so annoyed the top of my muffin would get so hard so now I cut it off and it turns out so good! Does anyone else have any good Medifast food secrets?..

Comment #8


, I did peel the zucchini, but next time I won't. I don't think it matters except the appearance is more like apples if you do peel them. Have fun shopping. I love buying smaller sizes. Because the weather hardly changes here, I can buy capris and t-shirts on sale now, and still wear them all winter. Just went shopping this weekend.


I make the pancake with extra water so it is real thin and pour the whole thing out into the pan. brown on both sides and put a little PB2 in the middle and roll it up like a jelly roll. How often do you use the elliptical? Is it a good workout? I think that I would like to change up my routine. Currently I use the treadmill 5 times a week..


I am so undecided about the elliptical still. Do you feel like it is a good workout when you use it? Just thinking that I could change up my routine. However, it is going to crowd my livingroom. LOL.


, GOOD job at resisting the goodies of a fair. I want to go to a fall festival somewhere that has fal..... Florida does not have fall. We just pretend and over decorate for fall and winter holidays..


Welcome, I hope you found the new thread...

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Thats a fun pancake recipe! Elliptical is a great workout in my opinion. Low impact so it puts less stress on your feet and hips than running. I've also read studies that say the elliptical really helps to eliminate belly fat. The motion of moving your legs and your arms at the same time. I have siatica problems so I can't run so the elliptical is such a great or even better alternative than the treadmill. I do yoga 3-4x a week and on my non-yoga days I do an hour on the elliptical.

I say get one for sure! You will love it...

Comment #10

Happy Monday, Crew! Another start to an OP week for me.

- I'm having Tortilla soup, a Chicken Noodle Soup recipe that I've been wanting to try forever, but didn't have a deep crock pot (I have the casserole variety - bright orange from the 70's.

I don't think they even make that size anymore!) Anyway, I went to the re-use center and got a 'regular' one for $5 and made it over the weekend and I'm in.


! I made it as written - I used 7 cups of water because the tomatoes had a lot of liquid. It turned out very thick. I measured it and it was 8 cups, so I portioned it into 8 1 cup servings and I add more water when I re-heat it. It's beyond YUMMY if you go for spicy Mexican flavors. Plus, it makes me thirsty.


7 packets Chicken Noodle Soup.

1 packet Cream of Chicken Soup, if desired (can also use Cream of Broccoli for unique flavor).

Season as desired: garlic powder/salt, onion powder/flakes, cilantro, parsley, basil, tarragon, etc).

6 - 8 cups water.

1 can Rotel tomatoes.

Cook 4-6 hours in the crockpot. Divide into 7-8 servings, depending of the number of Medifast Packets used..

Count as veggie for each serving. Can be refrigerated for up to 7 days or frozen...

Comment #11

Good Morning, Crew!!.

Hope everyone is knee deep in a good Monday and not neck deep!! We had a surprisingly cool morning here in central Texas today - a pleasant break from the summer heat. Lots of yummy sounding recipes on the boards since I last checked in. I did find the Walden Farms SF syrup in a store a week or so ago. It's okay...helped add a little variety to the Medifast pancakes. Still a bit worried about getting PB2 in the house - I think it might trigger some overindulgence!!.

Anyway, after a few weeks of mediocre weigh-ins, I was down 3 pounds this week when I weighed in this morning. Great, great feeling! I'm now within 12.5 pounds until goal...and a bit worried. Certainly wish the hard part was over with 5&1 ending...but I know this is the EASY part!!! THANK you to all of you who have made it into transition and are being totally open and honest with your struggles and being really transparent with your feelings. It is encouraging and we know it can be done. I think one of the biggest lessons is to remember that it's hard to do it alone - without the boards. I hope we all get there!.

Had a great weekend...finally went on that kayaking outing with my hubby on Saturday evening - we rented a double kayak and really had a lot of fun. I know I couldn't have done that as easily 7 months ago. Then last night I got together with a group of friends to celebrate a friend who is moving to Dallas - most of the ladies there had not seen me since May. I had so many positive compliments! It seemed by their reactions that I must look drastically different!!.

It was a real boost for the self-esteem, that's for sure!! And I successfully avoided the chocolate fondue fountain and all the yummies with it (use your imagination!)....

So I just finished week 25...totaling 175 days...and a transformed life!! Amazing feeling!!.

Thank you all for your constant encouragement through sharing your successes and struggles...I believe we CAN DO this...together!!.

Happy Monday! Now go drink some water!!..

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Happy Monday one and all. I signed on for another 5K in October and have started my training again. Had to run intervals today. I haven't done those for a while, so they were a little grueling, but I am determined to have a lower time..


I can't for the life of me figure out if I am doing the elliptical thing right or not. I have heard that you are not suppose to move up and down, but I feel like I am. I think you are suppose to do more like slide. I am trying it, but not sure I am doing it right yet. I do like the fact that it is something different and I use it to cross train on days I don't run. I have to be careful about my knee and running..


I wonder if it also gets rid of extra belly skin? I really need a machine for that!.


Congratulations on a good week! You are right about staying close to the boards. It makes a huge difference. We will be here for you in transition and maintenance. Not the easiest journey, but it is possible. When I was in transition, there were days when I wanted to go back to 5+1. Now in maintenance there are days when I want to go back to transition....and I do.

For some reason it seems to help..


I do miss my crock pot in the summer. It is starting to get cooler here. The mums are out. It is almost fall. Sigh....a long time until the summer..

Have a great day everyone! Fight the good fight..


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Hi Everyone - I am finally sitting down and ready to write. (: Had a good day OP and got more water in than I have been lately. We have constant lunches at work, but I have been staying at my own desk and not going to look for a salad - it just seems that if I bring my own salad, I don't get into additional trouble..

Had to do some clothes shopping yesterday and I realized that I still don't believe I am in Smalls - with my shape, it's not always possible, but most everything I bought yesterday was a Small, mostly tops. I have a big lunch date tomorrow a.m. and I want to look good for that, so I found some new skinny jeans, new boots and I hope to rock the look. I am just excited for this meeting tomorrow and will tell you more about it tomorrow night if it works out. It involves a certain movie star who is in town and I will get to meet him due to some business connections. I'm afraid if I say it out loud it will fall through (for the third time).

