Is there a Godaddy promo code and coupon for 2011?
First question I have is Is there a Godaddy promo code and coupon for 2011? Thanks for any answer. Another question... Hi all I am almost a good html coder but sometimes dont understand the html slipping problems....

My code is mixed with .jsp.

In some of my pages designing looks perfect from dreamweaver editor but when I run the code the bottom image which is aligned to center goes to left side shortly it's slipping....

I am checking it by the text editor everything look good I couldnt solve it..there is no unclosed tag...its the same in IE and Mozilla same problem....

So is there any way to find the error which makes it slipping...? from what reason, html pages slips in general...?.

Thanks a lot.


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Yes, there are Godaddy promo deals available you can get through email. Awesome opportunity to save dough on Godaddy now. I advise you to sign up for their email list so you can use their most up-to-date online specials. They typically release them once a week or 2..

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Glad it helped..

I actually placed your code in NotePad and ran it through Internet Explorer to see the layout (minus graphics). After ignoring spacers your GoDaddy site could be a simple design sticking with tables and using some CSS if all you're doing is a photo gallery..

Search on "photo gallery" in the forum and you may find some HTML examples already donated by other designers to help someone like you. Study the code and learn the tags from W3C and you may be surprised at how fast you learn..

You could learn to design your GoDaddy site without Dreamweaver and eliminate the deprecated code and spacers. You can do it. Ask questions here if you get stuck..

Good luck...

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