Is their anyway to autoupdate your webpage in 123 reg?

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Quick question: Is their anyway to autoupdate your webpage in 123 reg? Thanks in advance for any comment. Second question.. In the past month alone :.

Google Adsense for Domains drops it's adult Feeds Many Parking companies were utilizing this feed (We'll assume google just wants to distance themselves from the adult area) -. Closes down Over Yahoo asking for most "Users" accounts to be pulled from the system (Over Traffic Quality) -.

Trafficz has lost it's Skenzo Feed now (Reasons Unknown yet) -.

Even though We haven't been told why Skenzo pulled their feed yet - I'd almost bet it has something to do with Traffic Quality as well..

These Parking companies were/are somewhat "Picky" over portfolios (Maybe not as picky as others) from what I had seen , How could so much traffic be considered "Junk" ? .

Any thoughts or Comments ? I'm almost speechless this is all happening so close together .....

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You betcha! however you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the 123 reg guys because they can answer your 123 reg question better...

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The laws of natural selection are at play....the fittest will survive...

Comment #2

The solution is clear: why don't a bunch of NP-ers get together and start their own parking company?..

Comment #3

This is news to me, is this posted somewhere officially?..

Comment #4

I have left my typos and such parked up and they still pay for themself atm.. but alot of others I have moved over to 1plus as this seems to generate more..

Comment #5

Add to this the overall secrecy of how parking companies even pay out and you have the makings of a scheme and a scam. Several have had their accounts closed on them (the day of payday...quite coincidental). I had all traffic and clicks erased by Parked as their downstream advertisers refused to pay. WTF???.

So their downstream advertisers still get traffic and clicks for FREE if they are refusing to pay Parked. Yet Parked is taking them at their word (wink wink) and canceling clicks and revenue but blaming it on their downstream adverstisers refusing to pay...yet they (the advertisers) are still with Parked..

Can anyone make sense out of the most senseless industry there has got to be? NO regulations, NO monitoring, NO transparency, NO validation to any and all claims they make...

Comment #6

I tottally agree with you, Circa1850. Already lost my faith on them..

(BTW, Your Virgina Tech link is not working when clicked).


Comment #7

That would be an awesome venture, with so many active members, I think it would be a natural hit! Literally-lol..

Comment #8

It also looks like MSN has put a block on sedos parking pages and I can't seem to get mine listed in Google either.

That does'nt help parking much either......


Comment #9

This industry really keeps you on your toes. Seems like what was coming is finally here..

Hopefully all the filtering out of TM typos etc and poor traffic will lead to better performance for quality generic typeins...

Comment #10

This is just the beginning folks....

MS have an ace in their hand that theyre yet to play....

Comment #11

It didnt take long for Goooooooooooooooooogle to change their minds .... Adult Feeds were never dropped - and wont be it seems..

And now Badger comes along with some Teasing type post.


Post Tease ! - I was warned about you..

Comment #12

Pardon me but I thought google adsense didn't deal with the adult industry? Or are you talking about some other google program? Now where's the dumb looking smilie? Hmmm I'll just use this one:..

Comment #13

Hehe, sorry I never meant it that way, nor because I was trying to temp you with secrets of the parking inner circle. Heaven knows, any info that we, as the ones with relationships with G and Y learn about is soon leaked and discussed anyway..

My point about MS was simply thus..

Domain Parking is a $2bn industry annualised. MS are known to be looking with envious eyes upon the adsense/adwords/Ypn programs. Their browser is still used by the majority of interent users worldwide...

So, what move do they make? Enter the market with a bang or adapt IE8 to block all parked domains? Both options are at their mercy...

Comment #14

Well, it sure looks to me like they have started to do it with their search engine, it would'nt take much to do it with all the parking companies and would probably be done by blocking the nameservers used. If there is only a dozen or two it won't take long to do..

If they are prepared to do that then I think there is a very good chance you are right and they will be planning it for their browser too..

What's next ? If anyone types in a known parking page it is diverted to a relevant PPC page owned by MSN ???.



Comment #15

I think that would be a problem - people want to go where they type in and diverting them could be cause for a civil suit..

However diverting requests for non-existant pages to their own search would be kosher...

Comment #16

It's what the parking Companies using Google feeds are using...

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.