I hate buying jeans but I found three pair and they all fit good, due to the stretch (since I lost my butt....) lol..

Yikes - I actually found that when I was swapping out my Summer clothes for Fall, I still had a few of the Summer clothes from last year that I didn't get rid of yet. Then I said to myself, "I may need them next year...." OUCH - that was NOT what I a wanted to hearmyself say to myself..... I will finish up getting rid of those next weekend! NO MORE "JUST IN CASE" LARGE CLOTHES !!! They are outta here... Funny how much those automatic thoughts come up..

Everyone sounds like they are doing good and exercising and enjoying the Fall, whatever that may be where you are. I was all set for a cute gray sleeveless turtleneck (light wool) for tomorrow and I hear it will spike to 89 degrees tomorrow for one day only!!! SO, my planned outfit for tomorrow had to undergo some changes. I love Fall, but not the hot temps, I am always ready for sweater weather in Michigan. (:.

Have a fab day everyone - tomorrow will be a great Tuesday, I just know it..


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Hello to the crew! Everyone is getting into the swing of fall.... exercising, eating great! I love it..

I had my first day of school and I love that too. I think this is a good choice for me right now. It rained - no it poured all day.

Thank goodness for covered walkways ......

Jan, I am going to try that soup. I may even add a few more veggies but it sounds wonderful..

Debbie, I like sweaters too. I like real seasons, here we have winter and 2 months of summer (if we are lucky)I would be happy if it just didnt rain all the time. I thought since summer started so late that we would have a longer run of nice weather - haha. I was so wrong..

I need to go right now and make the dinner of choice around here, pizza.

They all eat it but I dont. be back later..


Comment #15

Christine, I love the wii too. I have been using it lately just for extra calories burned. I also do the yoga and occasionally the strength training. It is useful and fun. It doesnt get me sweating like I need tho so I only use it to burn excess calories. I do other things like elliptical, treadmill or dvds for great aerobic workouts..

Have a great day there.... sounds like you do have great days there.


Comment #16

JAN, your soup sounds delicious. I will certainly be making this one. I love tortilla soups, so this will be a treat. I am sticking to Op and adding a few extras for stages 3 and 4, and I can tell by the taste in my mouth that I am often in ketosis. That is a good thing for me and I am holding steady on the scale, though not at goal. Maybe I am getting the hang of transition, I'm not week's weigh in will tell....

BOBBI - so glad you started school, it's such a great thing to do for yourself. I went to college when I was 40 and finished when I turned 50, 8 years ago. I am anxious to start up again and will do so next Fall. I just know you will love all of your classes and the time for stimulation and growth. Well done!.

Thanks everyone for constant encouragement and inspiration! Enjoy tomorrow!.


Comment #17

Debbie, Can't wait to hear about lunch.... I am so curious now..

I am getting an elliptical on Friday!! I am so excited!!!!.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day...

Comment #18

Quick check-in to say Happy Tuesday!.


, can't wait to hear who/what/where on your lunch date!.


- Glad to see you back - I've missed you. I know you've been busy getting ready for school, GS surgery earlier. And now YOU'RE the student! WTG! I'm fortunate that I'm constantly learning new things at my job - I don't have the time or patience for 'real' school..


- ditto what everyone else said. No need to feel bad/guilty about being successful! You're constantly an inspiration. I've been hanging out on a challenge thread where there's several folks that have been yo-yoing around in MF. It's better for me to hang with the winners that are DOING IT than the old yo-yo mindset. When I took an honest look at what I was doing (making bad food choices and gaining weight and ignoring it), the ignore part was easier when I was around others that were doing the same thing. Not that bad choices are 'blessed.

I'm not sure I'm explaining it, but, bottom line, don't go away and don't stop talking about T&M!!.

Gotta run - hugs all around - you guys are THE BEST!!..

Comment #19


You must report back immediately after your lunch date! LOL!.


I went on youtube and typed in "exercising correctly on an elliptical trainer" and a ton of videos came up. You should check them out to see exactly how to work out on an elliptical. Personal trainers put their videos up there and they were pretty informative. Let me know what you think!.


Congrats on a great loss this week! Way to go! When you get closer to transition- read the Countdown to transition thread in the transition area of MF. That has helped me immensely in transition. I'm also not rushing anything I'm taking my time and very slowly adding things in. To be honest I've only added in one new kind of vegetable and it's going okay..


I had to steal your new ticker! I love Halloween and the one you have is so cute! I had to invent some exercise minute thing to get one but I love it. Hope you don't mind!..

Comment #20

I love Halloween, too. I'm going to go back & look for your counter, I love the Trick or Treat bag! I'll have to change my color scheme....fall colors til Thanksgiving, then on to green & red. I.


Christmas, too.



! Hi.


! Hi.


! More shout-outs later.....

Comment #21


The trick or treat bag is so cute, right? I've never even been to ticker factory but I couldn't resist! I was thinking about the candy corn ticker but realized that probably isn't appropriate for here!..

Comment #22

There is such a thing as a "ticker factory?" I have to go check that out. I don't see anything wrong with a candy corn ticker, it represents fall. However, I think the ticker that is available on the Medifast site with the piece of cake and an ice cream sundae is just wrong...

Comment #23

Happy Tuesday to the Crew!!.

Sherry, I'm excited for you!! Is this elliptical another Craigs List find??.

Barb, training for your next 5K... you go girl! Looking and feeling good... I LOVE IT!!.

I've had a lot going on here of late. Was just hired for a new part time job... hoping that it will be a good fit. I wouldn't say I'm bored, but I need something else to help keep my mind active..

The weather had begun to shift towards Fall... and leaves here in my development are starting to change. I like Fall, but don't like that Winter follows....

Hope all is well with each and everyone of you!.

Hugs all around~..

Comment #24

Yep, a craigslist find. Between that and yard sales, I can find anything...

Comment #25

Yup! And it's easier to update than the Medifast ticker, you don't have to copy it in each time:.


Comment #26


You don't have to copy and paste it each time? How do you update it then?..

Comment #27

Click on your ticker from your sig in any post. It will open your ticker in a new tab. Click on.

Edit/Update Weight Data.

, fill in the blanks, and VOILA! Your ticker is automatically updated. Same thing to change the theme - click.

Edit Style.

Way easy..

