Is there a free iPage web host that will let me edit the site's HTML?

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My 1st question is: Is there a free iPage web host that will let me edit the site's HTML? Thanks in advance for any comment. My other question... Hi,.

In Admin:currencies I was fooling around and changed the value to 1.2, more in keeping with the current value of the euro to USD. However, when I hit the update, it displayed as 1.2000005 ! Try as I might I could not get that last 5 to go away! I realize the value of the euro is rising, but !!! To change it I would probably have to go into phpmyadmin ... but why does Admin do this and, if anyone else is experiencing the problem, can it be fixed??..

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Yes sir! although you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm it as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the iPage guys because they can help better...

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No, I'm not personally worried about fractions of a cent, especially after 6 decimal places. However, I'm a programmer, not a salesdroid. Behavior like this is usually called a.


And I have concerns about buggy code just in general..

I had a rather curious experience with osC where I had it totalling up the (pre-tax, no more than 2 decimal place) prices of certain items in an order and ended up with a number with 4 decimal places and 2 or 3 cents above what the amount should be. This was an order of 3 items totalling about $25. I fixed it by adding a round to 2 decimal places..

I am also experiencing a discrepancy betwen the montly total of the Margin Report contribution, and the monthly total built-in to osC. From a report using a mere 5 sample orders I got a penny higher on the Margin Report, probably because it's using 4 places for tax rather than 2..

So as you might imagine I am getting *just*a*bit* concerned about how osC is handling money amounts and how these errors might compound into quite a bit more than fractions of a cent once we go live. If you don't care about that, fine. I do..

PS/ cool owl avatar..

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: 25 October 2004, 18:21..

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Thanks for clarifying. IMHO, your other examples are more cause for concern than the exchange rate problem..

Rounding is a can of worms, no doubt about it. I had a problem a while back with rounding in the Linkpoint contributionit was actually preventing credit card processing:.


I've also found this:.

"Rounding in financial applications must follow local regulations. For example, in Argentina rounding is prescribed for the third digit after the decimal point. Swiss rounding is like the conventional rule above, but offset by -.25".

What to do? I reckon we can only tweak file by file, contribution by contribution... Fortunately there are lots of bright coders around here...

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I'll read that. That sounds *real* bad..

Well, Margin Report I know I can fix, so it's a nonissue for me now. We're collecting taxes at two decimal points, so we should round all taxes to 2 dec points when it comes to submitting it to the state. I'd started a separate thread on it, I don't think anyone's responded yet. This board seems a bit spotty in that regard....

And thanks for answering, too. I didn't know there was a way to automatically update exchange rates. Is that a contribution or built-in?..

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Hi Andrea:.

It's built-in, updated from But they'll give you rates like 1.23500001, ouch... I did a quick look to see if I could find how they round, but haven't found anything yet..

Yeah, a bit spotty. Takes patience sometimes..


P.S. The owl is in the Blade Runner collection. But don't tell anybody..

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: 26 October 2004, 03:30..

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From oanda....


Looks like we're back to where you startedosCommerce...

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Yeah, I was wondering about that 1.2350000.


And the 0.7882.


.... didn't want to open my big mouth tho'.

I'm such a newbie at everything having to do with osC except for SQL..

Where would one report this as a possible issue? Doesn't seem to be a bug category on this site..

The merlin's name is Eddie and belongs to a friend of mine. That's a female blackbird he'd just caught, quite an accomplishment for a male merlin. It was taken after a fabulously entertaining 10 minute chase around June this year. Cheers to you too.


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: 26 October 2004, 16:59..

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