Is there a Godaddy coupon for transferring?
First of all Is there a Godaddy coupon for transferring? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Hi I was wondering, how can I make my site's "blogs" look more like a forum post...with or without using CSS or something like that....note: I'm also using Firefox to view the page...and encouraging others to also ...but I like to have it viewed like a forum in IE if I can too even in FireFox that would rad! thanks guys also my GoDaddy site link is ...

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Yep, there are some Godaddy vouchers available. Spiffy opportunity to save dough on Godaddy now. I advise you to subscribe for their emails so you can get emails of their newest online discounts. They typically email once a month or 2..

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Bah I know that, now I'm just confused lol all I wanted was a certain look for my main page lol.

I want like a different colour background behind the exactly the way this thread looks not the same colours but this is the type of thing I'm talkin about.

See like I could have the date where the date is shown maybe with the avatar and such then fake edit adn quote buttons maybe...depends how far I wanna go I just really wanna get boxes and colours done.

P.s. my GoDaddy site works fine for pops ups and at all....I think you guys are mad lol..

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Your GoDaddy site does have pop unders..... no question about it. On your main page, your text is way too small for the average visitor to view..

Have you checked out the advice you have already been given?.

I can assure you we're not mad, well most of us anyway!!..

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Well I like my small text I like the look I'm not interested in changing it anyways...if you want it bigger change your resolution lol this thread has nothing to dowith the sizde of my text lol....I want to change the look..

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The question isn't really one of technology used, but one of layout. Have you taken a stab at it yet? If you want to see the HTML code that goes into a layout like this one, view source and try to make sense of it. We can't really help you until you've given it a go and have some specific questions to ask..


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Are you using a blogger or just updating the html each time?.

Majority of bloggers, like that of shown above by _Aerospace_Eng_, allow you to change the template for your blog to that of your own liking either by using one of the default templates or something unique to yourself..

You can also link this blog in to your own GoDaddy site seamlessly and updating it will be a simple job of logging on to your bloggers web site, this example is based on, blog away and submit. Your GoDaddy site updates and Bobs your Mothers brother..


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