Comment #28

I will post a little later with a pic of my meet & greet this morning - it was a blast..

All of this ticker talk reminded me straight up that I never did a thing with my ticker once I hit transition - what's the matter with me! I am working on that now, it's crucial these days, when, as Jan says, it gets sloppy if you are not keeping track.....

JAN - I am looking at ticker factory - what does it mean when you read:.

'Your current cumulative value.'.

And the target, well, I assume it's some amount that you want to accomplish, but do you set the goal for when you will reach this? i.e. 'miles' per week?' Any help is appreciated..

Later, kids.


Comment #29

Okay, I'm crying 'uncle.' Can't seem to figure out how to post a photo right here...Help! I'd appreciate it...

Comment #30

Happy Tuesday everyone. Great workout today. One of my students came down to pace me. I asked him how fast, as it wasnt suppose to be a running day but an elliptical day. He said 9 mph. I laughed.

Talk about inspiration. Cant let him down, but it might be the death of me! Just one more thing to work for.right? Im not so sure about this. At least he didnt give me a deadline..


, I strongly believe in getting rid of those big clothes. No clothes to gain into. This is the first time after years of yo-yoing that I got rid of them all. Forces me to follow the plan. I would not worry about those small tops. Some of the smalls are just too short for my long body.

That also makes it difficult to wear some smalls. Im not so much worried about the size as the fit..


, glad you are enjoying school!.


, that ignore part was one of the big reasons I was never successful before. When I was heavy or regaining from a loss, I ignored the scale. I ignored the clothes that didnt fit (I had bigger ones to gain into). When I got real with myself, I had to deal with that. Thats one of the reasons the scaleless 5+1 time in Maine was so critical to me and this summers scaleless time so scary. I had to still be careful and couldnt fall back into that ignore my plan state.

I had to stay on my plan, or I would not be here today. It is that simple when I admitted that to myself and when Im honest about that, I can succeed. When I was yo-yoing, I was not honest with myself..


, thanks for the great advice! I am going to do that tonight. I love your new ticker. I may need to do that for my miles..


, enjoy that elliptical! I like the change of pace. After I check those youtubes out, Ill have a better idea if I am doing it right..


, I hope you are enjoying your new job. I am getting ready to run the Great Pumpkin Chase with my sister. She is training for the Marine Corps Marathon the following weekend in DC, so she is going to do it for a warm-up run. Im just going to do it to finish. I am hoping we have a little Indian summer that day..

Fight the good fight every day!.


Month 1: -8, 5, - 2, - 4 = -19.

Month 2: -3, -2, -1, -3 = - 9.

Month 3: -4, -2, -4, -2 = - 12.

Month 4: Scaleless in Maine = -11.

Month 5: -2, -2, -3, -2 = -9.

Month 6: -2, -3, -4, -1 = -10.

Month 7: - 2, -2, -2, -2, -2 = -12.

Month 8: -2, -2, -2, -2 = -8.

Transition: -20 (for a total of -108).

GOAL: Black Friday, November 27, 2009.

Current Weight is 138. I am healthy!..

Comment #31

Okay, Crew - I'm still trying to post this photo, but have made it my avi for now. I had a brief but lovely encounter with the gorgeous Hugh Jackman this morning! If you have seen the movie.


- well, need I say anything else...? He is also the character "Wolverine", but I like him best as "The Drover" in.


Also, he is an amazing entertainer and I have seen him on Broadway in.

The Boy from Oz.


A Steady Rain.


My hubby's company is building the new motion picture studio in the Detroit area and Hugh and others were doing a promotional photo shoot for the studio and that's how I got access to the jobsite. Did I mention that the rush hour/construction traffic made my trip out there more than an hour and a half? Well, it was worth EVERY minute..

SO, my day got off to a more than fabulous start and to make it better, JAN just phoned me to see if she could help me get the photo posted. It's so nice to speak personally to a member of the Crew and commiserate on this journey of transition! Wish we could all get together for L & G! Wouldn't that be fun?.

I'm doing well today OP and just need to get the rest of the water in before the end of the day. Tomorrow's another day and I will be OP and reading, reading, reading all of the great posts that keep us going here and connected. Have a terrific rest of the evening, Crew!!..

Comment #32

We got our school pictures back today. I blogged about this. You may want to check it out. I am sure we have all felt the pain and shame of school picture day. Imagine feeling it every day for 30 years as an adult..


Comment #33


It is great to meet people we took this journey with. Heidi and I have had the chance to meet. It helps to know that we are not alone and we have the support of others. We may just have to plan and L and G weekend!..

Comment #34

Hello crew,.

Having another good day. Even went to DQ for lunch. They have a grilled chicken sandwich that has a very nice piece of chicken. I toss the bun and eat it with a side salad. Sometimes I take my own Medifast "bread". Jan I am going to try your soup, it sounds great.

I have kind of slacked off. No good reason except the excuse I am really busy. But I know I have and hour or so every day that I could use...

Comment #35


I have never heard of him, but he is a cutie!!.


Great job... being able to go to DQ and have chicken and salad..


, I am sooo excited about getting the elliptical. I don't want to wait til Friday, I am afraid someone will offer her more money or something. She is selling the elliptical and some other piece of nordic track fitness equipment. I told her I would just take both of them. Now, where in the world am I going to put this stuff???.


, so good to see you pop in here. Congratulations on the new job..


Where are you traveling to now?.


~~~~~waving~~~~~How is school?.


What's up with you?.


{{{hugs}}} Thanks for being so honest. I went away for a little while and maintained for the most part, then-in a flash-gained 11 lbs. Glad to be back and OP.




............ where are you?..

Comment #36

With Jan's help I now can download photos to the actual post, so now I must try it. If it doesn't work, it's no fault of hers.....

Comment #37


Can NOT believe you met Hugh Freaking Jackman! I'm dying and completely jealous? I need every detail! Was he nice? How tall was he in person? How did he smell? Lol! I'm a huge fan of his as well. You are one lucky lady let me tell you!.


How's it going back at ya! I'm in disbelief that you don't know who Hugh Jackman is though.


Hope the YouTube videos help! Did you get any headaches when you were transitioning? Keep getting some bad ones lately...

Comment #38

Hey Crew!.

WOW, Debbie!!.

That is some way to start out your morning!.

! Great picture by the way!!.

My big news today...I was at Costco with my girls and saw some super cute Calvin Klein jeans on sale...thought I'd grab an "inspirational" pair to wear in a few weeks. WELL....I got home and tried them on to see how much "inspiration" I'd need to fit into them and low and behold.



Now I know we've been talking a lot lately about how size and pounds don't really matter...I must say, that rationalization went out the window today when I fit my derriere into those.


!! I did my happy dance in front of the mirror, texted my bff and my hubby and didn't take them off the rest of the day!!.

Spectacular feeling, ladies...absolutely spectacular! I culled at least 1 pair of size 16 jeans 3 or 4 months ago...I NEVER would have imagined I could have been here..

Just wanted to share my excitement! I also realized yesterday that I could wear a couple of rings my parents bought me when I turned 16 and 18 that I haven't worn in YEARS as well as I had to get my wedding ring resized about a month ago because it was flying off. Those are definitely NSV's worth mentioning because they all prove to me that I'm capable of more even now than I ever imagined. I liked the question last week about what could you do now that you couldn't do before MF...makes me wonder what else is out there that I haven't even considered....

Rest well, Crew!!..

Comment #39

Hi Crewwow you guys are exciting tonight..

Debbienice pic. We named the litter of puppies we had last summer after the X-men because the first one born looked like Wolverine. I watched the movie to see who the X-Men were. Hugh is definitely handsome..

SherryI made the Mock apple crisp tonight. My roomate loved it. I was out of butter spray and only had real butter so I just used half the amount. The topping was a little dry but tasty. I liked the zucchini boiled in the lemon juice and may eat it that way in the future. I'm off to Chicago Thursday morning for some Legislative training.

And hope I stay OP with all the meals and snacks that will be around..

Last night on my training run 2 of my dogs grabbed a porcupine just off the trail and needless to say we spent several hours at the emergency vet pulling quills out of the mouth. Had to sedate them. It was bad. In the palate, in the lips, in the nose, in the gums, in the tongue. Ouch. I'm just glad they didn't pick a fight with a moose.

Barb9 minute miles. Then an Ironman???.

Oh, and my sister joined Medifast and started today. I'm cheering her on..

I'll write more later. Keep having fun Crew...

Comment #40


.. I have such a crush on that man!! Jealous is much to small a word for how I feel... though I'm thrilled for you!!! Just looking at that smile he has makes me swoon....

And yes, my man knows of this crush. He loves me so much that he purchases the movies he's in for me... lol Kate & Leopold is my favorite romantic/comedy movie he's been in, and for an action film, Wolverine my favorite, though any XMen will do... Ok, sounding like a school girl here, but what can I say, the man is ADORABLE!!!!!!! And Debbie, you are looking quite fabulous yourself!..

Comment #41


, awesome NSV!!! Shrinking is so much fun.


, so sorry about your pups! Sounds painful....


, you are gorgeous inside and out!! I bet that school photo captured the sparkle of health you have in your eyes now... You inspire me friend!.


, two pieces of equipment? Good thing you enjoy a good yard sale now and again!.

I got a great run in this morning. 6.5 miles with only a few small walking breaks. The cold I had in the end of August really took a toll on my running and I'm finally starting to feel more like myself when I'm out there. Barb, not sure I'll ever be able to run 9 mph, but I'll be here cheering YOU on!!.

Need to get moving... have a awesome day my friends!!!..

Comment #42


Your poor pups! Ouch doesn't even being to describe it. Will they be able to eat and drink normally? I would say good luck in Chicago but you don't need it! You have the tools to stay on plan and we are all here rooting you on!.

Transition is going well so far for me. I've only added in one vegetable so far but I'm liking it. The scale hasn't gone over 131 but I'd like to stay closer to 129. I'm sure it will level out when I get closer to maintenance. I am beyond paranoid that every new thing I put into my body is going to make me instantly fat! I'm working through that though and I'm obsessively updating my food log which definitely makes me feel better!.

Hope the crew is having a great day!..

Comment #43


, so sorry to hear about the dog vs porcipine incident. Hope the pups are feeling better soon..


, 6.5 miles, wow, I am lucky to get 2 miles in. I have given myself a time limit. I must balance out work/home/exercise time restraints. So, instead on increasing the length of time I spend on exercise, I increase what I am doing. Like the incline or mph on the treadmill..


, what vegetable did you add? I want to have fresh peas and sweet potatoes again..

I am such a dork, I do not even know who the guy in the picture with debbie is.... LOL...

Comment #44


I added sweet potato "fries". They are good but I need to be very careful of the salt I'd like to add! Do you watch the Oscars? Hugh Jackman hosted them 2 years ago. He was very good! Did lots of hilarious musical numbers...

Comment #45

I didn't know either, although once I googled him, and Debbie told me, I clued inI had recently seen snippets of.


On HBO. But the other movies...Woverine? X-Men? Never saw them...

Comment #46

I tried adding this to my last post, but I took too long. That's what I get for editing the QUOTEsQ!.

I added fresh sweet corn.


Last July as corn on the cob is readily available at all the farm stands around here. And sweet potatoes once a week...and carrots and peas. I missed all those. They didn't mess with my weight or my head. It was when I did the "I'll have a [fill in the sugar variety] and skip my Medifast meal" that I went downhill...

Comment #47

Hi, Everyone..

COURTNEY - great NSV on the jeans - isn't that a high when you didn't expect to be a size 6 yet??? Wahoooo..

SHERRY - I also had no trouble adding fresh sweet corn every day and then later changing it up with sweet potatoes and peas. All yummy, the corn was especially good in July in Michigan. It's definitely worth waiting for and doing 5 & 1 right. Transition is teaching me things.....

BARB - You inspire me with your running. I'm going to post a ticker for the exercise plan, just joined a nearby club to use their fitness facilities for the winter. The Great Pumpkin Chase sounds like a good motivator you go girl!.

CHRISTINE Oh, those poor babies,.

Did they finish that porcupine or did he get away??? Yikes. I love the names of the pups for the x-men (not my favorite movies, only saw one) Very cute idea for names..

JAN thanks again for your tech guru help yesterday. I hope that you had a great day!.

HEIDI - Enjoying your newsletters to my email. Lots of good stuff there. (: Yes, Hugh does make us giddy like schoolgirls. My hubby just laughed at the picture and said he didt think Id ever smiled that big before, but he was way more interested in the one with Hugh in his companys hardhat that I tookHe said yesterday, Tell Hugh that I admit defeat. He said anyone who can get me up at 6:30 a.m. and I was actually smiling about it, well, he wins..

I particularly liked him in Someone Like You with Ashley Judd..

MELISSA - Today was such a letdown after yesterday - in a Hugh sort of way, that is.... I have had fun with the pictures, yes, he is tall, of course everyone is when standing next to me, but he is tall. Once outside the stage door on Broadway, we waited to get his signature on our Program and when he came out, the security moved everyone around and we ended up in the back after waiting quite a while. He takes a lot of time out for his fans, very nice and signs all kinds of stuff, lots of photos, etc. As he walked away, I stuck my head out of the crowd and yelled, "Hey, Hugh, I'm too short and I missed it!" He turned around and walked over to me and signed my Program. He's just so cool..

Okay, Okay, who cares, but my hubby went out of his way to make sure I had the opportunity to get onto the jobsite for my moment and so I am making him his favorite pork chops for dinner. I also made a nice spinach/cottage cheese/eggbeaters casserole and it smells great! Again I am having some trouble fitting in all of my water and whats up with that??? Its really the easy part for me, but Ill keep chugging along. I feel so much better and thinner when I am doing it right..

DIANA hope you are doing okay and post soon, thanks for the weekly start and cute glitter signs! Thinking of you..

Waving to.

Everyone else.


And wishing you all a fabulous Thursday!..

Comment #48

Im here! I found you. Yeah!!.

Hello everyone. Im having a rough week. Ive gotten caught up in a bad cycle of being off plan. I have not gone back to the old ways, but I can see how easy it would be to do that. I have the next 2 days off work so I'm going to make a plan to get back on track. When I first started 6 weeks ago, I made a baggie with each days Medifast foods,vitamins, and probiotic in them and I had the baggies ready for each day.

Then I have to focus on denying my urges to cheat and force myself to stay on plan until the urges start to subside again. I HAVE TO DO THIS! IM 20 POUNDS DOWN AND I CAN'T MESS THIS UP...

Comment #49

Welcome back, KIM -stay here with us, you can do this and we can all do it best when we are hooked up to the CAN DO CREW! Keep that 20 off and let's go get the rest of it!.

Have a very OP day on Thursday and pack your baggies!! It works!!.


Comment #50

ARGHHHHH......sorry but it is venting day. As many of you know, I've been having trouble on and off again since May with my knees. I went to the trainer and orthopedic before I left for Maine. The thought I had just strained the left one in the 5K I ran in May and they felt that I just had a patellar issue with the right one. So over the summer I ran a little and hiked a whole heck of a lot. When I got home I began a little more cross training, sticking to the run, bike, steps, run, bike, steps, day off routine.

After wearing the cho-pat all the pain in my right knee was and still is....gone. That's the good news..

The bad news is that I was still having some pain in my left knee. Now I love to run. I signed up for another 5K and about 2 weeks ago, ramped up my running to 4 times a week. Two long run, two days of intervals and two days on the elliptical. I was happy! Lots of great endorphins. But since Monday, my knee was starting to get real sore.

He can't tell if it is torn or sprained, but he is sending me to the orthopedic to get an MRI. Arghhhhhh......not now..

So I am sitting here with peas on my knees, and a little Alleve. Just a little rhyming to make me smile. He is allowing me to continue cardio with the elliptical, which I will do. I'm not allowed to bike and he told me I could run once a week if I really had to, but reminded me that I'd be better off if I didn't..

So the thing that frosts me is that I am finally not obese or overweight and my knee decides to revolt. What is wrong with that?.

So hopefully it is just a sprain and I'll be back in my running shoes in no time. As long as it isn't torn, I am still planning to do the 5K. I'll just take it easy. After all, I paid my money and I want that shirt. I think I may just have to blog about race shirts. They are real motivators for me..

Sorry I don't have too much time to read and catch up. I saw.


Has some size 6 jeans that fit! Gotta love that!.


Has a great picture..


Found us. I always prepacked and continue to prepack all of my food. No chance to go off my eating plan..

Have a great evening all..

I am so fighting the good fight..


Comment #51


I am not sure I'll ever run at 9 mph. That is an awful fast mile. Now a 9 minute mile I can do. But I think 9 mph is about a 6:30 mile. Geez....that's just too fast..


I watched the youtubes. I guess I was doing it right. Now it is all I'll be doing..

Veggies: I still stay away from most of the ones we couldn't have on 5+1. I will eat carrots, onions and baked potatoes, but that's about all I added. I really focus on broccoli and asparagus as well as my salads..


I don't think I have an Ironman in me. I don't think I have a marathon in me. I may have a mini-triathalon though. I've been looking into those. I love to swim, bike and run. I just wish I had good access to a pool..


Comment #52

Take great care, BARB - Sorry that you are having SO much trouble with your knee. Hope it's really much better quickly so you can run in the race. I laughed when you said that the shirts are motivators - they don't make you gain any weight, so they are perfect rewards! Wishing you well!.


Comment #53

Stopping by for a quick Good Morning to the Crew! Although I'm constantly 'checking in', i.e., reading here, I find I do better if I post, even if it's just to say Hello. I'm still struggling to stay focused, but the struggle is in my head - I've been OP, just fighting the demons that want to reward my success with food.

Happy Fall!!!.

I'm off work today so I can take DH for his.


Colonoscopy. It's supposed to be warm today, so hopefully I can get some gardening in while he sleeps off the anesthetics..

Have a FABULOUS OP Day!!..

Comment #54


Take care of DH... and you! I was off for a long time but finally got my head back in the game. You will too..


I am sorry to hear about your knee, especially for someone that loves to run. I have never been a runner, nor do I have the desire to run. I walk very fast, and step up the treadmill to 5 mph for short sprints, but no plans on running..


, Sweet potatoe fries sound so YUMMY!!.


Keep stopping by, you will find motivation in here!.


, I love fresh corn on the cob. I look forward to adding FRUIT, especially berries. I LOVE berries of all kind. I even picked fresh black berries this spring while we were in Georgia and froze them when I got home. I bought 2 blueberry bushes this summer. They are planted and hope to have blueberries next spring...

Comment #55

Hi BarbI feel your pain with the knees. And the irony of you losing all the weight to have trouble now. But hang in there. Hopefully ice and rest will do wonders. Lots of my friends are into the smaller triathlons. I cheer them on but I'm not sure that's anything I'm cut out for..

Hi Crew!!! Hi Melissa, Sherry, Brenda, Kim, Heidi, and Courtney. Congrats on everyone's exciting accomplishments this week..

JanMy demons are already fighting over my weaknesses for chocolate and wine. Managed to avoid the wine last night but a piece of chocolate slipped in there. It has been a stressful week and I keep comparing to the old ways. I'm doing better than I normally would have before Medifast but I still lose lots of little battles. We'll both keep working on it..

Debyour week sounds so wonderful. Hold on to that excitement as long as you can. Your picture is so wonderful..

Off to Chicago. Wish me luck staying OP!!! Three big days of challenges. Hope the joy of shopping over rides the urge to eat off plan..

Have a great weekend Crew!!.


Comment #56

I'm with you friend! I personally would rather be able run a chosen distance at a good pace than be able to blow out a mile that fast... though, maybe that should be something to work toward. My son tells me that I could do it. He's been right before, and he's my biggest cheerleader.

I'm soooo sorry to hear of your possible injury... ugh!!! Please, please, please, take care it and you. I'll be praying you heal quickly and that BOTH of your knees become stronger!!!.


Comment #57

Kim.... YOU CAN DO IT!!! Stay plugged in here with these great gals AND plan out your days meals and exercise. It's a path that will lead to success...

Comment #58

Sherry, your 2 mile workouts are awesome! You've committed to it and you are doing it ... I'm so proud of you!!!.

Exercise goals are going to be different for each person here. I just happen to have been bitten by the running bug. When I was about 20lbs from goal I started dreaming about being able to run. And now that I can, I do!! Not sure how far I want to be able to run, or how fast. I set goals and then once I reach them, I set new ones. I'm still, and probably will always be, a running work in progress.

Keep moving your body... goal is getting closer each day!!! Whoot whoot!!.


Comment #59

Morning Crew,.

Central PA is enjoying a final blast of Summer temps... and I'm LOVING it!! Got out this morning for a good power walk, have eaten a healthy breakfast and now, I'm ready to head to work..

Keep working the plan my friends, because the plan works!!.

Hugs to all my Crew friends....



, I personally think that you should post the photo of you and Hugh into our thread daily... I know, it's your avi, but bigger is better sometimes, you know??..

Comment #60


TWO Hugh encounters? Wow! That was so sweet of him to come back and sign your program what a great guy. I'm sure most celebs would've just sped out of there and not looked back. Did you get to shake his hand when you met him this time? Very sweet of you to make your hubby's favorite meal! What other celebs have you met? I've only met one and it was a low level reality tv star and I was fumbling for words! LOL!.


So sorry to hear about your knee. That is very disappointing I'm sure. I'm thinking about you and I know you can get past this injury for sure. Glad the youtubes helped. I think there is only one way to do the elliptical but it's nice to see other people doing it for sure. It is an awkward exercise definitely...

Comment #61

I have the full size original and the smaller version - I'd be happy to email to any of you Hugh can make it your wallpaper.

I suppose Debbie should give her permission - or I could cut her out & you'd have one big smiling Hugh..

DH sailed through his procedure - much faster than last time. He's feeling better after this one, too. He made me stop at Wendy's for lunch.

Not tempting to me, but his last meal before his heart attack last year was a #2 combo which he ordered today..

He reminded me that it's what he eats every day and once in a while is OK - that's what the docs and the nutritionist told us, and he has followed this. This is only his second one in a year and a half. Still hard to see him order all that bad stuff, though. At least he subbed chili for the fries..

He's napping in front of the TV now and I'm off to do some yardwork. It's 76 & rising with cler skies and a little breeze - perfect...but not for long, it's forecast into the 90.

That's when I'll be back indoors or in the shade..

Waving to all the crew!..

Comment #62

I am new to MF! Just started on Tuesday Sept. 21! My sister Christine has had tremendous success with Medifast and inspired me to come on board..

Comment #63

Good afternoon all. run today. Appointment on Tuesday to determine next step with the knee. I am going to listen to the much as this pains me.....and stay off of it until the MRI. I really don't want to do any more damage. So I'm sitting here with my peas on my knee.

Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts. I know that I will just do what I need to do. I may not get a PR for the 5K in October, but I will still run it (provided I'm cleared). It isn't about time for me, but about the shirt and saying I ran it..


, you are right. Checking in keeps me focused. I hope all went well with your day off procedure. The procedure doesn't bother me, it's the preprocedure stuff. YUCK!.


Have a safe trip! Enjoy shopping..


, thanks for your thoughts. I'll know more after Tuesday..


, I'm with you on those blueberries. We picked them on some of our hikes this summer and froze them. I plan to use them for breakfast on holidays to remind us of our time together in Maine. They are one of my favorite fruits. Package is wrapped. Now I just need to get to the post office.


Comment #64


I am so glad I'm not the only one who thinks it is awkward. Looks like it is going to become my cardio of choice for a while..


Christine's sister GotoGirl.

! Welcome to the crew..


....did I get the procedure mixed up? Hmmmm....peas must be affecting my vision..

Fighting the good fight!.


Comment #65

Welcome to the crew.


Are you in Alaska too?..

Comment #66

Right procedure, wrong person. DH had the procedure - I was the driver & caretaker. And you're right - the procedure is the easy part. I had one 2 years ago and don't have to go back for another 8.

Poor DH had 2 days of prep - so it was broth, juice & jello for 2 days....which is why he wanted to treat himself to a Wendy's. He got a good report this time, but he's gotta go back in 5 years. Better than last time when they said come back in a year - that would be this one..

Glad to hear you're taking care of your knee. As hard as it is to stay off it, it's best in the long run...pun intended..

You don't want to damage it..

It did get to 90 today - it's still 78 right now. I couldn't bring myself to put the AC on - I love fresh air and knowing it'll be a cool night helped me tolerate the heat. We have lots of ceiling fans, so that helped for the time I was indoors (not much)..

I'm pooped from all the yard work and early morning stress, so I'm waving good night to the Crew!..

Comment #67

Debbie: I'm envious, I love Hugh Jackman..

Barb: So sorry about your knee. I know it has to be disheartening to have a problem that disrupts your exercise program..

I really hate to hear about your injury. Just this week I decided to start training for a 5K run. I have really never liked running but I decided the reason was because of my big bust. So today I went into a specialized bra shop for a very supportive sports bra. I found one so now I am going to investigate the best way to prepare. I have had knee, back and foot problems and want to be sure not to bring them back. Any advice is appreciated...

Comment #68

Hi Everyone - just came in from a bachelorette-type party (not wild) and had a very nice evening with friends. I indulged in a glass of wine and some cheese and veggies at the meet up beforehand and so just had a nice salad with chicken at the restaurant. Very satisfied, as usual..

JAN - glad DH did well and that you had a good day of doing what you felt like. (: It sure was sticky hot, but I had all the carpets cleaned today so turned the air on full force and let it dry as much as I could. I would have loved to have all the doors opened and the Fall cool breeze drying it out, but no go, the air was humming all day, still is. (DH prefers it, I do not....).

GOtoGIRL - WELCOME, Christine's sister, welcome..

We are so glad that you want to hang out with us here, I couldn't have gotten this much success ever, anywhere, without the CREW. Post and read a lot and post some more, we'll be happy to hear from you and I know you will be an inspiration to us. We are rooting for Christine on her trip and wishing her fun shopping, too!.

CHRISTINE - Hope you enjoy Chicago and buy some fun clothes!! Safe travel..

BARB - pees on your knees - that is FUNNY! Take care, hope you have good news from the doc. We're rooting for you to get back to it soon!.

MELISSA & HEIDI - Hope you saw the larger pic that I posted with Jan's help a day or two ago. DH just brought home the professional photo from that day and - would you believe - Hugh signed it and said, "Debbie, nice to see you.


" - HE UNDERLINED "AGAIN" which means he remembers that I said I had seen him at the stage door in NY - oh that Hugh, I'm over the moon.


! I think this makes up for the things I didn't get to have him sign...... he's just a hunka hunka.....

DH just had to admit that Hugh's one good looking 'dude' - HA! Yeah, I shook his hand when I was introduced to him - did I tell you he touched the 'Australian opal' that I wore on my neck? I'll never wash my neck again........

I have met several others due to a job I had for 5 years in production when I worked on one show a year that always had entertainment. I was just an assistant to my friend who is a producer, but we got to go to the meet & greets at the end of the shows... Nothing can beat our Hugh, though..

WAVING good night to everyone - Kim, Courtney, Diana, Sherry, all of you Crew-sers, tomorrow's another OP day and let's all check in! TGIF!.


Comment #69


I am off from work and off to pick up my elliptical.......

Comment #70

BRENDA - Way to go! Hope your day is good weather to try out that new bra. Doing things we couldn't do before - priceless!.

SHERRY - have fun picking up your elliptical machine. I haven't tried one yet, let me know how you like it..


TGIF !!!!.


Comment #71


Glad the report came back clear for your hubby! Very good news indeed. Now the wendys that sounds like it was hard. Glad you resisted!.


I am definitely glad I have my elliptical at home so I can just embarrass my dogs with how goofy I look!.


Just when I didn't think your Hugh story could get any better!!!! Wow! So beyond sweet of him to sign your professional photo like that! I'm sure he really appreciates the support you've shown him over the years. He knows he'd be nothing without his fans for sure. Are you going to frame that picture? I would make copies and put one in every room of my house and maybe under my pillow! Lol! Now if you get to meet Jake Gyllenhall I may have to move close to you and invite myself along for that one!.

Have my personal training session today. I'm a little nervous about it. I love my yoga but interested to see how this will change my body. Have a great Friday Crew!..

Comment #72


- have fun on your new equipment. You must have been really excited to get it you left so early this morning!!.


- WTG trying the running thing..


- thinking of you in the Windy City (it's pretty windy here, too, right now!) and knowing YOU CAN get through the conference OP.


- you're doing so great! Keep it up!! Let me know if the exercise help with your 'poucher' - I have one, too!..

Comment #73

Well I started my running today. And the bra was great! Also am I the only one who didn't know about a janestrap. WOW! No jiggling. If you don't know it is an elastic band that fits around your chest under the arms and above the bust. I started with a program I found on the internet that I thought would work for me. I knew if I just started running I wouldn't last long and then be discouraged.

I do this for 1 week then increase the running time every week. It worked great today. And I hope it will let me increase the running without making my feet, knees, and back hurt..

I needed something to get me back to exercising more. I have lost 1.6 lbs this last week. That is .4 lb from my lowest weight on MF..

Jan I have your chicken soup /w rotell cooking right now. Can't wait..

Welcome gotogirl you will love what Medifast can do for you..

Everyone have a great weekend. I am excited, I am home for the next three days with no place I have to be. This is the first time for the past couple of months. I am even by myself DH is away on a work trip...

Comment #74

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone has a great weekend planned. Im going to see my DD in DC on Sunday. Should be a great day. We will do some walking, so Ill get a little bit of easy exercise. I will probably head to the rail trail for a nice flat walk on Saturday. As long as I dont push it, I should be ok.


, I do the 2 day prep also, as it is much easier on my body. The one day prep knocked me out for a week. Go figure. I have to have them done every 2 years due to my history. I long for the day when science figures out how to do them without the prep! It is 90 here today as well. I wont complain though because I know that real soon Ill be wishing for the summer..


, congrats on taking the first step. Signing up for the first one and running it was tough. Now the bug has hit and I enjoy the fact that it gives me something to work for. My words of wisdom are to take your time and have rest days. Listen to your body. If it hurts, rest.

At our age it isnt worth it! Biking and elliptical are great ways to increase your cardio endurance without the pounding of running. I have a feeling I am going to do more and more elliptical as I try to maintain my cardio level through this injury. The running bra makes a big difference for me. I started the same way.walk a little, run a little, walk a little, and soon you will be running more and more. One of.


Words of wisdom was to walk before every run. It makes a big difference for me. I never walk less than a mile before every run..


, peas make the best ice packs, although I have to write on the ice pack peas so that DH doesnt make them for dinner. He did that once. I never told him they were my ice pack peas. He is still alive, so I figure what he doesnt know didnt hurt him!.


, I hope you enjoy that elliptical..


, the best thing about the weight room at school is that if Im not there the students ask me if Im ok. They are very polite about it.which makes it a great motivator. Nobody laughs at anyone in the weight room.well unless of course it is when you laugh at yourself. They are very respectful, which I really appreciate. I would love to have an elliptical at home, but Im not sure where I would put it. I think I need an exercise room! Let me know what the trainer says.

Fight the good fight every day!.


Month 1: -8, 5, - 2, - 4 = -19.

Month 2: -3, -2, -1, -3 = - 9.

Month 3: -4, -2, -4, -2 = - 12.

Month 4: Scaleless in Maine = -11.

Month 5: -2, -2, -3, -2 = -9.

Month 6: -2, -3, -4, -1 = -10.

Month 7: - 2, -2, -2, -2, -2 = -12.

Month 8: -2, -2, -2, -2 = -8.

Transition: -20 (for a total of -108).

GOAL: Black Friday, November 27, 2009.

Current Weight is 138. I am healthy!..

Comment #75

Well it went pretty good with the trainer. He had me do a lot of different things with those big balls. It was challenging though. I hope I'm sore in the right places tomorrow! I don't think I will go back but I will incorporate the exercises into my non-yoga days. I'm glad I went though..


That's so sweet of the students to wonder why you aren't in the weight room with them. That's the downside of having my elliptical at home my dogs don't ask my why what happened if I missed a day! Ellipticals actually fold up quite nicely. I keep mine in a closet and roll it out when I need it. No fitness room needed! Have fun in DC!.


I think I got some good poucher exercises out of this trainer! I will try to describe them so everyone can try them...

Comment #76

Good morning everyone. Have a great on plan day!.


Comment #77

Good morning, Crew, and Happy Saturday! All that gardening on Thursday in the heat showed the effect on the scale, but I had a major fubar...I have poison ivy all over the left side of my body..and it's creeping to the right.

On the left arm granny flap, which means it traveled to a spot on my side/back - right in the bra line, of course. Some on my middle finger which, I think, helped it move to my neck. Also, the top of my left leg, which means I have to remember not to cross my legs - had a horrible case on the inside of the opposite leg earlier this summer when I had a minor rash (compared to this one!!) Found some more last night on my chest, right above & below the breast. I'm showering & washing with Tecnu and spraying Ivy Dry like mad. I can't believe I didn't see the culprit.

We had a windy, windy day yesterday with temps in the high 70's, low 80's, but GREAT sleeping weather with temps dropping into the low-mid 60's. Today feels like fall - cool, but nice & sunny - so far. DH is having.


Mid-morning meal (I just finished my oatmeal muffin), then we're going for a walk..

Date night tonight to go see Flipped which was filmed in Ann Arbor and Manchester - rumor has it there's scenes on my road. There's a few folks from town that were extras and of course downtown. It's a home game (U of Mich) today, which means traveling only while the game is in progress. Also means having a blue-hair dinner (4 o'clock to beat the after-game crowds). But that's OK, we're early birds. The original plan was to see the move at 4, then go to dinner, but the game will be over by then.

Better get ready for my walk. This schedule doesn't leave me much free time today!.

Have a great OP Saturday!!..

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Hi again, Crew. I just had to post this: DH has a cool app on his phone that called RunKeeper that tracks activity and posts to the internet. Here's the link - you might have to be on facebook to go here - you probably don't even care.

, but I think it's pretty cool. It's really detailed - you can see where we had to circle back for me to put a sweatshirt on (a little chilly even for me) and when we stopped at the neighbors to drop off something. You have to zoom in for that, but it's pretty cool. Can't wait to upgrade my phone!.


If you choose satellite or hybrid view, you can see our lovely countryside..

Gotta go get ready for our early bird date. I've already picked out my dinner from the online menu - we're going to Red Lobster - and I'll be taking some puffs for the movie..

Have a great evening, everyone!!..

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Hello everyone! Seems as tho everyone is doing great! Brenda, good for you on starting to run.... that is so great..

I am enjoying school. I am around lots of people and I got a head cold for this weekend and so I am staying in bed and taking dayquill. No fun but I get up to read these blogs and threads and I do homework..... and I sneeze alot. :0.

Drinking lots of soups too..

I am going to go find jane straps - I have never heard of such a thing..

Have a good weekend..


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Hey Crew,.

Shopping was awesome tonight!!! I did some serious damage at Cabelas. Tomorrow my friends are dragging me to Nordstroms for a wedding outfit..

Great meeting and lots of compliments from peers who hadn't seen me since Memorial Day..

I'll write more from the airport tomorrow. Have a great Sunday Crew!!.


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Good Morning, Crew. Down in bed with a cold today, it's been a sleepy weekend so far. I had to run out to the Lake (I should say drive out, with this "getting fit crew' you would automatically think run means 'run') so I drove out to the Lake to look for my good pair of eyeglasses, but they weren't there. I have to start all over looking here at home, but not today. I am going to go and get chicken to make soup and that's it..

I'm hanging within 3 lbs. of goal, I go down and then up, depending on the day, but this is where I want to stay and will continue to work in that range. After some blood testing this week, as follow up to the pancreas (gall stone) episode I had several weeks ago, my doc has cut me down to 1-2 packs of Medifast a day due to liver enzyme readings, so I have to eat more organic foods, but also to avoid artificial sweeteners. She's 'holistic-ish' or at least integrative, so I'm willing to get these liver enzymes back to normal through whatever natural method she tells me. I never ever used artificial sweeteners before, (obviously) but I have gotten used to it and dependent on it with Medifast - so now, I'm NOT going to be doing too many sweets other than fruit, I guess. At least it will be occasional at best..

I am not afraid to say that I AM AFRAID to cut out the Medifast packets and to be almost totally on my own again. I guess I will see what that means to me and it will truly test my mettle. I know I have the tools now and, for me, one of the crucial things is to stay right here and post and read and post and read some more..

Hope everyone has a fabulous Sunday - enjoy this Fall day and hope you have some FUN!.


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Here is the link for the new weekly thread:..

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